CS:GO update bring GOTV

October 26th, 2012 08:51

Valve has just released a new patch for CS:GO, bringing the promised GOTV, and other changes relating to competitive play ahead of ESWC.

With the patch a lot of changes besides GOTV are also included, most notably a backup system for competitive matches, making it possible to always restore a match, even if the server crashes. The entire changelog is as follows:


- Resurrected SourceTV as 'GOTV.'

- Added a map overview that displays players, events, grenade detonations, etc. Can be drawn on in a select-able colored pen when spectating or if the "sv_competitive_official_5v5" convar is set to 1 on the server or if the client convar "mapoverview_allow_client_draw" is set on the client (drawings are not currently networked to other players).

- Added free camera to spectator modes cycle.

clamped hud_scaling to 0.95.

- Added convar 'cl_spec_show_bindings' that toggles the visibility of the spectator key bindings.

- Added spectator ability to toggle competitive scoreboard player data using the 'drop' command.

- Extended team clan name support to the Team Select Screen. To use team clan name, all humans should match their Team name in Games->Settings, or the server admin can use the 'mp_teamname_1' and 'mp_teamname_2 convars.'

- After halftime, teams no longer switch sides visually on the spectator screen, they now stay where they are and the team colors switch instead.

- Created a server convar that lets you swap the default player side position manually (CTs on right and T's on left) called mp_spec_swapplayersides.

- Made the hotkey that's assigned to jump to a player not change after half-time.

- You can now display a country flag next to your custom team name on the spectator scoreboard by setting "mp_teamflag_1/2" to ISO Alpha-2 country code of the country you want to display.



- Introduced "Skill Groups", the new Skill Group emblems are now visible in the main menu and at the end of a competitive match. A players' Skill Group will be displayed after they achieve at least 10 competitive match wins.

- Reworked conditions of valid match leaving: A vote to concede becomes available to the team that lost a player. Otherwise the match continues.

- Number of players searching for a competitive match will display number of players compatible with the game type selected by player, for example players searching for "Dust II" will see a number of players searching for "Dust II" + "Defuse Mission", players searching for "Defuse Mission" will see sum of all players searching for "Defuse Mission" or any specific defuse map, and so on.

- Estimated wait time for a competitive match now more accurately displays wait time based on the game type selected by player.



- Added Save/Restore of match state.

- Added convar 'mp_backup_round_file [fileprefix]' -- If set then server will save all played rounds information to files with this prefix. Backup file contains players information like KDA, MVPs, cash, kevlar, helmet, defuse kit, weapons and grenades and match score for first and second halves. In a case of a tournament server crash backup file can be loaded using ' mp_backup_restore_load_file'. The default is 'backup'

- Added convar 'mp_backup_round_file_last' -- Every time a backup file is written the value of this convar gets updated to hold the name of the backup file.

-Added concommand 'mp_backup_restore_list_files [number]' -- Lists recent backup round files matching the prefix, most recent files first, accepts a numeric parameter to limit the number of files displayed (default 5).

- Added concommand 'mp_backup_restore_load_file [filename]' -- Loads the specified backup file and applies players information like KDA, MVPs, cash, kevlar, helmet, defuse kit, weapons and grenades; sets the matdch score for first and second half and starts next round.

- Added convar 'mp_backup_round_file_pattern,' that defines the pattern for naming backup files using tokens. 
- Whitelisted 'mp_logdetail' convar.

- Added convar 'sv_damage_print_enable', that determines whether damage given and received is visible in the console after a player is killed.

- Added 'cl_bobcycle' to 'sv_competitive_minspec'. It's now restricted to the default 0.98 on servers that have 'sv_competitive_minspec' enabled.

- Made all server cash_ convars notify players when they are changed.

- Servers running with sv_pausable 1 will now correctly display 'server paused' UI element on clients when server is paused using 'pause' command.

- Added mp_spectators_max convar to control how many spectators are allowed in a match.

- Added convar mp_halftime_pausetimer that will indefinitely pause the halftime timer.

- Added convar mp_warmup_pausetimer that will pause the warmup period indefinitely. *Warmup periods shorter than 6 seconds cannot be paused.



- Performance improvements for users running on AMD systems.

- Fixed a major performance problem for users running Bitdefender antivirus software.



- Fixed two crashes that could happen if you were on a team and went to spectator team.

- Fixed the timer display on the hud still showing even when the bomb was planted.

- Fixed avatar scaling issues on the spectator hud as well as the issues that would place the player slot avatars offset some distance from where they should be.

- Made some adjustments to the specttor UI and regular hud to account for hud_scaling set really high.

Fixed a really bad bug where going from the lobby to a game could prevent players from having input. This would result in not being able to select a team or move around.

- Changed flashbang visual effect in Spectator mode so that it is updated when the target changes.

HLTV.org will of course start hosting GOTV servers as soon as possible, and hope to bring both booking, and hosting of hotmatches to you soon. We have already entered into a partnership with ESWC, meaning our proxies will help bring the ESWC games to all of you, just as you know it from CS 1.6.

2012-10-26 08:51
2012-10-26 08:52
Greaat, can't wait to try it out asap :)
2012-10-26 09:00
good but still not enought :\ .. where the p90 fix , dual pistols fix , jump\movement fix , sound fix
2012-10-26 09:00
P90 is fine as it is Dual pistols are best pistols in game Jump/movement is perfect as it is. No need to add unrealistic aspects such bunnyhopping and other junk. Sounds are great and been updated alot since update. Game is perfect with this update, there may be bugs but all major updates are done now I guess.
2012-10-26 09:03
I believe now, that Saucers are shit as their game.
2012-10-26 09:15
Ferrari makes some decent points though that people are complaining about shit based on what they like (1.6) and not what's broken. I do think that movement needs to be sharper though.
2012-10-26 09:22
I think its a blessing that those whiny 1.6 kids with their blind hate towards CS:GO stays the fuck out of the game. We definetly dont need them nor want them. Movement needs nerfing (sv_airaccelerate 100 shows that it can be much better) Im sure Valve has priority with these updates, GOTV being one of the most important one.
2012-10-26 09:42
Well I think they need a middle ground with movement, I dislike what airaccelerate 100 does, with how easy it looks to dodge bullets. They are updating the game in the right way though. First looking at matchmaking (the corner stone to why Dota has its current success), then the GOTV for spectators and the upcoming major tournaments. Now they just need to tweak the feel of the game to make it perfect, but its kind of hard to know what needs changing in a game when it has only been out for a few months. I think Valve will listen to the community but they are ticking off large changes one at a time, cant expect it all instantly :D
2012-10-26 09:49
Yeah, hopefully DH winter cives them lot of feedback, where to go with this game. Sv_airaccelerate 100 indeed makes movement rather easy, but its still better than the default one imo. My point was that it can be better and this shows it.
2012-10-26 09:54
You same as Ferrari are missing an important thing ! Broken stuff can be fixed, that improves the GAME, but not the GAMEPLAY ! A gameplay improvement is what the 1.6 community wants!
2012-10-26 10:58
Its what CS 1.6 community wants, not what CS:GO needs.
2012-10-26 11:10
12 year old game has more impressive numbers than the "new-trend" CS:GO ! Case closed ! CS:GO won't last any longer than two years, I'm pretty sure about that. For the sake of ending the discussion let's wait and see....2 years from if GO is anywhere near what 1.6 was, I'll admit I was wrong!
2012-10-26 13:02
2014-05-03 12:28
1.6 community is bigger than source,even the source players dont like csgo,good luck with a game that has 15k base players.
2012-10-28 13:11
You've lost me... the gameplay Is the same as 1.6. Think you are mixing your words...
2012-10-26 18:19
css / cod / csgo player (your profile). you have never played more then 250 hrs of 1.6 so why are you acting like you know more about 1.6 then 1.6'ers themselves...
2012-10-27 11:16
Im not, my question is based on his use of the word GAMEPLAY. It refers to the style of the game, thus every single game mode which runs a 5v5 bomb defusal, has the same weapons and the same maps means the GAMEPLAY is the same. Not once have I said I know anything about the mechanics of 1.6. I just know that it is still the same game as CSGO. Anyone can pick up CSS / CSGO / CS1.6 and still know WHAT to do, just maybe not HOW to do it. They are all iterations of the same game. Whereas BF3 for example has different gameplay to the CS series (you can aim down sights, its not bomb defusal, there are vehicles etc.)
2012-10-27 12:33
I agree But in 1.6 movement and spams are as important part of the gameplay as fx. the maps. Its some of the basics of CS so to say. If you are to think of a few words to describe 1.6 compared to all other CS versions ( except condition zero :D ) i bet all the people that has played all the versions +1000 hours (like me, except i have played only 50 hrs CS:GO) would come up with such words as UNIQUE. Lets take movement... You might learn how to russianwalk in 100 hrs but it will take you another 300 hours of matches/dm/public whatever before you learn when to use it correct and timed. Spams also takes thousands of hours to master. Okay so you know all the cool spams and are running around and randomly spamming random places in a completly random time of the round... in another 4000 hours you might know how to time them perfectly. Recoil on that matter takes you thousands of hours aswell. Playing source with the extremly overpowered deagle and the awkwardly accurate awp (+jump; +attack = profit) and the guns that after each update gets more and more accurate...The recoil can be mastered by 10 year old's who just got the game. In case you wonder why CS:S was such a fail - all the things that was unique about 1.6 was removed and the game was made more "realistic" ( :D ) and the game was just boring. It still is :) CS:GO lacks movement, spamable walls, "better" recoil, NEW MODELS (PLEASE REMOVE THE PIRATES). Which are all BASICS of the 1.6 gameplay
2012-10-27 19:43
If you belieave that Source somehow damages your brain, your not very intelligent either :DD
2012-10-26 09:39
Israel kLifOrdQ_o 
OMG stop trolling CSGO is a good game but its still need fixes for HPE and valve.mainly adjusting the recil of weapons and the movment
2012-10-26 10:35
r u a call of duty player? wtf
2012-10-26 11:04
Nope, did i say so?
2012-10-26 11:06
"jump/movement is perfect as it is. No need to add unrealistic aspects such bunnyhopping and other junk." seriously,u either defend that game so much that u dont know what u say,or u are just to fucking noob to even make a bunnyjump(that nowadays is done by even 10 yo kids) whats up ? u afraid of the bunnyjump in this game will make it to hard for u ?
2012-10-26 11:45
Yes there is no need to add them , game is fine without them. I never said adding them would be a bad thing. Rest of your text is pure provocating.
2012-10-26 11:48
noob. ferrari.killer: "vavle i'm afraid of bunnyhop, please take it off. i'll suck yo dick if you do"
2012-10-26 18:57
Stop. Game is perfect? You really don't know what makes a game competitively viable then. Stop hugging onto valve's balls. Sure the games improved a lot, but it's nowhere near "perfect".
2012-10-26 23:26
May I ask why everyone always wants realism all the time nowadays? I doubt you have played CS because it's been the most realistic game on the market up until now? Realism does not mean it's great, not in any way. Realism is a very overrated word to use when it comes to making videogames.
2012-10-27 03:31
One of the most retarded post i've ever seen on hltv. Numbers don't lie. Most unperfect and unpopular CS version ever created.
2012-10-27 09:46
you could say that the p90 is too strong in csgo but you can also say it was too weak in previous versions of cs. in real life the p90 is actually a really good gun and it surprises me they haven't balanced the para. is it really so hard to adapt to such small changes. mp5 used to be preferred now p90, so what.
2012-10-27 01:00
Netherlands p0nc 
thats great news! im guessing they wont make gameplay changes because of upcoming ESWC.
2012-10-26 09:02
Taiwan SCVready 
yeah. And rumor has it that it will have some movements changes in November(so after ESWC). I can't really recall where I saw it but hope it's true :D
2012-10-26 09:06
India cmiyc 
Tested GOTV.. atm GOTV is not bad.. The auto director mode should be tweaked a bit more.
2012-10-26 09:04
2012-10-26 09:04
" - Added convar 'sv_damage_print_enable', that determines whether damage given and received is visible in the console after a player is killed." Cool beans.
2012-10-26 09:04
India h8or 
brings* ?
2012-10-26 09:05
!!!!!!!!!!!!! so fucking awesome. hopefully we are not forced to look at streams anymore because thats just stupid.
2012-10-26 09:07
dsn | 
India sRik 
2012-10-26 09:20
2012-10-26 09:53
+1 true dat
2012-10-26 17:09
Well I hope they will do the same thing they did with DOTAtv. You're forced to pay a few bucks if you want replays or watch live games from some tournaments. You can still watch public games or CW games for free but for big leagues like Starladder, TPL, JoinDota, ESWC, International and other you have to pay 5$ or something. It's understandable because streamers get money from ads they put on streams and in game there are no ads but still Pay2Watch isn't a good feature. Hope later they'll come up with something better.
2012-10-27 20:57
Russia Nzr0 
great news for those who belive in cs:go
2012-10-26 09:13
I do believe in CS:GO and in the fact that it will be a succsessful game with all the prize money, updates and VALVe's support but in this state the game is pretty much garbage in terms of maps and netcode. hopefully they'll update those aswell (well maps are the easier task, can't wait to see Brute's tuscan since he originally started mapping for 1.6 then moved on to source) edit: also movement is garbage, static source engine crap
2012-10-26 09:22
2012-10-26 09:35
"with all the prize money" that might work out for the first year or so, but I don't think it's gonna last any longer
2012-10-26 10:59
Seems like a decent update.
2012-10-26 09:17
Great, still some more little updates and game would be normal. +1
2012-10-26 09:28
I can expect that games in the future will become more and more normal, ordinary, common and boring as they have nothing to do with any special or creative gameplay but the realistic graphics and kids with low skill and sense of gaming adapt it and worship their fucking realistic games without brain incoming bashing comments below...
2012-10-26 09:46
Sad but true every word.
2012-10-26 09:59
nice troll
2012-10-26 10:02
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response Are you sure Troll was the word you were searching for?
2012-10-26 10:08
I know what troll means mate Are you sure you are not a troll? Sorry if I was mistaken.
2012-10-26 10:10
My primary intent is create discussion, not to provoke for emotional responses. There is a slight difference, but i understand it may look trolling too. Im pretty straight up with my words.
2012-10-26 10:14
Then why the fuck do you keep on flaming 1.6 as a game in general? We already saw that it's the most skill-requiring FPS game and it supports all the points he mentioned!
2012-10-26 11:02
I dont flame 1.6 as a game I shit on 1.6 stubborn kiddy community. Was CS:GO supposed to be "most skill-requirring FPS game" ? I never saw such statement by any of the developing team. This is 1.6 kids statement as its best.
2012-10-26 11:14
We can easily see by the nickname and the flag who's the kid around here....please don't reply,I don't want to continue this pointless argue!
2012-10-26 12:56
Finland FRGVN 
well its not the most skill requiring fps game imo.. cause u cant compare games like that.. every game has a completely different skillset. thats why 99,999% of the 1.6ers wont achieve a high level on games such as quake or shootmania.
2012-10-26 11:52
If you were a bit smarter, you'd know that I said that because is a saucer, and "source" being more skilled than 1.6 has been one of their arguments in the past 5 years against 1.6! And quake and shootmania aren't harder than 1.6...at least that's my impression!
2012-10-26 12:58
Finland FRGVN 
well they surely are harder for 1.6, source, cod etc players than oldschool quakers or other fpfps oriented players. theres like one(fatal1ty) or a few more that have been successfull on that scene and CS(to some extent, yeah I know he wasnt that great on CS). And yes, I know what you meant but ur post said 1.6 as a game in general and u started flaming other fps games IN GENERAL when u said they dont require as much skill as 1.6.
2012-10-26 13:08
a little misunderstanding a too broad generalization but you got my point :))
2012-10-26 14:16
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
+1, although I don't think most people going to GO are kids, just people that want GO to be the future, purely because they think it's the only option right now, which in all honesty, it is. Luckily I know I'll never be active enough to play at a very high level, so I can sit back, relax, and enjoy 1.6, rather than force myself to play an awful game. But yeah, kids can play games 24/7 whereas adults work, have kids, have bills, and they can't play as much, so the target market for the game creators is young kids, who unfortunately, are the ones that care about low skill and cool graphic games.
2012-10-26 11:22
thanks mate couldn't agree more
2012-10-26 11:56
If you're adult act like an adult. Judging by your comments I thought you were 15 y.o. 1.6 crybaby.
2012-10-26 12:18
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
What's wrong with my comment? Where do I look 15? Moron.
2012-10-26 12:27
I said comments. Comments since HLTV.org started posting news about CS:GO. I have a good memory :P
2012-10-26 12:47
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Am I not allowed to dislike CS:GO? Have I ever posted an insult to GO without a valid point/fact? Do I have to play GO because Valve released it?
2012-10-26 13:09
Well, since you've ended your comment with a question mark I'm inclined to answer... I'm just pointing out the fact that you like to whine about csgo not being like 1.6 when you should've just ignored the game in the first place. Imho not caring about the game you don't like is the best way here. I'm saying all this cause you're an adult.. right?
2012-10-26 13:28
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Don't tell me what I "Should've" done thanks, I've been here a lot longer than you so if I want to "whinge" about CS:GO, I will thanks. Also, I'm not whinging, I'm giving feedback :)
2012-10-26 14:18
To whom? lurppis? It's good you realize you're whining cause ain't nobody here to give feedback to. Well if you're really interested, here's where you can do that: 64bitvps.com/csgo/
2012-10-26 15:09
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
I did that, and after my item got 40+ votes, Valve randomly deleted it, saying that I had mentioned 2 separate points on 1 ticket, instead of 1 per ticket (the points were linked) so I don't think I'll waste my time helping Valve fix their shit game so that they earn more money anymore thanks.
2012-10-26 15:52
So you weren't giving any feedback? You're so butthurt you just want this game to fail? So you were lying in your previous comment. Plus you're also lying about Valve deleting your ticket. Valve does not run that site, it's community driven. You're just sad human being in that case.
2012-10-26 17:39
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Are you drunk kid? Okay Valve didn't delete my comment, the owner of that website did, my point still stands. Stop replying now you moron, you are seriously just boring me, instead of making valid points, you are just calling me a liar lol. It's like being back in primary school again.
2012-10-26 18:30
Stop the replies and insults, you're boring me kid.
2012-10-27 05:11
well said :)
2012-10-26 14:18
nice update!
2012-10-26 09:49
Denmark xLo 
This is a big step for the CS:GO community :) Gj Valve and regnam
2012-10-26 09:53
Serbia dekizh =DD 
[ PERFORMANCE ] - Performance improvements for users running on AMD systems. HELL YEAH!!!
2012-10-26 09:56
didn't helped at all..
2012-10-26 14:42
Serbia dekizh =DD 
not at all, but my fps is better for 10/20..
2012-10-26 15:56
Australia TotalEclipse 
Amazing update!
2012-10-26 09:57
Nice to see Valve actually supporting people who usually do streaming by adding some nice features to the spectators.
2012-10-26 10:07
great. GOTV IP? :P
2012-10-26 10:10
Nice D"
2012-10-26 10:16
great ;D
2012-10-26 10:29
good update but we need more of this good updates
2012-10-26 10:43
- Added convar 'sv_damage_print_enable', that determines whether damage given and received is visible in the console after a player is killed. I hope the tournaments set this to off,
2012-10-26 10:54
I think that is the point of the option..
2012-10-26 10:59
France RegnaM 
well I'm the one who asked this in order to permit leagues to do that. Now it is up to them to enable it.
2012-10-26 11:05
If you are still in contact with Valve, can't you ask them to allow proxies to record demos with other means than auto record? It is a pain in the ass to sort and organize demos if they can only be produced with the autorecord feature. :(
2012-10-26 11:13
France RegnaM 
Ah yes ofcourse, don't know why i haven't asked it earlier as it has always been a non-sense for me not being able to on css :D will ask them now
2012-10-26 11:15
And while we are on that page, how about having an option for the serverlog to be sent to the GOTV relays, ala what logaddress_add already does, that way livescore, statistics and other things would be a lot easier, since it can be gathered from a relay, and not just the main gameserver that may be hidden behind firewalls for security. Also, the whole "you must enable GOTV on your server before a relay can connect" - why not have SourceTV enabled as soon as an option e.g. sv_proxies is > 0, and then simply not accept clients until someone enables that, but do accept relays, that will make a booking service much easier, as it does not require the people to remember to enable GOTV. Basically, the way proxies connected to 1.6 servers made a hell of a lot more sense, than the way it works in SourceTV and GOTV.
2012-10-26 11:19
France RegnaM 
contact me by email with all things you need and explanation (why it is needed). But afaik HLTV was like a client connecting to server, SourceTV is like a gameserver attached to another gameserver, that's why you can't connect relay on gameserver and only on GOTV. What you can do for your booking system is ask for gameserver rcon, in this way to can automatically retrieve infos and change serversettings automatically (warning people that map will restart if tv_enable isn't 1). This way you will also be able to get server logs for online game. About logs on relay, i'm not sure if it is possible for the reason i just explained to you. Gameserver and GOTV are considered as two different gameserver. I think best way to override firewall would be that gameserver sends log with tcp to a specific ip:port, this way it should work no matter what firewall is used.
2012-10-26 11:28
Yea I know, but some may not want to give out their rcon, anyways I mailed you, so check it out.. I'll write up my thoughts with what I'd like, and my motivations for it, will have it for you soon.. :)
2012-10-26 11:32
France RegnaM 
email me if you have any thing to adress to them direectly. This update is mainly for ESWC to be ready with GOTV, that won't be the only one :)
2012-10-26 11:17
Hey great job so far! Do you know if they will bring over any of the Dota 2 features such as the ability to listen to casters in-game? That would be awesome! Also an instant-replay feature would be nice :)
2012-10-26 12:23
hud_fastswitch convar please :(
2012-10-26 12:53
a lot of people including pro players asked for this feature. what makes you think you're so special?
2012-10-26 11:49
Because he is the one who is actually in contact with Valve, and the one who made them do it? That makes him pretty special if you ask me..
2012-10-26 11:58
Make them listen more to ex-1.6 pro players (now CS:GO players). - GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Neo etc. They know what to do to make this game more superior and enjoyable to play. And I'll then guarantee them (read: valve) a larger activeness and competitiveness towards the game. Good job though!
2012-10-26 14:35
still no m4 silencer
2012-10-26 15:02
That's good then, nice to see them stepping in the right direction. To be honest, if the community backs this as the competitive option (as disabled), then they should alter their classic competitive matches to suit imho
2012-10-26 11:05
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
2012-10-26 11:08
2012-10-26 10:54
Slovakia radeoNko 
2012-10-26 11:05
fantastic, now just add silencer to m4 and change movement dynamic (without russian duck) and game is cool
2012-10-26 11:21
Thats probably the next update in November
2012-10-26 11:35
2012-10-26 11:44
"- Added convar 'mp_backup_round_file [fileprefix]' -- If set then server will save all played rounds information to files with this prefix. Backup file contains players information like KDA, MVPs, cash, kevlar, helmet, defuse kit, weapons and grenades and match score for first and second halves. In a case of a tournament server crash backup file can be loaded using ' mp_backup_restore_load_file'. The default is 'backup'" this is really cool (: gj
2012-10-26 11:36
Azerbaijan Talley 
great, loving this!
2012-10-26 11:48
2012-10-26 12:07
Finally! Both GOTV and the back up system sounds great. Can't wait for those little updates that could make the GOTV even more friendly and fun to watch.
2012-10-26 12:28
Sweden PPH 
2012-10-26 12:39
for me GOTV dosent work :D
2012-10-26 12:46
I own CS:GO, I'm not happy with the gameplay at the moment. But for those that are I think this is a good update. It satisfies the organizers with bringing what they've needed for awhile for streaming and running competitions. The organizers and the players at LAN events are what this update has focused on and thats great. But until they fix some of the issues like movement, maps, guns, visual stuff (post processing/fog), a lot of the 1.6 community wont be playing. Now that they have finally addressed the spectating issue one can only hope that they will work on making the game better.
2012-10-26 12:53
You are quite right, this update is focused on spectators and organizers needs. Gameplay is not currently perfect, but, i have a better feeling on CS:GO than cs:source. We are near a great gameplay, need more 2 or 3 gameplay updates ...
2012-10-26 14:58
i.imgur.com/2u4pm.png Here are the skillgroup ranks btw Also this was a good one - Performance improvements for users running on AMD systems.
2012-10-26 13:00
Morocco RaZorrrrrrr 
- Added free camera to spectator modes cycle. LIKE THIS ONE
2012-10-26 13:03
nice update
2012-10-26 13:11
YEAH, finally! :)
2012-10-26 13:16
Is this "GOTV" a standalone client or comes with csgo itself? I hope it's standalone and more importantly it's FREE because i am extreme-die-hard cs 1.6 player. I wanted to watch this upcoming csgo event and observe this game open-heartedly. Well if this "GOTV" only available by purchasing the game then csgo might lose one or more potential 1.6 players to add into its own community.
2012-10-26 13:23
anyone know how to set up a csgo tv?
2012-10-26 13:41
finally! looks quite decent.
2012-10-26 13:44
2012-10-26 14:30
Finally great update :)
2012-10-26 14:40
[ PERFORMANCE ] - Performance improvements for users running on AMD systems. Not for me -.-
2012-10-26 14:44
2012-10-26 15:02
nice update :)
2012-10-26 15:34
2012-10-26 15:44
France RegnaM 
If people wants to address bugs to me directly, I have created a dedicated email address. csgo (at) regnam (dot) tv Please write a full explanation in english or french with if possible screenshot of the issue (www.imgur.com). If it is a high priority issue, I can send it directly to Valve. Thanks in advance.
2012-10-26 15:47
Such a helpful gentleman aren't you Regnam
2012-10-26 16:17
Thanks, but I prefer this site :) 64bitvps.com/csgo/ Btw. hltv.org/blog/6026-csgo-my-bug-issue-add..
2012-10-26 16:50
Why? They don't use it.
2012-10-26 20:48
Of course they are check my tickets, some are closed/fixed by Valve.
2012-10-26 20:51
Yes, they do, almost 100 tickets were closed. Nice try though.
2012-10-27 05:08
Strange that, since the tickets with the most votes were ignored for 6 weeks. The small tickets, especially the ones Michael has posted get fixed as a matter of having to fix them, not because they have been reported.
2012-10-27 10:47
Valve, sit with Neo for 2 hours, do the changes he says = Profit
2012-10-26 15:47
This is so awesome! CS:GO is turning out freakin good!
2012-10-26 15:57
Good update! CS:GO is getting better :D
2012-10-26 16:15
game still sucks
2012-10-26 16:26
good update!! Keep Going ;) GOGOGO
2012-10-26 16:37
Good update, but still it's bugged/ununderdeveloped. I really like the idea "Save/Restore of match state". It should be implemented long time ago in CS 1.6. Btw. what about other things? hltv.org/blog/6026-csgo-my-bug-issue-add..
2012-10-26 16:48
nice nice nice im f excited
2012-10-26 17:05
great, csgotv is out, no "hot" matches
2012-10-26 17:16
performance for Intel please and aim improvement xD
2012-10-26 17:30
For aim improvement you need to train your brain and hand.
2012-10-26 18:45
so , csgotv + some ingame updates which have nothing to do with the gameplay , well well valve , briliant update like ferrari said , just that...uhmm... csgo is not better than 1.6 :s saucers gonna sauce(on spaghetti)
2012-10-26 17:43
In one year it can be better than CS 1.6 :/ but they need to listen to us - hard mission :)
2012-10-26 18:46
if they really had a minimum desire of making it a very nice game they wouldnt have made it like this from the first place.
2012-10-26 19:02
It was HPE fail, Valve will do the big improvements, you will see.
2012-10-26 19:04
when they will , i`ll play.
2012-10-26 19:10
I see your point.
2012-10-26 19:12
what a fucking idiot kid.. seriously..
2012-10-26 22:19
2012-10-26 22:36
Actually for LANs and Tournaments this is a really useful update (looks at crashing servers and being able to restore...)
2012-10-26 22:35
99% of the servers in the last tourney didnt crash , so? np , still same robotic gameplay
2012-10-26 22:36
Still useful to know when servers do crash that things will revert to the way they were just before the crash, which tends to happen at LAN events a lot. You've never liked the game anyway, so why do you keep commenting on the news about it?
2012-10-26 22:39
i'm gonna play it when it will be actually playable. excuse me once more
2012-10-26 22:51
Still it didn't changted my fps, no matter what i do, my fps doesnt change, on LOW/HIGH it's the same, 30-50... wtf
2012-10-26 18:01
What's your graphics card? And driver version?
2012-10-26 18:42
80-100 fps increase after this - Performance improvements for users running on AMD systems. ^_^
2012-10-26 18:52
2012-10-27 13:13
How sad it is to see something new to try to catch up to the old. Than pathetic.
2012-10-26 20:08
I wish I could comprehend this comment.....
2012-10-26 22:34
Since the CS: GO was launched there were many changes, enough for my taste, and i believe that these changes, which are beyond the best performance for the game and others, are to meet the same line as the 1.6 PD: Sorry for my bad english
2012-10-26 23:42
Were you expecting a miracle? I mean CS1.6 wasn't perfect by anyone's standards, there are still bugs galore in the game, it's been around for 12 years and therefore has had a rather lengthy time for people to get used to the mechanics, then Valve push out a game which is made for this year, the here and now, there were bound to be bugs, and the gameplay will take a lot of getting used to because its slightly different to a game made in 2000. Some things can be tweaked but generally the game is of a higher standard to what both EA and Activision throw out.
2012-10-27 03:24
I played for over 12 years at 1.6, and the truth will never see anything wrong, ever. It's a shame that such a game is replaced by the overnight for a cheap copy that to this day the only thing that does is likened to 1.6
2012-10-28 12:17
You do realise there were/are a lot of bugs still in 1.6
2012-10-28 13:55
It was quite easy to understand I'm afraid to tell you
2012-10-27 01:09
from 120-130 fps to 150-160 fps with the AMD improvement. =D
2012-10-26 20:45
fail update, amd improvement suck
2012-10-26 20:48
Keep updating...
2012-10-26 21:27
when they say, AMD systems it's only the Processor or the graphic-cards as well ?
2012-10-26 23:11
the only thing that sucks is that the game need good hardware configs and in my country this shits are so expensive
2012-10-27 03:33
Slovakia kubiaxk 
hud_scaling 1 to .95 :/ hate you valve
2012-10-27 12:35
fnx | 
Norway Trypticon 
Good update, can't wait to try out GO:TV in our matches. GJ Valve =)
2012-10-27 13:33
i want this game key :'(
2012-10-27 15:24
Please Valve give movement and recoil from 1.6 and it will be amazing game
2012-10-27 16:59
2012-10-28 18:34
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