Charges Only And Oldschool Maps?

September 23rd, 2007 00:24

SK anniversary with four great teams, but with some weird rules and old maps, whats the deal?

Here is the deal. The SK anniversary tournament are well underway. Lots of people seem to get confused about the rules and the maps this tournament are using. Many of our users questioned us about it. So here we break it down for you, and there is no need to be confused for the matches tomorrow.

Charges Only

The Charges Only rules are old, and unknown to many of the viewers that joined the game with the newer rules such as MR12 and MR15.

Charges Only means that the rounds you need to win a match, are gathered as T. The rounds gathered as CT does not count in any way.

The teams have 20 minutes as T to gather as many rounds as possible. When the 20 minutes are over, it is time to prevent the opponent team from gathering more T rounds than them. The team with most T rounds when the 2x20 minutes are over, are the winner of the match.

So why does teams play hide and seek? Well when you are CT, you have to use the time wisely. You hide so the T's will have to hunt you down. As many of you might noticed, the CT's wait till the bomb is close to exploding, and then start defusing. Yet again it is about using the time wisely.


The Charges Only rules are old, very old. We have to go back to beta 3 and 5.2 to see anyone using these rules. Now when was these betas? Going back to 2001 where HLTV got introduced, teams were playing with the Charges Only rules.

With the old rules comes old maps. Today we witnessed SK and mouz playing de_aztec, PGS and NoA playing de_dust. Tomorrow there are another four matches on the menu. Which maps will be used are still unknown, but expect to see old maps once again. Maps that could possible could be played tomorrow; de_dust, de_aztec, de_cbble & de_prodigy. But we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out.

The next match from the SK Anniversary Tournament will start Sunday at 16.00 CET. The match will be between SK-Gaming and PGS. Which map they will choose this time, are still to be revealed.

The rules suck, but the maps rulee!!! :}
2007-09-23 07:20
Germany Wii 
aztec! :D
2007-09-23 08:19
2007-09-23 10:08
Lithuania inT- 
n1 :) dust pwnz!
2007-09-23 10:18
omfg, they are pros and they played that maps before they will play it again it will be fun only rules make a difrent thats why maps and rules are matched for a 50% / 50% for both sides they arent so good in aztec like in d2 , and it will be fun rules (y). i wonder if im gonna get a computer with cs to see the whole games
2007-09-23 10:44
World Roeba 
CO rules were still used after beta 5.2, I think they were still the standard in some leagues around version 1.1
2007-09-23 11:14
2007-09-23 11:28
dammed i put all my 500 000 points on NoA whitout to know that they will play aztec ;D
2007-09-23 13:46
sad ;(
2007-09-23 13:47
omg the rules are very GAY !!!
2007-09-23 14:05
hahahahahaha rrly greate rules hahaha GoGoGO
2007-09-23 14:05
lol these rules are funny, but SK Gaming probably pulled them out so they could have bigger chances to win, with the fact that they prolly played it a lot before.
2007-09-23 14:41
Portugal LaVV 
#10 TRUE!!!!
2007-09-23 15:31
i actually remeber these rules, but i started with 1.0. so they must have still used the rules until about 1.3. i think for some time there were actually two separate ladders in some leagues.
2007-09-23 15:49
HAHAHA I love that rulez and maps :D please keep it up :)
2007-09-23 16:06
2007-09-23 16:11
Spain m4t4 
i questioned this decision but finally i liked and i think has been very funny :P
2007-09-23 22:59
#5 they are not proes they have A lot of good tacktics i play on this lvl 2 but our clan dont have tacktics like this -_- [SORRY ON MY ENGLISH]
2007-09-24 07:47
I think it a great idea... Players must be already a bit bored of playing d2/inf every single day... Here tehy have an oportunity to get some relaxation and they can have really fun and enjoy the game...
2007-09-24 08:07
de_dust ftw
2007-09-24 10:22
Finland FliE 
Nice, old school for the victory. Would be nice to see some big tournament pull something off every once in a while :)
2007-09-24 22:39
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