IEM Poland with $7,000 CS:GO tourney

The Electronic Sports League has announced that the Polish stop of the Intel Extreme Masters will play host to a $7,000 CS:GO tournament.

The first-ever Polish event on the IEM calendar is scheduled to take place from January 18th-20th in the city of Katowice inside Spodek, the country's biggest and most famous multipurpose arena complex.

Starcraft II and League of Legends are the two official games on show at the IEM event, and it has now been announced that ESL Poland will run a CS:GO tournament featuring four teams.

There will be a total of three qualifiers for Polish teams, each one being played in a single-elimination format and rewarding the winner with a slot in the finals.

Teams from all over Europe will be able to take part in the last qualifier, which will be divided into two stages: in the first phase, there will be two minor tournaments, each played in a single-elimination mode.

The teams who make it to the semi-finals in both tournaments will then be thrown together into the final stage, which will be played in a double-elimination mode until the end.

The prize purse for the CS:GO tournament at IEM Poland is the following:

1. $4,000
2. $2,000
3. $1,000

no very much ... but same nice teams attend
2012-11-22 21:47
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Denmark AndersR
Don't underestimate how much it meens that ESL are opening their eyes for the CS game.
2012-11-22 22:36
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+1 This surely indicates that IEM will have CS:GO as a main title in the next season! \m/
2012-11-23 07:51
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It indicates that they'll try to see if CSGO has what it takes. Answer will be no.
2012-11-23 09:11
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2012-11-23 09:15
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Realists* In that interview, carmac clearly says that they won't take in CS:GO until it's worthy (1.6 with 30k-70k spectators wasn't enough anymore, and it was NOT because of the graphics). The prizepool and the location of the event clearly indicates that they want to see if the game has what it takes, and with the current trend it hasn't. CS:GO in IEM will be very distant after this tournament have finished with 15k spectators.
2012-11-23 09:46
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It's not spectators they are after. That was Cleary shown by them keeping sc2 when 1.6 had more viewers. Their interest is whether the game has a global spread of top teams to add variety. Whether you like it or not 1.6 unfortunately became stagnant with too few teams that could compete (and nearly all of those from Scandinavia or eastern Europe) :D
2012-11-23 09:55
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They are out of spectators aswell ofcourse, if i'm not entirely wrong I'm pretty sure he said that three things mattered: Spectators Players Globality I'm pretty sure that 15k "global" viewers with "global" teams isn't worth more then 70k european viewers in a tournament with european teams, especially when both tournaments are in a timezone that's good for europeans :) Don't expect GO in IEM circuit in the near future, chance's are you'll be very disappointed. "A game can be a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters if it's a healthy esport: it has an active player base, spectators and fans. No game will have that from Day 1 after the release. That needs to grow with time and with a community behind the game. So the answer is: no, we will not have CS:GO as a main title in the Intel Extreme Masters in the upcoming season. The game will be released in the same month as the first event of the new season. If CS:GO (or any other game) is featured in the Intel Extreme Masters at any point in time, it will not be to replace one or any other game in it. It will be so because it has a community of its own which can prove that the game deserves it. We are not fixed on a specific number of games in our leagues. If I had completely unlimited budgets, we'd probably be running 9 different games in Intel Extreme Masters."
2012-11-23 10:05
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Yeah I agree spectators are clearly needed but as you said it's not the deciding factor. If the game had a global spread and had about 30k viewers I think it would sway them as the game can grow. But at the moment, they won't pick it up on the pro circuit.
2012-11-23 11:17
Aww Zaihtam your little game got replaced, and now you spend your days in and out to defend a dead game! WOW!
2012-11-25 03:17
1 reply
Pretty funny that you can't read.
2012-11-25 11:02
2012-11-22 21:47
2012-11-22 21:47
sad prizes :( but nice to see CSGO at IEM for the first time, hope there will be bigger IEM CSGO event ;)
2012-11-22 21:48
7.000 with 9.000 intresting
2012-11-22 21:48
IEM is back... hell yea!
2012-11-22 21:49
2012-11-22 21:49
Cool,hopefully we will have cs again next season at IEM
2012-11-22 21:53
looking forward to this
2012-11-22 21:54
great news!
2012-11-22 21:59
Finally a final that ESC have a chance in reaching ... :D but nice <3 IEM
2012-11-22 22:02
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since there were like 3-4 events with csgo and since esc started to practice like...days ago. your post seem to be pretty funny imo. and as far as i can remember, there were 6 iem's, and G5 reached final in all of them (maybe they skipped one, not sure) and managed to win 2 or 3 times (talking about 1.6 ofc)...
2012-11-23 09:34
2012-11-22 22:10
Ukraine gungrave
carmac wants that ESC won something in csgo :D
2012-11-22 22:13
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Poland kRAMERO
only because the stop is in poland? i can tell the same about IEM Kiev
2012-11-22 22:17
2012-11-22 22:15
Not bad
2012-11-22 22:30
IEM my best tournament ever
2012-11-22 22:52
NICE Polish fans are crazy and everyone could see it on SEC
2012-11-22 22:52
2012-11-22 22:56
prices for that IEM is just incredible -.-
2012-11-22 23:13
pasha got dis
2012-11-22 23:51
2012-11-23 07:51
only 30 comments about IEM tourney annoucement? :D So make sure IEM won't have CS:GO in the main tourney - Global Finals next season if you're not interested..
2012-11-23 08:39
IEM finaly man... Let's see if ESL is peaced with the viewers so we can get it as a main tourny
2012-11-23 08:55
Its not a main final soo dont say that it is sad pricepool.
2012-11-23 09:18
Good to see, hopefully GO is introduced as a main title come the next event.
2012-11-23 09:19
1.6 so low game, deaded, killed and raped by csgo.
2012-11-23 09:41
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nice english m8
2012-11-23 17:49
nice prizes for EPS poland!
2012-11-23 09:56
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Learn to read.
2012-11-23 11:52
1 reply
It basically is EPS POland lol. 3 Polish teams + NiP. Still nice I guess :>
2012-11-25 03:13
2012-11-23 17:15
2012-11-23 17:49
some link for sign up? :D
2012-11-25 11:06
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