Changes Within Meet Your Makers

The Norwegian team Meet Your Makes today announce that they team will undergo drastic changes, in order for them to success in the future.

Team Meet Your Makes announced not long ago, that they will replace two players in their lineup. The team was tiered of 9-12th places, and had to make some changes in order to keep up the fun of playing Counter-Strike on a professional level. With no further introduction, here are the new team Meet Your Makers.

Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Sondre "REAL" Svanevik
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Ola "elemeNt" Moum
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Matis "noLA" Nygren
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Preben "prb" Gammelsæter
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Øyvind "KF3" Magnestad

With the addition of KF3 and noLa, following players left the team.

Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Lars "Naikon" Olaisen
Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Geir-Stian "juven9le" R. Svendsen

On the MYM website elemeNt stated the following about the roster changes.

It's sad to part ways with juve and naikon but we felt we had to make some drastic changes if we want to perform better than we have done the past months. It's all or nothing for us now and no more half ass 9-12 placements. So please welcome our new additions to the team KF3 and noLA. Also give it up for Nostra who will be taking the role as team manager for the upcoming events.

The team will also change team manager. Since the depature of Jonas "Admin" Hamidi, the team manager has been Henrik "Kepler" Kepler. Kepler now steps back as manager, and will focus on tournaments and events within Regroup-eSports
The new team manager will be an already known face in MYM. The content manager Daniel "Nostra" Thornell, will be joining up as team manager.

The new lineup will already have to show what they are capable of tonight. They will be facing NoA in NGL-One. Tune in at 20.00 and find the match here.

Source: MYM

Australia LdN^ 
Lars "Naikon" Olaisen NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ill never for get him :(
2007-09-18 19:51
Germany Wii 
in remember of Naikon... :(
2007-09-18 19:54
#1 and your zeh english boy:DDDDDDDD forget mby??? anyways the lineup looks really strong, both of them are really great individual players so gl
2007-09-18 19:55
Norway OmA 
#3 and your zeh english boy:DDDDDDDD ANYWAY mby??? r3t GL mym
2007-09-19 19:36
nice @ KF3, but i think syrtekz/roofz are both way better then noLA :) now kick element and get DaY back pls ;D or get oops to play active cs (not mixes;D) again
2007-09-18 19:58
meh wont help them against noa ^^ gl in the future events tho
2007-09-18 20:39
good for NoA
2007-09-18 21:07
Finland eDy 
no way they can't remove naikon :,(
2007-09-18 21:09
2007-09-18 21:38
Slovakia greed 
ou yeah they showed versus NOA, blah 4:16, dont think its going to be better, holy Naikon one and only...
2007-09-18 22:42
mixwell | 
Spain m4t4 
evidently this team looks worse than with naikon and j9 :(
2007-09-18 22:55
omg silly change!!! KF3 and nola are not better than naikon and juve! i like mym but sry it is really silly!
2007-09-19 14:26
Sweden jSn- 
#3 Tshh and you only know about cheap alcohol and cheap goodlooking whores.. ;D
2007-09-19 15:32
KF3 ftw :D
2007-09-19 16:32
United Kingdom fTh 
weaker team now really.
2007-09-19 19:29
<3 Naikon lol haha :D
2007-09-19 19:48
Naikon is too Olw i think... Konf3gur will make it good when team will find they'r play :) GL MYM!
2007-09-19 21:23
Macedonia Idze 
why naikon......... GL MYM
2007-09-19 21:45
if the team will be playing better so be i't
2007-09-19 21:58
Naikon, and juve are verry experienced. I'll say it's a loss for the team to loose both those quality players. GL in the future MYM
2007-09-21 23:29
:O why juven9le hes sick
2007-09-22 11:30
I say lets wait and see what this Nola guy can do, I didn´t like him or KF3 in the match against NoA the other day. But then again maybe they were just abit nervous. Since they need to live up to Naikon(Which is VERY hard) ;] <3
2007-09-24 20:44
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