CPLAY wins TNC CM Storm #1 CS:GO

November 18th, 2012 23:43

Danes CPLAY have defeated Swedish Absolute Legends 2-0 in the grand final of TNC CM Storm #1 CS:GO for 500€. Norwegian tempteam bested Finnish FR34KSHOW for third place.

The Nordic Cooperation's first CS:GO cup sponsored by CS:GO featured local qualifiers in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with the aforementioned teams qualifying to the final event.

First semi-final saw CPLAY defeat tempteam 2-0 (16-10, 16-8) without any issues on de_nuke_ve and de_mirage_csgo, while Absolute Legends were taken to their limit against FR34KSHOW in a 2-1 (16-6, 14-16, 16-13) win.


Xyp9x's CPLAY wins TNC CM Storm #1 

Norwegians tempteam scored an easy win over FR34KSHOW in the third place decider, only losing fifteen rounds total on de_inferno_se and de_nuke_ve in a very one sided two map affair.

The grand final ended up in another easy win, as Faruk "pita" Pita's Absolute Legends were no match for Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth's CPLAY, who scored an easy 2-0 win (16-12, 16-10) on de_inferno_se and de_mirage_csgo.

TNC CM Storm #1 final standings:

1. Denmark CPLAY - 500€
2. Sweden Absolute Legends -  5x CM Storm Quick Fire Pro &  CS:GO mousepads
3. Norway tempteam - 5x CM Storm Quick Fire Pro
4. Finland FR34KSHOW

As the name suggests, more cups are to be expected in the future to give more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams in the Nordics a chance to take part.

n1 Who is playing for tempteam?
2012-11-18 23:45
Turkey mtN` 
Leffa , zeves , DaY^ , ? , ? ;d
2012-11-18 23:49
Pretty sure it's zEVES, cENTRYZ, bEN, DaY & Leffa ^^
2012-11-19 00:03
Ok, thx :)
2012-11-19 00:14
No problem :)!
2012-11-19 00:18
gg, now play vs NIP.
2012-11-18 23:45
Portugal sukwi 
no nip easywin!
2012-11-18 23:45
Brazil tomsi 
So many good danish teams in CS:GO. Nice to see :D
2012-11-18 23:48
Kuwait Friza 
half this esea invite things such as ESEA invite, SLTV etc for example just picking up teams for their previous names or rep, not actually the 'top end' teams in CSGO - even since ESWC a lot has changed, danish scene has always been strong in CSS and has a huge lan scene but there is so many teams like this that don't even get acknowledgement as they wern't #1 in 1.6 or CSS, hopefully after all the LANs this year it will put into retrospect the actual top teams in CS.GO instead of being based off previous achievements, it's a new game and as soon as someone 'unknown' beats a top team so many people are shocked - main example of that is CPLAY, one of most strongest teams in pracc yet don't get recognition, more so than a lot of the teams listed there or who have been invited for invite leagues like mentioned
2012-11-18 23:56
2012-11-18 23:59
ilu mr bean
2012-11-19 00:00
sure. But already we see so many strong danish CS:GO teams. Anexis 3DMAX Cph Wolves EYES ON U CPLAY and i think Fnatic is gonna be up there aswell in a few months. Just saying that Denmark has made a really good start of CS:GO
2012-11-19 09:38
yeah exactly, only Anexis (if that) are being added to the invite leagues, yet half those other teams could beat the majority of them - that's what I mean :)
2012-11-19 11:56
Leffa , zeves , DaY , cENTRyZ , ---- dontnow
2012-11-18 23:53
Greece her-1g 
denmark strong
2012-11-18 23:58
Finland milA 
I would like to thank all the teams who participated in todays finals and in national qualifiers. Special thank you to HLTV.org for fixing GOTV for todays matches and ESPlanet for streaming! :--) This was our very first cup with some small problems and everyone who has ANY feedback, please be kind and let me know by replying so we can make our next cup even better. Congrats to CPLAY and cu in January, if not before.. -milA / head referee of The Nordic Cooperation.
2012-11-19 00:46
well seedings couldve been better for the finnish qualifier tbh.. just sayin without complaining that much. :)
2012-11-19 03:09
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: for some reason, AL are losing all the matches they should, on paper, win easily. They're all experienced players, and they've got impeccable team coordination, which suggests that they play a lot. Maybe they're better on LAN; a lot of their losses seem to happen online.
2012-11-19 00:51
Of course their loses happen online they haven't been to any LAN as a csgo squad lol, hopefully we see them at dh byoc qualifier.
2012-11-19 02:25
gg xyp^^
2012-11-19 10:06
Hmm... Fun fact, what if I havent taken a break from CS:GO? We ran over CPLAY at ESL CUP and are at FINALS ATM. We won over CPLAY with 16-10 :). Now I want to face NiP aswell :D
2012-11-19 10:35
Do it in a Bo3 :)
2012-11-19 15:04
That shouldnt be a problem ;)
2012-11-19 15:38
nicely done gj
2012-11-19 19:40
gj guys
2012-11-19 23:30
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