SteelSeries send Hawks to DreamHack

Only a day after WinFakt closed its doors and left Hawks without a sponsor for DreamHack, SteelSeries has decided to step in and sponsor the Finnish team's trip.

WinFakt abruptly shut down without letting the CS:GO know in advance, after various explanations as to why their trip to Jönköping had not been booked yet.

The squad's captain Joona "natu" Leppänen announced it yesterday via Twitter, while also starting his search for other means of sponsorship in order to attend the event next weekend.

allu's CS:GO debut will take place at DreamHack Winter afterall 

The search has now come to an end, as gaming peripherals manufacturer SteelSeries has decided to step in to fund the team's travel and accommodation at DreamHack Winter 2012.

"I'm happy to announce that we have been able to secure financial support to attend DreamHack Winter 2012. Our great friends at the best gaming peripherals company out there – SteelSeries – has agreed on helping The Hawks to Jönköping. I'm greatful to have friends like these guys and I would like to give special thanks to Henning from SteelSeries for pulling through", Leppänen told

"Also I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me out on Twitter retweeting my posts and giving me ideas on Skype. All of it has been really helpful!


The Hawks!

Finland Aleksi "allu" Jalli

Finland Niko "naSu" Kovanen

Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen

Finland Timo "reflex" Rintala

Finland Jonas "ScurK" Finnilä

Finland Aleksi "allu" Jalli
Finland Niko "naSu" Kovanen
Finland Joona "natu" Leppänen
Finland Timo "reflex" Rintala
Finland Jonas "ScurK" Finnilä will be on-site in Jönköping covering Hawks' journey in the $45,000 CS:GO tournament taking place on November 22-24 at DreamHack Winter 2012.

2012-11-13 20:46
good job, steelseries esport kings
2012-11-13 20:47
nise stilsirjes, forewer suport
2012-11-13 20:49
4 replies
2012-11-13 21:57
3 replies
remember that "nix0n owes me a pc" story? my guess is the owner found him
2012-11-13 22:52
2 replies
2012-11-14 10:43
2012-11-15 19:31
2012-11-13 20:49
2012-11-13 20:49
2012-11-13 20:50
2012-11-13 20:51
2012-11-13 20:51
Good luck guys :)! Seems like a really nice team!
2012-11-13 20:51
2012-11-13 20:52
2012-11-13 20:52
I cant but smile every time these gaming companies directly support teams <3
2012-11-13 20:54
Great move by SteelSeries, kudos.
2012-11-13 20:59
France jaimez
nice !
2012-11-13 20:59
najsnajsnajs <3 SS
2012-11-13 20:59
good guy steelseries
2012-11-13 21:00
good move but shitseries remains shitseries, only things worth the price are the mousepads.
2012-11-13 21:01
11 replies
Well you trolls just got to wait for Bieber Series. So far I'm very pleased with my SS products :)
2012-11-13 21:04
8 replies
2012-11-13 21:05
1 reply
2012-11-13 21:11
2012-11-13 21:39
well, their headsets has quite a common problem where the sound in one of the earphones completely disappears after a while. this has happened both to myself and a couple of other friends. that's quite a serious issue especially in games where sound is really important such as in CS.
2012-11-13 21:54
4 replies
^ a friend of mine has sent siberia v2's back 4 times because of that :)
2012-11-13 22:05
I use their mice and pads. What comes to headphones I use trusted manufacturers and a good souncard. I'm very happy with my mouse and my pad, and I would never relay on any "e-sport" brand on sound. My 2€ mic works like a charm and my KOSS GZ900 kicks ass. Your bad, not mine.
2012-11-13 22:14
Yes... Their only problem...
2012-11-14 13:47
2,5 years of intense using of Siberia V2 looks like maximum. First year left ear. Second year right ear. Like 4 months after warranty expired left ear again. Still better than 3 months on their mice issues. QCK+ is great and I wouldnt change my 7G keyboard for any other.
2012-11-15 19:39
2012-11-14 10:43
All of my gear is SS. Everything work good. Keyboard 6g(1,5 years), Siberia V1(more then 2 years), kinzu v1(more then 1 year), kinzu v2 pro(4 months). So i think u just crush them when u lose;)
2012-11-14 11:10
Great news, thank you SS!
2012-11-13 21:02
#RESPECT --> STEELSERIES <3 Siberia 7H V2 & S3NS3I
2012-11-13 21:04
2012-11-13 21:06
Steelseries ftw.
2012-11-13 21:09
i like only pads from them but pretty decent move get something back from players to players :) gl hawks
2012-11-13 21:09
This is really great! <3 Steelseries Will buy V2 i think GL!
2012-11-13 21:10
14 replies
Don't, I'm sending my fourth pair back tomorrow. They are shit. No quality and they cost like 70 euros. Their mousepads are pure sex tho <3
2012-11-13 21:17
13 replies
I have the v1 for about 2 or 3 years and they're great, if for some reason i have to buy another pair of headphones, i'll buy it again.
2012-11-13 21:22
1 reply
my v1 was perfect for several years aswell, but I recently bought v2 and had nothing but troubles with them. same for two friends.
2012-11-13 21:36
Maybe you got problems with them but they have been great for me
2012-11-13 21:23
9 replies
Brazil hugoooo
Are you from Albania? Really?
2012-11-13 21:28
8 replies
Yes but I live in london
2012-11-13 21:30
why so suprised?
2012-11-13 21:40
6 replies
Brazil hugoooo
Because I've never seen an Albanian player/team...
2012-11-13 21:52
5 replies
poor country and lack of sponsors (or better saying the only sponsor here are gaming centers :/ btw a team from Albania(Kosovo) was in ESCW dota2 tournament
2012-11-13 22:18
4 replies
really wich team?
2012-11-13 22:44
1 reply
2012-11-14 12:03
Oh, you wish Albania and Kosovo were the same, but they aren't. Not trying to start a political flame war, just getting some facts straight.
2012-11-14 03:46
1 reply
tellin the truth I didnt meant to say it in that way , Albania never had strong teams in gaming , so teams from Kosovo always had to play with Albania flag in every tournament outside Albania and Kosovo , but that was 1st time that a team from Kosovo participated with our own flag.And yes you are right Kosovo and Albania arent the same , Kosovo is now a state on her own (K)
2012-11-14 12:08
I have my v1 for like 6-7 years now i think xD da best ever
2012-11-13 22:03
2012-11-13 21:17
wow, big. GL
2012-11-13 21:21
nice SS
2012-11-13 21:29
Very nice ;)) Glad that they can attend!!!
2012-11-13 21:30
nice steelseries!!!
2012-11-13 21:31
Are they still named "The Hawks" or team SteelSeries? (Or something like that...)
2012-11-13 21:31
4 replies
2012-11-13 21:33
2 replies
2012-11-14 00:42
1 reply
The Steel Hawks Series! ñ.ñ
2012-11-15 01:04
Hawks.allu * Steelseries Hawks.naSu <3 Steelseries Hawks.natu @ Steelseries Hawks.reflex * Steelseries Hawks.ScurK [Steelseries] something like that
2012-11-14 06:33
Heni & Lish feat SS
2012-11-13 21:32
Netherlands sundertw
lol at the picture :D Roccat
2012-11-13 21:34
steelseries: making CS happen
2012-11-13 21:37
steelseries are the unsung heroes of gaming
2012-11-13 21:39
Really nice, supporting the gamers ! SS the best gaming gear imo>than razer,zowie,roccat,..
2012-11-13 21:43
awesome :) Kudos to Mr Christiansson
2012-11-13 21:51
wow :) GJ SS! respect
2012-11-13 21:53
Great news :) WP SteelSeries!
2012-11-13 21:54
great news :) some legend names in there
2012-11-13 21:57
Slovakia kubiaxk
great ,, gl gl gl
2012-11-13 21:59
gj SteelSeries :D
2012-11-13 22:05
Thats so good, Nice Job SteelSeries.
2012-11-13 22:06
Finland ZoqFotPik
great news
2012-11-13 22:06
Roccat > Get a roccat mouse, and you've secured a win at Dreamhack.
2012-11-13 22:10
1 reply
I bought a Roccat Kone once. Wheel broke down after about a year. Currently using Sidewinder X8. Best thing after MX510. Going to be buying more SteelSeries products after this though, though I'm not particularly interested in either the team or the tournament or even the game, but just because SteelSeries really seems to be out there for the gamers.
2012-11-14 00:34
Steel!Hawks!Series | natu-dA-MONSTER auuaehueaheuha
2012-11-13 22:13
go ss
2012-11-13 22:21
expected gl
2012-11-13 22:37
Slovakia radeoNko
nice :|)
2012-11-13 22:41
1 reply
2012-11-13 22:52
2012-11-13 22:47
Steel Series to the rescue! Thanks woohoo
2012-11-13 22:48
their products might suck but this is amazing <3
2012-11-13 22:49
reflex? scurk? Are they good? :)
2012-11-13 22:55
3 replies
natu probably wouldnt have them in his team if they were bad
2012-11-13 23:09
1 reply
scurk is bad but reflex is pretty good player
2012-11-14 00:06
dno who scurk is, but reflex's decent.
2012-11-14 01:00
Goooooooood luck fellas
2012-11-13 23:16
Good guy SteelSeries, stepping in to help a team in need. I wonder if maybe Hawks! will be sponsored by SS from now on?
2012-11-13 23:30
2 replies
nope, pretty sure this is just a one time thing, unless they'd win the whole event and beat NiP in the finals or something like that. then maybe.
2012-11-14 00:03
1 reply
yeah true
2012-11-14 06:35
Spain Donra
2012-11-14 01:04
go nasu
2012-11-14 01:14
without letting the CS:GO team* know in advance
2012-11-14 05:34
2012-11-14 08:36
gl allu <3 the BEST t. tykkimies
2012-11-14 10:23
1 reply
2012-11-14 11:46
2012-11-14 10:34
gl allu
2012-11-14 12:06
1 reply
gl allu~
2012-11-14 12:08
Respect for SteelSeries. Good luck for The Hawks!
2012-11-14 12:57
Great news, gl!
2012-11-14 13:48
Steelseries for rescure :)
2012-11-14 15:03
earned my respect SS
2012-11-14 15:57
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