oskar leaves myDGB, .PhP to join?

December 28th, 2012 17:22

Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný has decided to leave myDGB.net due to complaints from his teammates. The team hopes to replace him with Marek ".PhP" Kadek.

myDGB.net scored an upset win over VeryGames at AMD Sapphire Invitational and then defeated zNation and BuyKey on a way to a third place finish in Prague for a check worth $4,000.

Since then they've managed to qualify for IEM Katowice through the international online qualifier, where they bested German ALTERNATE in the grand final to guarantee themselves a spot at the event in January.

oskar's played too much DotA2 to his teammates' liking 

According to Šťastný's Facebook post, his teammates were complaining at him for playing too much DotA2, which made him eventually leave the team despite their solid results.

Team captain Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács said they hope his former teammate Marek ".PhP" Kadek will join with the team to fill the roster in time for their trip to Poland next month, but it's yet to be confirmed.


Slovakia Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács
Slovakia Jakub "kap1" Halás
Czech Republic Karel "sneix" Pavlica
Slovakia Peter "uno" Lipowski
Slovakia Marek ".PhP" Kadek (potential recruit)

As previously mentioned, myDGB.net will next travel to Katowice on January 18-20 where they fill face ESC Gaming, MaxFloPlay and ALSEN while competing for the $7,000 prize purse.

lol...bad timing :)
2012-12-28 17:22
2012-12-28 17:23
2012-12-28 17:24
.php used to be such a monster in source, I hope he comes back.
2012-12-28 17:25
Venezuela Blad. 
Old news.
2012-12-28 17:27
Slovakia shx27 
yea about 2 hours old. -_-
2012-12-28 17:39
Actually that "oskar leave" part is on the internet for a whole day but annoucment that PhP is going to be myDGB fifth player is just few hours old because of GuardiaN's statment on his Facebook page.
2012-12-28 18:08
A whole day... owow this news is definitly old as crap, i can't even imagine why they would bober to put it up after that much time... damn hltv.org is failing, and even the 2 hour notice of the new member, is hltv.org sleeping???? hltv.org, why you don't put news at the same second they are decided???? Damn you! For the ones that didn't get it (and i wouldn't be surprised if there were any)... yes, this was sarcasm. -__-
2012-12-28 19:11
Pretty hard for 2 European guys to post everything 24/7, but although you were being sarcastic it's still a good thing they do release news as fast as they do now. :)
2012-12-29 00:12
I know, and I really think the news section in here is very nice, I just can't understand people that complain about "the news was up all day and only now is here" I mean... really? I would be pissed if was one of you guys. :P
2012-12-29 00:23
Well it can get annoying but you get used to it, I had the same back in Gotfrag. Hell I sometimes write news here if the others aren't around. (I had to write about CSGO update on Christmas Eve since the writers were off getting drunk :P) Everyone does their part really :)
2012-12-29 00:25
if php comes back they will beat all teams xDD guardian + php is the best duo in the history of css @ lan
2012-12-28 17:27
need more WT xddd
2012-12-28 17:33
2012-12-28 18:00
Norway prb- 
are you serious?
2012-12-28 18:40
-prb +oskar
2012-12-28 18:56
Norway prb- 
2012-12-28 19:07
They never won the old VERYGAMES when they were 100% focused in the game so how are they gonna be the best lan duo of css? Despite of that shox and RpK were. They were a top2 team (top3 if mouz (old SALVO) had played constantly). Anyways they won't beat NiP anytime.I only see mouz there.oskar was their best talent there with GuardiaN so really i don't see them performing better due to this change. VERYGAMES will come stronger in 2013 due to the bootcamp (same with ESC if they keep spending lots of hours like they are doing now) and so on i don't see them beating NiP in a long time. When NiP starts playing less due to f0rest motivation then we can see something different or even though when VERYGAMES kick NBK and Smithz.
2012-12-28 18:56
ahahaha f0rest motivation ahahaah !!! nice m8 , loved to remember 1.6 players motivation problems!!! where is delpan???
2012-12-28 22:10
ye...when you mostly win everything and you passed a nice amount of years in the same "cs" title you lose motivation...it was probably his first game so he took a lot of time to lose it (your first game always gives you more motivation :D) plus he was young. Now that he is 22-23+ years (don't know his age) he will probably lose his game motivation in a a year or few years (he wins everything) so that's mainly when NiP can start losing when they start playing less and less. Hope Delpan comesback :D but he needs to take it serious (aim's, dm, mixes, flashes and stuff) hours, hours and without any doubt he will be strong.
2012-12-28 22:53
Denmark mikyb 
Though, Imperial beat Reason-Gaming during their primetime at every tournament, and they dominated for a longer period than Reason. A oldschool top would be 1. VeryGames 2008 (KRL, shox, RpK, smithzz, matheOo- 2. Birmingham Salvo (rattlesnk, pt, wez, mangiacapra & wilzoo) 3. Imperial (wantz, FeTiSh, gravityy, v1ctor & purityy) 4. Reason-Gaming (UN, sneix, PR, .PhP & GuardiaN) 5. fnatic (darkyy, blaze, phos, AirRaid & xertion)
2012-12-29 00:44
imperial were beating us everytime? they won over us only at one lan, the coppenhagen games :) - they lost to us on Dreamhack in semifinals 2:0, the only 2 games we played them
2012-12-29 01:00
lol zwank owned
2012-12-29 02:37
2012-12-29 01:07
VG >>> reason you dont remember?
2012-12-28 23:14
php was css monster :D
2012-12-28 23:57
Slovakia kubiaxk 
GL myDGB !
2012-12-28 17:30
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
dat dota
2012-12-28 17:30
:D :D
2012-12-28 17:54
If php comes back, it would be nice to see them play for Reason again.
2012-12-28 17:30
It would be amazing ! - uno & kap1 + pR & UN and the legend is back !
2012-12-28 17:32
+ who and who ?
2012-12-28 18:00
pR & UN played alongside GuardiaN, .PhP & sneix in Reason-Gaming when they were pretty much dominating source.
2012-12-28 18:04
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
+1 but WT is also needed :D i dont believe in sneix that much
2012-12-28 20:38
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
+1 but WT is also needed :D i dont believe in sneix that much. maybe bazy
2012-12-28 20:38
2012-12-28 17:31
2012-12-28 18:00
oskar wtf... gl php
2012-12-28 17:31
I had done the same! GuardiaN relief to my head.
2012-12-28 17:32
Slovakia Puki 
Nice :)
2012-12-28 17:33
United Kingdom Alth 
If PHP can get back to his skill he was at in CS:S that will be pretty damn frightening for other teams..
2012-12-28 17:44
I hope that pR and UN wil come some day... it would be awesome to see old R team.
2012-12-28 17:44
sad, oskar was the 2nd best in myDGB...
2012-12-28 17:47
kick sneix and make full slovak team i would intresting in Czech Republic CS 1,6 i have one girl she need some mates to creat a team
2012-12-28 17:53
Slovakia kubiaxk 
- Oskar , + Delpan :D
2012-12-28 17:56
Slovakia shx27 
Yeah, I listened that Delpan is learning slovak language and he is pretty well in it ! (hahaha)
2012-12-28 18:12
Slovakia kubiaxk 
yeah :)i talked with him yesterday on TS
2012-12-28 21:06
Slovakia shx27 
Yep mee too. He was searching for some guy from slovakia on undzwei.eu TS. He said that he like "Bryndzove halusky" a lot and he wanna move to Bratislava. He too said that he got list from I.Gasparovic, with invite to bratislavian storm cafe, where he wanna play CW with him.
2012-12-28 21:30
trololo guyz ye? Trolololoo...
2012-12-28 22:15
Slovakia shx27 
little bit :).
2012-12-28 22:21
English only please. Thank you.
2012-12-29 00:00
2012-12-29 10:10
Slovakia kubiaxk 
thumb up brah :dddd
2012-12-29 11:57
top1 now
2012-12-28 17:57
I hope PhP joining he are so sick player, he was big from Css
2012-12-28 18:00
Shit just got real, PhP will be an awesome pickup for MyDGB. youtube.com/watch?v=MWxjkN-njBI
2012-12-28 18:05
omfg i hate css, but this guy is awesome
2012-12-28 19:57
+ WT youtube.com/watch?v=LVsa9r68fVg&hd=1 SicK see ya in PL :)
2012-12-28 18:06
2bad I remember PhP talking loaaaaads of shit about the game... dunno if he has motivation to play it.
2012-12-28 18:07
oskar :/
2012-12-28 18:07
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
2012-12-28 18:09
MoOnTy | 
Slovakia MoOnTy 
- sneix + xero
2012-12-28 18:12
-sneix + bazy
2012-12-29 11:13
More oskar news hel be in a new team tomoz then hel be retiring next week then back a week later yawnnn....
2012-12-28 18:20
2012-12-28 23:07
Sweden hMp 
sick, .php were a beast in source :)
2012-12-28 18:20
Php with reason gaming from css youtube.com/watch?v=-9_GiHHVSmA
2012-12-28 18:22
Slovakia xarc 
one of the best movies I've ever seen
2012-12-28 18:41
lol, it's really shitty though, the edit is terrible
2012-12-28 18:45
Slovakia xarc 
I like movies which has many annoying effects. It's okay.
2012-12-28 19:36
You have to be huge fan of Twilight saga.
2012-12-29 00:26
oh my god!! D:D:D I'm retarded, I wanted to write "I DON'T LIKE MOVIES WHICH HAS MANY ANNOYING EFFECTS" :DDDDDDDDD sorry, my bad
2012-12-29 00:42
Slovakia kubiaxk 
2012-12-29 11:59
Czech Republic d3c0 
good edit, just skip first min..:)
2012-12-28 19:00
He posted lately on his facebook that team chemistry mainly during practice time was the major reason to leave.
2012-12-28 18:41
Norway prb- 
He left because of not earning money so he prefered dota2 instead of CSGO.
2012-12-28 19:06
Denmark mikyb 
I love how you just appear and tell all the fanboys how it actually is. RTS > FPS now adays.
2012-12-29 00:31
I'm pretty sure he's not prb, which would make him a mega fanboy.
2013-12-30 02:34
Denmark mikyb 
2013-12-30 19:44
2013-01-01 18:13
Slovakia radeoNko 
2012-12-28 18:42
Serbia rKj 
n1 :) guardian playing dota right now :)
2012-12-28 18:47
oskar was very good :/
2012-12-28 18:58
meh, oskar what i told you, you can't ulti in csgo !
2012-12-28 19:06
I heard that .PhP used to be a beast in Source, and he kinda needs to be the same in GO if he wants to replace oskar ;)
2012-12-28 19:12
OMG !!!
2012-12-28 19:18
2012-12-28 19:18
Estonia 2026 
f0rest plays Dota2 aswell.
2012-12-28 23:07
soooooooo stupid, their best player by far.....
2012-12-28 19:19
2012-12-28 19:41
php is good but oskar was also very good.. it kinda zeroes out for mydgb if php does join :/
2012-12-28 19:42
Brazil lugn 
+wt and will be the best
2012-12-28 19:48
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
guardian wt UN pr sneix go beat nip thx
2012-12-28 20:23
haha, I did see that coming :o)
2012-12-28 20:38
didnt php make a comeback to play for mtw, which didnt really work out
2012-12-28 21:05
Denmark mikyb 
No. He did a comeback to play with Epsilon, with stingeR, re1ease, rattlesnk & wez. THAT didn't work out, they folded about a month after.
2012-12-29 00:34
l0l nope the lineup was php, henryg, kritikal, stinger and wilzooo
2012-12-29 04:08
Denmark mikyb 
Oh yeah, was thinking of the .uk one, where PhP wasn't. At least I remembered stingeR.
2012-12-29 21:41
PhP with hudzG? DON'T THINK SO
2012-12-29 01:08
il say its a lost to them but they know better
2012-12-28 21:18
The only chance these guys had was for gua and oskar to get along...
2012-12-28 21:31
Thats too bad. He played very good
2012-12-28 22:35
oskar was a great player for them but .PhP can fill his role 4 sure.. gl
2012-12-28 23:04
Estonia 2026 
Yeah I understand.. CS:GO sucks and DotA2 is a lot more interesting :) Fuck their team and fuck the game.
2012-12-28 23:06
dont need to repeat that i think this is a mistake, i dunno about this guy , hope he can be good in Go like he used to be on css
2012-12-28 23:08
Hungary SancheZjr 
guardian & php again together! YES
2012-12-29 00:05
oskar is nerd
2012-12-29 00:08
Slovakia 851 
looks interesting but i also dont like cs:go so much.
2012-12-29 00:10
Good news GL.
2012-12-29 00:35
any1 knows news about WT?
2012-12-29 07:06
lamp | 
Russia lamp` 
Last online: 125 days ago @ STEAM Profile
2012-12-29 10:36
he isnt playing for a years...
2012-12-29 14:01
no oskar no Glory
2012-12-29 12:31
no 1.6 player no win just quit already
2012-12-29 12:41
[R] is back!
2012-12-29 13:01
not all :/
2013-01-02 21:38
php was the best source player when he was at his best..he is a beast.
2012-12-29 16:59
wicked :D
2013-12-30 15:17
guardian awp geek?
2013-12-31 08:33
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