land RuSh3D duo have announced that they have picked up RuSh3D duo Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov and Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov. had been on the lookout for a new player following the unexpected departure of Taras "craft1k" Voitenko, which came just days after the creation of the team.

The Stolyarov brothers, who were last seen playing for in the PGS 1.6 tournament, find themselves on the move without even making an official LAN appearance for RuSh3D.

The Russian team received last week of the three wildcards into the ESWC finals next month, but bowed out of last weekend's THOR Open Qualifier in the very first round following a 16-9 defeat to Copenhagen Wolves.

Dosia and his brother switch teams has learned that RuSh3D have not yet found a sponsor to cover the team's expenses, so their attendance looks to be very much in doubt right now.

Meanwhile, have decided to part company with Michael "evil" Garanin, who had been part of the Russian organisation's team since June 2011. now have the following roster:

Russia Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov
Russia Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov
Ukraine Emil "kucher" Akhundov
Ukraine Kiril "ANGE1" Karasiow 
Kazakhstan Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev

With the loss of Stolyarov brothers, RuSh3D now have a three-man roster that looks like this:

Russia Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov
Russia Sergey "hally" Shavaev
Russia Deniz "seized" Kostin

India h8or
2012-10-24 23:53
2012-10-24 23:53
2012-10-24 23:53
Wait what?? so who the hell goes to eswc now? Sick team though ...
2012-10-24 23:54
nice omg!
2012-10-24 23:53
2012-10-24 23:54
Weren't Dosia and Fox basically the driving force behind Rush3D? Lol, good luck to them now...
2012-10-24 23:55
absolutely sick line up, if they can train in good conditions and if they're as good on GO as on 1.6 then they're right away a tough opponent for NiP
2012-10-24 23:56
amazing team :D
2012-10-24 23:56
WOW sick team
2012-10-24 23:58
Ukraine gungrave
wow 0_0
2012-10-24 23:58
it reminds me of arbalet's allstar
2012-10-24 23:58
1st professional team in cs:go with all 5 players from 1.6??
2012-10-24 23:58
u forgot ESC
2012-10-25 00:02
winfakt also since they changed God to nasu
2012-10-25 09:04
still reflex
2012-10-25 14:38
he's a 1.6 player
2012-10-25 14:40
fnatic -.-
2012-10-26 00:37
Fuckin sick lineup
2012-10-24 23:58
2012-10-24 23:58
Dosia and AdreN? this is fucking sick
2012-10-25 00:00
in 1.6 = sick in GO = ??????
2012-10-25 00:05
in todays match against Winfakt AdreN played very well
2012-10-25 00:12
lamp | 
Russia lamp`
adren in csgo rly good
2012-10-25 00:21
Brazil hugoooo
Yea, he always have been great on CSS (remember his 2nd place on WCG 2005), so he's playing GO pretty good as well.
2012-10-25 00:40
Russia hameleonus
it was CS Condition Zero, not Source btw)
2012-10-25 10:48
It was Source and not Czero
2012-10-25 10:54
Russia hameleonus
yeah, my bad, now I saw it on youtube :X don't know why I always thought that it was cscz :(
2012-10-25 11:10
Brazil hugoooo
Maybe because one year before (2004) it was CZ.
2012-10-25 12:32
yeah maybe for this :)
2012-10-25 20:04
yeah but he was also verry good in sors,so i think he should play good go to :P
2012-10-25 00:23
sors hahahaahhahaha
2012-10-25 00:32
NEO | 
Macedonia balich
ko da ne razumes sta oce da ti kaze :D
2012-10-25 01:04
what do you want stupid onliner? :D
2012-10-25 10:54
5 players of quality sick!
2012-10-25 00:01
bye nip
2012-10-25 00:01
So who is going to take rush3d spot at eswc?
2012-10-25 00:01
2012-10-25 00:07
Dunno they aint really that good yet, they havent practised as much as some of those teams there , they will be crushed I think.
2012-10-25 00:32
VP ofc
2012-10-25 00:09
wooohooo sick, GL
2012-10-25 00:04
sick lineup, but VP w/o LeX just doesn't feel right :[
2012-10-25 00:11
He is too old to play in pro level
2012-10-25 00:20
perhaps too old in the sense that he wants to move on with his life, but he definitely is still skilled enough
2012-10-25 00:32
holy shit, thats sick.
2012-10-25 00:12
this lineup could have won some tournaments in 1.6 but let's see now in cs:go
2012-10-25 00:13
dosia ange1 adren in one team lols
2012-10-25 00:17
dosia > Virtus.Pro
2012-10-25 00:19
NEO | 
Macedonia balich
What a fucking sick and strong team :)))) im happy for u guys :)
2012-10-25 00:20
this lineup looks better :), angel and adren beasts!
2012-10-25 00:31
pretty shit since Rush3D has ESWC invite and Virtus Pro does not
2012-10-25 00:31
Macedonia EXTOL[t]
Sick Line Up Btw
2012-10-25 00:32
Brazil hugoooo
That is a hell of a lineup :O On ESWC I will cheer for the brazilian team, for Rush3D and for ESC!
2012-10-25 00:37
VP to take the invite of Rush3D!
2012-10-25 00:39
goodluck beating NiP!
2012-10-25 00:40
Greece her-1g
amazing team
2012-10-25 00:50
this team > Retards in Pyjamas easy
2012-10-25 01:15
What kind of flag will they use now? hehe. Lineup looks sick!
2012-10-25 01:20
Russian or CIS :)
2012-10-25 01:45
CIS? Have not ever seen those flag
2012-10-25 04:10
Siiiiiiiick team Evil to Rush3d + hooch? Or xaoc?
2012-10-25 01:20
If it was 1.6, damn.. That lineup is way too stronk! but they're going to ESWC or what? (VP)
2012-10-25 01:39
no, i doubt no. Dont think our heads will give money for trip to team who play together for 2 days. it has no sense.
2012-10-25 01:58
Yeah, I was thinking the same. Anyway I hope to see them in DHW =D
2012-10-25 02:01
I freaking wish this lineup was made in 1.6 :(
2012-10-25 01:40
i can only imagine what this line up can do in 1.6! i hope they can kick some ass in GO as well
2012-10-25 01:44
Rush3D should lose the invite spot
2012-10-25 02:08
amazing to see them in one team o.0
2012-10-25 02:45
look nice roster good luck
2012-10-25 03:06
but how in game leader Dosia ?
2012-10-25 03:09
2012-10-25 16:17
omfg, gl hf!
2012-10-25 03:11
fucking awesome lineup, but sad 4 hally :(
2012-10-25 03:16
This team is fcking awesome !!!
2012-10-25 04:02
Taiwan SCVready
so who will go to ESWC?
2012-10-25 05:06
Pakistan $Bills$ the new Sk LoL. Strong team at least on paper.
2012-10-25 06:07
it's gonna be legen... wait for it.. wait for it... dary
2012-10-25 06:13
hahahahaha AWESOME :)
2012-10-26 11:21
reunited :D
2012-10-25 06:38
Nice GL xD
2012-10-25 06:42
what about rush3d?
2012-10-25 07:12
Sick! :)
2012-10-25 07:30
2012-10-25 08:08
ohoho sick lu
2012-10-25 08:25
dsn | 
India sRik
nice lineup. but GO is random
2012-10-25 08:36
star studded lineup :P
2012-10-25 09:15
Powerfull Lineup, can't w8 see them in action
2012-10-25 09:27
ange1 to go 0-15
2012-10-25 09:33
2012-10-25 09:50
India spiderCAKE
Really strong team. I just hope they just thrash NiP over!
2012-10-25 09:59
Why would they join a team with no sponsors? mTw will prob. be invited now instead.
2012-10-25 10:01
EDIT: oh you are talking about Rush3d. My bad.
2012-10-25 10:13
2012-10-25 10:16
Personally, I never understood the invitation of Rushed in the first place seeing as they havent proved themselves against any teams. I guess its to get an even spread of teams from across the globe, but they should definitely drop them for VP now!
2012-10-25 10:14
It's all about spectators. ESWC invited RuSh3D because they want bigger spectators auditory. About VP, they definitely nothing to do at ESWC, they're suck, and they will suck even if they add Dosia and Fox.
2012-10-25 10:48
so random gays from r3d are good (i mean seized) and top players from vp suck? great clue
2012-10-25 11:53
1) If you never heard about seized - it's your problem. 2) Both of this teams (r3d and VP) sucking so hard. 3) About Adren and Angel... both of them was on top in 2009-2010, and then they had 2 years of inactive. VP picks up AdreN and Angel just for past achievements in old game(1.6), and it's looks like Sneg never saw how this players do in CSGO before he was picked them up.
2012-10-25 13:07
i've heard about him alot, but seriously, he suck. maube he can do damage at russian scene, but he will surely act bad at international lans
2012-10-26 07:06
Actually you right about seized. I played with him @ CSGO, and he's looking very bad. But at the moment seized=AdreN=Angel. All of them can't do something serious in CSGO imo.
2012-10-26 09:35
maybe, but adren and ange1 at least used to be rather good at international scene, seized was "good" just compared to random unknowns in Russia
2012-10-26 11:02
Russia hameleonus
great line up! gl guys! now I'm chering for VP again, didn't followed them since 2007 year, I was chering for tp.uSports, after that for forze and m5 :) always for teams with Stolyarov brouthers, now time for VP :) <3 Adren and ANGE1 btw, would be better if we see craftik, Lex or hooch insteed kucher maybe, but they hate CS:GO, so lets see, maybe kucher will be as good in CS:GO as KennyS from VG :D
2012-10-25 10:54
wow great news
2012-10-25 10:56
Japan mameloff
this is Russia!!
2012-10-25 10:56
Fox and Dosia are much better than craft1k and evil .. so this change is for the best. Good luck , sick lineup
2012-10-25 11:13
amazing team
2012-10-25 11:32
Haha sick lineup
2012-10-25 11:40
exciting lineup i like the diversity created by csgo in the lineups. even if it's all 1.6 still mixed well might be a sleeper team sort of. i cna see them competing with the best
2012-10-25 12:14
2012-10-25 12:55
RuSh3D Roman "ROMJkE" Makarov Sergey "hally" Shavaev Deniz "seized" Kostin Vladimir "VofkiN" Shmakov Michael "evil" Garanin 100%
2012-10-25 12:58
Looks like shit. VofkiN must be suckest CSGO player that i ever saw.
2012-10-25 13:12
much like your english
2012-10-25 14:08
can you speak russian?
2012-10-25 17:49
cs:go 2 izi for Dosia
2012-10-25 12:59
dosia + adren will be very interesting
2012-10-25 14:08
India Ad1_KaM
-kucher +ROMJkE :D
2012-10-25 15:43
2012-10-25 16:09
2012-10-25 19:15
bye-bye RuSh3D btw, it will be not stupid to give RuSh3D's invite at ESWC to
2012-10-25 16:50
great move from VP, hope they will do good with a lineup like this one, on paper it looks sick, but still they need to prove themselves in this new game. gl
2012-10-25 17:39
such a nice lineup
2012-10-25 19:15
not good for ROMJkE2H
2012-10-25 19:28
wow...nice news....
2012-10-26 05:38
so Powerfull team go AdreN
2012-10-26 08:13
nice team ;)
2012-10-26 09:21
3-4 insane awpers on a team wonder who will play that role lol
2012-10-26 09:41
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