mousesports send Wolves packing

mousesports have outplayed Group B's top team Copenhagen Wolves in two maps (16-11 on de_mirage_csgo & 16-3 on de_nuke_ve) and have moved on to the semi-finals of DreamHack Winter 2012 where they will meet NiP.

The playoff draw for DreamHack Winter's $45,000 tournament paired up the first placed team from Group B, Copenhagen Wolves, with the second placed team from Group A, mousesports from United Kingdom.

The maps for this clash were selected in this order: de_mirage_csgo (mousesports' pick), de_nuke_ve (Copenhagen Wolves' pick) and if needed decider de_dust2_se.

After a big battle in the first pistol round of the match, Copenhagen Wolves won a 2-on-2 situation and went up 2-0 thanks to that. At that moment, PC problems for Malte "Herden" Boelt Hansen put a stop to the match for a while.

When the match continued, mousesports put themselves on the scoreboard, but Wolves replied with a flawless round for 3-1. Despite of the manner in which they won, mousesports winning next round put the Danes on an eco and led to a 3-3 score.

Round 7 was marked by mousesports' best player from the group stage, Sam "RattlesnK" Gawn, who was left in a 1-on-2 situation with 7hp, but he managed to convert it with two excellent AWP shots.

Aside from once again making Wolves go on eco, that gave wings to his teammates, as Preben "prb" Gammelsæter starred in the next buy round with 4 kills from an AK47 in a 3-on-5 situation, which put his team up 6-3.

Money problems continued for Wolves and the AWP duel between Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen and mousesports' Gawn intensified, with the Dane once again falling first. His team managed to win the round despite of that and they added another one  after that, as their scoreboard leader Danni "smF" Dyg won a 1vs1 against Lasse "stingeR" Midtstue to make the score 7-5.

The first half quickly ended after that, with a couple of almost flawless rounds by mouz before a similar response by Wolves in the 15th round that put the score at 9-6 in favor of the UK squad.

After the sides changed, Wolves took the second pistol round too, partly thanks to Dyg's three Tec9 kills. The Wolves were expected to convert the next two anti-eco rounds and equalize the score, but instead they lost the third round of the half to mouseports' P2000s and continued trailing, 8-10.

Such mistakes rarely go unpunished and mouz quickly climbed to a 12-8 lead. They dropped the next round, but reset their opponents' money after that thanks to a 2-on-3 victory by their pair of stars from the group stage, James "Mx" Smale and Gawn. That eventually led to 14-9 which spelled end of the map already.

Wolves managed to pull back a couple of rounds, but mousesports closed it off with a 16-11 score on their map pick, de_mirage_csgo, to go up 1-0 in this best-of-three series of the DH Winter 2012 quarter-final.

The match moved to Copenhagen Wolves' pick, de_nuke_ve, but the Danes were unable to win the knife round which made them start on the harder side, as Terrorists.

The British-Norwegian combination took advantage of that to go up 2-0 and 7-1, the latest of those rounds coming courtesy of Smale's 3 kills in a 2-on-3 situation.

Wolves responded with two rounds, the second coming after a 1vs1 by Dyg, but then they gave away another anti-eco round. They fell into a trap on the outside, and mousesports' AWPer Gawn somehow picked up a big green from his opponents and won a 1vs2 situation to increase their lead to 8-3

After that Wolves never really managed to get their heads back in the game, losing round after round, including the second pistol round which cemented their fate as the score stood at 13-3 after that. With mousesports quickly reaching match point, the last round perfectly reflected the course of the match as Smale and Gammelsæter clinched a 2-on-5 situation to win the match 16-3.

23rd November 2012

 mousesports K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
United Kingdom James 'Mx' SmaleMx 45 - 23 +22 - 1.55
Norway Preben 'prb' Gammelsæterprb 34 - 22 +12 - 1.22
Norway Lasse 'stingeR' MidtstuestingeR 38 - 28 +10 - 1.17
United Kingdom Sam 'RattlesnK' GawnRattlesnK 29 - 22 +7 - 1.15
United Kingdom Pete 'pt' Wrightpt 33 - 31 +2 - 0.98

 CPH Wolves K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark Danni 'smF' DygsmF 32 - 33 -1 - 1.11
Denmark Lukas 'gla1ve' Rossandergla1ve 29 - 34 -5 - 0.87
Denmark Malte 'Herden' BoeltHerden 25 - 38 -13 - 0.72
Denmark Nicolaj 'Nico' JensenNico 22 - 34 -12 - 0.65
Denmark Nicolai 'HUNDEN' PetersenHUNDEN 18 - 40 -22 - 0.55

After this victory, mousesports have reached the semi-finals and they will battle with NiP for a bigger share of the $45,000 prize money tomorrow at 13:00 .

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klin n izi
2012-11-23 21:54
2012-11-23 21:56
suprised that it went so easy
2012-11-23 21:54
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL
GOOD 4mousesport :D
2012-11-23 21:54
Yes! Mouz all the way! :)
2012-11-23 21:54
mouz stronggg
2012-11-23 21:54
Nip vs Mouz hmmm intresting..
2012-11-23 21:55
16-14 last time.
2012-11-23 22:35
this time too, but there is still a chance for mouz as its bo3 :D
2012-11-24 14:23
wolves much better in online mouze2crazy
2012-11-23 21:55
Good to see some norwegians bang som headshots. Seems like mouz have found five players on a equal level, exited for the future. Who is the IGL?
2012-11-23 21:57
pt i think
2012-11-23 22:00
2012-11-23 22:02
hah not, rattlesnake definitely :)
2012-11-23 22:02
2012-11-23 22:04
should be RattlesnK
2012-11-23 22:01
Rattlesnk, while awping too. Probably one of the best IGL leaders and AWPers around. He and his team literally don't seem to give a toss until a big lan comes up, then they always perform well.
2012-11-23 22:02
Thats impressive as fuck. Hard to lead a team while focusing on the aw. Thanks.
2012-11-23 22:04
It's really hard to combine IGL responsibility's with awp shooting, so there is really good stuff by RattlesnK.
2012-11-23 22:06
2012-11-23 22:44
its so stupid that they play against nip again,they going from the same group,they need to play in final meybe...nip vs [Lemon,aL] mouz vs [VG,TD]
2012-11-23 22:01
true story
2012-11-24 05:22
i'm disappointed by all the danish teams attending DH.. they performed much better online than there at LAN actually. would've been more interesting if or alternate had won the online qualifier in my opinion. :/ nice job my tho, you can do it tomorrow. i believe in you! ^_^
2012-11-23 22:11
Denmark AndersR
Can't see how you're disappointed by Fnatic, but yeah the rest did not show, at all, what they do online. Maybe we're the new Finland?
2012-11-23 22:05
2012-11-23 22:08
i dont get what u mean with new finland :D
2012-11-23 22:09
Denmark AndersR
Back in the start of Counter-Strike Finland was kind of known for being really good online but never really showing anything on LAN.
2012-11-23 22:16
or even team like extensive and JAS are probably stronger on lan (16/14 vs vg) devastating team like Nfaculty online, beating hawks with ease...
2012-11-23 22:14
extensive no, jas maybe if they play without oz! xD
2012-11-23 22:16
don't agree extensive are better than lot of team at dreamhack or esea invite for me but they didn t have the chance to prove anyhting yet , they need a bit more training to really be strong but it s promising
2012-11-23 22:22
standard :)) danes.. :)))
2012-11-23 22:20
not really that standard imo when i wish germans to replace danes at a LAN, haha. :D
2012-11-23 22:26
go eat some pies
2012-11-23 22:48
Danish teams haven't shown there best on lan. Aguess we're the new onliners in cs:go ^_^
2012-11-25 22:39
semi danes can only play online.
2012-11-23 22:02
2012-11-23 22:03
Honestly, before DHW12, I thought Wolves were better than Now with impressive meeting juggernaut NIP, team making the least mistakes would win.
2012-11-23 22:03
but there is a BIG difference, mouz, have BIG amount of BIG lans, experience, wolves, "only" got the big ones from denmark.
2012-11-24 00:44
sad. but wp mouse - looking strong
2012-11-23 22:03
I bet on > NiP :D!
2012-11-23 22:03
preben is awesome!
2012-11-23 22:05
niiiiiiiice to see a .uk team succeed in cs for once, and with help from prb/stingeR is just awesome mix of players! maybe have a new favorite team!
2012-11-23 22:05
for once? uk was succeed in 1.6 also, back in days.
2012-11-23 22:10
not really? they never won anything, barely made it to top3 at a few events.
2012-11-23 22:12
yeah, back in the days.
2012-11-23 22:12
Denmark AndersR
I don't recall a UK team winning anything, not even when 4K brought in ElemeNt to help them. Might be wrong though.
2012-11-23 22:17
2012-11-23 22:29
lol nope, the UK has always been really lame. 4Kings got like 5-6th in a CPL if not mistaking but thats about it. Not a single team from the UK has won an international event in CS.
2012-11-23 22:34
Rattlesnks teams have won the CGS and CPH games amongst many other events. You didnt specify which cs :P. Inb4 dem ez lans sAucers sock big bollz 1.6 4lyf <3333 nevah die!!!<333
2012-11-23 22:51
actually yeah, css doesn't count as a competitive cs. so the uk has always been pretty unsuccessful.
2012-11-24 00:08
Funny you should say that considering the CGS was much bigger than anything CS 1.6 offered.
2012-11-24 00:15
yeah that lasted 2 seasons and it was all because of the popularity of 1.6. the CGS died and CSS died, who cares about those low level tournaments played with a bunch of nobodies anyways? 1.6 has had like at least 20x times the money of CSS, not to mention the glory of winning tournaments against the trully best teams.
2012-11-24 06:17
You are saying a CS:S tournament was popular because of 1.6. Clueless people clinging onto their dead game.
2012-11-24 19:01 now u can blow ur dad's dick if u have a dad if he has a dick
2012-11-24 08:16
that was 1 season and the money wasn't even only for CSS, it was divided between like 15 people. you should cry, css was always a joke in eSports.
2012-11-24 13:53
this is retarded. Should be mousesports v NiP in finals. Verygames are weak.
2012-11-23 22:07
not at all, RpK is back in the business.. now it will be amazing to watch this guy at the finals if they will make it to the finals
2012-11-23 22:09
Come on bro you really think a shitty american team that had 1 loss 1 draw and 1 win in groups will beat VG in a bo3?!? LOL
2012-11-23 22:10
what the hell are u talking about? RpK is playing for VeryGames :DDD
2012-11-23 22:11
i bet he ment this-> ''if they will''
2012-11-23 22:12
He is going by what you said about "if they make it to the finals" :p
2012-11-23 22:12
probably yes, but i was talking about semis, not quarters :D those swedish guys are not that bad
2012-11-23 22:14
Havent seen any Verygames matches yet, hope they have improved.
2012-11-23 22:15
dude dynamic VG wasnt a semi?
2012-11-24 14:29
Well I hope so, but judging from the "trouble" they had in groups, I am not so sure as you.
2012-11-23 22:12
yupp RpK is an aimbot!
2012-11-23 22:32
2012-11-23 22:09
true mouz play stronger.. mouz vs Vg would be a great match for demi final
2012-11-23 22:18
wtf nip and mouz came form the same group , why tha fuck they will play again in semis this is retarded , Vg will go to final without playing vs mouz that in my op they so much better than them
2012-11-23 22:10
Randomed semi matches. It could have been VG - NiP aswell
2012-11-23 22:39
how could it be that random? i mean, that's pretty impressive then, because the quarter-finals were: A-1 x B-2 A-2 x B-1 C-1 x D-2 C-2 x D-1 like other tons of tournaments that used to adopt this kind of format
2012-11-23 22:49
i guess it was picked like group A vs *random group picked*, so its still seeded. normally it would be A-1 vs D-2
2012-11-25 06:09
2012-11-23 22:12
wanted to see the Wolves play against more teams, but Mouz definitely played well
2012-11-23 22:14
RattleSnk was on fuckin fire man..
2012-11-23 22:17
2012-11-23 22:26
i would like to see mouz - vg..
2012-11-23 22:27
+1 !!
2012-11-23 22:30
yeah, but I guess its very possible another NiP vs VG final which is already boring since VG gets completely destroyed with ease.
2012-11-23 22:36
RattlesnK will be one of the favourites for the MVP award, for sure!
2012-11-23 22:37
I only hope we don't end up watching another NiP vs VG in the final, it is already getting boring. Gonna be fun a bo3 between NiP and mouz, prb ftw!
2012-11-23 22:37
This is the final
2012-11-23 22:42
2012-11-23 22:44
Well i didnt see mouz doing so well after 2 lineup changes few weeks ago. GJ :)
2012-11-23 22:52
They rarely try hard for competitions that dont mean much. Usually step it up for big events like this.. Having said that, I didn't expect them to be in the semi's one bit as I hear they haven't practised much.
2012-11-23 23:29
2012-11-23 22:55
Nice match
2012-11-23 23:02
and lurppis put them last in the group-
2012-11-23 23:34
Argentina plix10
mouz.UK is the 2nd best team in the world,it didn't surprise me this level, they are so tactical, I love the playstyle they have.But against NiP, I think NiP will win 2-1 (and lose the first map on LAN).
2012-11-23 23:36
Both NiP and verygames is better? no? :)
2012-11-24 00:20
Argentina plix10
I think only NiP is better than mouz, have u seen Mx and RattlesnK hours on steam?
2012-11-24 00:21
I have 2000 hours. and Iam worse then valve LOW BOT
2012-11-24 00:52
I actually dont really follow GO that much, everyone just says that Verygames are like super good, but i dont know :)
2012-11-24 01:44
Argentina plix10
Verygames is a good team, but imo they are good, but mouz.UK have talent, RattlesnK read the game perfectly.
2012-11-24 02:55
You're really underestimating VG after their losses against VG. Don't forget that they DOMINATED the CS:Source scene for more than a year, and are all VERY skilled players. They eased past the groupstage, and would probaly beat Mousesports at this stage, though I believe that Mouesports might beat them in the near future :)
2012-11-24 10:03
Argentina plix10
I didn't undersimated them, I played 1.6 and CS:S I know what VG did, but i don't if u watch CPH Games, I think both are great teams, but VG is more "mechanical" i don't know if u undertands me, my english sucks.
2012-11-24 17:09
ratle is awesome awp and igl aswell they deserv it pete gwannnn
2012-11-24 00:33
gj mouz very strong play
2012-11-24 01:14
is it wrong of me to be happy about this result?...
2012-11-24 01:15
Depends on the reason
2012-11-24 01:20
gg mouz
2012-11-24 01:29
match vod?
2012-11-24 02:43
Argentina plix10
Demo is available, if u didn't notice.Maybe you haven't got CS:GO.
2012-11-24 02:57
i mean streaming vod, i know that demo is avaliable xd but i wanted to watch match with coments before sleep
2012-11-24 02:58
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