Five things we learned from ESWC

November 12th, 2012 15:21

As the dust has settled at the Paris Expo Center,'s Luís "MIRAA" Mira reflects on five key issues that the first major international event to adopt CS:GO brought to his attention.

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1 ) There is NiP and... there is the rest

Make no mistake: you are throwing your money away if you decide to bet against NiP right now... On LAN, that is, because they have already lost one match and drawn another while playing online, whereas they have yet to drop a single map in offline competitions - and they have already attended two international events.

Prior to the tournament in France, everyone knew that the ESWC crown was NiP's to lose. The question everyone was asking was the manner in which they would win the title. And they did it in a convincing fashion.

Even the final was a one-sided affair, and VeryGames knew that, too. I was inside the tournament area (more on that later) during the final, and I saw that even though the Frenchmen were recovering from an 11-4 deficit on de_train_se, the feeling that they were in for a comeback was never present. It was almost as if they knew that the most they could settle for one map win as NiP would eventually come out on top on the third map regardless. VeryGames lacked the spark that propelled them to act like robots, in NBK's words, against Area51, when the match was dangerously leaning towards the Americans.

"Find me some tougher opponents!"

Right now NiP are one notch ahead of everyone else, be it in terms of raw talent (aka f0rest and GeT_RiGhT), better tactics, or a combination of the two. Which brings me to my next topic...

2) CS:GO needs a new champion... quickly

As we approach DreamHack Winter and the anticipation is building up, CS:GO faces a major problem: it is becoming somewhat boring. Remember when Na´Vi were winning everything in 2010? Yes, that boring.

One of the most interesting aspects in Counter-Strike over the years is the feeling of unpredictability, that one feeling which forces you to be at your very best all the time, otherwise you face early elimination from a tournament against the most unusual of suspects. The fact that there are several teams who have realistic chances of winning a title also drives more fans because, let's face it, not everyone likes to cheer for the team that wins all the time.

The more a team dominates the scene, the bigger the chances that a spectator will simply not tune in to watch a game because it is not worth it. That is, for one part, why many people have said that they preferred the female CS:GO final, which needed no fewer than 100 rounds to decide the winner, over the one-sided male one.
The two-week gap between ESWC and DreamHack Winter will most likely not be enough for another team to get on par with NiP. But if any of the other 15 contestants manage to give the Swedes a run for their money, that alone will be enough. For now.

3)  Welcome to 2002

After following the scene for a decade, like I have, you tend to expect the unexpected in CS events and often hear the excuse that things simply never go as planned, but the ESWC's decision to take the final off stage struck me like the jolt of a lightning.

Despite the fact that the CS:GO tournament was a side competition with a smaller prize purse than that of the main games, you have to agree that the final of the male tournament was the biggest match of the entire event. Otherwise, why would it be the very last ESWC match, the one that would wrap things up and provide the strongest memories to the fans?

But not only did they take the match off the main stage and move it to the regular tournament area, but they also moved it ahead of schedule, without even telling anyone, so it was only when the female final was over that the fans learned that the match between NiP and VeryGames had already started.


There were two immediate and very significant consequences to this decision. First of all, VeryGames were not given the chance to play in front of a cheering crowd composed of thousands of French people who would be supporting the home side. Would that have made a difference? Probably not, but they had been promised that much.

Then you also have to consider how much this decision may have affected the growth of CS:GO in the short run. A final between the two strongest teams in the world, in front of an enthusiastic crowd, is something that would certainly have interested a lot of people, even those who do not play the game or follow the scene closely.

With this move, CS:GO lost the opportunity to impose itself as a game that is worth betting on by tournaments - which I guess was the main reason the ESWC had given the male final primetime honours in the first place.

It was a trip down memory lane all the way back to the first years of competitive Counter-Strike, when there was no decent coverage and following the games was a complete nightmare.

4)  Did we not want want to ban Molotovs?

Before the ESWC kicked off, one of the major talking points for days had been the fact that a number of professional players had spoken out against using the Molotov in competitive matches.

If for spectators, it may be interesting to see a rain of fire unleashed upon weird-looking sliding models, players believe that it breaks the game's dynamic and makes tactics somewhat worthless, among other things.

However, their complaints fell on deaf ears among tournament organisers, who decided to side with Valve on this one and allow the infamous Molotov to be used, with hopes of adding a new element to the game.

As such, it was up to the players to take a stand, just like they did in 2003, when 1.6 was released, and with it came the Riot Shield. But not only did no one do anything, but also every team at the ESWC decided to use the Molotov and build their own tactics based on it.

Because of this, the players' stand has taken a major hit, and they lost the opportunity to make their voice heard in the loudest possible way, inside the game. Instead, they opted for the easy way, which I guess is pretty much what the Molotov is about.

5) Treat your players better - they are the stars of the show

You often hear players complain about the conditions of the tournaments in which they participate, so it is very hard to take that after more than a decade, tournament organisers still keep doing the very same mistakes.

Even before the event started, we knew that everything would be run on a tight schedule, especially because the Expo park in which the Paris Games Week took place had to close down at 19:00 every day.

Still, that does not justify the fact that players were most of the times not allowed to leave the tournament area to go to the toilet, which would take them at least 15 minutes, given the number of people there who wanted to use the restrooms.

As if that was not bad enough, ProGaming.TD ace Raphael "cogu" Camargo did not think twice before labelling this "the worst tournament" of his career - which has spanned over more than a decade, by the way. And he has certainly earned more than enough credit for us to say that he was not simply acting like a prima donna.

cogu receiving help from teammates

cogu trying to figure out how to play with sound

Yes, the fact that the Brazilians did not have their gear with them was their fault (I honestly did not think players still checked their baggage with gear in it), but that does not justify the fact that they were allegedly not given enough time to warm up as they had to go around the tournament area to borrow headphones, keyboards and mice, or that Camargo had to play the entire match against Area51 without sound. ProGaming.TD also argue that they arrived late at the venue because there was no timetable on the ESWC's website, and I am not surprised about this as the night before the event started, we had to ask the shoutcasters for the schedule of the tournaments as such information was nowhere to be found.

What tournament organisers still seem to overlook is the fact that it all comes down to the players. If putting together an event costs money, so does keeping a team at a top level, and in case of ProGaming.TD, we are talking about thousands of euros being spent on their bootcamp at Inferno Online. If players are treated badly, you can surely expect that they will come out and give your event some bad publicity - something no one seemed interested in avoiding.

Turkey Stu. 
Nice to read.
2012-11-12 15:25
Imo, we'll have new champon after DH
2012-11-12 15:25
Portugal picc 
Doubt it.
2012-11-12 15:38
Brazil th3W 
2012-11-12 15:28
NiP is a great pioneer in a bad game
2012-11-12 15:29
It's not that Bad!,it's seams that the GO is nice!
2012-11-12 18:05
It is a decent game! And has a lot of potential to become good later on.
2012-11-12 19:11
good joke
2012-11-12 22:39
LOL! Later it's stel so far!
2012-11-12 22:50
2012-11-12 15:31
GO scene is like Primera Division.
2012-11-12 15:36
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
worst eswc ever for CS.
2012-11-12 15:38
2012-11-12 16:41
yeah, ever.
2012-11-12 16:52
Europe _jUNGLE 
cogu > world
2012-11-12 17:49
Tunisia edgg 
no, the worst one was when Pentagram didnt recieve its money (forgot which year)
2012-11-12 19:04
ESWC is late with payments for who knows how many years.
2012-11-12 21:22
Was there ever a good ESWC?
2012-11-12 21:38
2012-11-12 22:49
Azerbaijan Talley 
Great review, MIRA.
2012-11-12 15:40
Georgia d10 
1.6 is better ofc
2012-11-12 15:42
Not sure on point 2, as it's too early to tell. I reckon your point around teams not being prepared enough to challenge NiP at DHW is a little off the mark, because there is a bigger scope of teams at the event currently, there will be 16 teams and some we haven't see play NiP yet. The addition of GOTV Demo's will also get a few teams looking at NiP's current strats and could surprise NiP at DHW. 3 & 5 were solid points though, and ones I definately agree with.
2012-11-12 15:44
Brazil d1k 
Really good article.
2012-11-12 15:46
Domination of NiP is based on that they played cs:go individually since alfa and switch to cs:go as one of first teams... I think scene become more balanced in the beginning of 2013 when whole scene make right tactics, get they right aim and study other teams tactics.
2012-11-12 15:53
Agreed, they have played the most and the earliest out of all the top teams, people will catch up soon, but I think Nip will win dremhack
2012-11-12 15:58
css players don't know how to winning against a team like NiP, where they winning everything. They need some 1.6 teams or a team like that, where study the NiP strats and antistrats them so hard, like Na'Vi,esc or fnatic ;)
2012-11-12 15:59
It's all about in-game experience. NiP players havek 2k hours on CS played while VG has 1k.
2012-11-12 19:13
2012-11-12 15:56
1 ) There is NiP and... there is the rest ahah true story :P
2012-11-12 15:58
LoL, I remember people opening topics with the title "cogu deaded" "rip cogu" lol, gotta say that its a shame the worst part of the cs community is back, you all know what I mean. cogu and his teammates spent a lot of money bootcamping in one of the most expensive countries in europe and you guys flame him because he's trying to improve the game? No wonder lurppis and most of the 1.6 players that speak up (like niko) are hated by senseless Valve/money & status fanboys. GO as a CS sequel feels worse and worse, not only the community is considerably smaller, it is also much dumber and weak and not only that, the game is not even the one the players want to play. The cherry on the cake: Molotovs still allowed and they are gonna be present in Dreamhack Winter.
2012-11-12 16:02
GO as a CS sequel feels worse and worse, not only the community is considerably smaller, it is also much dumber and weak ....wait, what?
2012-11-12 16:21
what is exactly what you can't understand?
2012-11-12 16:22
Estonia 2026 
That he's dumb.
2012-11-12 16:34
community is dumber?
2012-11-12 17:39
"worst part of the cs community is back" you must be new. literally every tournament where either a current or past good player plays bad leads to many threads and posts on how they should be cut and are washed up. they aren't "back" because they never went away
2012-11-12 19:50
2012-11-12 16:01
Are you saying gais are more important than gurls? NOT IN MAH CSGO! :<
2012-11-12 16:10
Molotovs are good, I wish that it will be no ban for them. Valve need to reduce damage, that's all.
2012-11-12 16:19
they need to remove them, they are not positive in any way.
2012-11-12 16:25
I doubt it, molotovs are something new in new game. I think that game can evolve into another level because of them.
2012-11-12 19:22
Finland phoosi 
So new things cannot be shitty things? New game can be shitty you just have to get used to it? :D Nice logic.
2012-11-13 08:52
It's just my opinion and I think that they aren't best or worst, for me molotovs are pretty interesting. 1.6 isn't/wasn't perfect also.
2012-11-13 15:59
Finland phoosi 
Every pro player hates them. Yes it is fun to troll newbies in public but at pro level molotovs are pain in the ass im sure about it.
2012-11-13 16:31
Finland phoosi 
It forces T's to fake their pushes and throw away nades. It gives more time to CT's to rotate for example. Molotovs are not good at all.
2012-11-13 08:50
"the final of the male tournament was the biggest match of the entire event" actually the biggest match of the entire event was womens final not mens final imo. I got really excited while i was watching womens final, and on mens final i was like duh this is boring as hell.
2012-11-12 16:21
watching the womens final was like watching a public game at some points
2012-11-13 02:07
yeah ofcourse. And watching a game that ends up 16:2 its more interesting then game that ends up in overtime. just my opinion.
2012-11-13 15:15
so youre saying that if two garbage teams end up in triple overtime you think its more enjoyable to watch than esc vs vg?
2012-11-13 21:57
i think i said enough times that this is just my opinion. For me the women final was more exciting because of the comebacks ubinited made.
2012-11-14 13:49
Goes to show a lot happens behind the scenes when spectators didn't really know this was going on (except the ahead of schedule final everyone was affected by that).
2012-11-12 16:21
Estonia 2026 
"Find me some tougher opponents!"
2012-11-12 16:32
Tunisia edgg 
feed me moar!
2012-11-12 19:05
Great read.
2012-11-12 16:42
and when are dreamteam prices from eswc? because i became 3th! ; o
2012-11-12 16:46
No man, you came last!
2012-11-12 18:03
nono ; d i played smart this time ; d
2012-11-12 19:24
1st (first), 2nd (second), 3rd (third), 4th-20th (fourth, fifth and so on)!
2012-11-12 19:22
aah jeah tnx for clearup my mind is kinda messy ; d
2012-11-12 19:25
:P my pleasure ;)
2012-11-12 19:38
2012-11-13 02:07
You are rushing things, this is probably fnatic first day touching the game except karrigan. So by saying that we need a new winner already is rushed. Nip has won 3 events or what? Come back in the middle of 2013 and lets see if Nip is still unbeaten on lan. After dreamhack we will most likely see other teams starting to get the hang of this game and getting antistrats etc, so i wouldnt say that Nip will be dominant 2013 aswell. Nip has been playing for almost a year with "ROCKSTAR"(GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, friberg & ptk) first off and then nip switching ptk with fifflaren. Taz said in a interwiev that he felt like a noob and they are learning stuff everyday, so is for sure one of the competetors of 2013. Na'vi just switched and im sure russia and germany will have top teams that can beat Nip aswell.
2012-11-12 16:49
pff nope, nobody can beat nip next 6 months at least, because nip is stronger and stronger
2012-11-12 16:59
maybe you didnt know but this is first time they can watch demos in cs:go.
2012-11-12 17:02
+1, that's all in the topic, wise words.
2012-11-12 19:23
Shame on you ESWC.
2012-11-12 16:55
I am glad that you are back. Very nice reading. It should be seen by event organizers.
2012-11-12 16:56
When we see teams that are willing to practice as hard as NIP, then we will see teams start to catch up. VG and A51 are the closest at the moment. Navi and ESC have a lot of catching up to do if they want to be relevant in this game. I imagime that TD will have a better showing at DHW due to their 2 month long bootcamp, if more teams did this then we may see NIP dethroned
2012-11-12 16:57
I hope for a new champion, if NiP will keep wining LAN's, offline tournaments,leagues,.. it wont be interesting after 6 months. I bet on EC, but after a while, maybe some American team (Dynamic,A51,..) or some who have not yet attended any big LAN's (WW(beat NiP once),Cph Volves, Team X,..)
2012-11-12 17:01
I hope for fnatic to beat them all!!!!! i think fnatic have enough skill to reach the top level like they reached with this lineup in CS 1.6
2012-11-12 17:05
wreid you even compare CS 2002 scene and everything with CS:GO LOL
2012-11-12 17:07
Denmark crZy 
Very good article - i can agree but dont compare it to 2002 because of an eco round & bad decisions by admins - i dont really agree - they SHOULD have msged the broadcast partners, its really bad - and its really bad that the finals had to be played off stage, but again, the event itself was not 2002 and i dont really think u can compare those 2 things - however, bad informations by ESWC Its gonna be tough @ dreamhack though.
2012-11-12 17:17
it was more than that incident. The final went live early They didnt tell anyone it was going live Bathrooms were a 15minute walk + lineup from player area Press were only allowed in the player area for 15minutes at a time Players were only allowed in if they had a match (not to watch) Final was cancelled off mainstage with late notice. All these things used to happen in 2002-2005.
2012-11-13 01:55
True, but all in all - as even on the ESP Talk Show - the event itself, was nice for spectators - ofcourse there were those mistakes who shouldnt have occured, but it did - and thats something we're used to with the WCG & ESWC afaik - with referees , facilities and stuff like that - but i hope it will improve :)
2012-11-14 02:10
I am not playing cs:go, but i likes the style of the writing and the whole article itself.
2012-11-12 17:28
France kgnz 
2012-11-12 17:32
Cs is dead.This is not cs anymore,just a name not a game.
2012-11-12 17:35
2012-11-12 17:48
CS GO, the game itself sucks. But mirra's article is always nice to read.
2012-11-12 17:54
Macedonia balich 
The only thing i saw was that CS:GO sucks.. but if i must watch this stupid game then there must be some good teams not only NiP and VeryGames ..
2012-11-12 17:58
2012-11-12 17:56
Navi and fnatic will break Nip's winning streak soon :)
2012-11-12 17:59
great point made about the crowd factor for VG, i hadnt thought of that and its absolutley true. In fact, i would go so far as to say, had a french crowd been involved in train, that would have at least been a drawn game. Thnk u for recognising cogu's complaints, hes no sore loser and the rest of the events organisation proved how correct his comments were. NiP have hands down played the most hours. If you took everybody playing csgo in the world, i would not be surprised is f0rest and co were up there in total hours played = and thats why they are no1. The rest will catchup eventually, its just NiP have rocketed out of the starting gate at this stage. Valve need to listen to us, for once in this fucking games development life, VALVE NEED TO LISTEN TO THE COMMUNITY.
2012-11-12 18:06
Even if Valve did listen to the community, people would still moan....
2012-11-12 18:13
thats why I know you <3 Valve
2012-11-12 18:25
2012-11-12 18:14
Fuck valve Let the community make a new counter-strike valve does not listen to the community for 5 kronor.
2012-11-12 18:25
Five Öre if I may...
2012-11-12 20:23
Germany tummi 
miraa sneaking around copying article-styles?? :P same style, same object, both right. really sad that eswc still can't catch up to the "good old days".
2012-11-12 18:58
I don't follow that website, but from what I can see, the only point we both covered was the part that the players aren't being treated properly. Still, it's nice to see that there is at least someone out there who agrees with me (could mean we're both wrong, though :P)
2012-11-12 19:36
2012-11-12 19:05
Great article MIRAA, i'm agree with everything and I know that DreamHack isn't going to be like ESWC.
2012-11-12 19:05
rip cs:go
2012-11-12 19:20
Next year would be the real test of NiP,and we also have to see how they cope up with GtR undergoing surgery. Hoping new teams improve as well as 1.6 legends like esc ,NaVi and fnatic bounce back with a bang. And about valve and tournaments.. Its all disappointing and in vain.
2012-11-12 19:36
6) It was boring to watch. Maybe when more good teams appear it will become watchable. But for now, it's more fun to watch hand shadows on the wall.
2012-11-12 20:02
2012-11-12 20:11
Everyone flaming Friberg and Fifflaren for being saucers but guess what? Fifflaren is their IGN , hes doing a real good work and Friberg.. Fuck off he's way better aimer than xizt and f0rest at GO , he destroyed teams at ESWC
2012-11-12 20:21
Xizt is the IGL. FUCK OFF. -.-
2012-11-12 20:26
NiP will win dreamhack, but after dreamhack ESC/NaVi/fnatic is gonna be very good so they can put up a fight vs NiP
2012-11-12 20:21
"cogu trying to figure out how to play with sound" Priceless.
2012-11-12 20:32
+1389 nicely said.
2012-11-12 20:35
+1389 T_T
2012-11-12 21:43
hehehe my favourite troll <3
2012-11-13 14:00
1. nip stronk 2. vg wrong 3. saucers wrong 4. csgo wrong 5. 1.6ers stronk
2012-11-12 21:36
at least someone awake!!! gogo TD.
2012-11-12 22:04
France RegnaM 
For ESWC defense,I was there and I fixed cogu's sound but i won't write again so I suggest people to read my discussion with fdMan on this thread (about eswc being badly organized): Hopefully TD will do better at DHW but in mean time please cogu learn how to plug your gears and please this time don't forget to restart your game and play 15rounds without sound while you can fix it in less than 30sec.
2012-11-12 22:09
You can get stats directly on "" - nice comment. Still, as a online spectator I was ashamed by ESWC organization. This wasn't "World Championship" class tournament, sorry. Good luck in future.
2012-11-13 10:25
math. still better than cs:go.
2012-11-12 22:11
love the picture comments lol
2012-11-12 23:00
I dont mind watching NiP dominate because they play so good its awesome to watch, but hes right the casual will find it boring secondly the mollie shouldve banned by now for sure.. gotta wonder if a certain team is vetoeing the mollie being outright banned hmm
2012-11-13 03:27
Taiwan SCVready 
"Find me some tougher opponents!" lmao!!
2012-11-13 07:08
"Find some opponents that won over 5 rounds against us" . worse.
2012-11-13 16:19
We need a new champpion?! That's the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time!
2012-11-13 13:23
Nip is unbeatable because the game is so random atm, it need to be remade or some major updates. Hopefully Navi have adapted well, and are creative enough to create great strats, and study NIP and rest of the top teams tactics and roles trough demos. ESC gaming surely has become better now, its all about luck now for them.
2012-11-13 14:27
game is random -> a team is unbeatable. wat?
2012-11-15 23:07
How can a team be unbeatable if the game is random? My brain hurts.
2012-11-16 18:41
Five things we learned from ESWC: 1. We need CS 1.6 because there are no spectators. 2. We need CS 1.6 because there are no spectators. 3. We need CS 1.6 because there are no spectators. 4. We need CS 1.6 because there are no spectators. 5. We need CS 1.6 because there are no spectators. Peace.
2012-11-13 14:40
2012-11-17 18:37
It's ESWC, what do you expect? when has it ever been truely well organised? The important question about ESWC is "How was the afterparty?????" that's usually the only thing that's well organised.
2012-11-14 11:47
this game is shit. thats it !!
2012-11-15 14:24
Interesting point of view on the Progaming.TD case. As I've seen quite a lot of one-sided comments, I'd like to pin point a few things. Progaming.TD arrived 30mns late in the gaming zone. If schedule information was "nowhere to be found", how come they were  the only ones late ? The timetable was sent to them, as it has been to every single team. Anyways, whatever the reason of this delay is, it's totally irrelevant to a tournament's planning, and there's nothing against the venue opening  times. So once late, they had to take full responsibility, there was nothing organizers could do except rushing them. What's the definition of "were not given enough time to warmup" They were given the maximum amount of time available considering the constraints, nothing more, nothing less. Even being late, they still had 30mns to set up. Many teams were ready after 30mns setup. As it's been underlined, cogu have been playing for a decade. So we have to believe, and accept, the fact that after ten years, he still doesn't know how to setup a headset or CS binds, really ? I remember myself doing most of his set up in 2007 on a mini stage match. Quite sad to see that 5yrs later nothing changed. How come, among 155 CS players over 5 days (including French qualifier), cogu has been the only one facing problems in his setup ? Still giving credit here ?  The fact that most of them had the biggest problems understanding english also didn't help.  Shall eswc take responsibility for this too ?  It's up to players to know how to setup. Players claiming to be professional ?  Fair enough, they should then be responsible and pro-active. Overall, whilst this article is tagged as personal opinion, it's still on headlines as other major news.  I personally think it would have fit better in a blog. Also, given the fact that is well known and that people tend to accept as absolute truth what's written here, getting the other version of the story is the least an experienced news writer can do.
2012-11-15 14:40
Five things we learned from eswc. 1. csgo is a fail 2. csgo is a fail 3. csgo is a fail 4. csgo is a fail 5. csgo is a fail
2012-11-17 18:38
Malaysia phyzell 
2012-11-18 21:40
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