TaZ: "Feels great to be on this team"

December 28th, 2012 00:59

Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas was interviewed by the SLTV StarSeries organisation after ESC Gaming's triumph in Kiev last week.

The Polish giants finally broke their duck and won their first international event since switching to CS:GO by defeating Virtus.pro in the SLTV Starseries Grand Final to walk away with a $6,000 cheque.

There had been doubts that the former 1.6 team would ever be successful in the new game after they crashed out in the group stage at ESWC and DreamHack Winter.

After a promising runners-up finish at AMD Sapphire in Prague, ESC Gaming's victory in Kiev was proof that the team has finally turned a corner and put those difficult months behind them.

This interview touches on several different subjects, such as the current state of the team, Filip "Neo" Kubski's performances and also Wojtas' own opinion about CS:GO, which seems to have considerably improved.

OFC he is :)
2012-12-28 01:00
Taz should be starts in TV!
2012-12-28 14:21
Poland Kuz. 
2012-12-28 01:01
Actually one of the best interviews I have seen of a cs player, gets on a really personal level. It's good to see taz enjoying himself.
2012-12-28 01:02
Portugal picc 
awesome interview
2012-12-28 01:02
always nice to watch
2012-12-28 01:05
Azerbaijan Talley 
Power of CS:GO!
2012-12-28 01:07
TaZ, such an amazing guy!
2012-12-28 01:08
Taz is a sponsors dream, always well spoken and well respected.
2012-12-28 01:08
Well he is a little bit bad mannered :-) when he sort of smacktalked alternate :D
2012-12-28 14:09
He's foully mannered, at IEM he was swearing at his own team loads! haha
2013-01-07 11:49
Good for Him, good for His teammates, and good for ESC!
2012-12-28 14:25
India rite2ace 
best interviews :D
2012-12-28 01:16
TaZ always the best
2012-12-28 01:18
Sweden d9lk 
You just can't hate TaZ. I usually don't watch 20min long interviews, but this will damn be worth it for sure!
2012-12-28 01:23
i agree with you man! :)
2012-12-28 01:30
Brazil sicariuswtf 
+1 even without watching
2012-12-28 06:01
2012-12-28 11:01
cyx | 
United States NeZiX 
He's definitely one of the more well-spoken and intelligent pros.
2012-12-28 14:19
2012-12-29 03:27
great guy as always
2012-12-28 01:25
Just gotta love Taz, seems like such a nice guy. Neo, the final boss of CSGO :P, really good interview also :D
2012-12-28 01:25
2012-12-28 01:26
I would say that, Taz is a father of CS :D
2012-12-28 01:29
nice interview! TaZ is really great guy, ESC good luck in future!
2012-12-28 01:29
ESC are a really amazing team basically the only 1.6 to transition fully together and still be succesfull
2012-12-28 01:34
Virtus.Pro looks promising. not just in the recent tournament, but in their matches before as well.
2012-12-28 05:30
nice job TaZ <3
2012-12-28 01:35
Heh, still remember him yelling at mouz xD
2012-12-28 01:36
HAHAHAHHAHA that was sick action, cant stop laught now :D
2012-12-28 02:17
hahaha, yeah xD
2012-12-29 04:27
Indonesia vyee 
youtube.com/watch?v=SmCdLgov3cs this one right, heheh. approx, u mad? :p Troll mastahh, all hail TaZ xD
2012-12-28 04:50
Cool quality and very nice interview, GL ESC :)
2012-12-28 01:40
China Specster 
The player who makes the best interviews in the history of our lovely counter strike.
2012-12-28 01:40
Taz is the reason why I have so much sypmathy towards ESC. He truly loves counter strike and he is not afraid to show his emotions. What a guy, what a player!
2012-12-28 01:44
hope they will rape nip soon
2012-12-28 01:46
Great person in real life, and amazing firstfragger ingame :D
2012-12-28 01:47
maybe im blind but where is the interview?
2012-12-28 01:53
nvm it came up after i hit submit
2012-12-28 01:53
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2012-12-28 02:28
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2012-12-28 02:38
i hear and i forget. i see and i remember. i do and i understand.
2012-12-28 02:41
i hope they do better next time
2012-12-28 01:55
China Specster 
better than 1st place? XDD
2012-12-28 02:03
2012-12-28 02:05
China Specster 
well yeh, always improving and getting better, that's the key.
2012-12-28 02:06
Pointed out very correctly about PC's situation. Just proved the fact
2012-12-28 01:57
China Specster 
totally true. many people hate the game just beacue of the community's hate. They didn't even play this game... and the truth is, if you practice a lot, play with friends, this game is really nice.
2012-12-28 02:05
Finland FliE 
"1.6 teams can't transition to a new game" they said. Soon enough there'll be exactly two former CS:S players on the top 10 of CS:GO tournaments: fifflaren and friberg, who'll probably get replaced soon enough anyway.
2012-12-28 02:04
Replaced by who? Pita?
2012-12-28 02:10
2012-12-28 03:34
moddii doesn't play with an Awp and friberg has more hours than him
2012-12-28 03:46
has more hours? lol. who the fuck cares about hours? If ur good, ur good... thats it
2012-12-28 07:28
Well then he's not good
2012-12-28 08:17
he was amazing in the few matches fnatic played in cs:go, troll
2012-12-28 12:32
Yes NiP will fuck up their entire chemistry just to add moddii who played a few decent matches for fnatic. Don't reply to me please
2012-12-28 22:32
i never said anything about moddii playing for NIP, I commented bc u sound like a moron saying that someone is better at csgo bc they have "more hours". That statement could only come from a mentally challenged child. If friberg played 300hrs and moddii only played 150, but moddii was obviously better, do you think anyone would give a shit about the amount of hours played? Do you really think that would stop a team from picking moddii for their roster? If so then you should stop replying to this site at all, not just this convo...
2012-12-29 03:08
Forced to bring up that discussion here?
2012-12-28 09:14
it no discussion, only curious fact
2012-12-28 21:06
Apart from the majority of the current top 10 are CSS players. And out of the 4 teams most likely to beat NiP first, only one of them is a 1.6 team (ex Mouz, ESC, Curse, VG)
2012-12-28 09:59
curse : 4 1.6 players
2012-12-28 13:12
Five actually.
2012-12-29 07:20
Why should they be replaced? Then team are beating up all others like nothing and Fiff is raping Neo who people say are a beast. Everyone can't be on the top of the scoringboard. They all have their roles.
2012-12-28 12:14
Because he's a 1.6 fanboy and it kills him that a team that's a mix of 1.6 and source is trashing all his sacred 1.6 heros. Therefore the source players in the best team in go are obviously 'bad'. Something I've learnt. Don't try to insert logic into a 1.6 fanboy discussion.
2012-12-28 15:06
Good CS:SOURCE teams in CS:GO: VeryGames, ex-mouse(rattlesnk & co.), Area51(with 2 1.6'ers) and alot of good team just behind the top. Good CS 1.6 teams in CS:GO: ESC, NiP(with two source players), Curse(with one source player) I think it's pretty even. ;) But I do think that there are more source teams right behind the top.
2012-12-28 14:04
area got 3 1.6 players dazed and tck are the source player
2012-12-28 15:42
Pretty sure natu, naSu, allu, ScurK and reflex all played 1.6.
2012-12-29 07:20
nice interview with TaZ as always
2012-12-28 02:04
TaZ is the interview king :D
2012-12-28 02:06
Humble and extremely nice guy.
2012-12-28 02:14
2012-12-28 02:17
He is such a great guy ! Good interview.
2012-12-28 02:17
hell of an interview! gl ESC in 2013
2012-12-28 02:28
they will be better in next year
2012-12-28 02:35
really good interview
2012-12-28 02:45
great interview. ESC has won me over as a fan
2012-12-28 02:51
taz seems to be a good guy :D
2012-12-28 02:56
Taz's passion for the game is what makes him so good, when they first started playing he was pretty bad but now he is one of the best cs go players.
2012-12-28 03:02
Poland joeb 
good material!
2012-12-28 03:07
I like that he admits where his misgivings are and that he's slowly getting over them. ESC will be where they should be(consistently on the podium) next year. For certain.
2012-12-28 03:08
taz is amazing person, amazing player. Great interview
2012-12-28 03:13
TaZ and ESC in general has a very good mindset for competitive gaming. By far the most professional team and they put so much passion into their matches, they are so hungry to win.
2012-12-28 03:13
always such a great guy! good interview
2012-12-28 03:50
best interview ever
2012-12-28 04:00
taz age ?
2012-12-28 04:37
2012-12-28 07:16
Taz is such a true and good person, I have so much sympathy and respect towards him and all his teammates, keep sticking together guys ! that's what makes you strong, loyalty and team spirit. Cheers
2012-12-28 05:01
Ukraine velm 
not a single hater in comments, sssick
2012-12-28 05:11
2012-12-28 07:09
2012-12-28 07:30
Everybody loves him :)
2012-12-28 16:11
Yea the mods deleted a bunch of people suggesting that he's just in it for the money and secretly hates 1.6 (Usual fanboy bs). Heck I wish the mods did that more often, if they started perma banning all the haters this community would be so much better.
2012-12-28 17:03
hahaha Honestly, NEO was the best player in CS 1.6 and I thought he could do magic in CS:GO
2012-12-28 05:23
Such a nice guy :) Hoping for ESC to give NiP some challenge!
2012-12-28 05:42
Wasn't ESC runner up on Northcon? On AMD Sapphire they've lost in quarter final to VG.
2012-12-28 07:19
uniform line up is what makes ESC ... go go G5
2012-12-28 07:29
Serbia rKj 
n1 go ahead!
2012-12-28 08:30
As always, great.
2012-12-28 08:41
gl g5
2012-12-28 08:55
Great interview gl ESC in 2013
2012-12-28 09:44
nice joke in the end
2012-12-28 09:52
nice 742 youre the boss
2012-12-28 10:23
Thank you TaZ for the honest answers and good to get some insight as to the talk that goes on between the players in the ESC group. Keep up the hard work
2012-12-28 11:00
Latvia jame 
Taz is a great actor, he says what people want to hear :D
2012-12-28 11:00
+1 well its all true bro but colored nicely! thats a proffesional iterview.
2012-12-28 13:14
2012-12-28 11:20
always liked him
2012-12-28 11:32
United States criimson 
ESC Gaming Organization definitely should be proud of having such a successful, talented and appealing team as the GoldenFive they are without a doubt the ultimate proof that if you think you can do something in CS and set ur mind to overcome any obstacle that may come in the way; you can achieve anything ESC has all of my respect and for sure TaZ is an icon and model of player we should all follow =)
2012-12-28 12:16
2012-12-28 14:06
Taiwan SCVready 
totally agree
2012-12-28 17:16
Great interview ;]
2012-12-28 13:13
"thank you,thank you" Just say thank you on the end of the interview, unskilled :((
2012-12-28 13:27
pretty damn long iview, but i like it.
2012-12-28 13:51
Like it, love u TaZ
2012-12-28 14:05
that damn dumbstep is everywhere now!
2012-12-28 14:20
awesome intro/outro :D
2012-12-28 14:22
Beast from the east ! Nice one :)
2012-12-28 14:31
"BOOOM wub wub wub wub wub BOOOM wee wee wee wee wee ..." "hai gays" laughed hard :D
2012-12-28 14:45
Is it just me, or did TaZ's english improve a lot?
2012-12-28 14:46
Obviously one's english does improve in time when you use it :O
2012-12-28 17:50
indeed sir
2012-12-29 11:42
I remember what pasha said after he had got mvp tshirt not a long time ago :D - Pasha, I know you cannot speak English but how do you fell now? - (extreme focus) I feel.. wery hapy. Go go g5 gl with nip next year
2012-12-29 19:43
hahahaha :D Could you link me that interview?? :D
2013-12-30 13:08
Man, i wish I could but I can't find it, if someone saw it recently, please copy link in there, I'll watch it again :D After some searching I was sure this was during award ceremony at IEM6 but now I'm not 100%.
2013-12-30 16:24
Slovakia kubiaxk 
nice interview by 742. GO G5 i am cheering for you guys
2012-12-28 15:49
epic interview from taz... as always
2012-12-28 16:27
-taz +luq
2012-12-28 16:54
Overall taz is the best type of person to playing computer games. He really loves it and it makes him so good. I had watched a lot of interviews with TAZ in polish and he always is same person. I'm sure that he is good guy and his job is the best for him. After it I'm looking forward to see next interview with him. GL taz. GO G5! 'Neo will dominate'
2012-12-28 16:56
Taiwan SCVready 
like a boss!
2012-12-28 17:16
after that iview ill install csgo
2012-12-28 17:23
wanted to do that too sad, 64mb graphic card and so on.. lol
2012-12-28 17:33
64mb graphic card haha welcome to stone age :)
2012-12-28 17:40
Yeh, its like 11 y.o old computer, I remember the times when some my bro's friends came and were shocked, that GTA III is working smoothly ._.
2012-12-28 17:57
heh i had 11 years old computers too and he had 512 rams :)
2012-12-28 18:25
ESC = best ... consistent team, nice guys...skilled. GO GO beat NiP next year :)
2012-12-28 19:12
he's a great guy!
2012-12-28 21:42
ESC was the strongest and most consistent team in CS history if you put quality and quantity of competition into perspective. Most individually skilled team would have to go to SK or fnatic. Most dominant team in any one year in CS History if you put quality and quantity of competition into perspective(and the largest margin win difference) - has to go to wNv
2012-12-28 22:50
Taz is really cool guy :)
2012-12-29 01:11
YOU've GOT MY SUPPORT TAZ! Always supported G5 and always will!
2012-12-29 03:31
What makes him like CS:GO is the competition in it. He plays the most prestigious LANs, he has an awesome team. If CS 1.6 had a matchmaking system, was cheats proof and had more competitive maps, his opinion about CS:GO would probably be totally different. This guys love competition, no matter the game, they want to play with the bests against the bests. And having a good computer won't bring that side of CS:GO to us casual gamers sadly so I don't see no point in playing it :(. But great interview anyway !
2012-12-29 08:44
You nailed it! He secretly hates the game, despite the fact that said couple of times that he changes his mind, he think Valve is doing good job and now he likes the game. This is one big conspiracy led by aliens... Fanboys... Pfffff :P
2012-12-29 19:34
Sweden wmb 
best gamer in the world xD
2012-12-29 19:57
"Feels great to be the CS:GO's NeO in this game" - TaZ
2012-12-29 20:00
but its true, TaZ is fucking good fragger and offensive effect style in GO )
2013-01-01 20:12
Nice to hear this :)
2013-12-30 00:14
taz is best fucking player ever
2013-12-31 15:27
From what I saw taz is very good aimer in cs go. On the other side neo is worse than he have been in 1.6. In 1.6 Neo was a monster, and now? Hes ordinary.
2013-01-07 12:54
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