'Comeback' Ubinited win ESWC female

Ubinited have once again defended their ESWC crown by defeating ALTERNATE in a truly remarkable fashion, coming back from a 7-16 defeat on de_nuke_ve and a big deficit in both maps that followed, to win 22-19 on de_dust2_se and 19-17 on de_inferno_se.

ALTERNATE started out on the Terrorist side on de_nuke_ve and came out very strongly on this map, taking an impressive 12-3 lead, with Zainab "zAAz" Turkie racking up kills and rounds for her side.

In the second half, the Germany-based team was able to take the score to 14-4, and thought Ubinited managed to win three rounds in a row, their quick recovery did little to trouble ALTERNATE, who ended up winning the map 16-7.

zAAz carried her team to a first map victory

It looked like their dream was about to come true and that they would take down Ubinited after an impressive 11-4 first half on de_dust2_se. But, even a 15-9 advantage wasn't enough for ALTERNATE to close the match, as reigning champions Ubinited fought their way to overtime.

The North American squad took control in the extra rounds, and although they needed a second overtime, they used their psychological advantage after the big comeback to clinch the second map 22-19.

Everything came down to de_inferno_se, where ALTERNATE were expected to be on the backfoot after dropping six match points in the previous map, but they defended admirably and once again seemed to be on the brink of victory following a 13-2 lead.

With even the next pistol round in the bag for ALTERNATE, a Ubinited comeback seemed impossible, but the huge crowd in front of the main stage witnessed just that. Round after round passed and ALTERNATE were unable to close the match, even after getting to match point at 15-10.

Ubinited never gave up in the ESWC 2012 grand final

Ubinited once again showed remarkable mental strength to even out the score and bring the match into another overtime, this time settling things quicker with a 19-17 victory.

That brought the fifth ESWC trophy in a row to the core of this team, as they won the previous four championships (three as SK Gaming, one as Ubinited). In addition to the trophy, they also received a cheque for $5,000, while ALTERNATE had to settle for $3,000.

A few hours earlier the female squad of Reason Gaming defeated local team Imaginary Gaming 2-1 in maps to clinch third place and $2,000.

ESWC 2012 female final standings:

1. United States Ubinited - $5,000
2. Germany ALTERNATE - $3,000
3. Other Reason Gaming - $2,000
4. France Imaginary Gaming

Gratz, deserved
2012-11-04 20:38
2012-11-04 20:38
Nice comeback Ubinited
2012-11-04 20:38
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL
nice match
2012-11-04 20:39
Sick comeback
2012-11-04 20:39
This was WAY better that NIP vs VG... it was pretty insane what the leadies achieved. Very hard comebacks indeed, pretty epic. Too bad the game itseld (CS:GO) is bad and boring... only epic matches like these ones can make these game barely watchable.
2012-11-04 20:41
2012-11-04 20:40
2012-11-04 20:40
the best female match in cs history
2012-11-04 20:44
2 replies
2012-11-04 20:45
any VODs? :)
2012-11-04 20:47
Yea i like to see a VOD :)
2012-11-04 20:50
Venezuela Riikards
I still can't believe they lost
2012-11-04 20:50
zAAz <3
2012-11-04 20:50
Ali you beauty! <3
2012-11-04 20:52
I would like to see NiP vs Ubinited and VG vs ALTERNATE.fem.
2012-11-04 20:54
1 reply
16-0 trust me! They played like men played in 2001. No tactics, just rush.
2012-11-04 21:04
this is how final should look like!
2012-11-04 20:57
Final of this was pretty exiting
2012-11-04 20:57
zAAz the best female player... so sad that they dont get it :(
2012-11-04 21:05
I found the final quite spectacular, enjoyed it way more than I had assumed :D. gratz Ubinited , they all played great.
2012-11-04 21:06
Anyone that wants to catch the demo of this download here: s3.amazonaws.com/rddt/eswc_2012_ubinited..
2012-11-04 21:08
man i just got goosebumps by reading the article :D should have watched the match :D gj ubinited
2012-11-04 21:09
was truly a match worth watching, congratz girls.
2012-11-04 21:17
amazing team lol, can't believe they won another one coming back from 13-2...
2012-11-04 21:21
the match was way better than nip vs vg... had it's funny moments.. but way better then nip owning vg... congrats ladies:*
2012-11-04 21:22
Movie about this match!
2012-11-04 21:24
Isn't it their 3rd eswc tittle?
2012-11-04 21:24
2012-11-04 21:26
Greece her-1g
5 times eswc winner hahaha ali above all
2012-11-04 21:29
nice !! congratz for the girls missharvey i love u !!! pm me!
2012-11-04 21:29
damn very close matches !!! too bad for alternate
2012-11-04 21:38
I need to watch the demo again. I'm wondering what Ubinited changed during their de_inferno match because they were getting killed at the beginning.
2012-11-04 21:44
thats amazing, we're so proud of you ladies!
2012-11-04 22:44
now you can brag to the american guys' team ;)
2012-11-05 00:14
1 reply
Hahahaha. :D
2012-11-05 22:33
6th ESWC title! \ubinited/ \ubinited/ \ubinited/ \ubinited/
2012-11-05 01:30
2012-11-05 02:52
It's really sad that Alternate couldn't close it down :/ WP UBINITED
2012-11-05 04:05
2012-11-05 04:59
Australia JNUPS
was really entertaining to watch. wp!
2012-11-05 05:09
female cs :/
2012-11-05 05:22
Taiwan SCVready
amazing match
2012-11-05 05:42
people can hate on female CS but you can't deny that it was a more entertaining match than NiP vs VG
2012-11-05 05:43
love zAAz :D
2012-11-05 09:08
Ladies were way more entertaining than the guys were. What a final and after the first map an enexpected outcome for sure.
2012-11-05 09:11
2012-11-05 09:13
Great final !
2012-11-05 11:09
But still pro ladies are on ESL versus randoms level :X
2012-11-05 11:22
zAAz <3
2012-11-05 11:23
Was a more interesting final than NiP vs VG
2012-11-05 12:25
Yeah shit was sick
2012-11-05 17:05
what's with these over-sized old asian girls, potter is like 30 i can't stop laughing whenever i see her pic.
2012-11-05 21:22
was way more fun to spectate than the male final seeing as it wasnt even on stage...
2012-11-05 22:41
2 replies
bro u were in my dreamteam and u fucked me bro
2012-11-06 02:58
1 reply
2012-11-06 04:32
gj girls
2012-11-06 12:56
hf girls ^
2012-11-07 08:20
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