Video: MELLE vs mixet

December 26th, 2012 14:31

A highlight from Danish King of The Hill tournament, where Kasper "MELLE" Jensen aced two times against Morten "coloN" Johansen's mix team.

In the first action you will see Jensen playing fantastically with quite a powerful close range weapon nowadays in CS:GO - MAG-7. He made four kills with it on de_inferno_se.

In the second action Jensen played well that round on both bombsites, despite the fact that he did not have time to defuse the bomb. He once again aced mixet players, but this time by using M4A4 and P2000.

Highlight info

Player: Denmark Kasper "MELLE" Jensen
Match: Denmark weedhouse vs Denmark mixet
Final result: 8:16 
Map: de_inferno_se
Event: KoTH
Weapons: MAG-7, Dual Berettas / M4A4, P2000

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MELLE it's like WALLE.
2012-12-26 14:32
actually... kalle, dalle, melle, nalle all are Walle's wannabies =D
2012-12-26 14:33
hahahah xDDDD ^^ rofll .. that's kill me total xDD
2012-12-26 23:26
I'm pretty sure Kalle is a more common name than Wallenberg.
2012-12-27 15:38
dont blame me for my nickname: "Hjalle" from the original name: "Hjalmar"
2012-12-28 17:13
+1 HAHAHA. Dennis 'MELLE' Wallenberg... Oh wait :D
2012-12-26 14:52
i really don't like the ace with the maggy, really nothing special about it. Everybody with no aim can take that gun and just kill people with it. 2nd one is nice :) 2 bad the bomb exploded
2012-12-26 14:46
well played
2012-12-26 14:47
xax nice action :)
2012-12-26 14:55
These videos just shows how terrible this game is :)
2012-12-26 15:03
2012-12-26 16:52
True, this game sucks to be honest.
2012-12-26 17:29
Weapons: MAG-7, Dual Berettas I lol'd
2012-12-26 15:06
Denmark MSAA 
Hahahhaha, what the fuck is this?
2012-12-26 15:20
2012-12-26 15:56
Denmark MSAA 
Oh well played Cpt. Obvious. :-))) I mean how the hell can these frags be posted here? I mean, we were laming around, and they were pretty useless.
2012-12-26 16:06
2012-12-26 16:21
Denmark mlh 
Well we also just lamed around against you. Noticed the mag-7? ;-) tricked had won, no reason to play serious. Please take a chill pill - We used more lame weapons than you did. He he :-)
2012-12-26 16:52
Denmark MSAA 
Mag7 isn't even a lameweapon at all, it's probably the best closerange weapon in the entire game. I see no reason to argue with you, it's a waste of my time tbh.
2012-12-26 22:34
Denmark mlh 
And btw. Considering you alone have more hours played in CSGO than our whole team - You should've been able to close it easiser. ;-)
2012-12-27 13:50
Denmark jiG^ 
umad cuz bad?
2012-12-27 15:43
oh good stfu noobie
2012-12-27 15:59
Haha u suck!!!!!!0
2012-12-27 18:20
2012-12-27 19:45
LoRl y'all mad niggas
2012-12-27 20:31
2012-12-27 21:42
I agree with you.
2012-12-26 18:22
Denmark w0lteX 
I like turtles
2013-12-30 12:48
noname players shit actions shit game
2012-12-26 15:26
2012-12-27 21:15
This clip reminds me why I'm not playing that game anymore
2012-12-26 15:49
United States tHm 
Hahahaa Melle :D
2012-12-26 16:09
Denmark galq 
Standard frags with mag-7 :-)
2012-12-26 16:23
well, theres something that they need to get out of cs:go matches, here it is. hehe
2012-12-26 16:52
song ?
2012-12-26 17:12
All songs are in the video description.
2012-12-26 17:14
When I heard the song I expected coloN style sick action. Nice action but I expected more when I heard this song :/
2012-12-26 17:13
boring, again..
2012-12-26 18:05
I don't like to sound like one of those 1.6 vs source vs go guys ... I actually like and play GO, but damn oh damn cs:go frag highlights / frag movies are boring ;/
2012-12-26 19:41
this game is not DYNAMIC at all...
2012-12-26 19:44
Why are you guys posting frags from some random cups instead of let's say SLTV??
2012-12-26 22:42
Lithuania kab 
because these players have actually sent us their demos, and haven't we been posting highlights from SLTV?
2012-12-26 23:13
melle <3
2012-12-27 02:33
intelligent player... he bought the 2 more powerful guns in the game... dual berettas and mag7
2012-12-27 02:39
This is the future of CS, shotguns and dual beretta highlights
2012-12-27 07:21
sad, but true... Since 1.6 was dead competitevely it's the future... :(
2012-12-27 14:08
This comments reminds me of when i used to work in a kindergarden.. Children, don't write. Don't Embarras...... STAAAHP
2012-12-27 15:24
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