Match-ups for SLTV finals revealed

The organisers behind SLTV StarSeries have announced the schedule and the match-ups for the tournament's LAN finals this week.

After the regular season came to an end earlier in the month, the top four placed teams will now convene at the CyberSports ARENA in Kiev from December 20th-23rd to battle it out for the first prize of $6,000.

The first semi-final will pit, the winner of the regular season, against fellow countrymen zNation, while Imaginary Gaming will lock horns with ESC Gaming on the other end of the bracket.

The tournament will use a double-elimination format, with every match being played in a best-of-three system, with the exception of the Grand Final, which will be a best-of-five game in which the team that comes from the Upper Bracket will have a 1-0 lead.

Below you can find the schedule for the SLTV finals:

December 20th:

Russia vs. Russia zNation 11:00
France Imaginary Gaming vs Poland ESC Gaming 17:00

December 21st:

Lower Bracket Final 11:00
Upper Bracket Final 17:00

December 22nd:

Consolidation Final

December 23rd:

Grand Final
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2012-12-17 23:18
Imaginary Gaming 1#
2012-12-17 23:20
6 replies
U aint know what u talking about! Go VP! Russian Power !
2012-12-18 02:11
5 replies
Are you rly from france? :)
2012-12-18 15:08
4 replies
no, he is not.
2012-12-18 17:08
3 replies
ya jivu vo francci pidr! ti ot kuda znaesh!
2012-12-18 20:02
2 replies
haha :)
2012-12-19 14:41
vot ottuda i znayu :D
2012-12-24 17:53
gl ScreaM, shoxie and mates! :)
2012-12-17 23:21
2012-12-17 23:24
2012-12-17 23:24
VP - IG in final. IG wins
2012-12-17 23:25
i think ESC ^^
2012-12-17 23:26
4 days event with 4 teams LOL
2012-12-17 23:31
3 replies
this event consist of 4 games: DOTA2, PointBlank, CS:GO and WOT. and every one game pick up 4 best teams from StarSeries online stage :)
2012-12-18 12:09
2 replies
it doesnt matther how many games. It should be 1 game = 1 day. Because teams from CS:Go will be bored and tired w8 whole day to play one single match ...its waste of time
2012-12-18 13:21
1 reply
reply it to SLTV's admins ;) btw, Kyiv CyberSport Arena can't accomodate so much players.
2012-12-18 18:07
Woah, think ESC could surprise and win this to be honest. And no more "boring finals" either, this will be really really interesting this time round.
2012-12-17 23:31
2 replies
No NiP = good finals
2012-12-18 07:33
1 reply
2012-12-19 23:02
hard to admit, but russians are gonna suck some ballz i bet on ESC 1st, IG 2nd
2012-12-17 23:40
this is a pretty long event for 4 teams only. but good matches are coming up then its gonna be cool gl to img
2012-12-17 23:51
Please hltv dreamteam.....
2012-12-17 23:53
3 replies
I think there would be dreamteam only if HLTV attend the event, and I don't know if they will due to the fact they didn't attend Northcon and there is much less teams, but the level is quite higher ofc. Would be nice to have a dreamteam btw, there will be a lot of games but maybe 4 teams is not enough to play dreamteam on.
2012-12-18 00:03
2 replies
Trolling since the event is so small
2012-12-18 00:12
F'd in the a
2012-12-18 06:40
ESC ftw!
2012-12-18 00:22
With that schedule I believe we are going to see a CS tournament without delays, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
2012-12-18 00:51
Kinda sucks, should have been imaginary gaming vs ESC final.
2012-12-18 00:53
1 reply
than IG should have won match against VP to be #1 in qualifier there is lower bracket, so maybe they'll play in grand final
2012-12-18 12:14
we wait 4 teams, wait JAS and OZ :))) Wait ESC Neo, TaZ <3 Arena wait you )))) gotv be free! :)
2012-12-18 00:54
ScreaM man of the tournament any doubt about that... That guy is just a beast, I've been watching his stream and 75% of his kills are headshot, the aim is unbelievable... Rest of the team is pretty good also, so I believe Imaginary Gaming can take this...
2012-12-18 02:29
Niceee esc>
2012-12-18 02:50
2012-12-18 09:07
like 2 c bo5
2012-12-18 10:36
#10 , i think sucking balls must be your preregative man , and just a fact : is a CIS team , including 2 russians , 2 ukraines and 1 Kazakhstan player and what is really weird , how you "the emigrant" can talk like that about your homeland boys.
2012-12-18 11:35
1 reply
use reply :)
2012-12-18 13:23
please ESC please!! :(
2012-12-18 21:16
ESC won!
2012-12-19 10:06
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