CS:GO Team Ranking: December 2012

With 2013 already in full swing, it is time to look back at our Team Ranking for December of last year. NiP and VeryGames held on to their spots at the top, but the rest of the list was completely shuffled with some new teams coming up and some old ones losing their place.

In this extensive second edition of our ranking for CS:GO teams we witness no change at the top two spots, but a lot of movement in the rest of the list. After four international LAN events in December, the main story is Golden Five from ESC Gaming fighting their way up to third place and affirming themselves as the biggest threat to Ninjas in Pyjamas and VeryGames. Aside from that we also saw Finnish side Curse stepping up, as well as Virtus.pro and myDGB.net, as all three enter the top 10.

Last month's third and fourth placed, 4Nothing (former Area51) and the ex mousesports UK squad, didn't attend any events in December, so they fall to 6th and 10th place respectively, still with good chances of making it back to the very top with one or two good placements in the future.

I. TOP 20 2012-12-31



Rank Teams Points  evo
1. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 626.81 -
2. France VeryGames 288.17 -
3. Poland ESC Gaming 129.86 +6
4. Sweden Lemondogs 94.57 +1
5. Finland Curse 68.74 +12
6. United States 4Nothing 50.01 -3
7. Russia Virtus.pro 47.99 +12
8. Denmark Anexis 43.08 +2
9. Slovakia myDGB.net 41.86  +26
10. United Kingdom ex-mousesports 41.30 -6
11. France Imaginary Gaming 40.62 +5
12. Portugal k1ck 38.48 +3
13. Denmark ex-Cph Wolves 33.57 -7
14. Germany mousesports 32.52 -7
15. United Kingdom fm.TOXiC 31.83 +11
16. Germany n!faculty 31.76 -9
17. Denmark fnatic 26.27 +8
18. Germany gamed!de 24.83 +12
19. France ex-BuyKey 24.35 +20
20. Sweden Absolute Legends 24.33 -7


I.1 Teams out of the Ranking:

Brazil ProGaming.TD -14 (previously 8th)
(cogu, steel, rzk, zakk, zqk)

After attending ESWC and DreamHack Winter in November, the Brazilians haven't shown up to any international events this month. Since they couldn't defend their rank, we witness Raphael "cogu" Camargo's team dropping out of the Top 20.

United States Team Dynamic
-14 (previously 12th)
(adreN, n0thing, swag, AZK, Volcano)

The second best American team suffered the same fate as the Brazilians, only retaining their points from DreamHack Winter's quarter-final finish. In the mean time they also made two lineup changes, adding the country's biggest CS 1.6 star Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and the experienced Sal "Volcano" Garozzo to replace their two worst performers from the Swedish event - Francis "kiko" Lao and Philippe-Olivier "PEX" Crépin. With this new lineup, they definitely look like a team to watch in the future.
Russia dAT
-13  (previously 14th)
(WorldEdit, insoM, latro, seized, ub1que)

Russian squad of dAT drops out due to failing to reach playoffs at both EMS and SLTV StarSeries IV, as well as coming back from AMD Sapphire in Prague without a single point. The Czech event was their only LAN appearance so far, although they attended it with a stand-in Dmitry "hooch" Bogdanov in place of their best player Georgi "WorldEdit" Yaskin.

-11  (previously 18th)
(fel1x, Rak, kRYSTAL, mnL, SolEk, Igor)

Despite of clinching the EPS title during this month, German champions Alternate disappointed on the international scene. Just like dAT, they failed to reach the EMS and SLTV StarSeries playoffs. Adding to that RADEON Offensive which they finished without a win, they closed out the month with a shortage of points, dropping down 11 places.
Russia zNation
-4 (previously 20th)
(kibaken, AERO, evil, fabi, wAke)

Even though the Russian team reached the playoffs of both AMD Sapphire and SLTV StarSeries, they fell short right away on both occasions, firstly to myDGB.net in Prague 2-1, and later not even taking a map in Kiev against Imaginary Gaming and Virtus.pro. Due to their lack of success in the international scene in December, their results weren't enough to keep them in the Top 20 at the end of the year.

I.2 Teams decreasing:

Germany n!faculty
-9 (previously 7th)
(asmo, qk-Mantis, disruptor, Kirby, smn) 

After a top 4 placing at ESWC which earned them the 7th place in our November ranking, we expected more from the German team n!faculty, which however couldn't find the way to level up their game during December. 4th place at RADEON Offensive wasn't enough to make up for their losses against last month's lower ranked teams such as fnatic and mousesports. On the plus side, they made it to the playoffs in EMS, where they then knocked out Malik (former Redzone) to reach the quarter-finals.

Denmark ex-Copenhagen Wolves
-7 (previously 6th)
(disbanded; former lineup: gla1ve, Herden, HUNDEN, Nico, smF) 

After a respectable quarter-final display at DH Winter, Copenhagen Wolves made a disappointing outing at THOR Open. Eliminated during the group stage with only one victory against gosu, they were only a shadow of themselves. They were also beaten by Anexis at the local level in Gaming.dk SteelSeries League's 4th season, so it is no wonder that they disbanded shortly after. However, due to attending an international event in December they still belong in this ranking, but we mark them for removal next month.

Sweden Absolute Legends
-7  (previously 13th)
(pronax, lidde, zneel, rdl, schneider)  

We saw Absolute Legends at two tournaments this month, THOR Open and NorthCon. After a terrible performance in Stockholm where they didn't manage a single victory, the Swedish team came to Germany with their new player Andreas "schneider" Lindberg instead of Faruk "pita" Pita. After a flawless first groupstage, they failed to reach the playoffs during the second stage due to a three-way tie. They are now at a dangerous 20th place and are taking part in ESEA Invite, so keep a close eye on them.

United Kingdom ex-mousesports
-6 (previously 4th)
(RattlesnK, Mx, pt, prb, stingeR)   

Following an impressive display at DreamHack Winter with a 3rd/4th finish where they gave NiP a hard time, the British squad had a quiet month of December. They dropped out of EMS due to not wanting to play ESL's tournaments and were later removed by the mousesports organization which wanted to focus solely on the German squad. Therefore one of the most promising teams from November is currently at a standstill and it is still unknown whether they will even stick together. 

United States 4Nothing
-3 (previously 3rd)
(DaZeD, hiko, tck, semphis, frozt)    

The former Area51 squad, now known as 4Nothing didn't take part in any tournament this month. Thanks to their 3rd place in the November ranking and at ESWC, the best American team still has enough points to stay in the Top 10 at 6th place. A few days ago they made a lineup change, replacing Sean "sgares" Gares with Carey "frozt" Kertenian, with sights set on attending more international tournaments in the future.

Germany mousesports
-3 (previously 11th)
(Troubley, approx, nex, zonixx, karrigan)

This month was definitively not a good one for the German teams. Even though mousesports reached 3rd place at RADEON Offensive, their lineup problems prevented them from achieving anything else notable. They ended up bringing back Finn "karrigan" Andersen and Michele "zonixx" Köhler, their former CS 1.6 players in hopes of turning things for the better.

I.4 Teams increasing
(which are not in the Monthly top 10)

Germany gamed!de
+12 (previously 30th)
(dynrmight, yannick, r0b, enkay J, syrsoN)

Despite their lack of success at RADEON Offensive where they had one win and two losses, this German team climbed in the ranking thanks to a noteworthy route at NorthCon. They played with two non-standard members in Neumünster, Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis and Anil "cLy" Gülec, but still reached 5-6th place in front of the likes of Absolute Legends and MaxFloPlay.

Denmark fnatic
+8 (previously 25th)
(trace, Friis, Rytter, JOKERN, Xyp9x)

Although we only saw fnatic at RADEON Offensive this month, where they finished in 2nd place, it was enough to show that they are on a rise. After losing their first match and being sent straight to the lower bracket, the Danish team made two changes in their lineup, losing Andreas "MODDII" Fridh and Finn "karrigan" Andersen.

Surprisingly, adding stand-ins Magnus "JOKERN" Barthel and Morten "frozt" Frost led to a successful route to the final, beating every top German team on the way and only succumbing to Lemondogs in the end. Now sitting at the 17th spot and replacing Frost with youngster Andreas "Xyp9x" Hojsleth, this squad could be a real threat to the current top teams in 2013.

France Imaginary Gaming
+5 (previously 16th)
(Ozstrik3r, MAJ3R, shoxie, Uzzzii, mshz)

This French team formerly known as JaS was picked up by Imaginary Gaming midway through December, which was a very successful month for them. They impressed in the online stage of SLTV StarSeries IV by sharing the top spot with Virtus.pro, later finishing 3rd at the LAN Finals, while they also made it to ESL Major Series quarter-finals as first in their group.

However, despite of now sitting at a respectable 11th place in our ranking, the situation isn't all that great for Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavigni's squad, as they had to attend the event in Ukraine without their AWPer Arthur "h0rks" Moulet, who has in the mean time been officially replaced with Michel "mshz" Nguyen. Furthermore, rumors are intesifying that their superstar Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom is leaving the team to join VeryGames any day now, with Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli filling the void.

Portugal k1ck +3 (previously 15th)
(fox, mUttt, iNsider, n3w, emotioN)

The best Portuguese team surprisingly made a slight climb in our ranking thanks to a quarter-final finish at AMD Sapphire and to winning XLParty in Portugal. The latter was techically an international event since it involved several Spanish teams as well, and it brought k1ck a nifty sum of $5,000 which made them the fourth biggest earners this month. However they didn't win most of their points at this event as it wasn't a very competitive one, but instead they won them at AMD Sapphire where they beat myDGB, eXtensive and dAT in the group stage to finish level on points with VeryGames and qualify for playoffs.

Unfortunately, just a few days ago they were forced to replace their arguably best player Mario "Fyx" Rodrigues with Rui "emotioN" Sousa from FM Sapphire, so we will see whether they will be able to hold on to their 12th place in the future.




II. Monthly Ranking


Now let's check out the ten best and most active teams during December, only counting points from this month. Even though the Poles ESC were unable to beat VeryGames head-to-head at AMD Sapphire, they had a more successful month than the French team overall and were far more active, in the end clinching their first title at SLTV StarSeries IV.


 TOP 10 2012-12-31


Rank Teams Points
1. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 254.12
2. Poland ESC Gaming 107.26
3. France VeryGames 56.75
4. Sweden Lemondogs 55.05
5. Finland Curse 54.00
6. Slovakia myDGB.net 37.43
7. Russia Virtus.pro 31.50
8. United Kingdom fm.TOXiC 26.46
9. France ex-BuyKey 24.35
10. Denmark Anexis 23.95


10. Denmark Anexis (overall +2, from 10th to 8th)
(Pimp, Nille, gla1ve, Nico, MSL)

4th at THOR Open
Total prize money:

Even though Anexis will be glad to leave the turbulent month of December behind them, they still managed to end up as the tenth best team of the month and even advance by two places in the overall ranking, occupying the 8th place now. For the first time in their CS:GO careers they managed to reach the playoffs at a major tournament, beating Lemondogs at THOR Open 16-3 to top their group, but later losing to Curse and the same Swedes to finish 4th.

Disappointment followed at NorthCon where they couldn't make it to second group stage due to a loss to MaxFloPlay in relegation, so they opted for making lineup changes after that. They removed their in-game leader Casper "ruggah" Due and Morten "coloN" Johansen to add former Cph Wolves duo Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander and Nicolaj "Nico" Jensen in hopes of finally getting their first playoff win in the near future.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams higher ranked in the Ranking of November
10th Denmark Anexis vs 5th Sweden Lemondogs
16-3 THOR Open group stage
Versus teams from the Top20 Ranking of November
10th Denmark Anexis vs 13th Sweden Absolute Legends
16-14 THOR Open group stage


9. France ex-BuyKey (overall +20, from 39th to 19th) 
(disbanded; lineup at AMD Sapphire: niko, malikinovic, NpK, Shyne, ScreaM)

4th at AMD Sapphire
Total prize money:

Thanks to their 4th place at AMD Sapphire CS:GO Invitational, the former BuyKey squad that disbanded in the meantime managed to gather enough points for 9th place in our monthly ranking, and climbed to the 19th place overall. Their success in Prague was largely influenced by their stand-in Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, who helped them take down ESC Gaming in the group stage, as well as k1ck in the quarter-final, after which they ran into the brick wall of NiP and in the end lost to myDGB in the 3rd place decider.

Shortly after that success, the team pulled out of SLTV StarSeries IV and disbanded, as their player Pierre "NpK" Henkinet was about to move to China, leaving them with a three man roster.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams higher ranked in the Ranking of November  
39th France BuyKey vs 9th Poland ESC Gaming 16-7 AMD Sapphire group stage
39th France BuyKey vs 15th Portugal k1ck 2-1 AMD Sapphire quarter-final


8. United Kingdom fm.TOXiC (overall +11, from 26th to 15th)
(Whindanski, weber, ZED, BARBARR, nEiLZiNHo)

3rd at NorthCon
Total prize money:

After not living up to the expectations from when the team was formed, fm.TOXiC finally had their breakthrough in December. Their RADEON Offensive participation ended with a forfeit to fnatic due to scheduling issues, but they still put up a good fight to Lemondogs in a close 13-16 loss in the upper bracket. They more than made up for all of that at NorthCon with a 3rd place finish, despite of not beating any top teams on the way. At the end of the month they also added two victories at the start of ESEA Invite Season 13, overall climbing to the 15th position in our ranking and showing themselves as a team to watch.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams higher ranked in the Ranking of November  
26th United Kingdom fm.TOXiC vs 23rd Denmark 3DMAX 16-13 at NorthCon group stage 2
26th United Kingdom fm.TOXiC vs 11th Germany mousesports 16-12 at ESEA Invite Season 13
26th United Kingdom fm.TOXiC vs 22nd Spain ASES 16-4 at ESEA Invite Season 13


7. Russia Virtus.pro (overall +12, from 19th to 7th)
(Dosia, Fox, ANGE1, kucher, AdreN)

2nd at SLTV StarSeries IV
Total prize money:

Virtus.pro's Russian-Ukrainian-Kazakhstani lineup made its LAN debut in December at SLTV StarSeries IV Finals, the team's only event so far. Although the Poles from ESC got the better of them twice at that event, Virtus.pro still put up a great fight to finish in 2nd place. The points they gathered were enough for 7th place in the monthly ranking, and when added to their November score they also occupy 7th place in the overall ranking, which is a 12-spot jump for them.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams higher ranked in the Ranking of November 
19th Russia Virtus.pro vs 16th France Imaginary 2-1 SLTV StarSeries IV cons. final
19th Russia Virtus.pro vs 16th France Imaginary 16-6 SLTV StarSeries IV group stage
19th Russia Virtus.pro vs 17th Finland Curse 16-11 SLTV StarSeries IV group stage
Versus teams from the Top20 Ranking of November   
19th Russia Virtus.pro vs 20th Russia zNation
2-0 SLTV StarSeries IV upper semi-final


6. Slovakia myDGB.net (overall +26, from 35th to 9th) 
(GuardiaN, uno, kap1, sneix, .PhP)

3rd at AMD Sapphire
Total prize money:

The team that made the biggest climb on our ranking during December is Slovakian-Czech combination from myDGB.net, as they went from 35th place to 9th. They practically came out of nowhere to finish 3rd at AMD Sapphire, during which they gave VeryGames their first and only loss so far from a team other than NiP. Although the French team took their revenge in the semi-final of the tournament later, myDGB managed to beat BuyKey in the 3rd place decider to win a nice sum of $4,000.

They also qualified for the playoffs at ESL Major Series, but were knocked out by gamed!de. That hinted that something perhaps went wrong in the team after the Prague event, and as December came to a close we saw Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný leave the lineup, being replaced by former CSS star Marek ".PhP" Kadek.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams higher ranked in the Ranking of November  
35th Slovakia myDGB vs 2nd France VeryGames 16-12 AMD Sapphire group stage
35th Slovakia myDGB vs 14th Russia dAT 16-10 AMD Sapphire group stage
35th   Slovakia myDGB vs 20th Russia zNation 2-1 AMD Sapphire quarter-final


5. Finland Curse (overall +12, from 17th to 5th)
(natu, allu, naSu, REFLEX, ScurK)

2nd at THOR Open
Total prize money:

After falling at DreamHack Winter group stage, the former Hawks squad improved quite a bit during December, which for them started by joining the American organization Curse. Although they were unable to qualify for SLTV StarSeries IV LAN Finals, the Finns gave a great account of themselves at THOR Open where they knocked out Copenhagen Wolves and Anexis before putting up a great fight in the final against NiP.

Even though they were unable to beat the Swedes, the THOR Open final is considered to be the closest one so far in CS:GO, and they showed that it was no accident by taking NiP to overtime in their ESEA Invite clash a few days later. The Finns have therefore jumped from 17th to 5th place in the overall ranking and will be a team to watch in the month of January.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams higher ranked in the Ranking of November
17th Finland Curse vs 6th Denmark Copenhagen Wolves 16-8 THOR Open group stage
17th Finland Curse vs 10th Denmark Anexis 2-0 THOR Open semi-final
17th Finland Curse vs 6th Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
16-3 SLTV StarSeries IV group stage
17th Finland Curse vs 14th Russia dAT 16-4 SLTV StarSeries IV group stage


4. Sweden Lemondogs (overall +1, from 5th to 4th)
(twist, zajp, cype, beRg, Spitfire)

1st at RADEON Offensive
3rd at THOR Open

Total prize money:

December confirmed Lemondogs as a top 5 team in the world. The Swedish team has proved that their DreamHack Winter 3rd/4th place was not a fluke with another 3rd place finish at THOR Open, and they also showed they were good online by winning RADEON Offensive. The only regret for them could be the underachievement against Anexis during the Thor Open group stage, losing 16-3 which in consequence forced them to play against Ninjas in Pyjamas in the semi-final.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams from the Top20 Ranking of November   
5th Sweden Lemondogs vs 13th Sweden aL
16-12 THOR Open group stage
5th Sweden Lemondogs vs 10th Denmark Anexis 2-0 THOR Open 3rd place
5th Sweden Lemondogs vs 11th Germany mousesports 16-2 RADEON Offensive upper final

3. France VeryGames (overall -, stayed 2nd) 
(Ex6TenZ, kennyS, NBK, SmithZz, X)

2nd at AMD Sapphire
Total prize money:

Even though they finished 3rd in the monthly ranking, VeryGames hold firmly onto their 2nd place in our overall list. We only saw them at AMD Sapphire this month where, once again, they reached 2nd place after being defeated by Ninjas in Pyjamas in the final for the 4th time in a row. Even though they hold their position as 2nd best team in the world,  the French top team proved that they were beatable by teams other than Ninjas in Pyjamas as they took their first defeat on LAN against myDGB during the group stage in Czech Republic.

However, coming into the new season we will see a change in the team as Cédric "RpK" Guipouy announced his retirement and it is heavily rumored that he will be replaced by Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, which would give a new dimension to the clashes between NiP and VeryGames in 2013.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams from the Top20 Ranking of November    
2nd France VeryGames vs 14th Russia dAT 16-13 AMD Sapphire group stage
2nd France VeryGames vs 15th Portugal k1ck 16-8 AMD Sapphire group stage
2nd France VeryGames vs 9th Poland ESC Gaming 2-0 AMD Sapphire quarter-final
2nd France VeryGames vs 10th Denmark Anexis 16-9 ESEA Invite Season 13

2. Poland ESC Gaming
(overall +6, from 9th to 3rd)
(Neo, Loord, TaZ, kuben, pasha)

1st at SLTV StarSeries IV
2nd at NorthCon

Total prize money:

This month has been marked by an impressive improvement of the Polish squad, and not only because of their rise to 3rd place overall. Filip "Neo" Kubski & co improved their game a lot from the DreamHack Winter fiasco, and finally reduced the gap between them and the current top 2.

Firstly they put up a good fight against VeryGames in the AMD Sapphire quarter-finals and then after going back to the drawing board, obtained their first podium finish with a second place at NorthCon. Even though many top teams were missed at the German event, the Polish team reached the final easily before being squashed by the Swedish steamroller NiP. Later in the month, they became the first team to win an international title aside from the Swedes, taking out Virtus.pro and Imaginary Gaming at the SLTV StarSeries IV finals. With a total amount of around 7,000 euros added to their account they were the second best earners in December.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams from the Top20 Ranking of November  
9th Poland ESC Gaming vs 20th Russia zNation 16-9 AMD Sapphire group stage
9th Poland ESC Gaming vs 10th Denmark Anexis 16-4 NorthCon group stage 1
9th Poland ESC Gaming vs 14th Russia dAT 16-5 SLTV StarSeries IV group stage
9th Poland ESC Gaming vs 16th France Imaginary 2-0 SLTV StarSeries IV upper semi-final
9th Poland ESC Gaming vs 19th Russia Virtus.pro 2-1 SLTV StarSeries IV upper final
9th Poland ESC Gaming vs 19th Russia Virtus.pro 2-0 SLTV StarSeries IV grand final


1. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas (overall -, stayed 1st)
(GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Fifflaren, Xizt, friberg)

1st at AMD Sapphire
1st at THOR Open
1st at NorthCon

Total prize money:

Ninjas in Pyjamas stayed untouchable until the end of 2012, recording 58 map wins in a row on LAN so far. During December they added 3 more titles to their account, defeating VeryGames in the NorthCon final, Curse at THOR Open and ESC Gaming in NorthCon's last match. With these results, and due to VeryGames only attending one event, the Swedes have more than doubled their lead over the French in our ranking and it is not looking likely that someone will overthrow them any time soon.

Top matches (according to the ranking of November 2012):

Versus teams from the Top20 Ranking of November    
1st Sweden NiP vs 6th Denmark Copenhagen Wolves 16-7 THOR Open group stage
1st Sweden NiP vs 17th Finland Curse 16-6 THOR Open group stage
1st Sweden NiP vs 5th Sweden Lemondogs 2-0 THOR Open semi-final
1st Sweden NiP vs 17th Finland Curse 2-0 THOR Open grand final
1st Sweden NiP vs 20th Russia zNation 16-4 AMD Sapphire group stage
1st Sweden NiP vs 9th Poland ESC Gaming 16-12 AMD Sapphire group stage
1st Sweden NiP vs 2nd France VeryGames 2-0 AMD Sapphire grand final
1st Sweden NiP vs 13th Sweden Absolute Legends
16-2 NorthCon group stage 2
1st Sweden NiP vs 9th Poland ESC Gaming 2-0 NorthCon grand final
1st Sweden NiP vs 9th Poland ESC Gaming
16-1 ESEA Invite Season 13
1st Sweden NiP vs 17th Finland Curse 19-15 ESEA Invite Season 13



III. Main Stats 


III.1 Ranking by prize money


The amounts of prize money is based only on the events included in the ranking:


Monthly prize money Ranking       Overall prize money Ranking
1st Sweden NiP ~24,327€       1st Sweden NiP ~51,929€
2nd Poland ESC Gaming ~7,120€       2nd France VeryGames ~19,730€
3rd France VeryGames ~4,620€       3rd United States 4Nothing ~10,780€
4th Portugal k1ck ~3,850€       4th Poland ESC Gaming ~7,120€
5th Slovakia myDGB ~3,080€       5th Sweden Lemondogs ~6,486€
6th Sweden Lemondogs ~2,405€       6th Portugal k1ck ~4,475€
7th Finland Curse ~2,310€       7th United Kingdom ex-mousesports ~4,081€
7th Russia Virtus.pro ~2,310€       8th United States Dynamic ~3,080€
9th France Imaginary Gaming ~1,925€       8th Slovakia myDGB ~3,080€
10th Spain ASES ~1,540€       10th Finland Curse ~2,310€


III.2 Events Ranking by points


Here are the 4 major events this month and their rankings in accordance with the points earned:


AMD Sapphire   THOR Open
1st Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas   1st Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas
2nd France VeryGames   2nd Finland Curse
3rd Slovakia myDGB   3rd Sweden Lemondogs
4th France ex-BuyKey   4th Denmark Anexis
5th Portugal k1ck   5th Sweden gosu
6th Russia zNation   6th Sweden ex-Western Wolves
7th France eXtensive   7th Denmark ex-CPH Wolves
8th Poland ESC Gaming   8th Sweden Absolute Legends




NorthCon   SLTV (including groupstage points from November)
1st Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas   1st Poland ESC Gaming
2nd Poland ESC Gaming   2nd Russia Virtus.pro
3rd United Kingdom fm.TOXiC   3rd France Imaginary
4th Denmark CPLAY   4th Russia dAT
5th Germany gamed!de   5th Germany mousesports
6th Denmark 3DMAX   6th Russia zNation
7th Sweden Absolute Legends   7th Finland Curse
8th Poland MaxFloPlay   8th Denmark ex-Copenhagen Wolves




III.3 Other Top Matches from teams outside of the Monthly Top 10 


11th Germany mousesports vs   7th Germany n!faculty 16-7 RADEON upper semi-final
13th Sweden aL vs   7th Germany n!faculty 16-5 ESEA Invite Season 13
15th Portugal k1ck vs 14th Russia dAT 16-13 AMD Sapphire group stage
25th Denmark fnatic vs   7th Germany n!faculty 16-14 RADEON lower final
25th Denmark fnatic vs 11th Germany mousesports 16-4 RADEON cons. final
25th Denmark fnatic vs 18th Germany ALTERNATE 16-14 RADEON lower r. 1
27th France eXtensive vs 14th Russia dAT 16-9 AMD Sapphire group stage
29th Poland MaxFloPlay vs 10th Denmark Anexis 16-10 NorthCon expulsion 1
30th Germany gamed!de vs 13th Sweden aL 16-9 NorthCon group stage 2
32th Denmark CPLAY vs 29th Poland MaxFloPlay 16-12 NorthCon group stage 1
32th Denmark CPLAY vs 26th United Kingdom fm.TOXiC 16-13 NorthCon group stage 2
32th Denmark CPLAY vs 30th Germany gamed!de 16-4 NorthCon expulsion 2
38th Sweden ex-WWolves vs 13th Sweden aL 16-14 THOR Open group stage
41th Sweden gosu vs 17th Finland Curse 16-11 THOR Open group stage
42th Spain Wizard vs 31th Finland FR34KSHOW 2-1 EMS 1/8 final


If you are wondering which events were included in the making of this ranking, here is a list in 3 levels (although there are in fact 9, but we merged them for displaying purposes).

High: DreamHack Winter 2012, ESWC 2012
Medium: DreamHack Valencia, SLTV StarSeries IV, NorthCon, THOR Open, AMD Sapphire
Low: ESEA Invite Season 12, DreamHack Winter international qualifer, ESL Major Series, ESEA Invite Season 13 North America & Europe, XLParty, RADEON Offensive

That concludes our December team ranking and analysis. Stay tuned for the January edition next month and keep a close eye on your favorite teams.

If you have any questions about the ranking, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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Finland rDooK 
Absolutely brillaint Article and man, such a huge calliber Article considering this is only Months rankings. Brillaint job with tons of respect!
2013-01-10 13:16
nice , keep up the good work !
2013-01-10 13:17
Nice! I think myDGB'll be top5 in few months
2013-01-10 13:17
Poland tfg 
navi ru there hahahah b0bz
2013-01-10 13:17
NiP, too big too fast too strong!
2013-01-10 13:20
2013-01-10 13:22
VP top3 in future,i hope
2013-01-10 13:31
great very nice
2013-01-10 13:36
GJ reakq. Also well played ESC!
2013-01-10 13:36
9th ESC Gaming vs 19th Virtus.pro 2-1 SLTV StarSeries IV grand final 2-0 maybe?
2013-01-10 13:36
for Team Dynamic it's "AZK" not "AZX"
2013-01-10 13:43
France reakq  
fixed, thanks
2013-01-10 13:44
Denmark Sander 
Really great work with this article!
2013-01-10 13:47
This is why HLTV is No.1, love when they bring out the statistic's. aL to climb, mouz to drop. (are mouz even no.1 in Germany?)
2013-01-10 13:49
Bulgaria J4R 
One of the best articles i have ever read. So nicely done. It was a pleasure to read it. Great job man, freaking good job. Thanks.
2013-01-10 14:04
Poland prov 
MaxFlo 5-6 on NorthCon with gamed!de.
2013-01-10 14:05
This is why HLTV.org is the best CS coverage site.
2013-01-10 14:08
ESC growing!
2013-01-10 14:11
Damn someone had a lot of free time here ;p Great article!
2013-01-10 14:15
He's been working on it all throughout December (as well as beginning of January) :)
2013-01-10 14:29
Well done for writting this! It's been a pleasure reading it! :)
2013-01-10 14:42
2013-01-10 14:49
wow, that's what I call an extensive article :) great job ;)
2013-01-10 14:51
ESC not expected ! ) VP imo deserved on higher position in ranking ... but its only stats
2013-01-10 15:06
2013-01-10 15:20
keep iit up ESC.. just waiting for navi and fnatic to make an impact now
2013-01-10 15:25
crazy article man great works.
2013-01-10 15:25
Gogogo DGB :>
2013-01-10 15:30
2013-01-10 15:31
vp will be in top 5 but they only attend in SLTV :)
2013-01-10 15:33
NIP imba ;_;
2013-01-10 15:34
CS:GO = NiP [unbeatable] CS 1.6 = SK, Natus Vincere, ESC Gaming, Lions, fnatic, WinFakt, Moscow Five .. fighting for the 1st place, beautiful moments. I'm crying.
2013-01-10 15:48
2013-01-10 16:22
Like 1.6 was never dominated by any team. Cry me a river.
2013-01-10 16:40
CS 1.6 2005/2006: SK.swe were also unbeatable (ahl, fisker, heaton, potti, spawn)
2013-01-10 18:40
SpawN | 
Slovakia mBust3r 
2003 was actually the best year for them ;)
2013-01-11 01:41
Ha that lineup was in early 2004 ... and 2006 lineup (after spawn left) is maybe the weakest sk team ever
2013-01-13 07:12
Slovakia ABzV 
Mad portuguese and brazil fanboys?
2013-01-10 15:57
why portugueses would be mad? k1ck got into top15 , i think for them is very nice
2013-01-10 16:20
First time I see your country flag... let's say... well positioned. HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
2013-01-10 17:21
Slovakia ABzV 
I dont give a single fuck about our teams...just wanted to make them mad, they are always like K1CK IS THE BEST...PROGAMING.TD FTW
2013-01-11 11:27
Well, thats maybe you let them say that. I mean, they arent like you say, they just say that because they like to annoy those who are saying that all day.
2013-01-11 13:00
now stand up an go learn geography!
2013-01-17 16:20
Where do I need to learn geography sir? eheh Maybe I know more than you.
2013-01-17 22:12
Ain't noboy got time for that.
2013-01-10 16:15
nice ESC!
2013-01-10 16:22
India Ad1_KaM 
I didn't even have the patience to read the whole thing, I don't know how the hell you wrote it? :D
2013-01-10 16:24
glad to see ESC is back.
2013-01-10 17:01
"I.", "II.", "III." /fail (not epic one)
2013-01-10 17:04
Very interesting read ESC @ 3rd is AWESOME! Just get a little higher up and it's perfect!
2013-01-10 17:03
Good work, but those graphs are just horrible (aesthetically) *-*.
2013-01-10 17:04
WorldEdit > all
2013-01-10 17:58
really nice article :)
2013-01-10 18:22
Great job!
2013-01-10 18:48
why nip first omg VeryGames the best
2013-01-10 18:48
Slovakia kubiaxk 
myDGB da beasts
2013-01-10 19:25
i rilly like Nip but to boring they win all the tourneys sry,sry for insultes
2013-01-10 19:39
Where is Na'Vi?
2013-01-10 19:41
ASES? ._.
2013-01-10 19:46
My nigga reakq at the top of his game once again, going hard in the paint like a BULLDOZER§§§ 2013 will be NiP > all Reakq > all
2013-01-10 19:58
Absolutely amazing job, massive kudos. Some real interesting points in there :)
2013-01-10 20:03
World doh 
esc is getting better and better
2013-01-10 20:22
Huge letters, are you dictinoary?
2013-01-10 22:19
United Kingdom Alth 
12. k1ck Lmfao. What a joke. Past the top 5, this is literally the worst ranking I have seen.
2013-01-10 23:19
+1 k1ck shouldn't be even top30
2013-01-10 23:26
United Kingdom Alth 
They definitely shouldn't be in the top 20. Every team in that list, and quite a few more are miles better than k1ck. Although a lot of Portugese fanboys will disagree, they just aren't very good. Also I have no idea why BuyKey are in the top 20. Shyne played well in the ESWC quals, that's it. NpK was ok at Prague but the only reason they got anywhere was because ScreaM carried them.
2013-01-10 23:44
Why aren't they good? K1ck beat myDGB.net (9th place in ranking), extensive and DAT in Prague and Ases twice, only losing matches in LAN to NiP, VG and, ok that was kind of bad, BuyKey with Scream (19th in ranking).
2013-01-11 00:16
if buykey was that bad how they could perform so well do you think scream would perform better if he was with img line up look what happen to sltv finals... They definately did their job for a total mix unprepared. Prague was Scream's best lan from what he said to us , ofc he did great but player followed with skill despite the fact there was no pracc at all . they gave a good run to nip and destroy ESC and aswell dominate kick easily on 2 map . (played myDgb with a 2nd stand in because of personal affair with niko at lan and still get into 3rd map against a well trained team
2013-01-11 06:36
United Kingdom Alth 
They just aren't anywhere close to Absolute Legends, so I have no idea how they are considered above them in this ranking system.
2013-01-11 07:25
Yeah, this is hella crazy!! I bet if this guy had some facts or some shit it would be totally different.. Again, explicit work raeq!
2013-01-11 00:17
India h8or 
8 1.6ers out of top 15 players in CS:GO. And so it begins!
2013-01-11 01:18
Apart from you're forgetting that the current system doesn't account for the fact that a lot of the better teams haven't played in the recent tournies that certain teams such as ESC have gained points in (Ex mous is the big one that comes to mind). Overall the stats suggest that CSS and 1.6 players are roughly equal in skill at this game.
2013-01-11 11:10
beware the american teams!
2013-01-11 01:21
It's fist time that article has dominated space of site more than comments after one day ;d
2013-01-11 03:22
nice article, keep up the good work in upcoming months too. I wish, nip keeps on dominating and break all the cs records and stats and whatever there is :)
2013-01-11 07:44
Nways, salute to the HLTV.org group, i don know cs:go is going to rise or fall in future but the effort put up by this site is simply indescribable. The support counter strike is getting from the source like HLTV.org is not seen in common for other games. I don know either whether there r other sites who cast a game like this but whatever this site is doing for the game of counter strike is so admirable and i feel lucky being able to know/see so many facts, stats, news, videos, demos any many things that this site is giving to a viewer like me who is so into this game. Finally, i want to thank HLTV.org once again and the whole team who made all this possible, hats off to ur work, couldnt ask for more.
2013-01-11 10:52
2013 will be for ESC 4sho <3
2013-01-11 12:12
vg with scream can maybe pull a map if him and kennys r on at the same time..nbk is consistent too.they r highly skilled can't deny that
2013-01-11 12:27
Sweden PPH 
2013-01-11 13:53
gj nip
2013-01-11 20:17
way to go ESC !!
2013-01-12 02:47
Needs more data :P
2013-01-13 02:52
go V.P.
2013-01-13 16:49
Sweden BenneDoT 
Lemodogs and ESC are rising now mark my words...
2013-01-14 18:55
good job.
2013-01-15 15:34
Brazil uanz1n 
:-/ Progaming
2013-01-16 23:18
gj reakq
2013-01-19 11:57
gl vp
2013-01-20 05:39
ESC domination is coming! respect to them and na'vi and teams who stayed together! not the swedes who changes players like closet paper!
2013-01-23 23:28
Where January ranking?
2013-02-09 16:49
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