CS:GO Pro tips with Fifflaren

Valve has released the latest video of its CS:GO Pro Tips series, starring Ninjas in Pyjamas' Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson.

Since CS:GO was released in August, Valve has released several videos in which professional players provide insight into the new game's weapons and maps.

In this video, Johansson takes a look at de_nuke_ve, explaining some basic positioning and how flashbangs and smokes can be used to a great effect.

Below you can find the links to the other videos that are part of Valve's Pro Tips series:

omg looks who's givin tips O_O
2012-12-04 15:24
26 replies
I saw these kinds of comments coming... Consider the following: He is actually a very good player, but comparing someone directly with players like get_right and f0rest in every game will always result in him looking bad although he still is very good.
2012-12-04 15:27
1 reply
why would nip pick him if they doubt fiff is 1% bad or got a weak point ... haters gonna hate he is will known in cs:s this man is pro let the dogs sparking as much as they want :D
2012-12-05 11:23
Oo he's in the best team of the world Oo
2012-12-04 15:36
Look whos commenting. Some jealous nonamer called luckyshot5.
2012-12-04 15:43
19 replies
i meant fiffy always gets carried by NIP. he doesnt deserve to be in NIP !! he's not bringing enough to the table!!
2012-12-04 16:11
17 replies
I would say being ingame caller and still fraggin what he should is enough?
2012-12-04 16:14
7 replies
He is not ingame leader, Xizt is.
2012-12-04 16:18
Xizt is the IGL now, but ye fifflaren did a good job.
2012-12-04 16:20
Yes, but these guys can't accept that. If you don't have 25+ frags you should be replaced. So much kids on this website. It's not only about frags.
2012-12-04 16:42
4 replies
Its not only about frags but being always in the bottom of the scoreboard raises questions when you're playing for the best team in the world.
2012-12-04 17:35
3 replies
Come on.. someone has to be at the bottom of the scoreboard. And when you're playing 4 really mad mad fraggers.. you know:p fifflaren did really well if you ask me
2012-12-05 09:22
2 replies
Well he is a fragger now and from this point of view I understand that he is the weakest fragger from NIP and somebody might think that he should be replaced, because he is just not that mad as the others, he is just "good". Bu the other point that is important in my opinion is that he can still get better. He was used to strat calling, not giving mad headshots. So he needs to get used to his new role. And last but not least, if Xizt's starts will not work and they will start loosing rounds because of that, Fiflaren can alway step in and bring something new.
2012-12-06 15:59
1 reply
Yea, that's what they're trying to do right now.. people just talk shit about him I don't know why.. so childish
2012-12-06 16:04
I only saw nuke vs VG but he did good.
2012-12-04 16:14
2012-12-04 16:28
Did you even watch the interview with f0rest. It isn't his job to top frag. They all have different roles. Jesus christ some people are dumb. amg if fiffluyrjan i nuh hi frag0r evry gme swapz him oot!!!1111!!
2012-12-04 16:50
You're an absolute moron. Fliff is an great player and plays well nearly every game.
2012-12-04 17:00
seriously they (NIP) havent lost any lan tournament. what are you talking about.
2012-12-04 17:50
3 replies
Sweden Flurpan
You mean GT and f0rest. Fiflaren was the first guy to be killed like 10 rounds in a row by Kennys on inferno(the last match) and then GT, forest and xizt had to pull out some amazing rounds to win it.I dident see him win a singel awp battel againts kenny. Im not saying he is bad but far far far.... from the best.
2012-12-04 23:01
2 replies
Well you are completely wrong about that! Fiflarem, in that particulary match, was awuusom he did some clutchs and gave a AK single in Kennys from 100 mt! LOL. you must watch games before you comment!
2012-12-05 01:45
ccao is right you clearly didn't watch the demo or are just trolling
2012-12-05 03:41
You watched the interview with f0rest? Guess you didn't go check it out.
2012-12-04 18:32
2012-12-04 17:26
Yeah because every single guy in nip should be in the role of madfragger.
2012-12-04 18:13
2012-12-04 19:08
there's more to cs than aiming.
2012-12-04 20:23
nicely done ;]
2012-12-04 15:28
fifflaren tips?! nice troll.. no thanks hahaha
2012-12-04 15:29
6 replies
he's the igl of the best team so it should be useful
2012-12-04 15:30
3 replies
former igl so yeah not his tactics most likely.
2012-12-04 15:31
2 replies
is Xizt the igl now?
2012-12-04 15:32
1 reply
2012-12-04 15:33
yeah, he is only in the best csgo team in the world.
2012-12-04 15:38
Funny because you are fucking shit at the game rofl.
2012-12-04 16:51
Former igl wants this to look like his ideas but is it? i doubt it and if it is nip can still use it after he's out.
2012-12-04 15:30
3 replies
I'm pretty sure it's one of his rounds, he pretty much did all of the tactics for NiP, you will probably see some newer tactics from recent games made by xizt, but who knows.. I'm pretty sure they still use some of Fifflarens tactics, old and new ones
2012-12-04 16:04
IGL =/= the one making the strats, the IGL is the one deciding what they'll do for every round. You can be certain that friberg & Fifflaren has given loads of input as to what they should do..
2012-12-04 17:03
Its not even a tactic you idiot. Just a standard split and pick, that results in being able to take anywhere on the map. Its basic counterstrike, hardly some elaborate strategy.
2012-12-04 17:28
Funny how retards instantly troll fifflaren for beeing the one giving the tips, yet they didnt even wasted time to watch the video and actually see some nice insight, special on the last flashbang
2012-12-04 15:31
3 replies
2012-12-04 15:49
Yep, the flashbang into inner is awesome :)
2012-12-04 15:59
2012-12-04 16:04
everybody who flames him will surely need his tips ;)
2012-12-04 15:32
6 replies
Of course they dont dude, everyone knows this random nonames who flame fifflaren's gameplay are obviously way better than him, and just like him, win tournaments upon tounrmanets while getting paid. Its called envy, such a bad thing.
2012-12-04 15:34
5 replies
Russia goodjob
but hes still bad even if i respect him :D
2012-12-04 15:52
4 replies
Hes bad in comparisson with gtr, friberg, f0rest and xizt and you know what? Who isnt? Hes not a bad player, he's role is simply different. Hes not as skilled as the rest of NiP but he does his job and his team wins, thats what matters
2012-12-04 16:06
3 replies
2012-12-04 16:32
Oh yeah, he's not bad he just likes to get killed first every important round and sucks with awp compared to top players with it. Its actually pretty funny to see now ppl that didnt give 2 shits abouts him in source are defending him now.
2012-12-04 19:27
1 reply
2012-12-05 14:45
Pro tip: Smoke Hut. thank you captain obvious
2012-12-04 15:34
1 reply
How is it obvious in anyway? Oh I'm sorry, you must be that famous guy from a top10 team, oh wait..
2012-12-04 16:02
I thought flashes from roof are going through the txt and flashing upper <facepalm>
2012-12-04 15:40
Great vid, helped alot thx!
2012-12-04 15:43
all the haters haha, just fuck off. he is in the best team in the world.
2012-12-04 15:43
29 replies
Even you could be on NiP, stay on spawn each round and voila you just crowned yourself as DH champions. It's like they play 3v5 or 4v5 lol
2012-12-04 19:50
28 replies
no i couldt, you are so stupid. This is his role, ofc he when you have gtr and f0rest in your team you cant topfrag all the time. "he suck" ok, he still plays in the best team atm.
2012-12-04 20:01
27 replies
LOL I was joking. No need to be so mad rofl Joke aside, Yes indeed, he plays in the best team, but do you honestly think that he deserves that spot with his performance? Don't mention 'topfrag', he even struggle to get into top 3 on the scoreboard. Role? what role? Role to be the first one to die or sacrifice/bait? Role to defend the sites without even manage to get 1 kill? Entry fragger? (No, it's f0rest job) I'm really curious about it?
2012-12-04 20:18
26 replies
So am i but we still dont know, he does something is he's team and that is needed. He still hepls Xizt will strats etc.
2012-12-04 20:24
25 replies
I dont know man, all I saw is he's the weak link in that team. I mean NiP could do much better with a better person. Well they're still on the top, what can we say :)
2012-12-04 20:36
24 replies
no i dont think so, there is no one that can replace him in sweden for now. And every team have a weak link so stop this please.
2012-12-04 20:53
23 replies
Sweden Flurpan
loled there are 1000 players better then him in sweden atm.
2012-12-04 23:24
5 replies
name one?
2012-12-04 23:46
4 replies
moddiii, rdl, pronax, zneel and heck even BARBARR would be better than him
2012-12-05 14:44
3 replies
no even close, all of them expect moddii does not have enough experience mate. And they dont need a guy like moddii, they win everything.
2012-12-05 15:45
2 replies
Please read #175, "carefully"
2012-12-05 16:10
btw, if there's no one else in sweden that are better than this guy.. Swedes future is doomed I guess LOL
2012-12-05 16:15
every team have a weak link you say? your logic seems to be twisted, dont you think it's a bit contradicted with what required to be a champions that you need to be the best in every aspect than the others? NiP was hyper-carried by 3 people and that's the fact. Fiff is just another player that can be replaced by any random player atm.
2012-12-05 14:42
16 replies
yes every team have a weak link and again fiff doesnt NEED to be replaced you moron, NiP havent yet lost a game, jesus
2012-12-05 15:51
12 replies
So if you attend to LAN and say it's ok to lose because we have a weak link in our team? Yes of course they haven't lost yet, they were hyper-carried by GTR, f0rest and xizt. But they wont be on top forever, soon they will need to replaced him with someone BETTER. You seem to be butthurt or simply just a kid to call someone stupid or moron because he had a different argument than you. Grow up please rofl.
2012-12-05 16:08
11 replies
we are talking for now ffs, hltv kids like you doesnt understand a shit. So stop this argument. and no its not ok you lose, my point is that everyone is on fifflaren "he suck" etc etc. Ofc you suck when you have f0rest and gtr and fiff still helps Xizt with strats. And there is no one who can replace him with that much experience.
2012-12-05 16:21
10 replies
Lol, why rage? butthurt much? "hltv kids like you doesnt understand a shit." Oh am I? or do you? If so please kindly explain to me what role did fiff had in the team, except the first one to die without a kill, poorly defending the site, poorly play as a backup role, easily picked up by opponents. Dont even mention helps xizt with strats, even GTR has an experince with being a stratscaller. Everyone call he's suck cause that IS the fact that he's not playing near NiP standard. Grow up please, thx why stop the arguments? this is where it's getting interesting. Please enlighten me with your CS knowledge, cause you seem to think that you're much better than this "HLTV kids".
2012-12-05 16:37
9 replies
it seems that im better than these. Well actually what do you know what's best for NiP? nothing, i thought so. Watch when f0rest says he plays a important role. Get_right yes maybe he have BUT in cs 1.6, fiff is helping them to understand the engine and others details, like f0rest said.
2012-12-05 16:41
8 replies
Prove me. Nor you does, but at least they know what to do if they finally failed to stay on top. is there any connection between understanding the engine and helping with stratscall? understanding the engine is where you need to adapt to the game's physics changes like recoil and the way of the nade's throwed,etc. meanwhile stratscall is where you decide the way of your gameplay on the match.
2012-12-05 17:05
7 replies
yes and fiff was igl in source so he is till helping xizt so fiff have a bit role in NiP, if you cant deal with it the twisted one here is you.
2012-12-05 17:10
6 replies
You clearly dont understand my post, of course I know he was an IGL in source and also in early days of NiP. What I dont understand is how does understanding the engine helps xizt to make a calls? I'm pretty sure by now every NiP players already adapted enough to the game. lol. So if I cant deal with that, I'm twisted? ROFL
2012-12-05 17:32
5 replies
my point is that fiff is a huge peace of NiP, you seem to not understand that hehe
2012-12-05 17:35
4 replies
was* now? ofc not
2012-12-05 17:38
3 replies
he is now aswell, what i have seen he takes very important rounds, not as many as f0rest but yeah. He has improved lately, thats good.
2012-12-05 17:42
2 replies
mmm ok? lol
2012-12-05 17:56
1 reply
hltv.org/?pageid=18&threadid=262041#r376.. watch this, he have actually improved haha
2012-12-05 17:57
ironic, as your logic here is twisted. if you had a team of the five greatest players ever to have graced the game, there would still be a weaker player of the five. unless you clone get_right or f0rest a few times. even then, get_right defending site A on inferno won't be as good as get_right defending site B simply because we all favour positions.. so what's the best way for T's to go? B of course.. therefore get_right at site B will keep getting turned over. it's your logic that is flawed my friend. why? because they haven't lost a LAN match yet and you're saying they should replace one of their players.. why, you want them to win matches better?
2012-12-05 17:08
2 replies
2012-12-05 17:10
Of course, there would be the weakest one. I'm just saying that you couldn't make that as an excuse. NiP is the best team atm, you have to live up to the standard. What I want to say is, the 'gap' between fiff and the other 4 is too big to notice. You can't do that in a team like NiP. Of course my opinion doesnt mean much while they're still unbeatable, just like what I said in #175 that they wont be on top forever, but if when the time comes and fiff is still not improved, we got the faintest idea of what will they do.
2012-12-05 17:28
Russia @sL4Mtv
VALVE respect for intresting content for newbie players Need ProTips Get_Right :)
2012-12-04 15:44
8 replies
i need get_rights aim tutorial :D
2012-12-04 15:47
7 replies
aim for the legs, close your eyes and spray.
2012-12-04 15:58
5 replies
2012-12-04 16:19
I like how half of the people are saying that the recoil is shit and its impossible to spray and the other half are saying that just close your eyes and spray and you'll hit. lol
2012-12-04 17:27
3 replies
I said "aim for the legs" then close your eyes and spray. That's, how get right plays, check his demos. for the recoil thing: It is different and easy to 10 bullet burst.
2012-12-04 22:10
2 replies
if u got shot from enemy when u spray in him u can't control recoil anymore.which indicates that they have done more realistically than in the 1.6 its new game u must learn how its work,forget all about 1.6 if u wanna be better in cs:go...
2012-12-05 04:51
1 reply
What are you talking about?
2012-12-05 17:14
spray tutorial*
2012-12-04 16:22
Has it ever occured to you that NiP probably use most of the tactics and setups like they did when he was IGL? Looking at the VoDs and demos you can clearly see that they are still using most of it. So all of this nonesense that he's not giving anything to his team is pretty lame, yes he's not mad fragging like everyone get_right and f0rest, but he does a lot for them when it comes to tactics and support, I also noticed that he did improve his AWP a little bit at EHP LAN.. I really cannot understand the sudden hate to this one player, I'm not sure if it's all out of jealousy or something else, but c'mon this is just getting plain silly.. I really wished that HLTV would start banning or block people a bit more often, surely they must be tired of constantly reading all the rubbish posted on pretty much every single thread and news posts
2012-12-04 16:01
6 replies
Even in 1.6, there was always a player who fragged alot less than the rest, yet was an essential part of the team's sucess, look at ceh9 for Na'Vi for example, players like whiMp in mTw gold times who were freaking great, but didnt had the respect they deserved just because their role wasnt the one idiots can only see: Madfragger. As long as you get frags, your awesome. Hltv.org kids mentality. Fifflaren may not be as skilled as the others 4; and he isnt; but he contributes for the team and is a vital part of its absolute sucess so far.
2012-12-04 16:14
5 replies
Remember how many people wanted to kick ahl out of SK? Even though he was the glue guy they needed..
2012-12-04 17:06
Biggets +1 I ever handed out...!
2012-12-04 18:14
Thank you so much for throwing a intelligent comment into a comment section on this site.. people don't seem to realise that GTR and f0rest, their job is to hunt down kills, get the entries, do the frag part basically, at least thats how I see it. They are after all two of the best aimers in the world. Following hltv kids logic, nip would still win 5v2 for all they cared, as long as they had their fraggers in there.
2012-12-04 19:36
2 replies
The kids who say NiP wins 4v5 are the same who once said Neo carried the golden 5 i mean.. how can someone even say this? All players have different roles in a team, some have more impact than others, thats just how it is. It doesnt make the one who has less impact useless.. Their all part of the big picture
2012-12-04 21:49
Sweden Flurpan
So you mean fifaleren and friberg is the bombplanters? This game is about frags. The "tactic" he shows here is standard CS tacs.
2012-12-04 23:29
Why are you idiots flaming/trolling fifflaren when he will always be better than most of you idiots flaming him. Good insight
2012-12-04 16:01
so many childish kids.. lol
2012-12-04 16:04
I liked the tip "throw 2 flashbangs" on official valve video when you can only have 1 with normal settings. lol
2012-12-04 16:05
fifflaren doin his part in nip exelently why alot hate him dont understnd?? like someon would do any bettr?? Sry, sry for insultes..
2012-12-04 16:20
1 reply
Yes, washed up Delpan would do so much better
2012-12-04 16:50
if this tips helped you this mean you are CASUAL SAUCER
2012-12-04 16:23
1 reply
Ah, yes.. because people from 1.6 (regardless of skill level) would know this even though it wasn't possible to throw said flashbangs and so forth in their previous game. Get a grip, please..
2012-12-04 17:07
So many self proclaimed professionals here.
2012-12-04 16:26
I gotta say he gives some very good tips right here
2012-12-04 16:30
oh, the irony
2012-12-04 16:35
Taiwan SCVready
some very useful tips :D
2012-12-04 16:38
Wow people still hating on the guy because he did bad on one map?
2012-12-04 16:42
Nice tutorial, most of these things are commonly known between players who play alot of mix/cw, and stuff like that, but for some starters this is great.
2012-12-04 16:45
Poland mhl_
pretty decent :)
2012-12-04 16:46
I found the video very helpful, and he's a great player I don't know why so much hate
2012-12-04 16:46
Awkward thing is, if it was Get_Right doing the exact same thing with the exact same tips, all these fanatical 1.6 fanboys would be hopping on his meat stick and thanking the stars that they have been blessed with such ground breaking tips. The narrow mindedness and IQ of some of the posters on here is frightening.
2012-12-04 16:56
1 reply
2012-12-05 15:07
he might not be the best fragger in NiP but is by far better than anyone on this post -_-
2012-12-04 16:57
7 replies
True say :D Better than all of us.
2012-12-04 17:17
So if we want to criticize someone, to be able to do that we must be better than that person? :)
2012-12-04 20:28
5 replies
ok, where would DaZeD, KennyS, Aguila, Troubly finish within NiP if they were to replace Fifflaren? probably the same, fifth or forth with Friberg... does that mean they are crap players too?
2012-12-05 15:11
4 replies
Ok, clearly you misunderstand something. I NEVER said that the scoreboard is what I used as a standard here. If I do that, I would've put friberg on the same category as fifflaren. And you know what, friberg does his job on his team. He defend the sites properly, he's good as backup as CT, his positioning is good so he can trade off frag as a T when their entry fragger was killed and he's worth to be part of NiP even though the scoreboard says another story. It's never about the 'scoreboard' thing, it's about his whole game. Where he can be picked up by opponent so easily, he defends the site awkwardly, often first to die without manage to get a kill leaving his teammate with 4v5 situation. What worse could you ask from him?
2012-12-05 15:25
3 replies
"Don't mention 'topfrag', he even struggle to get into top 3 on the scoreboard.". It boils down to a difference of opinion at the end of the day. I feel he's a good player, that brings good strats and can perform when really needed to. Friberg and himself just get made to look crap because of the other 3. defending a site against 5 other pro gamers is no easy feat for anyone, not even for the likes of f0rest or get-right. the best tactic is to exploit the weakest link, hence why he usually dies first.. what way would you go as T, get-right's way or Fifflarens? rattlesnk even said that himself. doesn't mean there's someone better for the job though, because there's always going to be a weakest link on any team.
2012-12-05 16:30
2 replies
Which is why I said that 'dont event mention the scoreboard frag thingy', that's not a comparable standard for the guy. Of course it's not an easy thing to do, but it's rare to see a decent job from his play. I rather not to make "weakest link exploit" as an excuse, he's currently on the best team on the planet, of course he's expected to do things extraordinary well for the team's standard. Friberg can keep up with the other 3, so at least he can do that too. Well that's just my opinion tho, cheers
2012-12-05 16:56
1 reply
fair doos, that's your opinion.
2012-12-05 17:12
What shocks me more is the list of others players giving tips : Kory "semphis" Friesen (Area51) Zach "TM" Miller (Hold Mouse One) Heather "sapphiRe" Mumm (Ubinited) Keven "AZK" Lariviere (Team Dynamic) Cleary source biased while there is 4-5 time more players in 1.6 than in this two games
2012-12-04 17:15
5 replies
the only source players there from source are fiflaren and azk... semphis-1.6 saphire-1.6 tm ?? cod? Also, this site is actually cesspool of retards.
2012-12-04 17:22
Yeah just like when they were originally making the game man, they just sent in Sauce players for the interviews and stuff, if you remember from ages ago. Valve must love those Saucers man.
2012-12-04 17:19
1 reply
2012-12-04 17:22
Another clueless person.
2012-12-04 18:11
who cares !!!!
2012-12-04 18:25
Poland metal_cs
grwat tips keep it going ;) wait for moar xD
2012-12-04 17:19
Why are the nonamers crying about Fiff? great video btw.
2012-12-04 17:19
Norway ch1ckeNN
he spoke surprisingly good english :- ) nice tips
2012-12-04 17:31
damn, this board is getting worse by the minute. Full blown retards is flooding the place.
2012-12-04 17:50
Probably NiPs success depends on they have 2 god IGLs. Fiff isn't a madfragger and will never be. Only idiots looking on scoringboards. There are players in different sports that have an more importent roll than doing goals.
2012-12-04 17:59
1 reply
2012-12-06 16:15
Lol @ all the jealous 1.6 fanboys in this thread.
2012-12-04 18:07
1 reply
why jealous? hmm.. is it because of 3 ex-1.6 players dominating the game?
2012-12-04 20:22
how i can play this mode to practice? sry 4 my ignorance
2012-12-04 18:16
nice! cs:go is amazing ffs thank you valve thank you fiffy see ya haters
2012-12-04 18:24
If 1 NiP player is not supposed for fragging, he gets immediately flamed by 1.6 idiot kids. Very sad. I hope they get hit by a fat bus because they're so annoying it's almost unbearable. The amount of dumbness in this thread is rediculous srsly
2012-12-04 18:36
Why are you flaming the guy! You can say anything to him, but he is in the best team at the moment, and that's for sure a lot better that most of us could dream.
2012-12-04 19:25
Nice tips!
2012-12-04 19:30
It's possible play in this mod?
2012-12-04 20:19
Very nice!
2012-12-04 20:20
This blue crosshair is hard to see in the video. I like his tips. There is no need to hate him. He isn't cocky and he doesn't deserve it. He is on the bottom because he likes to rather support his teammates which is actually cool.
2012-12-05 00:35
It's rather funny that out of these 5 players people opt to pick on Fifflaren.
2012-12-05 00:55
1 reply
Sometimes it is more related to who is actually available for (/willing to do) this kind of stuff.
2012-12-05 01:49
met fifflaren at L4N back in 2007! nice guy!
2012-12-05 02:59
Really great video :P. A lot of help ty.
2012-12-05 04:17
for the halfwits that don't get it..It's not rocket science, bottom of "NiP's" scorecard or not, he's still a very good player. Put KennyS in the team and he'd most likely finish bottom, does that make him a crap player?
2012-12-05 11:00
2 replies
Stop making sense, this is hltv
2012-12-05 12:40
1 reply
Yes this is HLTV, and it doesn't make sense that you're still here lol
2012-12-05 14:49
Ukraine XBOCT<3
I wonder if he joined the club already? or not yet :o
2012-12-05 11:47
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA this flash OMG!! so random game.
2012-12-05 14:58
Really nice, i like it
2012-12-05 22:21
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