n0thing officially replaces PEX in TD

Initial report from yesterday about Philippe-Olivier "PEX" Crépin stepping down in Team Dynamic to make room for Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert have been confirmed.

Team Dynamic were going through a rough patch after roster changes following a loss in the ESWC North American qualifier, didn't push the team to their previous heights, as they failed to impress at ESEA finals and DreamHack Winter.

DreamHack Winter was PEX's last tournament 

Crétin was rumoured to be the one making room for the long time Evil Geniuses member Gilbert on the squad, and he has now confirmed it on Team Dynamic's Facebook page:

"The time has come for me to stop playing competitively. CS has been a part of my life for the last 10 years and it is time for me to move on. I want to win and I know I can still be on the top, but I don't want to put in the hours it takes, it isn't worth it right now. I just turned 23 years old and I am more busy than ever with school, work, family, friends, girlfriend and projects. It is time for me to put the talent and dedication that i put in CS into other projects, Crépin told Team Dynamic's Facebook page.

"I will keep my role as the marketing manager for TD, that being said, I will have more time to satisfy our current partners and look for new sponsors as well. I will answer in a blog video all kind of questions, so if you have any questions post them below and I will gladly answer them!

"I'd like to thank all the organisations, sponsors, players, friends, family and teammates that supported me during all my gaming career. Not going to lie, I had a really good time!"

Crépin had been the leader of the squad who were three time defending champions of ESEA Invite in CS:Source, with many more titles prior to their season eight loss. The team switched over to CS:GO in August with the ESWC qualifier in mind.

Team Dynamic

United States Eric "adreN" Hoag
Canada Keven "AZK" Lariviere
United States Francis "kiko" Lao
United States Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert
United States Braxton "swag" Pierce

Team Dynamic will begin their campaign in the global ESEA Invite league's thirteenth season, which will feature a whopping $47,000 prize purse, LAN finals in North America and will kick off on December 9.

stronger now
2012-11-30 22:15
Czech Republic MisuL 
good luck in you life
2012-11-30 22:16
best move! gl td!
2012-11-30 22:16
United States mah9 
lets hope n0thing will actually be motivated to play full time. we'll see!
2012-11-30 22:17
I love usa cs but honestly n0thing is unproven in international play and I dont think these guys will be any match for area 51.
2012-11-30 22:19
another sentence of pure wisdom from stratmatt. hear that guys, n0thing is unproven internationally
2012-11-30 22:22
blahblah honestly fuck your fanboyism and fuck off lurpis. so sick of seeing you cast csgo matches for $$$$$$. just get out of the scene already you washed up hater. n0thing is overrated, you will see soon enough. i doubt this roster lasts very long anyways.
2012-11-30 22:30
he is overrated because fans have watched his cs movie too many times and think that's what he does every round, but he is far from being "unproven" internationally. how he does in cs:go has nothing to do with that ^^
2012-11-30 22:31
and i am comfortable predicting that n0thing will be nothing in csgo.
2012-11-30 22:33
depends on his motivation, i would guess the same but if he actually wants to be good he will be good, just comes down to how motivated he will be
2012-11-30 22:34
he wont be. you will NEVER see top teams like nip or vg trying to compete in 1.6 leagues simultaneously because it is a waste of time if you want to be on top internationally. americans are already behind in csgo because we just dont have the same size of talent pool, and spreading your time across 2 games is only gonna compound the situation and make it worse. fuck this overhyped player forever.
2012-11-30 22:37
are you high? wtf r u talking about? "you will NEVER see top teams like nip or vg trying to compete in 1.6 leagues simultaneously because it is a waste of time if you want to be on top internationally."
2012-11-30 22:50
he is talking about the guys in usa, still playing the 1.6 leagues for easy cash. WHILE they play cs:GO
2012-12-01 00:29
man wtf ?
2012-11-30 22:53
2012-11-30 23:11
Lol at the triangle question.
2012-11-30 23:19
Q: starwars is based on a true story, true or false? A: true :@@@@@@
2012-12-01 02:17
my mind after reading your comments boards.420chan.org/420/src/1353198734481..
2012-11-30 23:52
United States criimson 
Yeah he is pretty young and honestly i don't think that playing a 1.6 league its gonna affect his insight and skill threshold in CSGO at all. Because let's be reallistic here lurppis u won't do complex and practice-demanding strats just to play a league of invite which you know its already very likely for you guys to win it right? So nobody in this team pyorala will actually break his head or even break a sweat scrimming against any team there cuz you have nothing to prove just having fun :)
2012-12-01 04:30
playing cs 1.6 will not effect his efforts in cs:go, it's just whether he actually has fun playing it and wants to get good at it etc, like you said playing 1.6 this season won't have anything to do with how he ends up being at go
2012-12-01 10:09
+1 for lurppis yes i am a fanboy
2012-12-01 05:21
"you cast csgo matches for $$$$$$" - who doesn't? "bump"
2012-11-30 22:38
lurpiss + lurpiss fanboys have a long history of slandering cs legends and notables for switching to csgo 'for the money', yet i tune into dreamhack and lurpis wont shut his fuckin face like he is "mr. csgo". seriously, you hate the game, you hate the players, yet you cast the matches for money because you simply CANT compete. in other words, lurpiss is gettin paid more money due to csgo then like 99% of csgo players. whose the sellout now?
2012-11-30 22:41
Na'Vi and ESC dont like the game but they are playing cause of $$$. they sellouts too?
2012-11-30 22:49
thats the very definition of sellout..
2012-11-30 23:21
um....yes, and thats why i doubt either team will ever be a top csgo team. time for new blood and fresh faces and i couldnt be more excited. dinosaurs will die.
2012-11-30 23:25
Finland FRGVN 
I share ur opinion on esc & navi but hey, lurppis is taking the casting jobs AS A JOB.. like any other.
2012-12-01 02:51
Indonesia vyee 
Do you naively think that pro players play just for the sake of fun? I'm sure that any 1.6 NIP players would still choose to play 1.6 rather than GO competitively, but hey it's their job. Money is all that matters.
2012-12-01 09:34
Usually you hit the nail on the head but this isnt one of those times. n0thing is definitely proven internationally, youre talking to a dude that played with him for like 2 years
2012-11-30 22:56
the most successful retard on hltv.org.....woman, can you shut the f***k up?
2012-12-01 02:14
United States mah9 
Hes internationally proven, moreso than anyone hes playing with or anyone still playing in the NA scene. He's dominated fnatic a few times, and had great international tournaments over a few years. What more do you want?
2012-12-01 04:21
lol nice call.. looks like kiko has already left
2012-12-01 07:51
actually he is saying the truth.
2012-11-30 22:31
off the top of my head: hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=5982 hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=4962 hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=11605 clearly has never proben he can play well vs international competition
2012-11-30 22:34
imo proven means won some major international tournaments. i cant't name tournaments where his team placed at least top4
2012-11-30 22:42
the discussion is not about what his team did, but about him.
2012-11-30 22:47
3rd iem 2008 los angeles 4th dreamhack winter 2009 1st gamegune mexico 2009 3rd arbalet cup europe 4th iem world finals 2010 3rd arbalet cup dallas 2010 1st msi beat it 2010 off the top of my head
2012-11-30 23:00
honestly dude i used to think you were alright and even got banned from cadred and from r lewis' twitter for defending you, but you lost a lot of my respect since then, and until you walk back on the numerous shitty things you have said and agreed with trashing csgo, the scene, and its players i will continue the fight against ignorant fanboys like yourself
2012-11-30 23:24
Funny thing is he hasn't said anything about CSGO being bad or cadred in this thread. So why are you whining about irrelevant things. Are you butthurt?
2012-11-30 23:56
why so global offended brAWWW!? grow a mustache u lil bitch
2012-12-01 01:39
It is truly amazing that your shit isn't getting deleted. n0thing has single handedly destroyed some of the best teams in the world and you come on here saying he is unproven... Please just wake up.
2012-12-01 09:19
Indonesia vyee 
Trashing csgo? hltv.org/news/9492-molotovs-money-system.. That's more like he attempt to make the game more able to be played competitively. No, I'm not his fanboy. I even think he's arrogant in a way, but that's just lurppis being lurppis. Despite his character, some of his arguments seems valid to me.
2012-12-01 09:42
I'm very suprised, someone of your status in the community is responding to these children, stratmatt is quite clearly an imbecile/troll and responding to him is only demeaning you.
2012-12-02 14:32
No team in the US other than teams with nothing were successful or even really competitive internationally, after the cgs.
2012-12-01 10:22
CGS killed the american scene. All the top players went over to source for 2 years? some quick cash. The CAL-p players that stayed playing 1.6 became the top guys but their skill level was not even close to European level and America has never recovered. Now with a new game and some young emerging stars, they may be able to do something but we will have to see.
2012-12-01 10:31
Ya that's my point. Nothing was about the only relevant player in the US for a long time. Although I guess you could still say Frod was a top player for awhile.
2012-12-01 12:44
Not sure if trolling or just stupid. Who can say n0thing is unproven internationally?
2012-11-30 22:29
2012-11-30 22:38
Honestly I think he proved himself more than enough in 1.6, but I will admit he has not proven himself yet in CS:GO and that's a fact; he hasn't had the chance yet.
2012-11-30 23:22
maybe not in csgo yet (ofc not) but in 1.6 he did prove himself internationally!
2012-11-30 23:45
n0thing dropped 27 frags t-side train vs the old school/dominant fnatic on LAN whatchutalkingboutwillis?
2012-12-01 00:00
Damn man making us look bad here. I'm throwing my USA passport out the window, who want it? Jokes aside, if you really have the love for the USA cs then stop making bad assumption to one of the star player in NA. Yes we do have a small poll of talent here but we have to give them some love and support man rather then pulling them down. Just my2cents.
2012-12-01 05:09
Sweden rubbe 
ssooooooooo nice America fuck yeah!?
2012-11-30 22:18
gl crétin lol
2012-11-30 22:20
"The time has come for me to stop playing competitively" OR Was he replaced because he didn't perform well in DH?
2012-11-30 22:20
n0thing and swag once again in the same team =) Hope they will do as good damage as they did ^^
2012-11-30 22:22
nothing is teh best aimer in cs:go , if u didnt wacth him yet , do it , he is playing and shooting like it was 1.6
2012-11-30 22:23
will watch him during an actual international tournament then decide, for now hes done nothing in csgo pun intended
2012-11-30 23:23
good change, but in my opinion they should replace kiko w/some1 better. gl TD
2012-11-30 22:26
would love to see -kiko +volcano
2012-11-30 22:30
Volcano would be sick.
2012-11-30 22:33
2012-11-30 22:39
true but kiko and swag are best internet friend
2012-12-01 00:23
strong lu
2012-11-30 22:27
Swag + Nothing go go gg :D
2012-11-30 22:33
nothing can replace pex
2012-11-30 22:36
2012-11-30 22:44
Team full of the talents GL.
2012-11-30 22:45
nice! cs:go just missing FalleN & co. they will try to beat PG.TD here in ESEA Brasil with a new line-up.
2012-11-30 22:45
team page?
2012-11-30 23:01
no one knows yet.
2012-11-30 23:04
play.esea.net/teams/65758 line up: bruno fln fnx bit shemp Jan 14 They'll play vs my team :D
2012-12-01 02:24
now USA have at least 2 big names to compete againts Euros just like in the old days with 3D/coL this is huge cs:go is huge STRONK!
2012-11-30 22:56
LOL I was hoping to see n0thing and cogu in the same team
2012-11-30 23:02
+adreN + anybody ? :D
2012-11-30 23:14
Greece her-1g 
wise move :) whose calling strats?
2012-11-30 23:20
Denmark socN 
2012-11-30 23:37
Slovakia kubiaxk 
Sick lineup
2012-11-30 23:49
This lineup fits perfectly, good luck boyzz
2012-11-30 23:55
Russia goodjob 
omg this poor american boy, stratmatt, r u dumb? he was playing almost alone ALWAYS.. even lurppis knows it..
2012-12-01 00:18
Crétin means idiot in french lol His name his Crépin :) get it right or he might find its a bad joke lol
2012-12-01 00:24
haha i really though that his name is Crétin xD
2012-12-01 02:03
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
hahaha kiko and adren,they rly cant come with any idea for nick? -.- gl nothing <3
2012-12-01 01:41
urh? what do you mean..
2012-12-01 03:31
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
real kiko is from mibr,and real adren is from kazahstan
2012-12-01 11:18
what? ~/;
2012-12-01 03:43
good god stratmatt is an idiot.
2012-12-01 03:20
Cretin, what a lastname *facepalm*
2012-12-01 03:23
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
lol its Crépin
2012-12-01 12:31
PEX was dogshit. And yes I am better.
2012-12-01 03:32
kiko leave =(
2012-12-01 04:40
Its not cretin ... Crépin ...
2012-12-01 05:53
now stratmatt is the #1 Foerester #2
2012-12-01 07:09
I dont Get it!! Did PEX left?? Coz Cadred says Kiko is the one who left! :/ And PEX is the sixth man! @.@ Why such variation in News?
2012-12-01 07:44
PEX stop the game and kiko left for another team
2012-12-01 16:58
United Kingdom Alth 
He replaced kiko, pex is 6th.
2012-12-01 08:15
nOthing is the best player counter strike .!
2012-12-01 17:09
super strong team now
2012-12-02 14:27
n0thing gilbert jorden is vary gud playar . sry . sry for insultes .
2012-12-02 15:02
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