THOR Open day one photo recap

The group stage of THOR Open 2012 has come to an end, but we could not call it a day without showing you some of the best photos that we took.

The opening day of THOR Open, which is taking place inside Kistamässan, in Stockholm, ended earlier than planned, as the semi-finals had to be postponed due to the fact that the venue closed down at 20:00.

As we enter the second and last day of the tournament, only four teams remain in contention for the first prize of 100,000 SEK ( approximately $15,100). NiP have been pitted together with fellow countrymen Lemondogs, while on the other end of the bracket, Curse will meet Anexis.

Below you can find some highlights from Thor Open's first day:

SpawN watching some matches

To check out our complete photo album from THOR Open, go to our coverage section or simply follow the link here.

Good Job
2012-12-08 23:29
Is that SpawN in a third photo?
2012-12-08 23:32
2012-12-08 23:32
2012-12-08 23:38
Fifflaren likes some heaton IRL
2012-12-08 23:39
HeatoN rofling around ;p great to see SpawN
2012-12-09 08:15
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