THOR semi-finals moved to Sunday

December 8th, 2012 18:33

Because of security reasons, the THOR Open organisers have been forced to move the semi-finals to Sunday.

The last-four stage was initially supposed to start on Saturday at 18:30, with only the Grand Final and the third-fourth place decider scheduled for Sunday.

However, the THOR Open organisers have just been told that the Kistamässan, the venue where the tournament is taking place, is closing down at 20:00, which leaves no time for the semi-finals to take place today.

NiP will only play again tomorrow

As as a result, the semi-finals will be played on Sunday, at 10:00, whereas the third-fourth place decider and the Grand Final are due to start at 12:30.

2012-12-08 18:36
not good
2012-12-08 18:37
2012-12-08 18:38
Russia goodjob 
2012-12-08 18:38
Taiwan SCVready 
like all the counter-strike matches supposed to be :D
2012-12-08 18:39
Denmark mindgames 
Lmao. Isn't that something they should check out BEFORE renting the place?
2012-12-08 18:39
finally...i can watch the semis with ease now
2012-12-08 18:40
Finland mW 
yeah, they just found that out?
2012-12-08 18:41
Yes, they just found out. The reason being they have being hacked/ddos'd thruout the LAN.
2012-12-08 18:50
Finland mW 
sir that makes no sense at all, isnt that indeed one of the first things you find out when you are planning on renting a venue for a tournament
2012-12-08 19:12
What? :D How can you predict hacking? You can try to avoid it but you can never be sure. If hackers keep shutting governmental sites, fucking around with poorly setup LAN is easy as beating a 1-month-old in MMA.
2012-12-08 19:35
It is quite obvious that the scheduled semi-finals, played as BO3, would not be able complete in time, independent of any delays.
2012-12-08 19:40
Finland mW 
What I meant by that is they should know how long they can use the venue before the event even starts, I dont know anything about hackers/ddossers but are you saying that they had to close down early because of the possible hacking/ddossing that was going on? If that is the case then obviously they cant prepare for anything like that, well anyways gl for curse tomorrow :)
2012-12-08 19:45
That's what I heard, it was hacking what caused delay. There were no major delays in the games otherwise. Of course if that was not the case you are 100% right here. E: In my defense; you replied to me saying they got hacked
2012-12-08 20:12
Norway prb- 
2012-12-08 18:53
Someone set us up the bomb...
2012-12-08 19:04
Slovakia sanjuro 
so someone need to defuse it
2012-12-08 21:27
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