mshz joins Imaginary Gaming

December 26th, 2012 18:42

Imaginary Gaming have announced that they have added Michel "mshz" Nguyen to their roster.

The news comes in the wake of the French team's third-place finish at the SLTV StarSeries finals, where they defeated zNation and suffered losses against ESC Gaming and

Nguyen was last seen at AMD Sapphire in Prague with eXtensive!, who placed fourth in their group with just one victory from four matches.

mshz gets together with Ozstrik3r once again

He will step into the shoes of Arthur "h0rks" Moulet, who did not make the trip to Ukraine last week, being replaced by the team's backup player, Thomas "akeR" Radovic.

"After looking at our level of play from the French ESWC qualifier and the SLTV finals, I have to agree that we are better online," Imaginary captain Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavini told

"That simply means that some players lack experience, so we are always under pressure from other teams who want to steal some of our players.

"I had no choice but to make this change, which is similar to the one Millenium did in 2008 when Mahe "Yoshi" Martin replaced Wadie "wadie" Zbadi.

"I want to dethrone VeryGames and I think we can be a top three team in the world. It will be hard, but looking at our players I think that it is really possible."

Flavini played alongside Nguyen in several different teams, such as Millenium and, during their time playing CS 1.6, and the French veteran had nothing but praise for the new man on the team.

"I know his level, which can only improve, and he will bring a lot to the fare with his experience in big matches," Flavini added.

"He is a sniper who is a little bit slower than h0rks but who has good communication and positioning."

Imaginary Gaming now have the following line-up:

France Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavini
France Richard "Shox" Papillon
Belgium Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom
France Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel
France Michel "mshz" Nguyen

France Thomas "akeR" Radovic (backup)

About Michel "mshz" Nguyen:

why do you even keep Ozstrik3r
2012-12-26 18:44
2012-12-26 19:09
because all other lead in game in France are worse than ozstriker
2012-12-26 19:43
nope. harts and krl are waaaaay better than him
2012-12-26 20:41
harts still playing?
2012-12-26 21:51
Playing from times to times but not really seriously. He's trying to become good at LoL
2012-12-26 23:15
krl is noob on csgo for the moment i played with him and harts is playing lol and shootmania
2012-12-26 22:15
Krl hasn't played for 18months or somethin. Of course he's shit but with the motivation he has, he could be back to his A game in 1 month
2012-12-26 23:14
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Didnt. Play for.18m but has great motivation? :p
2012-12-27 10:33
Yeah coz he's back from his roadtrip. He said that if he could, he'd live in a gaminghouse, playing csgo all day, everyday to become as good as nip
2012-12-27 12:00
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Ah allright, that is what this team needs ( no offense to oz but he can't make a top3 team)
2012-12-27 12:32
World Kobs 
no igl is better than having oz in your team.
2012-12-26 21:28
What bout carn and lurppis?
2012-12-26 22:36
I think imG don't know english and lurppis don't want to play CS:GO, also carn... If you are petrosyan so np
2012-12-26 23:07
I do not have the same opinion I believe shox could be a very good IGL, Uzzziii maybe? but Ozstrik3r is just ruining the team.I heard that in the semi-final I think match with ESC he had a 0-13 score.I can't even try and do this
2012-12-27 08:37
2012-12-26 18:44
Portugal reish 
its possible to be top3 team if Ozstrik3r leave the team ... He suck really hard rofl
2012-12-26 18:45
top3 where? france?
2012-12-26 19:32
ferme ta gueule
2012-12-26 20:41
mdr :p
2012-12-27 10:38
Really makes sense to insult someone in french when he is clearly portuguese, genius.
2012-12-29 17:45
Only scream and possibly shox are players worthy of a top3 team!
2012-12-27 05:07
uzzziii is amazing
2012-12-27 23:59
But not good enough to play in a top3 team
2012-12-28 00:03
Replace oz with krl and then you have a really good team
2012-12-26 18:47
+1, KRL best french captain in the history
2012-12-26 18:48
true story
2012-12-26 19:12
who's krl?
2012-12-26 18:58
a very good IGL from css
2012-12-26 19:00
does he play cs:go?
2012-12-26 19:02
yes, he just come back from 1 year and a half in australia :)
2012-12-26 19:11
Really? Will be awesome :)
2012-12-27 02:44
Really? I would love to see him in action again :D
2012-12-27 19:07
I know nothing about source but that looked good lol
2012-12-26 19:02
30p lan movie by mstsn
2012-12-26 19:11
And the best part would be that despite being a very good player he is also an amazing igl, he led the original verygames (KRL, RpK, SmithZz, mateOo-, RegnaM/shoxie) to several 1st place finishes and I dont think they ever lost a game with that lineup
2012-12-27 00:26
looked pretty sick especially with outgame video
2012-12-26 22:14
Portugal mfxd 
This just put KRL . krl best css french player
2012-12-26 21:07
krl wants to play with b2y only.
2012-12-26 23:56
what's b2y? A player or a team?
2012-12-27 01:18
former french top css player who went to australia with krl
2012-12-27 02:28
By b2y you mean bistouflyyy, right?
2012-12-27 03:52
2012-12-27 21:18
Slovakia uno1 
interesting, hf :)
2012-12-26 18:47
Jordan 4smiler 
2012-12-26 18:49
hm nice,but why dont replace oZ?
2012-12-26 18:50
bring back msx give him 2 months of practise and go top 3 ;) but sad this guy doesnt play anymore :( he was sick same with sixer majer
2012-12-26 18:55
sixer and majer play occasionally but don't have time to play seriously. (strong in csgo like in 1.6)
2012-12-26 19:15
remove Ozstrik3r, then you can be better team. he is TERRIBLE Steeve 'Ozstrik3r' Flavigni 29-57 -28 44.8 0.56
2012-12-26 18:57
cool I liked him in 1.6
2012-12-26 18:58
He is from which country actually? He is Asian :|
2012-12-26 19:04
If you see a sir name 'Nguyen', you know that's a Vietnamese
2012-12-26 19:16
and I guess michel is vietnamese as well?
2012-12-26 19:25
Yes. He lives in France or wherever but he definitely has Vietnamese blood in his vein.
2012-12-26 19:27
I think he is serbian.
2012-12-26 23:57
yeh as #36 said I'm pretty sure he must have vietnamese parents or origins
2012-12-26 21:02
Get rid off ozstriker he sucks bigtimes. Personally if I'd be on the level of ScreaM and the other guys I wouldn't want to play with such a bad player in my team.
2012-12-26 19:02
2012-12-26 19:45
When I saw the topic I thought they'd finally replace oztrik3r, but I guess they'll still have to play 4vs5
2012-12-26 19:02
and Ozstrik3r is still in.. haha. :D:D i don't want to insult this guy or what so ever but let's face the reality, the competitive cs scene was clearly not made for him and being a nice guy (which he obviously seems to be) is simply not enough. this team has the potential to be one the very top but not as long as this guy is a part of it.
2012-12-26 19:02
He was good before on 1.6 when he wasn't leading.
2012-12-26 23:58
In all honesty, Ozstrik3r needs to step up
2012-12-26 19:07
or step down
2012-12-27 00:46
That's more like it. That guy sucked ass long long long long before switching to CS:GO.
2012-12-27 11:12
What role Ozstrik3r has in the team?
2012-12-26 19:07
leader in game but now mshz will help him in his works
2012-12-26 19:46
To make sure that they lose and he is in the bottom of the scoreboard
2012-12-26 20:37
Nhat Nguyen brother? Ahah
2012-12-26 19:28
I wonder why Oz doesn't get any lessons from his 2 top tier players... That's a pitty that they don't want to help him improve. mshz was beast in 1.6 lets see how much he adapted yet.
2012-12-26 19:29
He is 35 years old, i don't think that he want to improve his skill seriously. He concentrated on other: lead the team, telling them what they need to do. To kill enemies there is four other guys.
2012-12-27 03:50
If he didn't want to play he would coach the team. Seriously I haven't ever met a player who wouldn't like to improve but also I didn't play with 35 years old guy.
2012-12-27 04:07
I didn't said that he don't want to play. Also, i don't think that he is not want to improve at all, i just think that he do not want to play it hard and 24/7.
2012-12-27 04:11
At 35 he's not even able to improve much ! Worse vision, slower reflexes, 35 is tool old for FPS games!
2012-12-27 05:13
Yes, that is what im talking about.
2012-12-27 11:12
this is like maLeK all over again
2012-12-28 17:22
2012-12-28 17:24
CSS malek weak player, just a caller
2012-12-29 16:38
Oh, i see.
2012-12-29 17:53
he said (actually he "warned") people that he would improve his skills when cs:go came out
2012-12-29 16:41
Maybe it was just words and nothing more. Anyway we probably can't demand good aim from 35 years old guy.
2012-12-29 17:55
true, but apparently his motivation is not the problem as he said he'd try. I guess he's just not as talented as his teammates
2012-12-29 23:44
I guess it is. But i also think that he is very strong leader. Anyway i wish him good luck, i do really respect him.
2013-12-30 01:13
So oztrik3r is telling h0rks was not good enough for the team...? Oh the irony....
2012-12-26 19:34
horks is a noob so don't think he is stronger than oz xD
2012-12-26 19:45
he is MUCH stronger than oz rofl
2012-12-28 17:23
fuck when fnatic say who joins fnatic ?))
2012-12-26 19:35
oztrik3r is not very good. Need to find a good replacement! CYA
2012-12-26 19:40
1-15 every match, "not very good" is pretty gentle way to say it.
2012-12-26 19:50
I was like high fiving myself when I saw the headline because I thought they're gonna replace ozstrik3r with some1 decent, but now I'm just sorry for u french guys at imaginary because now u lost a sick awper and still have a player who is individually the worst ever anywhere in the cs scene. lol
2012-12-26 19:51
is nguyen the most popular surname?
2012-12-26 19:52
in Vietnam yes
2012-12-26 19:54
Romania tr$ 
Was asking myself the same thing, I see it in pratically every country lol
2012-12-26 20:18
I see that surname all the time on the World Series of Poker tournaments I follow :D
2012-12-27 01:14
ANGE1 | 
Russia monte:) 
good luck Korea
2012-12-26 20:09
oztrik3r was a great player on 1.6 but he can't do much on CS:GO ...
2012-12-26 20:23
he wasnt good in 1.6 either
2012-12-26 20:27
oz was never more than average in 1.6
2012-12-27 05:14
Does ScreaM and others in team read this forum,they can see that nobody wants ozstriker in the team why dont they just kick him and make us happy...or there will be a lot of trolling with ozstriker on every post about imaginary gaming :D
2012-12-26 20:28
World Kobs 
last time oz got kicked it was by geno sixer majer and yoshi,after lot of drama they got kicked out of their structure ,this guy is a pain he just don't want to quit
2012-12-26 21:31
Shox said on vakarm that Oz gives up more than a player, a gives a lot of advices and bring them to their highest level. When Oz was kicked by Millenium, he was replaced by Rara... And the results were the same.
2012-12-27 00:03
Romania tr$ 
That's because Rara is basically almost as good as he is lol
2012-12-27 02:08
As good as him without the fonction of igl so.........
2012-12-27 21:19
lol those who don't know ozstriker was the worst in CS 1.6, he's at the bottom of the stats page in CS 1.6
2012-12-26 20:35
Nice, good player joining Shox and ScreaM
2012-12-26 21:15
World Kobs 
ozstriker the guy play with no brain and he is igl ! haha kick that guy he never done anyhting at international level . sad for horks he is really good ,this change don t make the team stronger
2012-12-26 21:25
World Kobs 
sixer majer uzzi scream shox that would be a team
2012-12-26 21:36
hahahaha he was shit at cs and he is still at CSGO. How the fuck can he even KICK ANYONE when HE IS THE WORST ONE THERE? JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS....
2012-12-26 21:44
Norway prb- 
hahaha sad for ScreaM h0rks shoxie and Uzzziii...just talking serious...oxs is so bad.
2012-12-26 21:47
he's a beast, worth it
2012-12-26 21:50
-Oz +hOrks PERFECT
2012-12-26 23:10
2012-12-27 00:03
mshz, maybe he can so, i think Oz doing nothing special and other players (shoxie etc.) take rounds by shooting
2012-12-27 15:17
Sad for imaginary with ozbot still in the team. Nobody sees them as a strong team until they lose him..
2012-12-26 23:29
"we are always under pressure from other teams who want to steal some of our players." Funny... because that's exactly what he did to Extensive with that pick.
2012-12-27 00:30
dethone VeryGames? Oz is a funny guy
2012-12-27 00:43 Scroll down to the bottom... And they wont dethrone VG when they are playing 4v5
2012-12-27 01:29
Cogu on top? I couldn't believe!
2012-12-27 03:21
-oz +krl and youve got a sick team there
2012-12-27 06:27
shox and especially scream are BOSS
2012-12-27 07:45
People from the community should have more respect for oztrik3r. This guy throw himself into the french scene. It's thanks to him that players like SixeR or Maj3r became well-known on 1.6 and he wasn't far to dethrone emuLate with Millenium in the past. I have confidence in what he's doing, this guy didn't come down with the last shower.
2012-12-27 10:31
Maybe people should respect him, but he is not a professional class player. He literally goes 1-15 in half the games he plays on LAN. I think at the most recent one, starladder, I saw at least three occasions where he ended a half on 0-3 frags, then finished up the game with around 5 or 6, most being eco kills. When he is having a "good game" he rarely breaks into double figures throughout the whole map. That's just inexcusable.
2012-12-27 13:20
True. From the viewer point of view it looks like oztriker is just slowing the progress of the team. After all they seem happy with ozstriker and thats all what matters.
2012-12-27 19:04
it s not cause of him they become well know it s cause of their skill.. i think he make the team he join more weak, their tactics never been great.. to me with geno it was better
2012-12-27 14:57
Go pick krL and bistoufly if you want a be a good team ;) screaM - shox - uzzzii - krL - bistoufly And go with LDLC
2012-12-27 19:23
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