Na´Vi to try out CS:GO

Natus Vincere CEO Aleksander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky has revealed that the organisation's Counter-Strike: 1.6 team will give CS:GO a chance.

The future of the highly-successful Ukrainian team has been up in the air for some time as they have not yet decided whether they will switch to CS:GO.

During the summer, Yegor "markeloff" Markelov made his intentions very clear by saying he "did not want" to play the new game.

But with the evident lack of 1.6 tournaments - and teams to play against - Na´Vi's fans are growing impatient as the first CS:GO LAN tournaments are taking place.

Na´Vi were last seen at PGS

Kokhanovsky has now given those fans some hope by admitting in an interview with that the team will "try out" CS:GO.

Na´Vi's last tournament was the PGS in Oporto last month, where they finished runners-up to fnatic, who have already switched to CS:GO and will attend DreamHack Winter later this month.

2012-11-04 13:50
Doesn't matter. They will quit after some time. They won't be on top in CS:GO.
2012-11-04 22:42
2012-11-06 11:54
2012-11-04 13:50
2012-11-04 13:50
2012-11-04 13:50
2012-11-04 13:50
2012-11-04 13:50
How? Why would an organisation keep sponsoring a team for a game that isnt being played anymore.
2012-11-04 13:57
+1 Competitive scene from cs1.6 is dead
2012-11-04 14:00
exactly... but some people can't get over it.. We all love cs 1.6 but we must know that CS:GO is the future now.
2012-11-04 14:05
2012-11-04 14:06
its not even the future. At the moment more people still play 1.6. Only some event organizers push the pro scene. If cs go doesnt get better, it will disappear from esports like quake did.
2012-11-04 14:28
Quake is still alive. Get your facts straight.
2012-11-04 14:36
before replying in an offensive way try to read and understand what i wrote. where is the quake pro scene ? where are the tournaments ? why is everyone moving to xonotic and shootmania ? quake is losing players to other games. get your facts straight
2012-11-04 14:45
Quake is rather undead
2012-11-04 16:20
in the last few days we have been peaking 45 000 players, thats fairly close to 1.6 that is around 53 000 players. As you probably know counter strike take time its not like OMG A NEW COUNTER STRIKE and everyone switch over to the new... So many people have put 1000s of hours into 1.6 and its hard to leave something you love, me myself was around 13 000 hours... For me it took a few week until i tested csgo, but its different for many. I dont know where you have been the last months if you say "if csgo doesnt get better" Csgo is often updated.
2012-11-04 14:50
because cs:go was f2p during the weekend you dumbfuck CH34732 was right with everything what he said, except the quake part.
2012-11-04 15:03
Ok i took the f2p to make it sound bigger who gives a shit. Players will come with time, trust me ive seen this shit before. Without a pro scene cs is dead, 1.6 doesnt have a pro scene and it wont come back.
2012-11-04 15:23
if number of players wont increase big time cs:go will be dead soon too (nothing against cs:go, dont like some stuff like recoil, moving etc)
2012-11-04 15:58
you are just a typical cs:go fanboy, we know that cs 1.6 is dead, stop telling us that poor excuse over and over and over... and cs:go won't get new players, it will end even worse then source did. deal with it
2012-11-04 16:30
Im more a fan of 1.6 ;) You fail at telling what people are fans of.
2012-11-04 17:07
Did source end bad? Source was the biggest it has ever been this very year.
2012-11-04 17:10
+1 absolutely right, man
2012-11-04 21:25
u do know when the free to play is over, its dropping to 15,000 peaks again.
2012-11-04 15:04
we will see.
2012-11-04 15:18
lol GO-Hater is right :D
2012-11-04 17:34
2012-11-04 15:02
Thats what i have been fucking talking about for like 2 months.I have nothing against csgo, but let's get serious that go will never be 1.6,but if the go is really the future then i will accept it.Anyway, im gonna stick to 1.6 for some time and then make the switch. And yes they do push csgo on the proscene and thats fucking stupid ! :)
2012-11-04 18:47
Finally a 1.6'er with common sense!
2012-11-04 15:26
So true! +1
2012-11-04 15:29
2012-11-04 17:48
yes the future for kids under 15 :) 5K peoples watch ESWC what future u are talking about? no more FPS games or 1.6 back but CS:GO don`t have future :) and yeah 17K people playing CS:GO amazing future :)
2012-11-04 19:05
2012-11-04 19:42
Na'Vi will be great for sure. They just need to adapt and it will take 1-2 months of constant playing.
2012-11-04 13:52
More like CS:GO will give Navi a chance.. gl though, hope they stick around
2012-11-04 13:52
this may be the best thing that could have happened to cs:go. it may finally get some viewers
2012-11-04 14:03
that may be true. i think fnatic could play a key role in that matter aswell
2012-11-04 14:07
Wanted to write the exact same thing
2012-11-04 14:15
2012-11-04 13:52
2012-11-04 13:53
Sick! CS:GO is going freakin strong!
2012-11-04 13:53
NaVi wont win nothing cuz they didn't start as early as NiP did... mark and co. will lose the organisation... like other big name teams will :/ Not that strong as you think now right?....
2012-11-04 17:37
+1 yes, that`s true
2012-11-04 21:28
I guess Na'Vi aint that stupid to just bump in to some random tourney which they know they won't win. The org has trust in them and therefore will give them the time they need to be really good at this game (bye bye saucers). If they find the game fun btw. There is also a pretty big chance they won't even go on with it.
2012-11-05 09:24
If they take too much time they will eventually be kicked out of the org :/ And you know it...
2012-11-05 15:42
They have a slight disadvantage, but i think they can approach the same level on csgo in a matter of time.
2012-11-05 09:44
That ime is around 3-6/9 months? Do you think their org will wait for them to show up in GO all that time?
2012-11-05 15:42
2012-11-04 13:53
2012-11-04 13:54
nice, hope to see them in future tournaments, GL
2012-11-04 13:55
2012-11-04 13:55
What about seven squad? Are they still playing 1.6, or did they move to GO? Love those guys.
2012-11-05 00:07
They havent played for over a year, they quit :(
2012-11-05 14:22
Oh, too bad... they were such talented players!
2012-11-05 14:23
go navi <3<3 dying to see edwards p250
2012-11-04 13:55
lol yeah :)
2012-11-04 14:51
GL Na`Vi hope to see you kick some real ass and dominate GO
2012-11-04 13:55
haha ooooooooooooook
2012-11-04 13:56
Denmark rizc
The website is, but yeah - Awesome news!
2012-11-04 13:57
Nice! GL :D
2012-11-04 13:58
During the summer, Yegor "markeloff" Markelov made his intentions very clear by saying he "did not want" to play the new game. But with the evident lack of 1.6 tournaments - and teams to play against - Na´Vi's fans are growing impatient as the first CS:GO LAN tournaments are taking place says a lot about the game. but gl anyways
2012-11-04 13:59
2012-11-04 14:14
Gogog navi noobs. Nip will pawn u.. xD
2012-11-04 14:00
and news about it is needed... :O
2012-11-04 14:04
finally!!! But they will have to put in alot of ukrainian training hours to get to the level of the current top teams. Hope they make that effort.
2012-11-04 14:04
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL
2012-11-04 14:13
Unforntunely they wont make it in CS:GO :/ Like ESC is not doing damage as everyone was expecting :/
2012-11-04 17:40
Denmark AndersR
you judged that on 1 tournament? If this turns out to be true I've got a job for you predicting the lotto numbers each week.
2012-11-04 23:49
i just hope they fail brutaly and stop play
2012-11-04 14:04
they probably will keep beating swedes for a living.
2012-11-04 14:08
2012-11-04 14:09
might be so but reason why i hope they fail is because first now they start to stream 1.6 and talk shit about cs:go and then 1 week later they will try it out?? dont flame the game if you are going to play it 1 week later, soooooo stupid sovjet ppl.
2012-11-04 14:14
why not? They just expressed their opinion about the game and that's absolutely legit. it's not like they changed their opinion, they just have no other alternative.
2012-11-04 14:41
so its between suicide and play cs:go?
2012-11-04 14:51
Exactly. After a lot of antidepressants they decided to live on even though I will be painful. Sad but true story.
2012-11-04 14:56
2012-11-04 14:58
if they begin they for sure will crush swedes as always in 1.6
2012-11-04 14:09
fnatic crushed everything this year.
2012-11-04 14:11
Denmark AndersR
Isn't Fnatics 3 best players danes though? I have no idea tbh, I just recently got back in to the scene, I'd just guess from where the scene where when i left it that Karriga, Friis and Trace are the 3 top players.
2012-11-04 23:51
It started pretty bad with cArn. They made a few changes and the lineup was Gux, Xizt, Friis, karrigan & MODDII. After that they won fnatic PLAY, Plantronics Championship @ Dreamhack (vs Na'Vi) Copenhagen Games (vs Na'Vi). Gux left fnatic and in with trace (danish fnatic with MODDII, trace, karrigan, Xizt and Friis They won GameGune with this team versus Na'Vi in the final. After that, Xizt decided to switch to CS:GO. The last fnatic 1.6 lineup ever: karrigan, trace, Friis, MODDII & FYRR73 This team won PGS Ozone (vs. Na'Vi)and DH Bucharest.
2012-11-05 13:07
bullshit sweden has been crushing ukranians since 2003...
2012-11-04 14:13
Na`Vi always crushing swedes like a shit but swedes wont never admit it
2012-11-04 15:44
Navi gaming is very slow, big time campers. The 2 best CS clans were SK gaming -(forest, GTR, Delpan, Robban face) and ESC gaming (Neo, Kuben, Taz, loord, Pasha). You watch the demos of these 2 clans, they always play proper, the way they rush, flashing, nading the skill level -perfect. I only like markelof edward game in Navi.
2012-11-07 17:27
LOL indian
2012-11-07 17:50
I am from India, but I am neutral, I love and support all countries. Just encourage what is right and not wrong :)
2012-11-08 11:52
you need to check the meaning of "always"
2012-11-04 14:24
Good decision
2012-11-04 14:05
Bootcamp until dreamhack.
2012-11-04 14:05
Good and expected.
2012-11-04 14:07
you didnt expect this lol
2012-11-04 14:38
actually after ESC gmg it was kinda expected..
2012-11-04 16:00
no way
2012-11-04 18:16
what does it have to do with esc
2012-11-04 19:43
with no good team to play against.. what wud they do in 1.6
2012-11-05 06:57
2012-11-04 19:43
Awesome news! Im sure they will be awesome in this game, and markeloff oh god im excited to see how he handles the awp!
2012-11-04 14:10
He will be at the same level as any other awper in this game.
2012-11-04 14:38
True story :( They wont make damage like it happened with ESC (everyone was like OMG ESC GONNA PWN and then....)
2012-11-04 17:42
India h8or
LOL? Nobody thought that.
2012-11-04 21:27
2012-11-04 14:10
ukrainians have 2low iq for this game XD ceh9 should touch computers, give him an ax and he can become a lumberjack
2012-11-04 14:11
Taiwan SCVready
let's see Edward's p250 :D:D:D
2012-11-04 14:12
If they like it they will probably dominate as they did since the orga was created.
2012-11-04 14:12
Understand, 1.6 finish, 12 years for one game is good. Now it's cs go, the game who give's prizes and do ppl buy more hardware... stop saying "cs go shit".
2012-11-04 14:13
2012-11-04 14:13
at the end,they all will except those who cant run cs go on their pc
2012-11-04 14:14
no doubt about that
2012-11-04 14:15
wow.. "unexpected" money cant do anything
2012-11-04 14:14
nice navi
2012-11-04 14:17
2012-11-04 14:17
2012-11-04 14:32
haha when money talks...
2012-11-04 14:18
2012-11-04 14:19
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Isn't much left in 1.6 so they may as well try it out. Will be my fav cs:go team, hope they can dominate GO like 2010 1.6.
2012-11-04 14:20
Netherlands JUNG13
2012-11-04 14:21
2012-11-04 14:39
Wont happen :( Sorry
2012-11-04 17:44
bye 1.6 :/ welcome CS:GO
2012-11-04 14:20
Russia harkkye
My fav team, gl!
2012-11-04 14:21
inb4 some shity alibi why they dont like the game
2012-11-04 14:22
only fnatic remaining in 1.6? ;// Sad...
2012-11-04 14:23
wtf? fnatic already make the switch, they will play dreamhack 22-24 november.
2012-11-04 14:27
Hmm I didn't see this notice. But it was expected, all the great teams migrated to GO. Now we just need to w8 to the falling of CSGO. (Or valve fix this, which I have no hope)
2012-11-04 14:33
Sweden Snipatore
fnatic already switched to cs go :)
2012-11-04 14:29
they will also play csgo at dreamhack winter, there any team left?
2012-11-04 14:31
it would be nice if their skill would be the same as like in 1.6
2012-11-04 14:23
And there goes the last great 1.6 team
2012-11-04 14:29
m5 ?
2012-11-04 14:43
They disbanded. Dosia and fox in virtus pro , romjke in rush3d
2012-11-04 14:45
2012-11-04 14:51
tbh i think theyll get own so hard that theyll start to blame the game
2012-11-04 14:33
They already said "it sucks" just to play it safe
2012-11-04 15:22
India h8or
Cuz it actually does? But that doesnt mean that they wont play the game. They want to be #1 and they will give their 100%.
2012-11-04 21:24
Will happen the same for ESC and other teams that didn't start early
2012-11-04 17:45
not sure about ESC tho in taz's interview looks like they (or at least he) have the motivation
2012-11-04 18:59
Denmark AndersR
that is the biggest bullshit, for how long has this game been going on? 4-5 months (i actually have no idea tbh) but none the less, there has been 2, TWO big tournaments it is EASY to catch up. Compare this to the SC2 scene, the Kespa players joined the scene just 3 months ago yet Rain made it to top4 in GSL and Flash has just taken 3rd/4th at MLG. With the right determination and the right skill it is no problem to get to the level needed to dominate.
2012-11-04 23:58
SC2 it's a completely different game --'
2012-11-05 15:45
Denmark AndersR
it is, but in this case there is not a lot of difference.
2012-11-06 11:27
India h8or
You dont know NAVI. They are fighters, not losers. They never give up. Trust me you are going to get amazed in the coming months.
2012-11-04 21:22
haha I hope so man, Id really love to see the 1.6 top teams back in action in csgo.
2012-11-04 21:24
gl guys!
2012-11-04 14:36
I think they will suck.
2012-11-04 14:37
2012-11-04 14:39
gl guys, hope u'll enjoy it inter scene needs u
2012-11-04 14:41
gl navi! :-)
2012-11-04 14:41
Everyone thought esc will suck...They went fricken amazing for that short amount of time....
2012-11-04 14:44
LOL? Amazing? they got beaten so easily :(
2012-11-04 17:46
India h8or
2012-11-04 21:20
hoooooly shit hahah :D markeloff <3333333
2012-11-04 14:45
good job with coverage lurppis
2012-11-04 14:45
Na´Vi :)))))
2012-11-04 14:45
fnatic, navi, verygames, nip and maybe esc..area 41 here and far seems like that this can be interesting after all.
2012-11-04 14:46
fnatic, naVi, ESC were strong in CS1.6, forgot that. Now they are random teams :) because this is new game and CS1.6 isnt = CS:GO..:) So NiP easy. No interesting yet
2012-11-04 14:49
NiP players changed to cs:go 6 months ago. ESC fnatic and NA'VI were top3 on cs1.6 and probably will be on cs:go, just give a time for them.
2012-11-04 14:55
they will go to CS:GO but they won't dominate --' they will be just like random teams
2012-11-04 17:47
they already are famous team. and who says that they won't dominate?
2012-11-04 17:51
the teams that are dominating now are the ones that started rly on the first days of release or are you so f*cking blind to see it? the only way they would make it was to play at the same time as them... see ESC for example everyone was like expecting to ESC reach far but they lost bad :/
2012-11-04 17:54
your argument is so wrong :/ everyone was expecting ESC weak right now cause they have less practice than every team on ESWC, but they beat the best team from denmark right now (anexis) and from UK (fm.TOXIC). even with less time of practice than these teams. ESC/fnatic/na'vi will improve on cs:go with a lot of practice. another thing, i'ts not because they were first to play that they will be the best, mTw08 beat old SK, fnatic, na'vi 2010 beat old SK. gtr start to play 1.6 later than anothers pro-players but he was the best player in the world @2009
2012-11-04 18:04
As @vamolisarb said. I do know that, but again even we as 1.6 followers have reason to watch those matches. After all it's totally possible for all 1.6 teams to bring their game on higher level as NiP already did :)
2012-11-04 15:08
yes yes.. i will give them time
2012-11-04 15:10
fnatic navi nip esc now there is something to watch :P
2012-11-04 14:47
Who didn't expect it?
2012-11-04 14:48
let's see how many shots markeloff will miss :p Great news btw
2012-11-04 14:49
Ohhh sad news for 1.6 community. loosing another great team. cya~
2012-11-04 14:52
All teams are gone LOll
2012-11-04 15:29
gl Na`Vi :)
2012-11-04 14:52
It's the only thing they can do. If they stay on 1.6, what tournaments they gonna play? With what high level teams they gonna practice? They can't stay on 1.6 just to see their ukrainians fanboys happy.
2012-11-04 14:53
Exactly, I don't understand why no one understand that they need to play this game.
2012-11-04 15:11
gg :D
2012-11-04 14:55
Poland kRAMERO
OMG no re
2012-11-04 14:58
going to predict it now. theyre going to play go for a month or so. go to a major tourney, lose in stages and get dropped by navi.
2012-11-04 15:03
someone saying the truth, finally
2012-11-04 17:48
India h8or
They are NAVI, they never give up.
2012-11-04 21:18
they dont want to play it , they are doing it all for sponsors...
2012-11-04 15:04
You mad? They are doing it because they need to, they want to keep playing competitive gaming - Counter-Strike.
2012-11-04 15:11
too little too late
2012-11-04 15:06
if they hate the game so much i doubt they'll achieve anything ._.
2012-11-04 15:07
But they havent even tried the game yet..
2012-11-04 15:15
Haha, I'm happy they will try out CS:GO. This team will bring ALOT of viewers, that's 4sure. Hope they will beat NiP soon. GL!
2012-11-04 15:09
never gonna happen
2012-11-04 17:48
stop posting your comments about NaVi's fail in game which they haven't played yet
2012-11-04 18:37
dont stop cs 1.6 guys ;/
2012-11-04 15:14
new times son ;/
2012-11-04 15:22
2012-11-04 15:14
2012-11-04 15:19
2012-11-04 15:19
NaVi <3
2012-11-04 15:20
YES!!!!!!!!! Going to be exciting to see how they do. GL NA'VI and appreciated the effort to try the game.
2012-11-04 15:22
They will have same way like ESC 10 round in 4 match!
2012-11-04 15:24
and beat 2 saurces team with less practice than everyone hahaha
2012-11-04 15:27
2012-11-04 15:32
GL Magreloff !
2012-11-04 15:25
Atm its clearly NIP, VG, A51, ESC. Dont forget the aussies voxe eminor so good. ALso the US team dynamic, nothings team, Moe's team. and then fnatic, na vi etc etc et
2012-11-04 15:31
Sweden Flurpan
ESC are freaking garbage at the CS:GO.
2012-11-04 15:49
ESC beat 2 saurces team with less practice than them.
2012-11-04 16:12
ESC with more pracc, can beat VG, and saurces garbage teams!
2012-11-05 12:54
they got dominated 16 - 2. they're going to need a LOT more practice.
2012-11-05 16:26
o rly?
2012-11-05 16:28
with more pracc they win VG with same score
2012-11-05 16:43
2012-11-04 15:41
about time kids like kennyS & sgares know what is real magging all about. Go markeofffffff!!!!
2012-11-04 15:49
+1 True Said
2012-11-04 16:01
Good news :D gl Na`Vi!!
2012-11-04 15:55
GL Na'Vi
2012-11-04 15:58
antistrat team incoming.
2012-11-04 16:00
Go go marik :D
2012-11-04 16:00
Forest and GetRight weren't enough ??
2012-11-04 16:03
rape train inc
2012-11-04 16:04
Gl Na'Vi
2012-11-04 16:05
2012-11-04 16:08
Saying its shit then playing it. I love Ukranians!
2012-11-04 16:13
you are obviously troll, all pro teams were forced to play it and 90% of them said that the game is sh*t. they just have no way to do otherwise than try it.
2012-11-04 16:32
Who said game is shit and played it except Na'Vi guys? Get your facts straight.
2012-11-04 19:21
India h8or
Job is a job.
2012-11-04 21:16
...a little over a week ago ceh9 criticized and called CS:GO something like "THE AWFULLEST GAME" and that he wouldn't play it, but here they are... In any case GL! Would be great to see Na`Vi do good just like NiP is doing right now!!!
2012-11-04 16:17
The fact that he criticized the game doesn't matter that he will not try it out and not switch. All Na`Vi said that they will stay together and talk what to do(switch to GO or not)
2012-11-04 16:35
COMPLETE AWESOME news for CS:GO. Now we will have more of a show of pure skill and talent in the game! gl Na'Vi, hope it goes well, and show them who's best!
2012-11-04 16:24
navi will be another random team like ESC now:C
2012-11-04 17:50
Give it time man I recon that if they get really serious and into CS:GO they will do well. Naturally they are great aimers and their is nothing stopping them from taking that aim skill into CS:GO.
2012-11-04 17:56
2012-11-04 16:32
Chile Cristoff
finally is coming!
2012-11-04 16:51
So, they will play CS:Go or No?!
2012-11-04 16:52
Germany grimmtz
they will try it.
2012-11-04 17:18
as ESC, they will play it, even though they hate the game, that's sad.
2012-11-04 16:52
I played GO on DM for some hours these 2 days well, it is not so bad, rly :) and I am kinda glad that Na`Vi decided "to try" :) gl guys and hf
2012-11-04 16:58
bad news for VG
2012-11-04 17:04
2012-11-04 17:39
money money money
2012-11-04 17:06
gl Na`Vi
2012-11-04 17:08
Slovakia kubiaxk
good choice for them ... i don't want more see in top 3 teams like VERYGAYS :D NiP ESC NaVi
2012-11-04 17:12
Germany grimmtz
1.Na`Vi 2.ESC 3.NiP
2012-11-04 17:18
1.NiP 2.VG 3.A51 The truth hurts :/
2012-11-04 17:51
Germany grimmtz
I said that 1.6 teams will dominate that game.
2012-11-04 17:53
Sorry not gonna happen... Only teams that started at the beginning will dominate... The rest will be just liek random teams :(
2012-11-04 17:55
Germany grimmtz
2012-11-04 17:56
hm no atm there is difference between 600hrs and 150hrs, but in 1 or 2 years it will change, there is not gonna be a problem for teams to play against a 3k hrs if they have 2k hrs. ;) that's juste because it is the beggining that there is so much difference between teams ;)
2012-11-05 00:11
but teams of now like navi and esc wont have a chance... and they may have to wait all that time to get titles... During that time dont you think they will be kicked of their organisation ?
2012-11-05 15:40
thats just nip knows the game better than nobody, if they learn it fast they'll have their chance, they just need to ajust their aim with the different recoil and thats gonna be the same, the time nip players spend on a server to find position/stuff, they just have to watch TV to get it
2012-11-06 19:46
who is going to wait 2 year homie, learn to think fast pls
2012-11-06 13:30
coming true soon.
2012-11-05 06:17
Gl guys .
2012-11-04 17:14
all 1.6 player?see how is ESC.
2012-11-04 17:32
It can never be good to force yourself into a new game that you don't really like and I hardly believe that the Na'vi team will stick together in CS:GO. But Good luck anyways!
2012-11-04 17:35
What else they can do ? Guys can't do anything, only play CS... soooo, it's kinda expected. Good Luck !
2012-11-04 17:38
OMG VERY NICE NAVI !!! top teams are now complete
2012-11-04 17:47
Edward look like Brock Lesnar at UFC 121, WOW!
2012-11-04 17:49
2012-11-05 09:03
is the same of ESC.. they try because is a job.. I play CS:GO and obviously isn't a attemp of cs 1.6.. but as a fps game CSGO is not bad, but has no chance to be comparated with 1.6, especially in competitive game!!!
2012-11-04 17:50
GL fellas Im sure that they will make a big impact in go's scene <3
2012-11-04 18:06
hopefully they can dedicate to being good in this game. would be too bad to see them get demolished like ESC did.
2012-11-04 18:39
if they will play DHW, they will be demolished against ESC. in this moment hours played is the situation. ESC was "demolished" because they were with less practice than VG.
2012-11-04 23:52
The more teams the better!
2012-11-04 19:56
Europe fellinno
Im so glad! :D
2012-11-04 21:16
OMG ..... no ?!?!?
2012-11-04 21:49
This is a good thing. More 1.6 teams joining CS:GO will only make CS:GO more like 1.6.
2012-11-04 22:45
2012-11-04 23:46
go go go navi <3 mark!
2012-11-04 23:56
all hope is lost
2012-11-05 01:55
o mygod where is loyalty who fkn post navi loyalty stuff previously in the forum come out plz okay its a tryout o i know
2012-11-05 02:47
loyalty? how can they stay loyal to 1.6 when there aren't any tournaments anymore? does loyalty require never playing another game considering 1.6 is done in competition apparently?
2012-11-05 17:39
NA'VI in cs go will sucks like ESC =D
2012-11-05 03:31
2012-11-05 07:12
More then 50% 1.6 players hate cs:go becouse they can't play it becouse u need to have better pc. So stop that crap about, that cs:go is shit, the game is allmoust the same as 1.6, has the same bullet inpact as 1.6, well css dosint have it. Movement is allmoust the same too, in cs:go u can bhop if needed, what is inposible in css. The big diference in the game is, that pistols do a lot more damage, theres no silecers and molotov is too overpowered. Recoil is diffrent then in 1.6 and css, but u can easily learn how to shoot and sprey. So stop argue about cs:go as shit, give it a chance and u see that with more and more updates it will become a new favorit cs game.
2012-11-05 03:43
No way, Lithuanian speaks :O wow shit happens ismok anglu kalba, thanks
2012-11-05 09:07
You really need to shut the fuck up, I'm so tired of your ignorant, dumbwitty posts. Go be cancer somewhere else.
2012-11-06 12:12
Stfu your self ya lil' spastic faggot.
2012-11-06 14:15
agree with you people that have PC for 325 euro and they cannot afford another 7e for CS:GO and if they do (free play), they run it in 10fps game is fine. matches was fun to watch. what else do you want?
2012-11-05 11:11
2012-11-05 11:33
World of GO deserves better competition, Fnatic / Na'Vi should enter CS : GO with ESC Gaming, VeryGames, and LORDS ( NiP Gaming) already IN <3 Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' Alesund
2012-11-05 04:07
Lords. What a bullshit.
2012-11-05 09:05
what the fuck is wrong with you
2012-11-06 20:03
Nothing much, sup with you?
2012-11-06 20:36
2012-11-05 04:58
good luck navi this team is my fav.. i wish they do well :) i hope more boot camp videos, by the way haha^^
2012-11-05 05:08
Hehe, bootcamp videos by Na'Vi is awesome 4sure :)
2012-11-05 09:07
its all about the money, thy know that they cant make much money on 1.6 so they switch to cs:go expectet
2012-11-05 11:02
Pretty sad having to see them play a game they all hate.
2012-11-05 11:09
ppl understand, in 1.6 they have not competition and what all u ppl say? to stay with 1.6? when dont have teams,etc etc... or quit cs, or play cs:go sorry for my english!
2012-11-05 12:55
GL Na'Vi, we want more competitive teams like you in the new game!
2012-11-05 13:36
I wonder how pissed off navi players are cause they were forced to play a game they all hate :D Looking forward for flying keyboards and lasso mice :D
2012-11-05 13:38
this news is the only one step in the right way for Na`Vi to crush those swedish ninja kids with heaton ahead, they will do the same with them as they've done in 1.6, gl!
2012-11-05 14:30
CS 1.6 Sweden vs nvi SK Sweden 2011 > ukr nvi 2011 Fnatic Sweden 2012 > ukr nvi 2012 Simply outplayed in 1.6 by swedes most times and it will continue in CS:GO. NiP Sweden 2012/2013 > The rest minors and rest leftovers from poor easternEU
2012-11-05 15:47
f0rest madboy detected
2012-11-05 17:09
NaVi were good only 2010 even then they hardly manage to win against fnatic , still fnatic wins afew times against them, after 2010 NaVi are top 3 but never top1 :]
2012-11-06 13:27
so top2-3 team of 2011 and top2 team of 2012 is bad results... OKAY.
2012-11-06 16:43
top 3-4 of 2011 and top2 of 2012 ? bitch please 2012 there wasnt even a good competition , fnatic wipe the floor with them they are good but people are making them gods of this game which they start 2010 ..
2012-11-06 22:27
Na'Vi > Sweden 2010 Na'Vi > Sweden 2011, that's 4sure. Anyway, mTw/Na'Vi/ESC > Sweden all the way. Bye.
2012-11-05 19:55
2010 is the only year this overated nvi ukr horsshit losers were better than Swedish Counter-Strike. So go cry somewhere else, about mTw etc "fan of trace". Sweden CS earth domination forever and ever.
2012-11-05 22:57
Na'Vi overrated? Haha, joke of the day. By the way, why do you think I'm crying about mTw? I'm not. Just face that fact that mTw, Na'Vi and ESC have better teamplay than any Sweden team.
2012-11-05 23:44
*overated nvi ukr horsshit losers* - facepalm how old are you ? i just wonder, because you are so illiterate and stupid.
2012-11-06 12:08
2012-11-05 22:00
i hope their power will grow up in cs go like Navi dota2 team in Defenc of the ancient2
2012-11-06 13:14
2012-11-06 13:24
2012-11-06 14:13
I hope this GO will be as big as CS 1.6 was (:
2012-11-06 15:33
Just a litle correction :$ "Na´Vi's last tournament was the PGS in Oporto last month" It's not "Oporto", it's "Porto" only :b ON-Topic - Let's see what Na'Vi will do. Will they be as good as the other professional teams that already started, in the next tournaments?
2012-11-06 17:29
maybe arbalet will come back. he stated that he is waiting for a new game to support when he quit his tournaments for 1.6
2012-11-06 18:34
well, now that the discussion is over 1.6 and go, let's play CityVille? : D
2012-11-06 21:31
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