Video: Fox vs Imaginary

December 23rd, 2012 14:08

Two great rounds by Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov from team against French team Imaginary in SLTV StarSeries IV consolidation final. He demonstrates his sniper skills in de_dust2_se map.

In the first action Stolyarov plays short aggressively. He manages to kill one Imaginary player on the T spawn and after that he moves back to a defensive position. Stolyarov eliminates two remaining enemies and makes a solid performance in this round.

In the second action our player defends A and manages to take down two rushing enemies who where running from the short. He then moves closer and proceeds to look the same area where he catches two remaining Imaginary players.

Highlight info

Player: Russia Sergey "Fox" Stolyarov
Match: Russia vs France Imaginary
Final result: 10:16 
Map: de_dust2_se
Event: SLTV StarSeries IV
Stage: Consolidation final
Weapon: AWP

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Poland csgoworld 
2012-12-23 14:11
World yamme 
BIG TROLL. detected
2012-12-23 14:17
detector detected
2012-12-23 19:11
wait i will bring you the podium !!
2012-12-23 17:14
2012-12-23 14:11
2012-12-23 16:26
World RayX 
2012-12-23 14:13
United States B0rat 
sick skill vs saucers
2012-12-23 14:14
hahaha +1
2012-12-24 10:26
I always knew that he's a beast.
2012-12-23 14:17
2012-12-23 14:20
:D fox>delpan polska stronk
2012-12-23 14:24
haha Vatiliy:)
2012-12-23 14:27
fox awp just sick :)
2012-12-23 14:17
against noob enemies... they just run into scope...
2012-12-23 14:23
Oh, just another almighty unnamed kid.
2012-12-23 14:27
cmon, i m not that stupid to run to awp like that after my team mates died to him...
2012-12-23 14:55
bellah to NiP plz!
2012-12-23 16:57
stupid thing to get just 50$ for awp kill :S
2012-12-23 14:31
World Kobs 
he should ask kennys for personal courses , his reflex are slow
2012-12-23 14:34
but he didnt miss any shoot like kennyS does?
2012-12-23 14:39
World Kobs 
most were easy shots and unspectacular , his reflex were not that good for a awper
2012-12-23 16:15
United States criimson 
boom! PWNED just bring a chair to him so he can TAKE A SEAT! xD
2012-12-23 18:29
i bet you are a saucer
2012-12-23 14:45
Denmark mikyb 
I bet you were a saucer* since everyone basically are playing GO or nothing.
2012-12-23 15:06
2012-12-23 20:33
World Kobs 
no 1,6 since beta ..but all impressive awpers are saucers right now
2012-12-23 16:19
markeloff pasha fox
2012-12-23 17:52
he said "impressive"
2012-12-26 10:57
Bad changing to the second action, in the beginning I didn't realise the second one started. The third frag is unbelievable
2012-12-23 14:38
I really can't get it. Such a nice actions but it really doesn't impress me. It looks like random actions. It doesn't look as impressive as in 1.6. It's really sad.
2012-12-23 17:15
World Kobs 
it s not the game, this action is not really spectacular, Scream 4K vs esc didn t impress you?
2012-12-23 17:37
I saw every highlight on this web and it doesn't impress me too. Compare it with actions like this: or
2012-12-23 17:47
I mean this game is not spectacular like 1.6 and it won't be. Nice graphic doesn't make it a good game. It doesn't have something special what 1.6 had.
2012-12-23 17:58
It can be just as spectacular as 1.6, we are still in the early phase of the game.
2012-12-23 19:22
I compared and to be honest CSGO clips are way better than those you linked. It's a matter of opinion, you probably played and followed 1.6 for years which explains why you enjoy it so much. But its not a fact that 1.6 highlights are better or more impressive, its just your opinion.
2012-12-26 11:02
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
shot onto uzzi was very nice!
2012-12-23 23:39
United Kingdom Oxna 
sick awper
2012-12-24 14:23
Fox moget cho!
2012-12-29 01:36
virtus pro fox > k1ck fox
2012-12-29 03:29
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