MAJ3R set to join Imaginary

Imaginary Gaming have given a strong indication that they will add Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli to their ranks.

The French team are believed to be in the market for a new player after Richard "shox" Papillon revealed earlier in the week that Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom had quit the squad to pursue his career in VeryGames.

While the ESWC runners-up, who lost Cédric "RpK" Guipouy to retirement earlier on Wednesday, stated that Benrlitom had not joined the team, Imaginary have seemingly confirmed that the Belgian ace is no longer in the squad, having removed him from their roster in the ESL Major Series.

To fill this gap, Imaginary resorted to picking up Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli, a former member of Millenium and Electronic Sahara.

MAJ3R finally makes the switch to CS:GO

This will be the first CS:GO experience for Kupeli, who has played alongside Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavigni in the past.

Imaginary will tackle 3DMAX in the EMS semi-finals as they look for a place in the tournament decider, in which they could face either Ninjas in Pyjamas or the former eXtensive! team.

Imaginary have the following lineup registered on the ESL's website:

France Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavini
France Richard "Shox" Papillon
France Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel
France Michel "mshz" Nguyen
France Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli

France Thomas "akeR" Radovic (backup)

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2013-01-09 22:24
wow! best of lucks into csgo!
2013-01-09 22:24
:D go go
2013-01-09 22:25
where is sixer?
2013-01-09 22:25
13 replies
He doesn't like the game, and hasn't got enough time to play in a team anyway.
2013-01-09 22:32
12 replies
and mSx?
2013-01-09 22:38
6 replies
he stoped cs since years
2013-01-09 23:13
5 replies
he actually played 1.6 recently but it didn't work out.
2013-01-09 23:22
3 replies
cause he didnt really played
2013-01-10 01:35
2 replies
where is -rara ?
2013-01-10 10:45
1 reply
in your bathroom
2013-01-10 21:58
2013-01-12 20:05
Germany tummi
2013-01-10 00:56
That's false lmao. Sixer would really like to play csgo competitively (apparently he is a beast at it) but he can't atm since he's working at night
2013-01-10 08:20
3 replies
First you say "lmao its false" then you say "Apparently". Be sure that what you saying is correct before contradicting someone. He doesn't like CS:GO, doesnt play this game anymore and hasn't got time to play in a team anyway, since he is working at night, like you said.
2013-02-01 00:06
2 replies
Well, that's a lie
2013-02-01 00:08
1 reply
Thats a nice developped argument.
2013-02-02 02:00
Aker will most likely be 5th and scream most likely go to VG
2013-01-09 22:26
5 replies
2013-01-09 22:27
1 reply
nvm aker is shit and i didnt know they were 6 even before. soz
2013-01-09 22:29
aker being 5th when the article is about MAJ3R joining IMG? And it's quite obvious that ScreaM is joining VG, like is there any1 else being able to step in the shoes of RpK? And since ScreaM left IMG it's just even more obvious.
2013-01-09 22:33
2 replies
Steeve "Ozstrik3r" Flavini Richard "Shox" Papillon Kevin "Uzzziii" Vernel Michel "mshz" Nguyen Engin "MAJ3R" Kupeli aker wont be 5th
2013-01-09 22:42
1 reply
that's his point.
2013-01-09 22:45
Denmark rizc
Probably one of the best replacements they could get.
2013-01-09 22:28
1 reply
Yeah, since he was the best French player, it seems like a pretty good replace based on his name itself. :-D
2013-01-09 23:37
Good to finally see some known faces, kinda felt like following css these days
2013-01-09 22:32
2 replies
+1, it warms the heart
2013-01-09 22:42
2013-01-10 11:37
2013-01-09 22:32
You don't need to post a MAJ3R frags we know really well who is he
2013-01-09 22:35
6 replies
sourcers don't. Remember that the communities have merged
2013-01-09 22:44
5 replies
I don't want to remember :P
2013-01-09 23:04
1 reply
2013-01-10 02:50
Good sourcers know
2013-01-09 23:21
2 replies
true my halimi friend.
2013-01-09 23:43
2013-01-10 01:03
2013-01-09 22:36
2013-01-09 22:39
nice to see j3r back in action , i feel in csgo he will be very good cause of his playing style
2013-01-09 22:46
1 reply
for sure, he is already pretty sick
2013-01-09 22:55
Serbia Lzrk
Imaginary kicked ScreaM, so it is true that ScreaM will be going to VeryGames.
2013-01-09 22:45
1 reply
he left for Vg
2013-01-09 23:05
Greece her-1g
actually they could replace ozstriker with harts...i think that he is a better leader than oz. and who is uzziiii?!? i dont know though if harts plays csgo but imagine harts shox maj3r msx mshz
2013-01-09 22:47
6 replies
-msx +SIXER -shox +atLaNtis = eSahara
2013-01-09 22:56
1 reply
afaik HaRts doesn't play cs:go
2013-01-09 22:56
3 replies
Yes, I think he play ShootMania
2013-01-09 22:57
2 replies
League of Legends
2013-01-09 23:09
Finland FRGVN
like Xp3 :D
2013-01-09 23:46
amazing player, I expect to see him raping VG in a couple of months.
2013-01-09 22:50
2 replies
India h8or
2013-01-10 00:18
They will! mshz + j3r toogood
2013-01-10 18:43
Finland joona
im more excited about this than ScreaM joining the VG :-P
2013-01-09 22:58
-oz +apEX
2013-01-09 23:00
hmm will be cool :)
2013-01-09 23:03
2013-01-09 23:06
Sixer missing in the line up
2013-01-09 23:09
2013-01-09 23:18
gl, best 1.6 ak47 , along with archie .
2013-01-09 23:35
Welcome back!
2013-01-09 23:51
Denmark kaspeRztw
-oz + KRL
2013-01-09 23:52
Honestly, it would've been better with Shox calling like when he did in VG for CSS. He was still an amazing player and was able to be the in-game strat caller.
2013-01-10 00:00
2 replies
Pretty sure he's never called for VeryGames. krL did in the past then Ex6TenZ when he took over.
2013-01-10 00:22
vg callers in history : krL, ex6tenz. That's it. He tried with uzzziii, scream, h0rks and apex at the start of csgo but he's not made for that.
2013-01-10 01:13
MAJ3R to destroy!
2013-01-10 00:02
1 reply
Germany tummi
+1 gl!
2013-01-10 01:00
Emkill Hourdeau kabal Kyo Maarek that is all
2013-01-10 00:13
1 reply
overrated because of a famous movie, that's all :D
2013-01-10 07:52
oh nice fuck
2013-01-10 00:17
MAJ3R the best 1.6 player in France
2013-01-10 00:55
Would rather see "krl, bistoufly, maj3r, sixer, shox", but gl to all of them anyway.
2013-01-10 01:12
1 reply
And who doesn't? :-D French scene is getting stronger everyday.
2013-01-10 01:42
very very good news :D alem sana hasta maj3r reiz.
2013-01-10 01:40
4 replies
English only please. Thank you.
2013-01-10 01:47
3 replies
Come on he shares some turkish words with a turkish friend let him go ^^
2013-01-10 10:05
2 replies
kebab. "English only please."
2013-01-10 18:44
Friend or not this is still an international site :P
2013-01-10 23:37
India Ad1_KaM
Do I hear some MAJ3R ScreaM's from the French people here? :P
2013-01-10 02:03
Doubt he can fill ScreaM's gigantic shoes
2013-01-10 03:29
2 replies
he is more complet player and way more experienced so shouldn t hurt the team much if not make it better
2013-01-10 09:58
1 reply
+1 let him play a few hours, and he will as good as scream.
2013-01-10 18:44
Majer? woot, what a insane player all ppl who know majer, know what i talk about
2013-01-10 03:43
gl maj
2013-01-10 09:06
Ok what about ScreaM ? no imaginary and no VG ?!!
2013-01-10 11:40
2 replies
2013-01-10 18:45
1 reply
But they said in their website, they cuted links with him !!
2013-01-14 10:43
Good luck my Turkish friend, Engin!
2013-01-10 13:31
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