Fifflaren: "I am speechless"

November 4th, 2012 21:41

Following Ninjas in Pyjamas' convincing victory in the ESWC final against VeryGames, we sat down with Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson to discuss the match against the French team.

The Swedish giants have extended their unbeaten run on LAN and have been crowned world champions after defeating VeryGames 16-3 on de_dust2_se and 16-14 on de_train_se.

It was also the second international title in CS:GO to go straight into NiP's hands, after the team had also won DreamHack Valencia in September.

This interview with Johansson, who was recently replaced by Richard "Xizt" Landström as NiP's in-game leader, touches on several different subjects, such as the match against VeryGames, his opinion about the French side and also the team's schedule for the coming weeks.

Your team beat VeryGames 2-0, one map being very one-sided and the other being a close one. Did you expect a game like this?

Not on dust2. That was VeryGames' pick. We knew that we had problems with dust2 before this event and it was really a gamble for us to not veto it, but it did pay off. As for train, we know they are really strong this on this map, and so are we, which is why we picked it. We know that we have one of the best CT sides in the world, so I guess this map was a little bit closer that we had expected, but at the end of the day, a win is a win, and we will take it.

After such a good performance from your side in the first half on de_train, were you perhaps that VeryGames would take the game to overtime?

When it was 15-14 to us, we knew we had to win and we also knew that they knew we were going to go inner, so I think it was really an important round for us to win. I am speechless, this feels amazing.

Yesterday, NBK classified this match as the 'Clash of the Titans'. Do you agree with this?

Yes, totally. Just look at the stats, VeryGames have also been in the finals for two events running, so they are definitely a top team and one of the best teams in the world. VeryGames are a very strong opponent and it is always an amazing game whenever we play against them.


What is your opinion about the ESWC's decision to take the final off the stage? If it had been played on the stage, VeryGames would have had the support of the crowd.

From a spectator point of view, it was a shame, but we had some delays, so there is nothing we can really do about it. As for the crowd, I think VeryGames would have played a lot better, on the first map at least, if they had the stage and the home advantage, so to speak. Even though it on on French soil, whenever we play here, in this mini-stage, whatever you want to call it, it is pretty much even, they do not have any support and the crowd behind them, so it feels like any other event.

Besides DreamHack Winter, what other events do you have lined up?

We have a lot of events planned, we have THOR Open, but we still need to qualify for it, and also NorthCon. There are also a few other events that we are talking about. I cannot mention them at the moment, but we are gonna have a busy year, for sure.

gj =p "There are also a few other events that we are talking about. I cannot mention them at the moment, but we are gonna have a busy year, for sure." Wonder what they are some lans we dont know about yet?
2012-11-04 21:45
damn ur fast
2012-11-04 21:42
Tunisia KJou 
Post edited 2012-11-04 21:45:04
2012-11-04 21:48
I miss nix0n interviews :(
2012-11-04 21:44
i miss the "nix0n stole my computer" guy
2012-11-05 03:35
Sweden Salcc 
gj guys
2012-11-04 21:49
Pick dust2 - lose 16-3 lol
2012-11-04 21:49
Yea they also lost to Area51 on dust2, clearly not as strong as they think on that map...
2012-11-04 21:57
not strong in d2, not stron in inferno? whats happening?
2012-11-05 18:26
Yeah 16-3 was pretty strong against them.
2012-11-04 23:57
GJ, bro! Your team are the best.
2012-11-04 21:51
Yeah, you'll have visit a lot of 5000 dollar tournaments to make any money. Preferably with no travel costs and free food and acommodation. HEHE. Sadly all parts of CS, 1.6 included, are dead.
2012-11-04 21:51
50K on DH winter, uh-huh
2012-11-04 22:00
Well there are usually >10 teams and only 1 winner so you dont have to be really sharp to figure out that tournament money is not their main income.
2012-11-04 22:01
India h8or 
Video interviews plz. :[
2012-11-04 21:52
"The Swedish giants have extended their unbeaten run on LAN" Damn you SY_B! :P
2012-11-04 21:53
LAN is all that matters
2012-11-04 22:01
2012-11-05 18:27
I cannot mention them at the moment, but we are gonna have a busy year, for sure. IEM THE INTERNATIONAL
2012-11-04 21:54
nice gif lmao
2012-11-04 22:09
:D nice sheep
2012-11-04 22:13
2012-11-04 21:54
Nice nterview fifflaren! gj xD
2012-11-04 21:56
Poland tfg 
where is nixon?
2012-11-04 22:14
i prefer to read the interviews
2012-11-04 22:22
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL 
2012-11-04 22:23
gj Fifflaren & co :D
2012-11-04 23:13
"We have a lot of events planned, we have THOR Open, but we still need to qualify for it, and also NorthCon." It seems like more of the top teams are going to NorthCon, with the mid-tier teams going to XLParty. Confirm or deny?
2012-11-05 00:21
Dont know much, but NorthCon was never a famous event, yet their CS:GO + LoL or SC2 (not sure about which one is going to be there, maybe both) LAN event is pretty much going big. I get newsfeed every week and it seems like it's gonna be great. We can't trust those small organizers though.
2012-11-05 08:20
Convincing victory? Come on, please..
2012-11-05 00:22
Nip Gaming, <3 GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, f0rest, friberg, fifflaren
2012-11-05 04:03
amazing statement. you forgot justin bieber mate :)
2012-11-05 05:57
Fifflaren, you have to thank the 1.6ers. They gave you this chance !!
2012-11-05 12:45
gz Fifflaren
2012-11-05 12:46
i got data from final: 17 streams and 250 235 viewers in total..without counting the gotv spectators. csgo already > than 1.6 ever was ^^ i expect that in ESWC 2013 we can expect like 1 millions viewers and almost everyone will love cs:go by then :)
2012-11-05 13:08
United States WizardofLyfe 
2012-11-05 18:51
2012-11-05 19:31
Source? They also made CS:GO free2play. during the event which may have spiked viewers for a short time. How many of said viewers pick up the game afterward still remains to be seen.
2012-11-05 20:04
proof or did not happen
2012-11-07 00:37
Norway duffz00r 
2012-11-05 13:40
the best team at the moment..
2012-11-05 14:08
he really surprised me
2012-11-07 00:08
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