k1ck win PGS MSI CS:GO over FM

October 14th, 2012 21:42

k1ck eSports Club came out on top in the ProGamerSeries CS:GO tournament following a 2-0 victory over FM Sapphire in the final.

The two teams had played out a 15-15 draw during the tournament's group stage, but the final was not quite as exciting, as k1ck proved they are one step ahead of the other Portuguese sides.

de_dust2_se was the first map, and here k1ck came out on top 8-7 during the first half, despite the fact that they were playing on the CT side, which is considered the weaker of the two. After k1ck switched to Terrorists, the game was a one-way street, as Ricardo "fox" Pacheco's team secured a 16-10 victory.

de_nuke_ve followed the same trend, as k1ck found themselves up 10-5 at the break and conceded just one round to FM Sapphire in the second half as they went on to seal a comfortable 16-6 victory.

14th October 2012
Best of 3

PGS MSI CS:GO final standings:

1. Portugal k1ck - €3,000
2. Portugal FM Sapphire - €1,350
3. Portugal Steelshock Gaming - €650

Spain Jon10 
2012-10-14 21:43
2012-10-14 21:44
2012-10-14 21:52
Venezuela chespiZ 
NOT BAD €3000
2012-10-14 21:54
2012-10-14 21:56
Expected, still good money for a walk in the park!
2012-10-14 21:58
gg k1ck. let's hope Portugal will be more present in the CS:GO scene than it was in CS 1.6.
2012-10-14 22:00
Not with this line-up for sure.
2012-10-15 10:15
who would you change? :o get someone from FM Saphire?
2012-10-15 14:51
emotion for k1ck
2012-10-15 16:20
Dunno really. Need to seee some more tournaments by both team, and then just unite 2 teams in one, and give it full sponsor's support.
2012-10-15 21:54
they have sponsors from MSi and Ozone and Clickfiel which are their main sponsors. And this k1ck team is k1ck.cs and k1ck.css united, k1ck.css were a big name in the european css scene.
2012-10-22 23:37
I saw k1ck at Valencia, nothing special.
2012-10-22 23:58
average team. even by mixing some of FM Saphire or ex-k1ck.cs they would be the same.
2012-10-23 05:27
K1kc winning something!!!!!!!!!
2012-10-14 22:09
2012-10-14 22:12
k1ck.com/09/news/942 3000 eur more
2012-10-14 23:12
Go is the way
2012-10-14 23:48
And just like that dudes win €3k...
2012-10-14 22:12
free money tourney. why no other CS:GO teams? only Potrugal allowed?
2012-10-14 22:30
World RayX 
they announced CSGO tournament too much late... it wasnt on the organization plans.
2012-10-14 22:32
it was a last minute tourny, teams didnt have time to come book flights etc
2012-10-14 22:32
gg K1ck, getting better I guess :D
2012-10-14 22:59
Well played to K1ck, but I know Yakkkkk was feeling his boys could win it :(
2012-10-14 23:12
nice, who are in k1ck?
2012-10-14 23:20
Portugal nsz 
k1ck lineup is : fox , fyx , n3w ,insider , mut On topic : More then expected , like fox said winning tournaments in Portugal is something that k1ck always did and winning this one just proved that. I hope that with this new game they can finally achive better results out of Portugal
2012-10-15 00:15
Didn't they win all the 1.6 tourneys also? At least most of them
2012-10-15 02:03
2 of them yes
2012-10-15 03:06
"On topic : More then expected , like fox said winning tournaments in Portugal is something that k1ck always did" 2 is always?
2012-10-15 04:43
World RayX 
2 guys of them.... ( fox and mut.... )
2012-10-15 09:36
Portugal nsz 
I was refering to Cs 1.6 tournaments , k1ck always won most of them in portugal thats why fox said he is usted to win in Portugal. Then k1ck made the switch to GO and so far they seem the most dominating team in Portugal.
2012-10-15 23:35
Nice , Keep Going .
2012-10-15 09:02
why people hate so much k1ck ? because they have fox (good player but overrated) ?
2012-10-15 11:14
even brits, swiss, and italians can play CSGO =)))
2012-10-15 13:48
loool true
2012-10-15 14:53
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