Valve releases CS:GO update

Valve has released a new update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Hats for everyone!

Perhaps the most noteworthy part of the update, Valve has fixed a well-known issue related to reloading. Firing a gun after canceling reloading should now work as it is supposed to.

Moreover, Valve has decided to add some holiday cheer into the update. In true Team Fortress 2 manner, hats have been added to the game, but only for the Christmas holiday. However, the hats will only be displayed during the kill camera scene.

You can find the full change log below:

[ MISC ]
* Added the ability to commend and report players from the player details view that can be accessed in the scoreboard.
* Number of competitive wins, and unique commendations are now shown in the main menu along with skill group.
* Competitive scoreboard will show number of competitive wins needed to display your skill group if you have not displayed it yet. 
* Fixed movement on ladders ignoring the walk button. Now climbing ladders while holding walk is slow and silent, which fixes previous exploit of being able to climb ladders at fullspeed without making sound.
* Fixed failure to fire after weapon switching away from a reload and back (fake-reloading).
* Whitelisted tv_password convar to set GOTV password.
* Reduced fps in main menu when not connected to a server from 300 fps to 120 fps to help with laptops and desktop video cards doing excessive work. Exposed fps_max_menu convar to control fps in main menu.
* Added one more minute of grace period for players to reconnect to their competitive match before a cooldown for failing to reconnect is assigned. Cooldown for failing to reconnect is now assigned after player has remained disconnected for at least 4 minutes, not counting the round of disconnection and not counting the round in which 4 minutes grace period elapses.
* Fixed Hammer crash on exit.
* Added some holiday cheer.
  • Added the ability to commend and report players from the player details view that can be accessed in the scoreboard.
  • Number of competitive wins, and unique commendations are now shown in the main menu along with skill group.
  • Competitive scoreboard will show number of competitive wins needed to display your skill group if you have not displayed it yet. 
  • Fixed movement on ladders ignoring the walk button. Now climbing ladders while holding walk is slow and silent, which fixes previous exploit of being able to climb ladders at fullspeed without making sound.
  • Fixed failure to fire after weapon switching away from a reload and back (fake-reloading).
  • Whitelisted tv_password convar to set GOTV password.
  • Reduced fps in main menu when not connected to a server from 300 fps to 120 fps to help with laptops and desktop video cards doing excessive work. Exposed fps_max_menu convar to control fps in main menu.
  • Added one more minute of grace period for players to reconnect to their competitive match before a cooldown for failing to reconnect is assigned. Cooldown for failing to reconnect is now assigned after player has remained disconnected for at least 4 minutes, not counting the round of disconnection and not counting the round in which 4 minutes grace period elapses.
  • Fixed Hammer crash on exit.
  • Added some holiday cheer.

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Valve makes update noone can joingame
2012-12-25 01:43
16 replies
Be happy that you can play the game right after you download the update.
2012-12-25 01:48
3 replies
and what do i have from the game if i can't play it? you play cs:go just to stare at start menu or ? :D
2012-12-25 01:50
2 replies
There's a lot of multiplayer online games that go offline for hours while they update the game, be happy that it's really fast with Valve games. I played an arms race as soon the patch finished (just a couple of minutes after it was released). Maybe the matchmaking wasn't working, but it wasn't completely down.
2012-12-25 02:13
1 reply
you're right dude even though i was just kidding with my 1st post.. i was really looking forward to play some mix with friends today though
2012-12-25 02:28
Great. We got ourselves a new kind of hack. These guys apparently took over the whole server: They were aimbotting and speedhacking their balls off.
2012-12-25 02:11
10 replies
2012-12-25 02:29
9 replies
Exactly. The amount of hackers in competitive mode is astonishing. These are their steam accounts:
2012-12-25 02:45
8 replies
What the hell is the first picture? Some kind of bug or what?
2012-12-25 03:32
7 replies
No it looks like they hijacked the server by injecting their own files somehow
2012-12-25 03:39
6 replies
Actually, if I'm not mistaken, it's a random glitch. That happened to me before in the matchmaking and no one was cheating.
2012-12-25 05:26
5 replies
Belgium FnX^
just wanted to say ur right , it's a random glitch in the game so u need to reconnect to the game , but skire is right on the part that there are loads of cheaters in the higher competative scene :)
2012-12-25 08:57
4 replies
What do you guys expect though, matchmaking is ram packed full of public players. People don't play public anymore they play matchmaking, It's basically the same as playing on a public server minus the admins. It's worthless playing it really, because once you get to a higher rank you're just with cheaters all the time.
2012-12-26 23:17
3 replies
Belgium FnX^
should be a decent anticheat on there but yea it's true higher leagues = more cheaters now
2012-12-26 23:19
2 replies
Yeah, totally agree about the anti-cheat. I heard they were actually fixing up EAC on matchmaking servers from a friend of mine who knows one of the developers. I have no idea in regards to when it'll be done though.
2012-12-26 23:38
1 reply
Belgium FnX^
hope it will be quick and the fix for the DM's aswel
2012-12-27 08:58
Valve makes update - CSDM servers are NOT working !
2012-12-25 12:21
epic, good job valve.
2012-12-25 01:44
2012-12-25 01:44
9 replies
2012-12-25 03:32
If they fix the recoil.. the actual players and top teams who already practiced the recoil, will have to learn everything again, so I think it won't be fixed, and it's ok
2012-12-25 04:37
There is nothing wrong with it?
2012-12-25 10:48
2 replies
tapping has to be fixed asap
2012-12-25 18:54
2012-12-26 16:49
use to it, pro players can control it. practice and stop asking about recoil. it's fine, cs:go is not a copy paste from 1.6
2012-12-25 11:41
1 reply
2012-12-25 22:39
2012-12-25 12:54
1 reply
2012-12-25 14:20
They could some more important updates than this..
2012-12-25 01:45
8 replies
Would you stop bitching already. Recoil improvement won't make you less horrible in this game
2012-12-25 01:54
7 replies
Look faggot, i don't want no recoil improvements and i'm not saying these updates were bad, but they should fix what the community wants, movement,silencer,etc..
2012-12-25 03:18
6 replies
Movement is fine as it is, silencer is not very important and it shouldn't technically be on M4A4 as it is not on it in the real world.
2012-12-25 15:10
4 replies
CS is not a real world sim same as quake. That's why they are the best fps games. If you want to take the role of an american soldier go play CoD and Battlefield.
2012-12-25 15:16
3 replies
Well, why don't we add silencer to famas or AK then -_-
2012-12-25 15:17
2 replies
If you think logically, are terrorists gonna put silencers on any of their weapons ? Only CT weapons should have silencers, and famas isn't so good for a silencer since it has burst-mode imo
2012-12-25 15:20
1 reply
Logically, Terrorists would put the silencers on so they could not be heard.
2012-12-26 02:26
No need to call anyone names. Thank you. There won't be any further warnings on this.
2012-12-26 01:53
we expected more...
2012-12-25 01:45
For those wondering what the holiday cheer is:
2012-12-25 01:46
1 reply
2012-12-25 01:52
2012-12-25 01:48
Added some holiday cheer. lol'd
2012-12-25 01:50
lol nice update hahahaha
2012-12-25 01:52
My twitter is kind of small at the moment (14 people) so if anyone could follow would be appreciated! Thanks!
2012-12-25 01:52
9 replies
It's a trap! It's a trap!
2012-12-25 02:18
whats the point on having more or less followers on twitter ? o.O Do you eat followers ? :o If so, rzyx was right when he wrote #31 D: ... If not, i hope you have good luck getting some more followers :D
2012-12-25 06:22
7 replies
You have more followers, you're boss man. Like facebook fans.
2012-12-25 11:09
1 reply
2012-12-25 17:06
I'm about to starve to death from the lack of food. Did I say that out loud?
2012-12-25 11:28
4 replies
someone starving to death in Denmark ? :O ... But the reaction is ...Oh no! D: Dont worry... i guess none was around when you said that :D mmm... good luck in the search for tasty followers tho :3
2012-12-25 17:29
2 replies
I guess not, considering the population of Danes is actually going down instead of up (not including immigrants which are going up). If someone is intentionally starving to death wouldn't surprise me if the government breaks down your door and force feeds you. Though, it's a lot better excuse than saying I'm whoring my twitter :P
2012-12-25 17:34
1 reply
eat immigrants :| so, native danes will keep the demographic changes controlled... (the first idea that came to my head) :D
2012-12-25 18:39
Don't let his Grace die! hahah
2012-12-26 02:28
Added some holiday cheer hahah
2012-12-25 01:53
ZywOo | 
Peru dbie
2012-12-25 01:54
how about recoil? -.-
2012-12-25 01:54
"Added some holiday cheer."
2012-12-25 01:55
I'm still waiting for this fucking silencer, JUST DIS.
2012-12-25 01:55
After all csgo in near future will be replaced by new cstrike. Valve is working on HL3 and CS2.
2012-12-25 01:59
11 replies
You don't say
2012-12-25 02:02
7 replies
Do you spend your entire day pretending to be an asshole on an internet forum?
2012-12-25 02:33
6 replies
2012-12-25 03:01
3 replies
Most of SAUCERS are just school boys...
2012-12-25 11:28
2 replies
I could say the same about most of the community on both sides.
2012-12-25 11:31
1 reply
+1 so true haha.
2012-12-25 13:46
No need to call anyone names. Thank you. There won't be any further warnings on this.
2012-12-26 01:55
1 reply
I feel so sorry for you guys, must be quite annoying to warn every third comment.
2012-12-26 02:29
2012-12-25 11:54
why they would release cs2 when they release cs:go half past year ago ? :D maybe more
2012-12-25 22:22
1 reply
cause go has not apeal to players has the numbers show, would simple to only fix maps taking out the junk, taking the noise of the jump, emproving movement jump etc.., and on rcoil just nerf some pistols, and put awp fast scoop acurate, I wouldn't change nothing else.
2012-12-26 13:47
i'm wondering how we will be able to watch the demos made prior to the update
2012-12-25 02:00
WTF all my previous demos are fucked ? I can not see on of them.
2012-12-25 02:06
3 replies
this is because of the hats they've added
2012-12-25 04:14
2 replies
2012-12-25 04:51
BTW nice christmas gift Valve !
2012-12-25 14:00
Another wasted update..
2012-12-25 02:07
5 replies
2012-12-25 04:31
hahahahaha priceless
2012-12-25 04:46
2012-12-25 22:53
2012-12-26 12:36
2012-12-25 02:11
They will go for F2P with hats and stuff in the future.
2012-12-25 02:22
4 replies
how bout you dont post stuff you make up as if its true k?
2012-12-25 02:32
3 replies
Make stuff up? See the hat? F2P is right around the corner bud. Ah yea and some more cool hats too probably.
2012-12-25 15:06
2 replies
moar hats moar hats!!! Hidden Path gone hatswild!!
2012-12-25 17:08
1 reply
Valve took over Hidden Path development..
2012-12-26 01:43
What's the holiday cheer?
2012-12-25 02:30
They keep making small changes in things that doesn't matter... how about fixing the crap maps and the CoD recoils?
2012-12-25 02:35
2 replies
Learn. That's all I got for advice. The recoil is fine, it's not random, learn it.
2012-12-25 15:20
1 reply
It's very easy to learn, btw it's a ridiculously easy game overall, from a player that have spent over ten years with 1.5/1.6.. What I want is to see are recoils like we always had on Counter-Strike games, not like the ones in CoD games.
2012-12-25 18:19
Interesting update, but not much to like rave about ;)
2012-12-25 03:25
People wants: -fix rcoil -silencer -bunnyjump Valve releases: Holiday cheer valve troll face
2012-12-25 03:36
14 replies
2012-12-25 09:45
There is nothing wrong with the recoil...
2012-12-25 10:51
3 replies
ofc and game gone from Top10 steam games this game never will be good If the valve will not listen community
2012-12-25 15:34
1 reply
How does that have anything to do with recoil?
2012-12-25 15:35
its not about recoil,its about the aimpunch plus the dynamiccrosshairs not being fixed
2012-12-25 17:00
You can't do anything with recoil now. If yes, all of us (pro players too) would learn how to shoot from the beggining. It's good as it is atm.
2012-12-25 11:12
bunnyjump??? u can "bunnyjump" in cs:go , ofc not like in 1.6 that is tottally unreal , grow up please
2012-12-25 11:35
1 reply
more real the game is more boring he becomes PS: if you want something real, go playing paintball.
2012-12-25 17:34
u can bjump already if u learn how to utilize the scroll xD silencer, what are u, 15? learn2aim bro silencer is too imbalanced in fps games
2012-12-25 17:09
5 replies
ak 47 > colt with silencer
2012-12-25 17:35
4 replies
good good, you are learning the game my friend! Let me tell you something P90 (CT-side, aggrostyle)(de_nuke_se) > AK-47 AK-47(de_dust2) > all MAG-7(inferno B) > all P250(de_train_se) > DGL so niz xD this game got weapon balance for maps
2012-12-25 17:37
3 replies
I was comparing the 1.6 ones. xD But ok it's valid.
2012-12-25 17:41
2 replies
hahaha i thought u were talking about GO my friend. :DDD viva 1.6 forever !!
2012-12-25 17:53
1 reply
yeahhh!!! 1.6 the one and only!
2012-12-25 18:12
For you guys who are waiting for recoil and movement changes it is not going to happen, this is not CSP Valve are backing the CSGO dev team who are multi millionaires really if they wanted to they would fix it with ina week but as ive been saying from the start, the game is running how Valve wants it to run movement and recoil with very small ceilings. Its not coming people.
2012-12-25 03:41
6 replies
Yes, that is one big sentence you have right there.
2012-12-25 06:10
Exactly. People need to stop playing go and play promod. It's already a superior game and it's only getting better. New updates every other week.
2012-12-25 06:43
3 replies
Uhm. Don't tell people what they should or shouldn't play, if they don't like the game, why the hell should they play it? CSP is copied 1.6 with a different (not saying better) design and some CS:S tweaks to make saucers feel at home (which obviously didn't work) - why play a copy of a competitively dead game if not play the dead game itself?
2012-12-25 15:23
2 replies
cyx | 
United States NeZiX
1 -- he is saying people should play a different game. He is allowed to do that and there is nothing wrong with it -- he just wants a cohesive community playing the best game possible, which I think is a noble goal. 2 -- You are correct that CSP is a 1.6 clone. This is because 1.6 was the competitive standard in objective-based team FPS's for more than ten years. 1.6 has slowed due to a lack of graphical/HUD/convenience updates, and a splitting of community brought by the release of Source and GO. 3 -- The goal of CSP is to make a version of CS that will always play the same, even when new game engines come out. This brings continuity to the game, keeping players watching (because the game they use to play is still the game being played in the future, even though it looks nicer) and does not force older players to relearn things like recoil and movement. Additionally, keeping things constant allows for objective comparisons of players who have played many years apart (think about comparing ksharp or steel to fliflarren or whoever). You don't see euro football, gymnatics, or basketball leagues changing the rules of their sports every five years and we shouldn't do that in gaming, either. This all being said, yes, we should all be playing and supporting CSP.
2012-12-26 00:35
1 reply
1 - Maybe it is a noble goal to want everyone to play one FPS game, but that's obviously an impossible one and he's just telling people what they should do, which is just wrong. 2 - It has no chance of bringing many other players than from 1.6 though. And most probably only those that don't play GO. Problem is, CSP is (with it's graphics) years and years behind now. 3 - Well then that just means there's nothing new to it. It does force players to learn new things, any other ones than those coming from 1.6. Obviously your point about gymnastics football etc. isn't very good when nobody is changing the rules of a game, they change the game itself. How can you even compare FPS gaming to real sports? It's just impossible. If you were comparing FIFA to real football, fine, do it, don't do it with FPS games. I'm not saying GO is better than CSP in any way (I mean for everyone, for me it is), i'm just saying CSP won't bring new players since it's a clone of a game that mostly older players play. I think if you took a look at CSP players statistics, you'd see mostly people 20+ years old playing it ("actively"), which just means it will die as much as 1.6 started to after the years. I'd be more than glad if FPS community started playing one same game, it just cannot happen though.
2012-12-26 12:21
2012-12-25 06:58
And also remember this game is made for Valves New console a console that is going to compete with PS4 New Xbox etc this is why CSGO is the way it is so console players can play.
2012-12-25 03:57
5 replies
Finally a person who knows whats going on. But what you said in #53 isn't quite true. There will be a recoil and movement update like everyone already know, but not at a specific moment like now. There's no point in doing that
2012-12-25 04:11
Its more like Valve realised how CSGO failed with consoles and tries to fix this mistake by changing the recoil to be more 1.6/css.
2012-12-25 04:36
3 replies
How did it failed? Any proof of that or just another random statement?
2012-12-25 04:45
1 reply
proof is a steam stats.
2012-12-25 05:33
that makes no sense because the console version of go doesn't get updates
2012-12-25 05:37
adding holiday cheer instead of updating maps/recoil etc
2012-12-25 04:56
India h8or
As usual, shitty update except the ladder movement change.
2012-12-25 04:59
1 reply
2012-12-25 05:27
zid | 
Argentina agu_wf
i want my silenced m4 back please ty.
2012-12-25 06:13
3 replies
ahahah n1
2012-12-25 06:26
oh brian
2012-12-25 10:36
XD +1
2012-12-26 07:07
this update is a joke. i play go casually, however i want the recoil and movement to be improved.. spraying looks so ugly and movement too. MAPS are overwhelmed with tons of useless objects. the only map which is almost perfect is mirage and thats the reason most teams prefer to play that so for god sake modify the maps...
2012-12-25 06:50
2 replies
Just go play CSP. CSP team listen community and feedback but Valve doesn't. Also CSP recoil and movement are good already and things that aren't that good will be good or perfect!
2012-12-25 21:32
ffs, valve have explained themselves, that the community has the ability to make maps themselves, why would valve bother with making competetive maps which you could make yourself? movement is fine, however if you want the buggy version go play that "game" called CSP. Recoil is fine, however many complain about a/d one tapping being 100% accurate, can't agree or disagree there with you. If you don't like the maps, go MAKE THEM URSELF M8.
2012-12-26 03:38
pfftt -_- , we want movement and silencer update :D
2012-12-25 07:05
1 reply
this is exactly what i looking for.
2012-12-25 08:04
Fixed failure to fire after weapon switching away from a reload and back (fake-reloading). Yay
2012-12-25 07:45
wait for good and big update
2012-12-25 07:47 When you are in the first smoke, you can see him lolz
2012-12-25 08:03
2 replies
that bug have been there in a loooong time....
2012-12-25 13:53
so i see you'se super keen on smokes.
2012-12-26 03:39
every update is worse than previous :(
2012-12-25 08:27
Canada xb0y
Added some holiday cheer. wut iz diz
2012-12-25 08:31
i think the movement should be fixed ASAP. i haven't played GO but while i watch some frag videos the movements looks so crappy as if the players are not strafing but moon walking in the map
2012-12-25 08:45
13 replies
That's actually a demo bug. If you played the game itself, you would see the movement looks just fine and pretty real
2012-12-25 15:25
12 replies
The movement is to restricted which is becoming a very bland problem. If I wanted realistic simulating gameplay I could do two things, join the military, or play ARMA 2 which is a simulator game. I want to play a VIDEO GAME not a high action simulator. Realistic isn't always good for balance. We should add missles that kill everyone on the map. Its realistic right? Why not then! I'm tired of, "the game plays realistically therefore it must be fun and balanced" this is not a logical way of thinking in a video game. Some of the best games ever are only the best because old software is plagued with bugs that made the game unrealistic yet incredibly enjoyable.
2012-12-25 22:48
11 replies
Well, the movement isn't that restricted, just needs getting used to it :) It's actually less restricted than in 1.6 in a way :)
2012-12-25 23:12
4 replies
I feel restricted with namely the jump dynamics. I'm not saying add full fledged bunny hopping. I also think the maps and models increase the restrictive feeling I get. I really have no other complaints with the game other than that. Recoil seems fine I kind of wish it had the dink and.death animations updated to make them more satisfactory but that's not a huge deal.
2012-12-25 23:19
3 replies
Well I think it's mostly in your head, though the movement really is different and generally more restricted just because of the bunnyjump
2012-12-25 23:23
2 replies
Could be. I haven't got yet. I have been.playing as much as.I can but the holidays busy. ill keep playing and make an informed decision in January I suppose. The game certainly isn't bad by any means. Like some people will have you believe. After 8 or 9 years of CS 1.6 IT probably does take time to get used to.
2012-12-25 23:38
1 reply
Yep, I guess so. I liked it since it was released (not beta, I didn't like the early beta very much, hated it actually) I've got around 350-400 hours in total now and I believe I got used to it more than enough to be able to compare it.
2012-12-25 23:44
pointless argument, i can't see where the hell you see this similiarity of csgo with arma2???<<.>>????? if you can't do that buggy shit called russian walk this means the movement need fixing? Csgo movement is by far the best of the franchise, and i don't get what is your problem baddies. Get used to things or just quit or end you life w/e.
2012-12-26 03:42
5 replies
I don't think you rear my post.right. I also did not even mention CS 1.6 I'm simply stating that realism should be left out of gaming it has no place in an unrealistic world. This has nothing to do with 1.6 or GO regardless I still do feel restricted in GO and if you read the rest of my messages you'll see that I,m trying to keep an open mind about it as well.
2012-12-26 11:04
4 replies
give examples u mess before putting things like "restricted" without backing it up.
2012-12-27 00:42
3 replies
Doesn't really matter when your argument is get it, quit, or die. Listing reasons is an abstract, you've already made up your mind.
2012-12-27 04:38
2 replies
2012-12-27 14:09
1 reply
Nice way to approach life. Everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot. Makes sense.
2012-12-27 16:27
Super awesome update, should shut up the haters for good :D Valve keeps owning again
2012-12-25 09:22
2 replies
Nah this update is so failed one that it will only bring more people to CSP's side and also make many csgo fanboys against CSGO.
2012-12-25 23:00
1 reply
2012-12-25 23:02
i can somewhere play cs:go whitout paying ? i wanna just try if i like then i whant to buy
2012-12-25 10:01
1 reply
Go to a lan house, or if you go to a lan party, ask someone that has CS:GO, if they mind letting you try it.
2012-12-25 10:39
Good, but what about these? It's really hard to do a new crosshair and decrease aim punch?
2012-12-25 10:03
1 reply
2012-12-25 12:47
omg gg fakereloading
2012-12-25 10:21
1 reply
??... they fixed it..
2012-12-25 13:54
hahahahahaah nice updates -,-' keep fooling
2012-12-25 10:36
Actually, i think it was a nice update aswell. Still don't understand the fuzz about the silencer, there are more important things to do than that.... Recoil and movement, like many keep whining about... remember: this isn't 1.6! Movement, you get used to it after some hours of play (and i played 1.6 since it got out, so that isn't an excuse), and recoil, it can have a little fix, but not much, it isn't that bad. I'm more bored about weapons that i never played before on 1.6, now being overpowered... Overall, CS:GO is nice, and it was about time there was something new. :)
2012-12-25 10:45
So, this isn't the "recoil" update yet.
2012-12-25 11:26
7 replies
Nope not yet
2012-12-25 11:38
update for what? recoil is new, but can be controlled, pro players do it. So there won't be 1.6 recoil, if you want to be good, just play more and more and stop asking for something that is just fine. (because you can't kill as in 1.6, is not an error)
2012-12-25 11:45
5 replies
+1 Practice instead of whining = win
2012-12-25 12:15
1 reply
2012-12-25 12:26
Did I whine for something? Did I say that I can't control the recoil? Stop being so aggressive towards people before seeing what they write. And yes, I want the recoil update, to see how it will change the game.
2012-12-25 12:24
2 replies
"you" didn't, but that recoil request is the request (actually... it's more of a demand) of 99% of the "whiners" around. Don't take everything so personally. :)
2012-12-25 12:36
I didn't write anything that could make you think that I was argessive to you bro. But the recoil story is very boring and it's something that doesn't have to be changed, it's simply new and must be understood again by everyone.
2012-12-25 13:27
CS:GO recoil is actually much better than 1.6 imo, harder to spray and more accuracy needed, even tapping is a bit harder.. Some players just need easier games such csp in order to get the slighest pleasement.
2012-12-25 11:53
15 replies
2012-12-25 11:52
2 replies
2012-12-25 12:28
1 reply
+1-1=0 HOHOHO
2012-12-25 20:38
2012-12-25 12:34
"CS:GO recoil is actually much better than 1.6 imo, harder to spray and more accuracy needed" this made my christmas AHHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHHAHA
2012-12-25 14:19
While I agree the spraying in CS:GO seems fine, I think they should increase the first bullet accuracy of AK and M4. It just feels too random now sometimes on a long distance, although the small and cramped maps kinda help with this lol.
2012-12-25 15:15
6 replies
I don't think so, when i play with AK usually the first bullet is quite accurate, but all the others are then just flying around =D About M4, they should maybe make it a little more accurate, but not too much..
2012-12-25 15:25
3 replies
IMO the first bullet of M4 and AK should be dead on target.
2012-12-25 16:18
2 replies
Yea that's for sure, huge bonus for good aimers :)
2012-12-25 17:43
2012-12-29 02:46
spraying in this game is so nice, srsly better than 1.6 spraying. tried spraying with scar?? let me show a clip on esea l8tr when i get back home vs lemondogsmix hahahaha was quite fun how they got mad
2012-12-25 17:12
I thought that the first 3 bullets had no recoil?
2012-12-26 14:09
i lol'd
2012-12-25 17:39
like i said to friends ive never saw for the moment a stop rush with a full spray like we all saw often on cs source & 1.6 Csgo is actually the hardest csgo thats why player like scream are so good with their aim. you can only spray with pm .(i dont think its a bad thing that pm are goood , but just need a bit nerf ) cs 1.6 & css was just ak awp m4 usp glock mp5 deagle. Now you can see dual elite strategy (buykey) some shotgun , and also p90 or smg p250 (in pro game i mean this isnt a troll weapon anymore)
2012-12-25 20:27
1 reply
Yes and we really havent seen an consistently good sprayer besides get_right maybe, who has mastered CS:GO spray that well that he can outaim people with it, its usually his positions that allow him to get spray frags. Usually guys like screaM who patiently picks his shots accurately while their enemy is aldready spraying are actually winning their duels and this would never happen in 1.6 pro level.
2012-12-25 20:31
stop spamming about the recoil , they are already working on it and there is actualy a closed beta and a private valve forum for it . The recoil update was scheduled for this christmas update but 'pro' players didnt give alot of feedbacks on the private valve forum so you cant blame them for this. Maybe some 'pro' players should start asking each others for access to it and start giving feebacks to dev so they will not be suprised again about the changes.
2012-12-25 11:55
1 reply
blaming the pros now, huh? if u didnt know yet, the pros actually had been giving feedbacks on that so-called 'private forum' since BETA, but Valve ignored them. ask lurppis..
2012-12-26 06:34
cba, no j3direcoil < useless update
2012-12-25 12:17
Deathmatch not working??
2012-12-25 12:49
1 reply
Doesn't seem to be any working DM servers at the moment since the update, only a temporary issue I hope.
2012-12-25 13:13
Ukraine minemax
It seems like nobody cares anymore.
2012-12-25 13:03
Anyone know a fix for demos? Is there a working non steam or client to use?
2012-12-25 13:03
2012-12-25 13:12
yesterday i got banned for 1 week for the reason i restarted my pc and then connected to the game.I played it but i got banned for adonding the match
2012-12-25 13:18
3 replies
You get 30min penalty when abandoning first time, so you've abandoned matches before...
2012-12-25 13:29
2 replies
yes so ? i didnt abondoned it ? i played it but i gota banned .....
2012-12-25 13:35
1 reply
It can be a bit buggy, once I restarted my game and I could no longer see the "reconnect" option in main menu. I restarted Steam and was too late, my friends told me I was banned too. 20 minutes later I opened the game to play Deathmatch and suddenly I noticed an option to "reconnect" to the match on the main menu, I reconnected and played the match and I didn't even get a ban. So sometimes it seems you get a ban even when reconnecting, while other times you can leave for 20-30 minutes and still rejoin the game normally even though you "should" only be able to leave the match for a maximum of 4 minutes.
2012-12-25 15:21
Slovakia tenzen
pity that 21 nothing happened :( this is really onnoying. QQ give silencer its M4A4 has no silencer about QQ recoil fix QQ more but nothing will be changed
2012-12-25 13:24
the update is ok, but I am currently on a 6 hour train ride, and I was looking forward to watch so dreamhack demos i downloaded
2012-12-25 13:30
shitty update for christmas, where are the important changes?
2012-12-25 14:04
People here are retarded haha. Its christmas eve (time when nobody is supposed to work ) , they got an update and still cry? The big update is coming first week of january you retards.
2012-12-25 14:28
"valve makes update" my whole csgo wasn't working at all anymore..(engine error)
2012-12-25 14:39
Most players want a silencer, recoil, awp fastzoom. Valve work at holiday cheer and troll face. Im ex 1.6 player, i play this game(CS:GO)since was BETA, but now i become a CS:GO hater. I hope this game will die.
2012-12-25 15:28
30 replies
I like how people like you try to be mainstream_cool_boy and go like ''I'm a GO hater fuck saucers etc''. This is a CHRISTMAS update JESUS CHRIST. Most stupid comment ever. The hats are in casual play so you wont notice them if your're not a pubber. The big update will come Early January, merry christmas retard.
2012-12-25 15:59
5 replies
kk hear here mr_sauser. you cant come to our forum and say what you want and may not want. adapt to the scene plz and go back to ur beloved CS:S cave where u were a nobody! i've proof too! my friends who played in teamsweden css says ur noob also!
2012-12-25 17:13
3 replies
Define friends lmao. Cya on youtube boy.
2012-12-25 17:51
2 replies
rofl u got so pwned
2012-12-25 21:10
Don't worry, they wont get pass thier gameboy game ;)
2012-12-26 10:10
Mainstream_cool_boy is actually right the opposite. Someone who never played 1.6 and still points out how better GO is at any given chance. You can spot so many of these people around the comments.
2012-12-26 02:43
In order to add the silencer they will need to change the whole m4a4 which is not that easy as some retards (your example)think. If you're waiting for recoil improvements just to play the game, don't waste your time, you will continue being horrible and that won't change anything. If you been playing since beta you should know that you can fast zoom so stop bullshitting people
2012-12-25 16:04
23 replies
So how does Foerester fastzoom accurately in CSGO? Please, do tell.
2012-12-25 16:20
8 replies
Zoom and shot
2012-12-25 16:22
7 replies
Oh God,this explains a lot...
2012-12-25 16:57
I think people just refer to that as zooming in and shooting... Fastzoom or quickscope whatever you want to call it is pressing your button to zoom in but then shooting before the actual scope comes up, yet still receiving the accuracy bonus and thus allowing for some crazy and skillful actions. Example:
2012-12-25 17:24
5 replies Not the best example but spare me
2012-12-25 17:32
3 replies
There is no fast zooming in this video. A couple of no scopes as the player points out. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
2012-12-26 02:47
2 replies
The accuracy would be the same as with zooming. So shut the fuck up rather than replying nonsense
2012-12-26 03:34
1 reply
No, the accuracy is not the same as with zooming you idiot. It's a random shot as in the previous games. He just got lucky a couple of times.
2012-12-26 04:29
The Awp action is at 8:00 :D
2012-12-25 17:47
You're a retard. Your excuse for not having a silencer on the M4 is that it is "too much work for Valve". How bloody ridiculous is that? Please make the least effort to impress me of your intelligence.
2012-12-25 17:08
6 replies
Its not that big of deal to change it, but its not the most important thing either
2012-12-25 17:18
4 replies
Now all of a sudden, the reason is not the 'tremendous amount of work' but just that it's not up high in Valve's priority list. Make up your mind please.
2012-12-25 18:18
3 replies
What mind you stupid fuck? You are brining up things which I didn't even mention
2012-12-25 18:22
2 replies
You are disagreeing to making up your mind ir having one. Be precise rather than mad.
2012-12-25 19:29
No need to call anyone names. Thank you. There won't be any further warnings on this.
2012-12-26 02:04
No need to call anyone names. Thank you. There won't be any further warnings on this.
2012-12-26 02:03
Quickscoping: Yeah right...
2012-12-25 17:17
well u cant fastzoom in cs:go , only pure noscopes and crouched
2012-12-25 18:00
5 replies
Its basically the same but who cares
2012-12-25 18:08
4 replies
??????? stop posting here pls
2012-12-25 18:30
Actually it is not as with a noscope there is no zooming at all.
2012-12-26 02:05
Are you serious? Have you ever played any CS version before GO in your life?
2012-12-26 02:48
after this comment u prove that u dont know shit about counterstrike or you are a saucer.
2012-12-26 15:14
haters gonna hate :)
2012-12-25 15:33
fix hitboxes
2012-12-25 15:35
Kosovo XLN7
Valve, fix your fucking bugs on that shitty game. I'm always getting banned for 1 week from matchmaking for your crashes. Stop playing balls with people with these unnecessary things.
2012-12-25 15:38
1 reply
2012-12-25 21:49
engine error - game doesnt work
2012-12-25 15:56
kinda understand 1.6 players point of view for wanting recoil updates. the recoil is just how it feels like in 1.6.. when u have 300 ping. so its just.. weird.
2012-12-25 16:41
2 replies
Heads up. Ping doesn't affect recoil..
2012-12-25 17:33
1 reply
what i meant was, CS:GO recoil feels similar to when u play 1.6 with 300 ping. i know in GO, recoil is not affected by ping.
2012-12-27 16:44
Minor updates as usual. I actually try CS:GO after each update to see the improvements but the is still essentially as good as any other mediocre game. Not going to bother this time, seeing the things they've updated.
2012-12-25 17:04
Brace Yourselves! Kids Gonna Report!
2012-12-25 17:11
Taiwan rah(-_-)
hats >
2012-12-25 17:14
It's not possible to change recoil now, when players already got used to it. IMO recoil is good, but movement should be fixed in order to make this game more entertaining. In 1.6 it was amazing only watching Neo/nasu/forest and co while they were jumping over the map. Movement was skill and it really affected on player's performance, but now aim is everything and it's less entertaining.
2012-12-25 17:57
1 reply
exactly my thoughts. apart from god like aim there is nothing special which a casual player cant do. in 1.6 a casual player cannot do bunnyhop, crouch walk, air strafe etc etc which made the game so unique with its own learning curve. in go the skill level is so low that any new team can excel if they perfect their aim which also makes it less competetive
2012-12-25 20:12
I'm wondering... did this updates make the game more interesting for the ppls around the world ?
2012-12-25 18:02
add something like "You can dc, if a player has already dc'ed and hasn't come back." Otherwise this is just dumb 4v5 -.-
2012-12-25 19:05
I love how most in here rave how movement is not good, and can't explain whats wrong with it. I don't see any problem with it, in fact I like it. I can bunny hop no problems, I can strafe no problems, so what else do you want..
2012-12-25 19:55
Just get used to this new game in stead of crying about it ;) it could use some improvements, thats true, but 1.6 and/or source wheren't perfect either ;)
2012-12-25 20:16
I have 23 hours cool mad right now
2012-12-25 20:17
Fixed failure to fire after weapon switching away from a reload and back (fake-reloading). FINALLY!
2012-12-25 20:23
I often think I'm more clever/wiser than game developers. For me ther're slowpokes. Still so many important things to fix/tweak:
2012-12-25 20:25
1 reply
2012-12-26 20:21
all crashed ... fuck this update !
2012-12-25 20:28
Hat that :(
2012-12-25 20:37
Let the haters hate. Because they are simply bad at FPS games.
2012-12-25 21:09
9 replies
haha +1
2012-12-25 21:17
2012-12-25 22:40
People can dislike a game even when they are good at FPS games you know. A lot of professional FPS players don't like GO. Bullshit statement.
2012-12-26 02:52
6 replies
Its a big different between dislike and hate.
2012-12-26 14:49
5 replies
Hating on something is stating that you dislike it. There is no difference.
2012-12-27 01:58
4 replies
You can dislike something, but you wont hate it. I do not hate 1.6, but I don´t like it. There are to many people that can´t accept that GO came out. If you "dislike" it, don´t play it and keep you're word for yourself.
2012-12-27 09:31
3 replies
So by your logic lurrpis and every other pro player who openly "hates" on CS:GO is simply bad at FPS games and is not qualified to judge an FPS title?
2012-12-28 03:44
2 replies
If you shout out about how crap the game is and says that you hate it, then yes. Can you only be god at one FPS game, then your not a skilled guy like f0rest or somebody else. 1.6 is old and people have played it so long, no wonder they are god at it. But if they can´t switch to other games because all other games "sucks" then i think to problem is the player, not the game.
2012-12-29 15:04
1 reply
There is a difference between "can't" and "don't want to". A lot of 1.6 pros don't play GO because they simply dislike the game. How does that make them worse players than f0rest? Being better at multiple titles doesn't make you superior to someone who doesn't play those games.
2012-12-29 23:12
CS:GO is really a good game, and for few updates will be much better game! But after the last update all guys has some bugs for example; I'm join in MM and after 2 rounds my net down for about 10 seconds and when I'm try reconnect to match it says like "Cannot connect to match" WUUUUT? Result: 170h BAN! :<>
2012-12-25 21:25
Actually, this update wasn't that bad. Still don't understand the whining about the silencer, there are more important things than a damn silencer. Recoil and movement, like many keep whining about... remember: this isn't 1.6, get over it! As for movement, you get used to it after some hours of play (and i played 1.6 since it got out, so that isn't an excuse), just go on and play, you'll get the hang of it pretty fast. Recoil, it can have a little fix, but not much, it isn't really that bad. Sprays are more tricky, you actually need to be more careful when you do it, and more precise with the bursts. I'm actually more bored about weapons that i never played before on 1.6, now being overpowered... Overall, CS:GO is nice, and it was about time there was something new to play. In the end, haters are gonna hate, it was always like that, and it will always be, just like when there was the change from 1.5 to 1.6 and when CSS came out, in the end, stop whining and just play the version you like the most, you aren't paid to play, so just stick with what you like and stop whining!
2012-12-25 21:25
4 replies
Totally agree with you!
2012-12-25 21:29
2012-12-25 22:44
I guess the same could be said.for any game. I don't really understand this while some players do whine giving feedback for the game is arguably one of the most important aspects to make it grow. You want CSGO to be successful you need to listen to the community and make informed decisions as to whether.or not balance and gameplay have.issues that need to be addressed. Sustaining a game through feedback is one of the.most important things in the gaming world. Its not about.playing what you like its about making this shiny new.toy as successful is it can be. These people wouldn't complain at all if CSGO. had no potential. The 1.6 community sees the.potential and wants to have valve capitalize on it rather than squander it. Which is arguably a great thing for everyone. Some posters are whining instead of criticizing the game in a more productive manner but.this is.typical of any large community. You put the whining and good feedback together and make the game as.perfect as it can be. My phone sucks so it inserts random periods just ignore them.
2012-12-25 23:32
1 reply
Constructive criticism is one thing, pure haters whining is another. Many of the people that whine, is not necessarily because they see this as a game that can be successful in the future, many of them whine because (like it happened in 1.6 and CSS releases) many were afraid of the change, because they weren't as good players as before, and all that nonsense. You don't usually see pro's doing this kind of whining (not as much at least) in the end they just move on with what they need to do, adapt and give feedback to improve, and that's not what you see in the majority of people in here, plain and simple. CS:GO is not 1.7! So why would it have same movement/recoil/maps as 1.6? What would be the point if all they want is a copy of 1.6? even if better graphs were the thing with all the same game engine, just play promod. I have seen people in this so called "community" whine for everything that gets their life any different. Even when starcraft2 came out, i don't remember this amount of whining because of the transition (and we are talking about a game with a player base almost as big or even bigger than CS), and in the CS player base, this kind of situation is constant. People are never happy! In the end, "play what you like to play" is exactly the point, don't like CS:GO? Don't play it! Don't like it as it is now, but you want to see it better? Give good feedback, constructive one so the game can in fact be improved! «F1x r3coil!!1!!» is not feedback!! I thought that in the end, after so many years, the CS "community" would be older and wiser, but that is just utopic, I can see that the "older and wiser" just stay away and let the kids play, but that isn't healthy either, it is actually, very frustrating. /rant off
2012-12-26 00:18
Norway billson
Valve broke all Deatmatches :(
2012-12-25 21:39
1 reply
Yeah :(
2012-12-25 22:19
You all can cry about the recoil, you all can ask and ask and ask valve to change it. They won't do anything about it. Enjoy the game, if you like it play, If you don't then unistall.
2012-12-25 22:05
3 replies
2012-12-25 22:43
1 reply
2012-12-25 22:43
look @ #336
2012-12-26 18:11
2012-12-25 22:19
1 reply
However, the hats will only be displayed during the kill camera scene.
2012-12-26 02:07
lol another joke of an update from valve... and people say this game will be good give it time...its been months its not gotten any better at all...
2012-12-25 23:03
2 replies
hats raise the skillceiling
2012-12-26 02:12
1 reply
2012-12-26 11:03
it fucked up csdm!
2012-12-25 23:13
any dm servers working?
2012-12-26 00:52
F U Valve! Screwed up my system, my PC just shuts down with a BSOD saying there's a CPU over temperature error. Never happens with even more graphics-intensive games.
2012-12-26 01:27
In matchmaking GOTV madafucker is always there, anyone knows why?
2012-12-26 02:33
gr8 update :X --------------------------- Engine Error --------------------------- MESSAGE_END called with no active message --------------------------- OK ---------------------------
2012-12-26 12:49
this is why cs:go will never get top1 or top2 like 1.6 did :))
2012-12-26 13:26
Nice update. I haven't played this game yet, but that would be great to do, because the updates are making the game more competitive, not a simple game. Good job valve!
2012-12-26 14:02
2012-12-26 15:15
fix the ak tap pleaaase
2012-12-26 15:31
nice updates. the recoil will be updated in the new year to allow for better spraying and to bring back tapping with the AK. valve are opening up a beta for the "top teams" to test and give feedback and the changes will hopefully be implemented in the new year. the ladder fix looks cool :D
2012-12-26 16:50
2 replies
wowwwwwwwwww,I hope it's true <3
2012-12-26 20:26
seriously? nice to shut up the kids that says that valve don't want to listen. Anyway glad to hear that, fm!toxic is one of that chosen "top teams"?
2012-12-27 17:02
Brazil uanz1n
cs: go trash
2012-12-26 20:46
hmm another update today :) I hope this will be fix the broken deathmatch problem :0 or if not I hope they just added another hats to the game :D :D :D
2012-12-27 00:01
It better recoil this game gonna be great!
2012-12-29 01:37
still not releasing the changes we want!
2012-12-29 14:51
2016-05-04 10:35
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