ALTERNATE wins EPS Germany Winter

December 11th, 2012 23:23

ALTERNATE has managed to top ESL Pro Series Germany Winter Season 2012, beating n!faculty 2-0 in the grand final (16-14 de_train_se, 16-5 de_nuke_ve) to win 7,500€.

Favorites mousesports faltered in the semi-finals against n!faculty, who beat dotpiXels 2-1 in the quarter-finals, as they didn't even come close to winning in a lopsided 0-2 (10-16 de_train_se, 8-16 de_nuke_ve) loss.

Meanwhile ALTERNATE made it to the grand final by taking down Red Dead 2-0 and then gamed!de 2-1 (16-10 de_mirage_csgo, 11-16 de_train_se, 16-9 de_nuke_ve) in the semi-finals.

approx from mousesports CS:GO

approx & co were unable to clinch the EPS title 

mousesports salvaged a third place finish by besting gamed!de 2-1 in a close series (14-16 de_nuke_ve, 16-5 de_mirage_csgo, 16-11 de_train_se), but as we know now it wasn't enough to keep the team without changes.

Third place finishers in the regular season, ALTERNATE, managed to overcome fourth place finisher from ESWC, n!faculty, 2-0 in the grand final (16-14 de_train_se, 16-5 de_nuke_ve) to clinch the inaugural EPS Germany CS:GO championship.

EPS Germany Winter Season 2012 final standings:

1. Germany ALTERNATE - 7,500€
2. Germany n!faculty - 3,750€
3. Germany mousesports - 2,000€
4. Germany gamed!de - 1,200€
5-6. Germany Red Dead - 600€
5-6. Germany dotpiXels - 600€

EPS Germany's next season is expected to start in the coming months. will naturally keep you updated with the next season as more information becomes available.

old news
2012-12-11 23:27
yeah haha :p anyways next season gonna be won by mouz
2012-12-11 23:29
All German teams are so weak
2012-12-11 23:29
blah- soon u will hear more: ALTERNATE.... WINS! aaand: mouz ....... wins! AAAAN n!faculty beats NiP- perfect!
2012-12-11 23:30
2012-12-11 23:33
World yamme 
nice news :D few days later we get news Cure almost beat NIP but lost in OT :D
2012-12-11 23:34
good morning
2012-12-12 00:25
Belgium MJ1 
too much ca$h rly...
2012-12-12 00:26
Mousesports 3rd :(
2012-12-12 19:42
2012-12-14 21:21
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