Official: ScreaM joins VeryGames

VeryGames have formally unveiled former Imaginary Gaming star Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom as their new fifth player.

Benrlitom had been linked with VeryGames since Richard "shox" Papillon broke the news and told that Imaginary had lost the the Belgian star to the ESWC runners-up.

The French giants then quickly dismissed the stories, stressing that Benrlitom had not joined their ranks, but when Cédric "RpK" Guipouy announced his retirement from gaming, it was suspected that the move was close at hand.

His transfer to VeryGames, in which he will link up with compatriot Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans, has now officially been completed, with the French team undergoing their first roster change since picking up Kenny "kennyS" Schrub in April.

"It is an honour to join the biggest French organisation, I think this is a good step regarding my career," Benrlitom told VeryGames' website.

"I also had to do the hardest choice since my beginning and I want to say sorry to Kévin, Richard, Michel, Steeve and Toma with whom I had moments which I will never forget and I hope everything goes well for them.

"I would also like to thank Imaginary Gaming for the trip to Kiev and I am sorry for this departure."

A former member of CS:Source teams like 3DMAX, and Tt Dragons, Benrlitom was suspected of cheating at first, but doubts about the legitimacy of his actions were erased after he proved himself on LAN.

Since switching to CS:GO, he had been playing for the former Epsilon team, currently known as Imaginary, but their lack of success made him take up a new challenge.

Benrlitom will make his first competitive appearance for VeryGames on Thursday, against mousesports, in ESEA. His LAN debut for the team will come next month at Epsilan, which will be held between February 2nd-3rd in Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or.

VeryGames currently have the following lineup:

Belgium Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans
France Kenny "kennyS" Schrub
France Nathan "NBK" Schmitt
France Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux
Belgium Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom

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Should make them stronger in the long run
2013-01-16 19:45
2013-01-16 19:45
Boom goes the dynamite.. GOGOGO VG!! Adil you are the man!!
2013-01-16 19:45
GG!!!!!!!!!!!! Now NIP vs VG Amazing
2013-01-16 19:46
esc > vg
2013-01-16 19:59
Will be decided in upcoming days...... w8 n watch :)
2013-01-16 20:10
WTF seriously?
2013-01-16 20:48
2013-01-16 21:57
why? They never win VG but VG rape them
2013-01-16 23:18
China Specster 
WTF seriously? watch their last matches rape? u kidding?
2013-01-17 02:58
but still esc didnt win a single map against VG >>>> ESC not only because matches between these 2 teams but also achievment wise
2013-01-17 06:30
they are such blind NEO THE BEST
2013-01-17 18:51
surprise news
2013-01-16 19:46
2013-01-16 19:46
2013-01-16 19:46
2013-01-16 19:46
next addition should be shox if they still cannot beat nip
2013-01-16 19:46
United Kingdom Alth 
Will never happen lol
2013-01-16 19:52
tbh even if they combined ScreaM, Shox, krL, NBK and KennyS, I'm still not sure they'd be able to beat NiP
2013-01-16 20:26
They didnt get along in source and i dont see how anything has changed since then.
2013-01-16 20:41
was only ex6 and shox that didnt get on
2013-01-16 22:31
-ex6 + shox imo
2013-01-16 22:54
SmithZz IGL then? nah.
2013-01-16 23:27
shoxie has called before
2013-01-17 04:39
shoxie never called in VG. He was IGL for a short time with line-up shox, ScreaM, apEX, Uzziii, h0rks and he was bad as IGL.
2013-01-17 04:55
2013-01-16 19:46
2013-01-16 19:46
w0w0w0w0w0w fuck yeah now they have beast lienup gl
2013-01-16 19:46
After NiP, yes.
2013-01-16 20:05
Poland sz0u 
ESC ;)
2013-01-16 20:15
Still 1.NiP; 2.VG; 3.ESC Enjoy!
2013-01-16 20:18
We will see, right now: ESC>VG IMO.
2013-01-16 20:22
see results polish
2013-01-16 20:49
ESC raping everyone
2013-01-16 21:04
yea, even online! This is madness!
2013-01-16 21:54
They must certainly feel invincible :D
2013-01-16 22:57
except VG and NiP
2013-01-16 21:55
i'm talking about SLTV and ESEA, just one loss against NiP.
2013-01-16 22:05
1.6 rs so blind ... ESC never win VG but opposite...
2013-01-16 23:21
2013-01-16 23:32
however counts .... BRASILIAN #YOLO
2013-01-16 23:48
ok sAuc
2013-01-17 02:11
go clean something you m3ss
2013-01-17 12:06
beast =/= best
2013-01-16 20:26
Where are all CSP fanboys that claimed ScreaM made the switch? At last its official, I doubt they are on NIPs level but they have potential for sure.
2013-01-16 19:47
you were the one claiming that scream made the switch lol Taking into consideration who they've lost I don't think we should expect miracles!
2013-01-16 20:10
u go gurl
2013-01-16 19:47
attention-whore-ing at its best
2013-01-16 19:47
Finally, a chance for VG to beat NiP :D
2013-01-16 19:47
lol, they basically changed their best player! Skill-wise scream is better than rpk, but it's still a question whether this team is compatible!
2013-01-16 20:12
I know, they should have replaced ScreaM with NBK/Smithz, but still, wait 2-3 weeks and then we'll see how they're doing.
2013-01-16 21:00
They definitely won't be any worse than top3, but I still don't see them being better than NiP in the long run ( I think we can expect some1 to beat NiP eventually :) )
2013-01-16 23:10
Yea NiP is looking really strong now, everyone in their lineup sick playing sick, except maybe fiff but still he's not bad, so it's going to take one hell of a team to beat NiP, but i believe it's going to be some random/mixteam just like WRTT @ thor qual.
2013-01-16 23:26
I think it'll be ESC the first team that beats them :) Actually let me rephrase it, ESC that takes a map off of them :) Defeating NiP in a bo3 would a lot :)
2013-01-16 23:38
yea +1
2013-01-17 07:54
mate who left VG for ScreaM to join?
2013-01-16 20:17
2013-01-16 20:59
was rpk the worst player in VG? i know he decided to retire.
2013-01-16 19:48
I think he was one of the best, If not even the best.
2013-01-16 19:48
R U Kidding me? RPK was as good as his team mates. Best among his teammates at DreamHack.
2013-01-16 19:50
United Kingdom Alth 
He was the best player lol. Kennys is inconsistent as fuck, NBK seems to play amazing or shit depending on his mood and SmithZz has been great when I have watched but also a little inconsistent. Ex6TenZ has been underperforming but yea RpK was a big loss.
2013-01-16 19:53
Now he drive VG bus
2013-01-16 20:49
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Always perfect aim in between the lines, and great break reflexes
2013-01-16 22:46
Srry he drive a TANK!
2013-01-16 23:17
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
2013-01-16 23:36
ex6tenz has been underperforming for at least two years now :D Or he isn't that good after all
2013-01-17 13:33
simmo | 
India rite2ace 
2013-01-16 19:48
lol @ that vg official statement week ago.
2013-01-16 19:48
nothing funny, read it again.
2013-01-16 20:28
Denmark Wich 
big surprise
2013-01-16 19:48
soo, not 16-1 for NiP now yes, 16-5 ok.
2013-01-16 19:48
hehe +1
2013-01-16 19:54
Venezuela Riikards 
2013-01-16 20:03
2013-01-16 19:49
2013-01-16 23:23
didn't i just see a thread about this that was just deleted?
2013-01-16 19:49
If it is related to news that are worked on that is what usually happens.
2013-01-16 23:33
2013-01-16 19:49
India PooN 
still <NIP
2013-01-16 19:49
2013-01-16 19:49
2013-01-16 19:50
if all nip players retire sure
2013-01-16 19:53
World Kobs 
not really stronger than before to me ,2 top notch player
2013-01-16 19:50
oh god do not tell me -. -
2013-01-16 19:50
2013-01-16 19:51
Time to ScreaM!
2013-01-16 19:52
They can do tons of damage.
2013-01-16 19:52
Now I love this team!
2013-01-16 19:52
But you said 1000 times you dislike the game. Nice logic right there
2013-01-16 19:56
man I said 1000 times that I love both + 1.6
2013-01-16 20:07
so you like cs go cs 1.6 and cs 1.6? kEwL
2013-01-17 07:54
BOTH (GO, ProMod) + 1.6...
2013-01-17 10:49
noone talked about promod though
2013-01-17 10:56
But you said 1000 times you dislike the game. He said this because I write positive comments about CSP..
2013-01-17 11:01
GL to him, I hope he can do some damages under VG too.
2013-01-16 19:52
ScreaM along with kennyS will eat NiP
2013-01-16 19:52
World Kobs 
2 vs 4
2013-01-16 20:02
RPK out Scream In still NiP>VG IMO i would prefer rpk, with rpk and scream together maybe they could win NiP, but without rpk, i dont know GL
2013-01-16 19:53
this... pretty much the same level changing rpk with scream.
2013-01-16 19:58
exactly what I said in a comment above! They changed their best player! And the worst thing that can happen to them is that scream might not be compatible with the team and they'd need to change a few things!
2013-01-16 20:14
they only made the change because rpk quit cs completely, no one would think of changing rpk if he would still play
2013-01-16 23:07
Yeah I know, but I'm just commenting on the hype they're getting! This is not necessarily good for them!
2013-01-16 23:14
Slovakia ten chester 
R.I.P Imaginary
2013-01-16 19:53
I think you don't know MAJ3R dude ;)
2013-01-17 00:53
There simply is no replacing RpK, hope ScreaM can step up to the plate as we want to see more teams pushing NiP but to me their position is no stronger than two weeks ago.
2013-01-16 19:55
everyone said the same when NBK came about, and kenny
2013-01-16 22:45
What do you mean? ScreaM is an establish player unlike NBK and kenny were at the time, we know how good he is..
2013-01-16 22:48
people knew nbk was good too, same things were said anyway. scream isnt that established, this is his big chance, much like the other 2. we just know he has raw talent to pull other players through games.
2013-01-17 04:42
Don't know why you think they have more chance of beating NiP now than before. RpK was beast aswell. If they do beat NiP it will be because of adapting to their style and practice. =D
2013-01-16 19:54
United Kingdom pkN 
2013-01-16 20:47
huge +1
2013-01-16 22:51
Rpk is a beast, Scream is just better
2013-01-16 23:24
dont think so
2013-01-17 01:20
ScreaM is a better aimer, RpK is a better player.
2013-01-17 11:52
prepare yourself (:
2013-01-16 19:54
Argentina ffdd 
best cs:go player :)
2013-01-16 19:54
Argentina nked 
forest,gtr,taz > scream
2013-01-16 20:11
pasha as well
2013-01-16 20:22
and Xizt
2013-01-16 20:30
2013-01-16 20:31
2013-01-16 20:29
Germany ynck 
2013-01-16 19:54
Would like to see ESC vs VG now.
2013-01-16 19:55
Best Aimer CSGO! gl
2013-01-16 19:55
- ex6tEnZ now pls + shoxxie
2013-01-16 19:56
Australia TotalEclipse 
What a dumb move that would be. You don't understand how the game works.
2013-01-17 10:56
Gl , wil be hard to fill rpK shoes since he is size 49eu
2013-01-16 19:56
i thought he already joined, old news and TOTALY expected. :D
2013-01-16 19:56
News from 01/7 : VeryGames reject ScreaM link VeryGames have issued a statement to clarify that they have no interest in signing Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom from Imaginary Gaming. LOL
2013-01-16 19:56
AGAIN, that's what said, not what VG said.
2013-01-16 20:31
You are right. The official statement from VeryGames simply said they "have not signed ScreaM". It made no statement on their interest or future plans.
2013-01-16 21:39
They also said about a "media" : "This news was of course well investigated and without a doubt the information has surely been confirmed." In the end, bad investigation?
2013-01-16 22:35
2013-01-16 23:20
You are pointing your finger at the wrong website.
2013-01-16 23:35 didn't say anything at all?
2013-01-16 23:35
That's not exactly what I meant. My point was that VG never stated that ScreaM would not join VG, but the article on read "[VG] have no interest in signing ScreaM" which led some people to think VG lied in their statement.
2013-01-16 23:40
Well you should remember in what context the recruitment of ScreaM was being talked about. Therefore the "correct" reading of what posted on your behalf should have been, "[VG] have no interest in signing ScreaM (in exchange of NBK)" And that 'no interest' (in that movement) is endorsed by, "There was never any possibility of him leaving the team,[...]"
2013-01-16 23:49
If that's indeed what MIRAA meant, it's still very ambiguous tbh, and nobody would understand what you wrote by reading the introduction to the article. But again that's not my point, I only want to point out that VG never stated that ScreaM would never join and did not lie about it.
2013-01-16 23:57
In order to know what MIRAA meant only he himself can tell you. What I told you is the way I understand what was published. And with the clarification I made it still makes perfect sense to me. In the same way being a report and based on what another site published I don't think one can expect a less ambiguous statement as nothing had been 100% proved.
2013-01-17 00:09
here's the whole paragraph: "VeryGames have issued a statement to clarify that they have no interest in signing Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom from Imaginary Gaming." No mention being made of NBK, I'm pretty sure 99,9% of us understood what I explained earlier, and it's difficult to put the blame on VakarM's article, which was pretty clear (I guess the fact that it is in French didn't help though.)
2013-01-17 00:17
Note that the paragraph you refer to is a lead and thus does not have to nor does it usually do include everything the news is about (f.e. mention made of NBK). And, as said, further clarifications are already explained in #245.
2013-01-17 00:32
Whatever the article says, the lead still is ambiguous and explains why people understood it all wrong. But again, my point was not to attack but to defend VG who were wrongly called liars when from the very first statements it was pretty obvious to everybody that ScreaM was indeed joining the team.
2013-01-17 00:38
Well, as I already explained if you read it in its context it does perfectly make sense. As for VG being wrongly called liars, if people are not able to understand what they read, just as with the news piece, I do not think it should be yours nor VG's problem honestly. If ScreaM was going to join at least it was not for NBK which is still true.
2013-01-17 00:44
I know it's not my problem, I'm only correcting wrong information so that they don't get a wrong impression about orgas.
2013-01-17 00:47
don't mess with J.E. again
2013-01-17 07:55
2013-01-17 13:59
sex slave*
2013-01-17 19:35
Chances to beat NiP ! GLGLGLGLGLGLGL :DDDD
2013-01-16 19:56
chances ? maybe a very tiny chance to win a map vs NiP, but that's about it. Also even if they play together 6 months they will still not be able to beat NiP. And no I'm not a NiP fanboy :p
2013-01-17 20:39
2013-01-16 19:57
World breezy0 
2013-01-16 20:03
haha, fuc*ing true :D
2013-01-16 19:58
2013-01-16 20:05
2013-01-16 20:11
hahahahahaha epic
2013-01-16 21:57
scream >< rpk if not join shox, this team cant beat NiP.
2013-01-16 19:57
f0rest | 
Portugal dikasYB 
seems good, glhf. =)
2013-01-16 19:59
great.. now train and go pro
2013-01-16 20:03
2013-01-16 20:03
Nice, they will probably double the amount of rouns vs NiP now. 16-2 on Inferno for now.
2013-01-16 20:06
2013-01-16 20:16
RpK ScreaM NBK shox kennyS only this line up can beat NiP
2013-01-16 20:06
this lineup would eat NiP 16-0 but not gonna happen
2013-01-16 20:07
2013-01-16 20:37
Australia TotalEclipse 
Such a dumb statement. They would get 5 rounds on NiP without Ex6TenZ. It's not all about the frags.
2013-01-17 10:58
wantz | 
Denmark zwank 
Get a clue about the game, before you post such shit...
2013-01-17 11:43
they should remove somebody and add shoxie cuz he is a MONSTER
2013-01-16 20:08
SmithZz is a sick player too...
2013-01-16 20:10
Lithuania fRc_ 
good news for us bad news for NiP :D
2013-01-16 20:11
Russia goodjob 
still ez 4 NiP
2013-01-16 20:12
NIP you're lost..
2013-01-16 20:14
should i laugh ?hAhAh
2013-01-17 21:09
if you want i don't care lol
2013-01-17 21:31
gl2them but I don't see much of an improvement! as long as they have ex6tenz, nip will have the upper hand!
2013-01-16 20:20
makes no sense.
2013-01-16 20:18
to you nothing I say ever makes any sense :) I know you hate me, now go away
2013-01-16 20:24
Do you really think that 5 madfraggers is the key to win ?ex6tenz is the one who makes every single strategy, and they dominate css scene because of him, he is the mind of VG.
2013-01-16 20:19
carn was also the mind of fnatic when they dominated the 1.6 scene, but it came to a time when some changes were really needed! atm it's not strats what's giving nip the upper edge, it's their skill level! and they wouldn't have 5 madfraggers even if scream joined! smithzz is hardly no way near being a madfragger :)
2013-01-16 20:24
"smithzz is hardly no way near being a madfragger :)" I never said that ^^ But who would you replace ? Btw with a good strat you can counter any team, it's not like NiP was playing versus bots when they stomped VG.
2013-01-16 21:28
Yeah ok :D And that was a pretty badly phrased sentence by me :D I guess I changed the mind at the middle of the sentence I guess :) I'd replace smithzz if ex6tenz is really dominant leader as everybody says! scream for rpk - there's no real skill gap between them to cause some sort of major improvement! If they want to beat NiP they'd all have to improve!
2013-01-16 23:07
Well, ScreaM is in only because RpK retired :D "If they want to beat NiP they'd all have to improve!" True.
2013-01-16 23:09
Finland Malixoxo 
SmithZz is a very good aimer and he is drastically underrated at the moment, especially if you consider what potential he has. VG will be just fine now, the loss of RpK will take them a few steps back but they couldnt have gotten a better replacement in ScreaM
2013-01-16 22:13
I agree on the 2nd part, as far as smithzz is concerned, he's a decent aimer, but he's the first player to replace in this line-up if VG is as dependent on ex6tenz as you guys say!
2013-01-16 23:08
Finland Malixoxo 
Yeah ex6tenz is probably irreplaceable in the organization because 1) he is incredible igl and 2) he has lead VG to so much success that his spot is probably untouchable for the time being. The only play that could replace him would be KRL but he has a bad reputation with VG so I dont think they would ever replace ex6 for him. -SmithZz +shoxie would be a great switch if shoxie didnt have some fight with ex6
2013-01-19 15:32
GL ScreaM! <3
2013-01-16 20:18
still easy for nip
2013-01-16 20:18
2013-01-16 20:23
i thought ScreaM retired in 2006?
2013-01-16 20:24
This is the good ScreaM from source
2013-01-16 20:28
2013-01-16 20:37
didnt see anything fun on that comment, well you are 14 what can you expect ..
2013-01-16 20:49
2013-01-16 20:51 on lan now that been seen, lets see 1.6 scream?
2013-01-16 21:07
Not gonna lie they are both just random spraying. First clip is pretty good but the second clip is pretty shocking aim.
2013-01-16 22:26
These frags were made 2001-2002. CS 1.3/1.5
2013-01-16 23:12
too oldschool for you
2013-01-17 00:00
so, its clear now i see. this is just some xeroboy-ScreaM from belgium :) he could, at least, change upper/lower case letters
2013-01-17 11:17
lol css is so awful,im just laughing here hard
2013-01-16 21:46
Finland Malixoxo 
How is that awful? There is nothing in that clip that makes it awful, its just pure fucking sick aiming and even if you had not seen any fps games before you could tell that he is fucking insane.
2013-01-16 22:16
the game is awful for me,the colours,the graphics,even 1.6 looks way better than those colour fucked ups maps lego made
2013-01-16 22:54
I just dont like the style that you need to play CSS. That way you need to shoot and how it looks with these shooting animations, just seems very squishy to me.
2013-01-16 23:18
Its awful
2013-01-17 00:54
Finland Malixoxo 
I shouldn't be arsed to reply to fanatical 1.6diehard kids but here I go.. Regardless of whether you enjoy the game or not, you can clearly see how insane his aim was on that situation. You can cling on to your dead game all you want but you are coming across like a total noob, which you most likely are, when you say that the clip is awful. 1.6 and source arent that much different, if you know anything about either of the games you should be able to appreciate or at least note the quite obvious talent in that fragclip.
2013-01-19 15:28
I think its good, not insane ;( And the game is awful, not the action
2013-01-19 17:27
Finland Malixoxo 
Alright, you can think anything you like about the game and have your own standards for good/insane whatever I misunderstood your first post, sorry
2013-01-20 17:21
2013-01-21 02:11
You are laughing because of your fanatical hatred of another game. No other reason. The aim in that clip is outstanding.
2013-01-16 22:28
the 1.6 ScreaM was the one who taught SpawN the game
2013-01-17 07:59
If you want to win NIP you need more than aim.
2013-01-16 20:27
beat NIP beat NIP bla bla bla they never beat NIP
2013-01-16 20:27
VERYGAMES ScreaM-dA-k1nG -A- looks nice :D
2013-01-16 20:28
2013-01-16 20:30
VG now are really op
2013-01-16 20:32
2013-01-16 20:37
2013-01-16 20:39
Rpk was by far the best french player both 1.6 or css. actually scream replace anyone in Vg line up i would say Vg get a good chance to beat NiP , now even if its scream . For me vg loss his best all time player
2013-01-16 20:47
stop posting this crap in every thread about any of them, if you want to lick RpK's butt then ok he may be the best css player, but he was nothing in 1.6
2013-01-16 20:49
the french scene on 1.6 was pretty much nothing internationally, so yea, he is probably one of the best french Counter-Strike player. Not to mention he did better against 1.6 stars on CSGO than former french 1.6 players.
2013-01-16 20:54
it was nothing internationally only cuz the international level was much higher on 1.6 than on source. Btw which former 1.6 players are you talking about?
2013-01-16 20:59
rara sixer mat blackqo msx majer??
2013-01-16 21:44
haha wth. Rara? On whose side are you?
2013-01-16 23:21
majer,sixer , mat already failed. next?
2013-01-16 23:24
Never heard of mSx?
2013-01-17 01:58
nice, now you have chance to take 10 rounds from NiP
2013-01-16 20:51
2013-01-16 20:55
All the best in confrontation with top teams.
2013-01-16 20:57
gl scream :) hope u get some good kills in vg
2013-01-16 21:11
2013-01-16 21:16
2013-01-16 21:29
good for him new team new dream ] gl
2013-01-16 21:36
SAUCERS from CADEADED are so happy!! they re screaming!!! VG > NIP now , LOL . Its time to we take our conclusions about scream ... when they face NIP ofc
2013-01-16 21:41
Why so many exclamation marks? Are you excited?
2013-01-16 21:43
yes i am , the last hope from saucers is finally on their best team , so i am excited
2013-01-16 21:45
2013-01-16 21:45
btw nip > 2 saucers :D
2013-01-16 22:37
Im a so called saucer and I still dont think vg can take nip.. their general play is just not good enough to match them player for player... Why do you drag it to 1.6 vs css every time... if you want a real 1.6 vs css look at esc vs vg but otherwise who gives a flying fuck???
2013-01-16 22:54
Joke? "Saucers" almost always start this stupid fight between 1.6 and css
2013-01-17 00:01
I hope you are fucking joking....
2013-01-17 02:07
We're both joking, we know the truth my little dande
2013-01-17 02:24
that's ok. 1.6 > css
2013-01-17 02:35
> your life
2013-01-17 08:00
2013-01-17 20:49
sry, sry for insultes
2013-01-17 20:55
they're ScreaMing ?!
2013-01-17 07:59
I see what you did there
2013-01-17 10:30
2013-01-17 14:24
2013-01-18 08:22
expected... GL NiP :P
2013-01-16 21:51
Portugal exorN 
2013-01-16 21:54
DD | 
Russia @sL4Mtv 
Wow, RLY?
2013-01-16 21:55
in 2 month scream back to img with kennys
2013-01-16 22:13
couldn't have picked a worse player for scream to replace. rpk is just as good if not better than scream. ffs.
2013-01-16 22:25
rpk retired though so there is no other player available in the world right now who is a better replacement
2013-01-16 23:00
gl VG. cannot wait for new team to play
2013-01-16 22:35
scream is a mf problem :>
2013-01-16 22:55
Sweden PPH 
2013-01-16 23:05
2013-01-16 23:09
Slovakia kubiaxk 
finally a good step from VG
2013-01-16 23:23
ScreaM-dA-TANK? good luck, next matches will be interesting although he first needs to learn all ex6tenz strats....:D
2013-01-16 23:30
KennyS & Scream :O
2013-01-16 23:31
deadly combo yes. but both have to be consistent in order to be effective.
2013-01-17 17:07
2013-01-16 23:46
The end of NiP is near! ;)
2013-01-16 23:48
WOOO !! nicee another nip vs vg final!!! kill this game already, bring in something new or bring back the legend
2013-01-16 23:51
2013-01-17 00:23
Now VG can beat NiP...
2013-01-17 00:59
not in the distant future. scream has not replaced someone who is bad. rpk was a good player. what vg needs is some refreshingly new tactics and good chemistry. with scream they will have to build a new gameplan around him which will take some time
2013-01-17 01:06
ScreaM is one of the best aimers in CS:GO, i think now they are strong enough to beat NiP :)
2013-01-17 03:01
RpK is equal to ScreaM ...
2013-01-17 06:58
in the knife round
2013-01-17 08:00
Stronggg. VG still need to stop chasing frags tho :)
2013-01-17 01:10
I wonder how the team chemistry will be. Looks good for vg so far
2013-01-17 01:16
RpK is better than scream but GL VG
2013-01-17 02:38
nice, scream is beast we will see what happen now..
2013-01-17 02:56
2013-01-17 06:33
scream looked good so far but still this is another level, will see how he perform on a real presure.
2013-01-17 08:35
Aw yeah!
2013-01-17 08:42
1. VG 2. NIP 3.
2013-01-17 08:55
Our Moroccan beast ;) GL
2013-01-17 10:27
Not really. Doesn't matter if he's descendant from Morocco, he's Belgian.
2013-01-17 10:32
Who cares ;) Moroccan blood baby (Born in Morocco and grew up in Bruxelles) ... i really don't care, still a Moroccan =)
2013-01-17 10:34
dude, he grew up in Brussells. It's not like he's all like "Allah Akhbar" or into raping children and goats. Following your logic, nearly the entire population of France isn't French but rather African/Arabs.
2013-01-17 10:42
Bla bla bla, useless arguments, he's still MOROCCAN, full stop ;) BYE
2013-01-17 10:45
2013-01-17 13:43
2013-01-17 14:26
2013-01-17 13:06
It's not like he's all like "Allah Akhbar" or into raping children and goats. made my day xD
2013-01-19 15:33
Without france, he will be unknown...
2013-01-17 10:58
woxic | 
Dreamteam : kennyS ScreaM shox RpK and +1
2013-01-17 11:15
+ krl
2013-01-17 11:57
2 weeks
2013-01-17 11:47
D TANK was gone but D DESTROYER is coming. The intensity is killing me. I really want to watch VG vs NIP NOW :(
2013-01-17 11:59
hahah ur right +1, but i fear that they will loose once again, against them ! don't u think that ? lol
2013-01-17 15:40
2013-01-17 12:34
It's a shame that RpK left. He would have been a better replacement for SmithZz.
2013-01-17 12:49
true smithz isnt half as good in csgo as he was in source
2013-01-17 13:38
dennis | 
Slovakia tenzen 
Scream is just real human bot, and NIP knows about it, they will be now very careful
2013-01-17 13:41
f0rest GTR > Scream and kennys kiss bye bye
2013-01-17 13:51
no point on that comparison
2013-01-17 13:57
ahaha :D
2013-01-17 15:40
dennis | 
Slovakia tenzen 
definitely not Scream is aimbot
2013-01-17 16:33
2013-01-17 18:08
GG GL !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
2013-01-17 14:00
Now VG best in CSGO ;)
2013-01-17 14:00
"Benrlitom was suspected of cheating at first, but doubts about the legitimacy of his actions were erased after he proved himself on LAN." HEEHEE. L33T player. One of the best aimers i have ever seen, his deagle 4kill on inferno reminds me of zneel vs playnation - 3 AK one shot headshots.
2013-01-17 17:04
MODDII = ScreaM > others in this game
2013-01-17 17:26
wtf delete your account moddii is nobody at this game
2013-01-17 21:09
I know some of you judge him out of his tournaments in CS:GO and not from his CS:S-career. I can assure you, that he was one of the best CS:S-players in the world as well, so this isnt really a suprise. I always knew he was going to be a beast in CS:GO. In my eyes, he is the best player in this game right now, individually.
2013-01-17 18:03
is rpk dno?
2013-01-17 23:44
wow, stacked. Excellent line up. This move just took CS:GO to the next level. This team is 1.6 worthy on aim alone.
2013-01-18 07:49
Nice, i hope they are going to show something..better than the old line-up. Good luck for them. I am wondering where are the "tardred" fans saying "our site never posted rumors". Oh well, rumors came true.
2013-01-18 11:25
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