fnatic replace FYRR73 with Rytter

fnatic have officially announced that they have added Dennis "Rytter" Rytter to the team.

fnatic Chief Gaming Officer Patrik "cArn" Sättermon had revealed last week that one player would be signed before DreamHack Winter, which will be the team's first CS:GO event.

Speculation immediately began to surface that fnatic had set their sights on Rytter, and such reports were only fueled when he left EYES ON U on Wednesday.

The Danish player was a relatively known player in the CS:Source scene, having played for teams like HastaLaVista and Blight Gaming.

He will step into the shoes of Emil "FYRR73" Karlsson, who had joined the team only in August, helping them to win PGS and DreamHack Bucharest.

FYRR73 with fnatic at PGS

In a statement issued to fnatic.com, the former Lions and WinFakt talent explained that he has lost the motivation to continue to play on a professional level, but does not rule out a return in the future.

"I got my thoughts about playing CS:GO also but at this moment i dont feel to spend to much time in front of the computer," Karlsson said.

"I can say that my motivation right now is pretty low to play, that's the only reason behind this decision.

"I don't say I quit playing entirely, a comeback could be possible. I just want to feel totally free right now."

According to Sättermon, Rytter will replace Finn "karrigan" Andersen as in-game leader and will be on trial for the team, with hopes of joining on a permanent basis if he manages to impress.

fnatic have been handed a baptism of fire in CS:GO, as they have to tackle Ninjas in Pyjamas, ESC Gaming and mousesports in the group stage of DreamHack Winter, which will kick off on Thursday.

With this change, fnatic now have the following roster:

Denmark Michael "Friis" Jørgensen
Denmark Finn "karrigan" Andersen
Denmark Martin "trace" Heldt
Denmark Dennis "Rytter" Rytter
Andreas "MODDII" Fridh

2012-11-19 19:19
More than expected
2012-11-19 19:23
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
you cant in irony
2012-11-19 19:24
Then I'm probably the only smart person around here who thought that FYRR73 will be replaced
2012-11-19 19:26
Portugal picc 
2012-11-19 19:29
Azerbaijan Talley 
2012-11-19 19:44
ya cus guessing a lineup change on a video game makes u smart -.-
2012-11-20 03:04
omfg everybody know that he will be replaced at least i did and people who i spoke to knew that as well :)
2012-11-21 08:10
2012-11-19 19:50
2012-11-19 19:20
Four Dane and only one Swede? Fnatic! static.starladder.tv/uploads/news/images..
2012-11-19 23:23
sounds good from me
2012-11-20 00:43
United States criimson 
PEOPLE!!! Let's not panic about the numbers of Danes in the team c'mon just remember MODDII speaks fluent danish therefore this will not be a problem at all in terms of communication out and in-game alright? :D
2012-11-20 02:56
Let's smile after the jokes, atleast sometimes! :)
2012-11-20 14:51
Why had he to leave?
2012-11-19 19:21
Venezuela Riikards 
i think he didn't wanted to play the game
2012-11-19 19:25
read the article before asking :p
2012-11-19 20:24
villain you suck
2012-11-19 21:39
ur mum sucks my dick br0
2012-11-22 23:29
Estonia fejtz 
2012-11-19 19:21
saucer, mmm interesting.
2012-11-19 19:21
Yeah it will be, let's see what he has to show.
2012-11-19 20:31
bad pick
2012-11-19 19:21
Well there must have been some others that could have chose from. Esp Face and Delpan. I was praying for a comeback lol...
2012-11-19 20:32
Sweden rubbe 
2012-11-19 19:21
so much for fyrrte's 5 minutes of glory.
2012-11-19 19:22
2012-11-19 21:35
2012-11-19 19:22
Denmark rizc 
gl rytter!
2012-11-19 19:22
2012-11-19 19:22
who is this guy?
2012-11-19 19:22
a source player read the content
2012-11-19 20:33
fnatic DK
2012-11-19 19:22
yeah now its 5 danes
2012-11-19 19:43
5 ?
2012-11-19 20:09
2012-11-19 20:33
Moddii living in denmark with a danish girlfriend. Nissepigen i think she's nickname is.
2012-11-19 20:47
4.5 Danish players xD
2012-11-19 21:04
Nissepigen is the girlfriend of HPX. They have a baby together. MODDI was the boyfriend of Juliebabz, but dont think they are together anymore, and i think MODDII lives in sweden now :)
2012-11-19 21:26
Correct. Could'nt quite remember that. :D
2012-11-19 22:58
2012-11-19 22:26
so what that he lives in denmark with his girlfriend? he is still from sweden
2012-11-20 08:52
Never heard of.
2012-11-19 19:22
Ukraine gungrave 
css star?
2012-11-19 19:23
Not at all. He wasn't even in the top20 of the best danish css players
2012-11-19 20:18
2012-11-19 22:58
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
such unexpected lololo
2012-11-19 19:23
And thank god its a Source player rather than some washed up 1.6 player. Now fnatic can think about DH
2012-11-19 19:28
and that's a smart comment..
2012-11-19 19:29
If they would want a 1.6 player, then they would probably kept FYRR73 you know?
2012-11-19 19:31
I wasn't being sarcastic:P Indeed it's a good move by fnatic to bring in a Source player
2012-11-19 19:39
I doubt they kicked fyrr7e...fyrr73 left !
2012-11-19 19:43
No one knows that
2012-11-19 19:45
he left, just go and read what carn said in fantic site
2012-11-19 20:00
Yes due to motivation
2012-11-19 20:03
Well you can't know that the kicked him either! I don't want to argue with an immature saucer
2012-11-19 20:04
"I got my thoughts about playing CS:GO also but at this moment i don't feel to spend to much time in front of the computer"
2012-11-19 20:06
Oh enlighten, how the fuck does that prove that they kicked him? GTFO with the conspiracy theories...good experienced players like fyrr73 know the importance of dedication ! If you're not ready to give in 100% don't hold your team back!
2012-11-19 20:09
I didn't said they kicked him
2012-11-19 20:14
Well #41 implies that....They picked up a GO player...not a CSS or 1.6 player
2012-11-19 20:27
But he played CSS previously
2012-11-19 20:31
lol this argument is going nowhere...
2012-11-19 20:33
Same as yours reply
2012-11-19 20:35
If I came in a position where I would have to start a discussion with you. I would definately won't. U sir are a retard.
2012-11-20 09:04
My point being that when they CHOOSE the player, they made their decision based on their GO skill since rytter has done pretty well so far. GO is not that new
2012-11-20 00:47
he doesn't want to play competitively for now. read the article :p
2012-11-19 20:25
Already did
2012-11-19 20:25
good boy!
2012-11-19 20:27
2012-11-19 19:34
ye im pretty sure if they win dh winter it will be because of Rytter.. lol man, what a bunch of crap you read in this forums nowadays :< 1.6 > sauce
2012-11-19 19:47
That won't happen in any way
2012-11-19 19:48
he never said theyd win? they can actually do ok at the event now they get someone that can help them improve on a new game
2012-11-19 19:59
Dont take the bait... oh never mind... too late.
2012-11-19 19:53
not to knock you down or anything, but who are the best players of NIP? washed-up 1.6 players? - oh yea! that right!
2012-11-19 20:07
They are probably the best 1.6 players in the game right now. Just because of them 3, people have an actual excuse to say that 1.6 players > Source players. But that won't last long when every good team has atleast 1 or 2 Source players
2012-11-19 20:12
mate - Before NIP everybody was sure VG would take over the world, they are all source btw. That didn't happen, while they both played longer and was a team way longer than NIP. Granted a pure 1.6 NIP would maybe have trouble, put with the help of some map-knownlegde from a source-player, they became suddenly alot better "as a team". Why is that?. It still doesnt change the fact that NIP is on top.
2012-11-19 20:17
Yes they were probably longer as a team. But they also changed some players I believe. f0rest and GTR played maybe for 2 years together and Xizt is no stranger to them as a player. So that doesn't change anything if referring to as being a team
2012-11-19 20:22
You just don't know when to stop,do you?
2012-11-19 21:13
So a team consists of 2 players, and a guy that isn't a stranger.
2012-11-19 21:29
They played against each other more times I think than the original VG lineup was around
2012-11-19 21:35
Agreed that f0rest and gtr are teammates for a long time but xizt? He never played with these 2 in a official team... And don't just say "you think" in a debate to satisfy yourself.
2012-11-20 01:19
When I said team I was solely referring to CS:GO - VG stated they switched to CS:GO at early beta stages and was playing ALOT during the whole beta period, thats where they got their rep. (even more than with source.) NIP was created as a team early August. And while its true GTR, Forest and Xizt prob knew each other well, they all 3 hadnt played GO serious before this point -> they all played 1.6 before this. VG only played CS:GO all this time, with a core lineup (3players) that had been together in source for 3-4years and the last 2 for 1year. the 2 source-players of NIP are prob friends of the 3 others aswell - but they first PLAYED as a team this early august. so - while your argument as being an old team can be nullified by both parts it doesnt change the fact that VG used all their energy to be the best, while NIP became possible because they had to - in order to keep playing FPS. The result was NIP won, which to me tell me something; They did much better, in shorter amount of time. I define that as skill.
2012-11-19 22:45
Actually fanatic has stronger 1.6 players than NiP IMO.
2012-11-19 21:15
And you think because of that they will do the same as NiP, or even better? I really don't see any better players that fnatic have at the moment. Moddii, maybe
2012-11-19 21:20
Meant to reply to you ^
2012-11-19 23:33
I'm not actually talking about CSGO but karrigan. moddii. and trace are all easily as skilled or more skilled then NiP in 1.6
2012-11-19 23:33
NOOBS kick FYR773 for a source noob ,,,
2012-11-19 19:24
2012-11-19 19:29
2012-11-19 19:43
he left if you can't read at least stfu
2012-11-19 19:44
Portugal gkkk 
GL Rytter
2012-11-19 19:25
2012-11-19 19:25
who is rytter frghsgbfjhenrf hb fjf
2012-11-19 19:25
Dennis "Rytter" Rytter very original
2012-11-19 19:26
Michal is better than camar
2012-11-19 19:28
2012-11-19 19:41
Michael 'Friis' Friis Jørgensen :)
2012-11-19 22:38
2012-11-19 19:26
MODDII forever alone ;)
2012-11-19 19:28
he's half danish or something and speaks danish.
2012-11-19 19:31
afak, he lives in copenhagen and have a danish girlfriend.
2012-11-19 19:45
I lived in Viborg and had a danish girlfriend :)
2012-11-19 22:39
Azerbaijan Talley 
never knew kalle is indian
2012-11-19 19:45
fuckin lold
2012-11-19 20:25
lol Mr.Troll is back
2012-11-19 20:38
hes from the southest part of sweden and its called skåne (denmark, known joke in sweden)
2012-11-19 19:46
Portugal picc 
2012-11-19 19:28
youtube.com/watch?v=VdBSgrAgG-g&feature=.. hahahah this iz fckin guud bro hahha, the awp shot hahaha omfg cant stop laugh
2012-11-19 19:33
2012-11-19 19:29
hmmm so this gai gonna carry the team? :> Oh well, I think fnatic can take second place atleast... Second to last muahaha D:
2012-11-19 19:29
Good luck, hope to see how well fnatic does :)
2012-11-19 19:29
Expected, good bye emil you'll be missed!
2012-11-19 19:30
can someone tell me who is Rytter?
2012-11-19 19:30
Never heard a word about Rytter in the competitive scene of CS:GO so far. Seems kinda weird that they would add someone that hasn't stood out that much, but I guess they had their reasons. I wish both him and the team good luck, and hopefully we will see some great results :)! Edit: Have to add that fnatic has a long history of adding "new stars" to their team, so let's hope this isn't an exception ;)!
2012-11-19 19:32
Then you havent followed enough.
2012-11-19 19:39
What I meant was; He might have been a really good player in the CS:S scene, but I have only seen him play in a semi-pro Danish team so far in CS:GO. No offense or anything, but for me, he is more or less a nonamer. But that can change fast of course! That's why i'm looking forward to see him play :)
2012-11-19 19:47
He isnt a nonamer. Fare from. This is a 1.6 site originally tho, but he is fare from a nonamer. He has some really good source results. He is a succesfull source tac-leader. i guess thats the main reason.
2012-11-19 19:54
That's exactly what I meant by "He might have been a really good player in the CS:S scene" I've never followed the CS:S scene, so that's why I haven't heard about him, but what i'm saying is that I haven't seen him in any good CS:GO teams, until now :)
2012-11-19 19:56
Same here mate, don't really know anything at all about the CSS scene
2012-11-21 19:19
2012-11-19 21:00
2012-11-20 10:46
Y the fuck u ppl are so worried...he dint even play 1 match for fnatic offcially so let him play and then give ur opinions :@
2012-11-19 19:32
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
If the reason of FYRR73's departure is because he doesn't want to play CS:GO, i guess it's cool .. Because CS:GO sucks hard .. I can't see any other way or reason, because fnatic were playing very well 1.6, so at least they had synergy ..
2012-11-19 19:34
Dude calm down. Moddii is probably next
2012-11-19 19:37
sad4fnatic he was the best cs player from sweden in this year :D
2012-11-19 19:43
have you forgotten moddi, forp, gtr and gux? o.O
2012-11-19 22:54
i'm talking about moddii
2012-11-19 22:56
HAHA sry my bad xD. was 100% sure you talked about fyr77:P sry sry.
2012-11-19 23:02
:DD np
2012-11-19 23:02
2012-11-19 23:03
India h8or 
Rytter is next.
2012-11-19 20:21
Since he will be fnatic's IGL. Don't be surprised if they dominate because of him
2012-11-19 20:23
India h8or 
Smart move by the guy. Thats the only way he could fit in. ;)
2012-11-19 20:26
No wonder its fnatic. Only bringing in good and experienced players
2012-11-19 20:30
India h8or 
Oh, is he that good? No idea as i come from 1.6 unlike you.
2012-11-19 20:34
Well he's probably better than pita was
2012-11-19 20:38
No.. he didn't quit because "CS:GO sucks" he quit because he wants some free time away from professional gaming
2012-11-20 09:13
f0rest | 
Portugal dikasYB 
2012-11-19 19:34
gl guys
2012-11-19 19:35
Took | 
Romania Took 
MODDII's DH Winter rating: 2.60
2012-11-19 19:36
SpawN | 
Brazil Moya 
Sure he does not play for obligation. gl FYRR73 Hopefully it works out this line. gl fnatic
2012-11-19 19:38
swedish flags dissapearing :(
2012-11-19 19:38
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
The swedish flag disappeared long time ago .. Actually i do like fnatic with the danish flag though :) .. trace+Friis+karrigan = The very best!
2012-11-19 21:32
yeah I know, but now it's only one :'(
2012-11-19 21:45
Serbia  iAN 
Not a chance for a swedish flag again.. fnatic is officially danish team now
2012-11-19 19:39
but their main manager is cArn who is swedish player :D
2012-11-19 19:53
Well, they still have one Swedish player that lives in Denmark sooo you never know, if MODDII leaves then it'll be officially Danish.
2012-11-19 20:11
It is a officially danish team. It has been that for a while now - since Karrigan, Friis and trace joined :)
2012-11-19 22:42
Yes but "official" in his terms mean full Danish rather than having a higher team ratio that changes the flag to Danish.
2012-11-19 23:24
Yeah if you look at it in that way :D
2012-11-19 23:47
GL Dennis.
2012-11-19 19:39
2012-11-19 19:40
United Kingdom gsr- 
gl to rytter but honestly there are players out there who deserve this opportunity more than he does. Hope he proves otherwise :)
2012-11-19 19:40
Can u tell me some of them
2012-11-19 20:01
Out of curiosity, could you name a couple of players?
2012-11-19 20:03
Hunden, xlo imo.
2012-11-19 20:10
Why would they leave two teams who are way better than fnatic at the moment (and probably will remain that way for a while) ? :p
2012-11-19 20:18
I just named a couple of players who imo deserves it more. I wouldn take either Tomas og Nicolai outta of their current teams, since the're all doing very well. But they deserve a spot in one of the greatest and biggest organizations with such great players.
2012-11-19 20:55
In that regard, sure, I should probably have rephrased my question to who (that would be likely to join) deserve it more than Rytter :D
2012-11-19 21:05
needs more device
2012-11-20 09:14
Does device still play? :o
2012-11-20 09:59
Hes too busy loving life and badminton haha
2012-11-20 10:15
Haha, badminton champioooon!
2012-11-20 10:24
World beater! hahaha
2012-11-20 11:35
Needs more ColoN
2012-11-21 08:06
Rytter fyrrte :D
2012-11-19 19:43
WOW coincidence
2012-11-19 20:44
yea,i just kidding.. :D simillar nicks :))))
2012-11-19 20:54
Rytter was good in source?
2012-11-19 19:44
Azerbaijan Talley 
fnatic never had decent player, so yes.
2012-11-19 19:46
Hope you are talking about css line up? :P
2012-11-20 09:15
decent, but have improved a lot lately
2012-11-19 19:46
okay, thanks maybe he'll prove himself great since he got chance to play for such big team
2012-11-19 19:56
Nice, I personally didn't liked Fyrrte in the team, they got stronger imo. GL@DH!
2012-11-19 19:47
omg fyrr73 >>> all source players
2012-11-19 19:55
oh god no ...
2012-11-19 19:50
I expected this actually!
2012-11-19 19:50
gonna be nice to see fnatic in DH WInter. GL
2012-11-19 19:51
Rytter !? Good source player or noob ??? Fyrr73 left team forever ?????
2012-11-19 19:55
2012-11-19 20:07
Ohh you stop it :*
2012-11-19 20:09
Don't flatter yourself, you know I just like the first 3 letters of your name :P
2012-11-19 20:12
Hahahaha.. It's awesome!
2012-11-19 20:14
fyrrte is not planning on switching to csgo
2012-11-19 19:58
where did he say this?
2012-11-20 09:15
who is Rytter?tell me
2012-11-19 20:07
moddii forever alone xD
2012-11-19 20:07
Respect, FYRR73 for not playing this ****
2012-11-19 20:11
kind of expected.. unmotivated player doesnt work in a team like this
2012-11-19 20:12
of course he will be ingame leader, source is more tactical!
2012-11-19 20:25
2012-11-19 20:39
Sweden Snipatore 
too much red on the team now :(
2012-11-19 20:31
Yeah mate, the team is being taken over by those bloody danes! :D Too bad for the all Swede Fnatic.
2012-11-19 20:34
Sweden Snipatore 
hope for a great futur for fnatic, sweden made fnatic hope dk will do something good :)
2012-11-19 20:38
Well fnatic have done a lot for 1.6 under the danish flag these couple of months. Hopefully they'll continue this in CSGO!
2012-11-20 02:02
I bet they will kick Rytter soon enough after getting a better understanding of the engine and its commands. After all CSS players are way lower on skill compared to the average 1.6 pro.
2012-11-19 20:42
This is what everyone said about fif/friberg hahahahaha you med?
2012-11-19 21:17
everyone knows who are carrying NiP, where would friberg and fifflaren be without their teammates? maybe a top 10 team in sweden at best?
2012-11-19 21:20
friberg mvp in the ESWC grand finals vs VG fif top stats vs ESC a few hours ago, i think you are wrong and if they had lets say face and delpan they would be just like ESC right now :)
2012-11-19 21:23
nope, NiP switched since the beta, ESC has been practicing GO for a little more than a month. fifflaren and friberg weren't even successful css players that haven't won a single css tournament, f0rest, gtr and xizt are successful 1.6 players with many big wins. you can't compare their influence, lmao. friberg and fifflaren would be playing for a top 30 world team if not for GTR, f0rest and Xizt.
2012-11-19 21:40
you ded wronk
2012-11-19 23:38
It's weird that you dont understand the fact that cs:go is a whole different game comparing to cs 1.6 and css. How about keeping your mouth shut, if the only thing you have to offer is whining like a little girl.
2012-11-20 08:19
you are a fucking retard
2012-11-20 09:17
vnG | 
Denmark vnG 
Wauw, actually I thought you were just trolling, but now you just proven yourself to be clueless.
2012-11-20 10:21
Yeah because individual skill can be based only on the previous game you have played.
2012-11-21 08:05
wantz | 
Denmark zwank 
Though, CS:S players are out of 1.6 players' league when it comes to tactics, so no surprise they chose a CS:S player as in-game leader.
2012-11-20 22:52
You begin to be ridiculous with this kind of posts.
2012-11-21 00:40
Saucers... is he a well known player? How good/bad compared to the elites?
2012-11-19 20:56
MODDII would be the next.
2012-11-19 21:14
Greece her-1g 
holy shit really? axaxax
2012-11-19 21:37
2012-11-19 21:47
doesn't matter
2012-11-19 22:02
Guatemala Bann3r 
Omg no ! FYRR is best player of fnatic...no...now I do not like fnatic! :/
2012-11-19 22:11
some video of rytter?
2012-11-19 22:26
Rytter is a great pick by fnatic and you will see it very soon. fnatic like every other team needs to get used to CS:GO , and on the moment they will , they are going to be great. I'm pretty sure that you guys had some questionmarks about fifflaren and friberg from NiP , same case here with Rytter ... and I think he's going to be as great as they are. good luck :)
2012-11-19 22:29
too low for csgovno ) gl in real life Emil !
2012-11-19 23:02
Keep it mind that he will take the role of igl. So trash talking him when he issn't madfragging would be a bit hypocrite don't you think?
2012-11-19 23:12
True, but when they don't win matches because of the tactics he will be trash talked ofc. This is a way bigger responsibility then just being a rifler.
2012-11-20 09:22
must be good if they picked him up right?
2012-11-19 23:15
lol MODDII :))
2012-11-19 23:24
Russia 6aLo4ka~ 
who is a Rytter?)
2012-11-19 23:35
? i dont know him, good? or maybe he is good cook and prepare the delicious teams meals.
2012-11-19 23:44
I don't know if he'll have only the dreamhack to prove himself as the right igl for fnatic but it would be a hell of a trial considering their group !
2012-11-19 23:45
gl rita
2012-11-19 23:46
I've never followed the Source scene. Could someone give me a short list of Rytter's Source accomplishments, as well as what roles he's had in the past (sniper, IGL, entry fragger, small site defender, etc.)?
2012-11-19 23:56
I bet he was IGL at least, since he's going to replace karrigan on that role aswell
2012-11-20 08:54
I guess he is IGL.....
2012-11-20 10:47
Brazil akak1 
congratulations fyrrte ;D
2012-11-20 01:41
Do not say goodbye Fyrrte
2012-11-20 02:52
Australia TotalEclipse 
Changing a player and in-game leading role just days before DreamHack? I wouldn't expect too much from fnatic then.
2012-11-20 03:18
see my name. i always knew fyrtte was an awesome player and i wish he had joined dsn carn forest and get but it couldnt be and he is a typical chill-gamer so he isnt going to spend a lot of time ajusting to csgo. so understand but sad :P
2012-11-20 03:36
Argentina plix10 
gl Rytter,i think he is a talent player, respect him!
2012-11-20 06:28
ohh nooo,FYRR73 have good talent
2012-11-20 07:43
Can you eat it?
2012-11-20 09:23
gl Dennis :D <3
2012-11-20 10:20
FYRRT3 was a pornstar? wtf this "star" tatoo?!
2012-11-20 12:13
Azerbaijan Talley 
He was 1.6 star, but its deadened now.
2012-11-20 23:43
2012-11-20 13:27
lol nice :D
2012-11-20 14:38
waiting for the match of fnatic :) :) :)
2012-11-20 15:28
He obviously doesn't like CS:GO, therefore he is quitting for sure.
2012-11-20 15:40
He got kicked.
2012-11-21 02:05
it's time to remove a double chin
2012-11-20 17:44
Post your picture here so we can laugh at your appereance. I bet youre so much better so you wouldn't mind.
2012-11-21 08:01
does moddii speak danish?
2012-11-21 02:36
he lives in denmark.... sooo... yeah....
2012-11-21 02:41
Swedish and danish are pretty similiar to eachother anyways :D
2012-11-21 08:00
I can't understand why Rytter is so unknown to many people, especially for the danish users here. I actaully remember him from CS1.6, not that he did anything big in 1.6 but he played in semi good teams in Denmark in 1.6. I don't know about source but i guess he made the switch to source pretty fast.
2012-11-21 09:52
LOL fyrtte with rytter
2012-11-21 10:38
gl Rytter_SPORT :)
2012-11-21 15:03
Besides, isn't this like a trial of some sort. There is always a possibility that he will be changed out with someone else if the case leads to it.
2012-11-21 19:19
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