ESC beat myDGB to win IEM Katowice

January 20th, 2013 22:37

ESC Gaming have been crowned champions of Your road to Katowice after defeating 2-0 in the Grand Final (16-9 de_nuke_ve, 16-11 de_train_se).

The Polish giants had finished 2012 on a high, winning the SLTV StarSeries finals, and they were able to pick up where they had left off, building on their success in Ukraine with another title, this time on home soil.

The first map of the final was de_nuke_ve, ESC Gaming's choice, and here myDGB got off the brighter, taking the first two rounds of the first half, in which they were playing as CT. A buying option from ESC saw the Poles win the next two rounds to turn the score around, but then Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács showed why he was considered one of CS:Source's greatest AWPers and got two impressive kills, as the Slovakian team levelled the game on three rounds.

Another round then went myDGB's way, forcing ESC to go on eco, but Filip "Neo" Kubski pulled off four kills to put his side back in the race. In the remainder of the first half, neither side could stamp their authority on the game as the scoreboard showed 8-7 in favour of ESC at the break.

ESC further enlarged their lead at the start of the second half as Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski picked up four frags in the pistol round, with myDGB's players looking completely lost on the map. The Poles continued on a roll, taking the score to 12-7, and even though myDGB managed to reduce the deficit to three rounds, ESC remained in the driving seat as they won the map 16-9.


pasha had some amazing rounds throughout the match

de_train_se was the map that followed, and myDGB, who were playing on the CT side, got off to a great start, strolling to a 5-0 lead. Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski then spectacularly won a 1-on-4 situation to give ESC their first round of the map. Such a round inspired the Poles to mount a comeback, taking the score to 5-6, but the Slovakian team gave a great account of themselves in the latter stages of the half, going into the break up 10-5.

Now on the Terrorist side, the former BEASTS side came out very aggressively in the second half, winning the pistol round, but then ESC stunned their opponents by pulling one back with an impressive eco strategy. From that point on, it was a one-way street, with ESC taking completely control of proceedings to walk out 16-11 winners, with Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski's producing more highlight material as he pulled off another four-kill round.

20th January 2013

 ESC K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Poland Jakub 'kuben' Gurczynskikuben 45 - 26 +19 - 1.43
Poland Filip 'NEO' KubskiNEO 46 - 30 +16 - 1.39
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' JarząbkowskipashaBiceps 44 - 34 +10 - 1.30
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' WojtasTaZ 42 - 32 +10 - 1.21
Poland Mariusz 'Loord' CybulskiLoord 31 - 32 -1 - 0.92 K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' KovácsGuardiaN 40 - 41 -1 - 0.99
Slovakia Jakub 'kap1' Haláskap1 31 - 39 -8 - 0.82
Slovakia Marek '.PhP' Kadek.PhP 35 - 45 -10 - 0.81
Czech Republic Karel 'sneix' Pavlicasneix 29 - 42 -13 - 0.73
Slovakia Peter 'uno' Lipowskiuno 19 - 41 -22 - 0.52

Your road to Katowice final standings:

1. Poland ESC Gaming - $4,000
2. Slovakia - $2,000
3. Poland MaxFloPlay  - $1,000
4. Poland ALSEN

2013-01-20 22:37
2013-01-20 22:37
India h8or 
2Easy for 1.6ers.
2013-01-20 22:38
like the 16-2 vs vg?XD
2013-01-20 22:38
India h8or 
times are changing kiddo. ;)
2013-01-20 22:39
LOL no
2013-01-20 23:03
like 4 months ago ? xD they can beat vg right now.
2013-01-20 22:39
United Kingdom Alth 
2013-01-20 22:40
of they can and they will. 2 month ago it was smt like 16-12, 16-12
2013-01-20 22:42
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
why do you act so surprised by that statement? ESC have improved a lot, I'm certain that they can par VG, maybe even NiP
2013-01-21 00:28
Ridiculous statement.
2013-01-21 02:30
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
Let's just wait for the next tournament :) I'm certain ESC can challenge VG. About ESC challenging NiP, that IS a ridiculous statement by me, since even I don't believe in it :)
2013-01-21 12:59
I agree that ESC MAY be able to challenge VG, and put a good fight against NiP dont get me wrong i respect the polish guys alot, but NiP is simply in another level yet
2013-01-21 20:27
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
Yep I absolutely agree :) It was just a rushed statement propelled by the ignorant reply by Alth! @edit I've never been a G5 fan myself, rather a mtw/sk/fnatic fan :)
2013-01-21 20:35
NiP won ESC 16:3 ; 16:6 at NorthCon which was like month ago, so i don't think that ESC even at VG's level.
2013-01-21 07:43
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
#156 1 month is more than enough for ESC to reach the level of VG with a recent roster change
2013-01-21 12:59
I don't understand 1.6 logic. Do you not think VG improve aswell? You think they just stay at the same level they are at yet ESC continue to improve? You my friend, are either drunk, drugged up or a complete moron. Judging by other comments, I will go with the last theory.
2013-01-21 17:22
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
VG just changed a player! ESC's progress is not the same with VG's. ESC's progress has a lot more to do with them getting used to the game. VG's progress has a lot more to do with the tactical aspect of the game.
2013-01-21 17:38
VG started cs:go with basically a new player in the team. cs:go movement,aiming,shooting all completely different to css. Nice fail excuses.
2013-01-21 19:26
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
lol I never meant it as an excuse! ESC started playing GO months after VG, hence the reason for the different progress I pointed out!
2013-01-21 19:32
Ok, but nah, they didn't. =)
2013-01-21 20:02
Actually would be interesting to see it. IMO it's scary that CS:GO scene is so small. NiP destroys everyone, then is forever runner-up VG and then ESC winning with everyone else.
2013-01-20 22:45
2013-01-21 12:19
WOW PhP ReALLy GrEaT no offense its a joke xD
2013-01-20 22:49
65% hs ratio that's pretty good
2013-01-20 23:21
Chile Cristoff 
as always
2013-01-20 23:43
Slovakia radeoNko 
kap1,un0 and guardian are 1.6ers
2013-01-20 22:39
India h8or 
Thats why mydgb were able to reach finals.
2013-01-20 22:40
ignorant kid
2013-01-20 22:44
thats why they lost the final
2013-01-22 16:40
But they're from Source as well right?
2013-01-20 22:47
Slovakia radeoNko 
only guardian is sousager
2013-01-20 22:58
Slovakia kubiaxk 
also PhP and Sneix
2013-01-20 23:07
Slovakia radeoNko 
2013-01-20 23:21
North America KyneS 
ESC strong
2013-01-20 22:38
Great final. Some crazy actions and couple of aces on ESC side :)
2013-01-20 22:38
pasha very strong
2013-01-20 22:38
he NOSE that (picture)
2013-01-21 16:13
pasza too strong, he is the best player from esc and sick ace by neo in b
2013-01-20 22:38
Neo killed 4 guys and kuben could easy kill the last one, but he go back to give Neo that 5th :)
2013-01-20 23:25
yo so a sick ace by neo
2013-01-21 09:33
taz and neo good guys
2013-01-20 22:45
2013-01-20 22:40
2013-01-21 17:03
Slovakia kubiaxk 
2nd place is still success :P PASZA and NEO won train for ESC
2013-01-20 22:39
success beating ALSEN which one is in top4 in pl ? OK bra
2013-01-20 23:26
2013-01-20 22:40
It was a side tourney but GG
2013-01-20 22:40
Expected! nice ESC!
2013-01-20 22:41
Great play! good job ESC
2013-01-20 22:42
Poles -_-
2013-01-21 00:15
TaZ | 
Poland rolin' 
Easy Peasy!
2013-01-20 22:42
GG, was a great match!
2013-01-20 22:42
Germany Dok1 
Wasn't only the qualifier named "Your road to Katowice" ? That would atleast actually make sense^^ Anyway, well played, was an interesting game to watch :)
2013-01-20 22:42
I know what you mean, but the organizers said that's the official name :)
2013-01-20 23:49
2013-01-20 22:43
gg better luck next time myDGB
2013-01-20 22:43
mydgb were not on a same level as ESC. They basically gave away train when they lost that ridiculous 4v1 against pasza, anti-eco after T pistol and that 2v1 once again against pasza. if they had any gamesense those three rounds would have gone their way and they could've had a fighting chance here but what can you say, esc is better and it shows. congratz especially pasza & kuben & neo on last map were monsters
2013-01-20 22:43
2013-01-20 23:29
Germany Dok1 
pasza stronk!
2013-01-20 22:43
India h8or 
2013-01-20 22:44
yes! and i'm really happy about this. :) now they can stand up against NiP with some chances, and against VG with real chances. :)
2013-01-20 22:50
+1 I'm rly happy !
2013-01-20 23:27
nice play by ESC GAMING.. Good Job friend... You can much expect from DGB, when php got on his CS:S form.. GG again, well played
2013-01-20 22:45
Germany Dok1 
Atleast he has the highest headshot percentage :D
2013-01-20 22:46
Easy victory for ESC and myDGB is by far the most overrated team in csgo. Only good player in myDGB was oskaR and now when he is gone they are nothing, and guardian should stick with riffles he sucks with orb and its very expensive for them. ESC are top 3 team at the moment and along with VG they have a change to beat NiP in their top form. Pasha is hitting good shots, Neo is playing well and TaZ is one of the best players in the world at the moment.
2013-01-20 22:48
+1 moste overrated team by far
2013-01-20 22:48
Well my friend did any of you beat VG on LAN? A and have any of you win Dreamhack just like Guardian,Sneix,Php what did oskar win? Respect lads respect no need for hate.
2013-01-20 22:52
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Lol, does any of that change the fact a team is overrated?
2013-01-20 23:32
How is it overrated? who said they will win? look at comments before the match. They are good and in my subjective opinion will get even better and will chalenge top 3 even more.
2013-01-20 23:54
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
I never said they were overrated, I wanted to know how the fact that the OP hasn't beaten VG on LAN makes the team not overrated lol.
2013-01-21 10:42
Dude, i understand but saying a team which attended two lans and finished 2nd, 3rd, are overrated is just stupid i dont usually comment on news but this must-en been said and why that makes them not overrated because they been preforming on top level and been preforming good. so how is that overrating thats F.A.C.T!
2013-01-21 12:42
no they dont beat them on lan but you must see not the past you mast see whats going on now, esc win easy this match and geting better and better they beat every good team in cs:go at the moment , the only teams they dont have beat is NIP and VG but wiat a little bit more esc is getting stronger everybody see that top 3 1 nip 2vg 3esc no doubt about that at the moment
2013-01-21 10:18
Europe 27 
1st. this match was far away from "easy win" 2nd. DGB beat VG on lan, which ESC dont, so that yours point of view can be also applyied for DGB, they just not beat NiP and ESC, so they should be 3rd atm ? not very logical my friend...
2013-01-21 10:54
but after that, VG won against myDGB. so doesn't count.
2013-01-21 15:44
you must look at this moment and not in the past esc win 16:7 so thats not easy? they start 2x on 2maps as t on train adn nuke? that was an easy expected win bdg is overrated for me, maybe they need to practise but at the moment this is not even top 10 clan sorry
2013-01-21 20:35
I agree, but I would add GuardiaN to good players like u said. He is trully amazing with AWP and it can't be forgotten.
2013-01-20 22:51
Germany Dok1 
You really only want to provoke... GuardiaN is one of the best AWP players atm, period.
2013-01-20 22:54
2013-01-20 22:58
pasza is sick rifler, his awp is decent, maybe except this one sick action with so much lucky :D
2013-01-20 23:07
lucky? insane reflex and accuracy.
2013-01-20 23:09
imo it was very lucky from pasza, he didnt even know he'll do it :D
2013-01-20 23:12
sure sure. '-'
2013-01-20 23:17
No he isnt haha. He keeps missing easy frags all over again, and has done nothing special. Even Pasha won duels against him and in GO its very crucial to make something happen when bying that expensive gun.
2013-01-20 22:59
>guardian should stick with rifles he sucks with orb >sucks with orb >orb >ORB >
2013-01-20 22:56
lol guardian sucks with awp? haha geeet out of here
2013-01-20 22:57
Yes he does, he was much more consistent with riffles. Missing dozen of easy picks.
2013-01-20 23:00
I know that it sounds like people say "orb" dude but that's how AWP is pronouced in english. Had the same issue 10 years ago! ;)
2013-01-21 02:06
as i say some people overrate BDG and now they see how good they are , clean and easy
2013-01-20 22:48
i really dont get this... are all you retarded ? marek joined team 10 days ago and has almost 100h of csgo. They have pracced almost a week for this event, and you say they are overrated ? And key of ESCs succes is that they play together for VERY long time, they know each other in every fucking detail, so there is no problem for them to get along with a "new" game ( same concept.. ). Im 100% sure that myDGB will be top world when get decent amount of pracc, and php get in his sick CS:S form.
2013-01-20 22:51
I cant agree with you man. The first thing that crossed my mind while watching the game was big difference in skill. Maybe teamplay yes I agree it's very useful but imo only guardian is at the close lvl when it comes to pure shooting. This is the difference between 1.6 and CS:S players- years of playing and years of tournaments on the TOP lvl. You cant just you know overcome this so quickly.
2013-01-20 22:57
No man, you are totally right. Im manager of DGB, so i know what am i talking about. Skill difference is totally there, but you can say that DGB is overrated, please..
2013-01-20 23:00
yes they are. People still consider them as good as they apparently were in source, but this is a new game. They have much to learn and for now they're just not a top team yet.
2013-01-21 00:24
1.6 and css top players are equal in skill. Get a clue
2013-01-21 17:28
indeed scream is so fucking bad saucer
2013-01-22 16:49
GG! Damn the 2 clutches from Pasha were insane.
2013-01-20 22:48
Have someone a demo ? :)
2013-01-20 22:50
Serbia dekizh =DD 
GuardiaN: "We are going for the title!" Peace out!!!
2013-01-20 22:50
Germany Dok1 
didn't they?
2013-01-20 22:55
Stupid Bosnia guy, who never reached any higest level.
2013-01-20 22:59
2013-01-21 12:19
Denmark AndersR 
relevant how?
2013-01-21 14:03
Slovakia kubiaxk 
GuardiaN: "...The main goal for us is to not let ESC win and if we will be the short handed against them, then we will not let them win so easily. It will be a great match!..." also in that article peace
2013-01-20 23:10
going on title in local Polish tournament :D
2013-01-21 11:09
just a stupid statement imo plz, they got PASZA
2013-01-21 17:06
Serbia froa 
can we expect pov demoes?
2013-01-20 22:51
Japan Chii 
2013-01-20 22:51
nice! well.. no surprise Loord has been since the beginning consistently bad! btw that 4k ftom pasha on train was awazing :)
2013-01-20 22:59
He is the guy they need to pull off clutch wins though and anyone who knows any cs knows that.
2013-01-20 23:15
Nope, Loord was always sick in CS:GO, and always pulled out sick clutches in 1.6
2013-01-20 23:29
GJ ESC :) so many individual action from esc :) they getting bettttter :) hope they smash NiP
2013-01-20 23:00
2013-01-20 23:03
Poland Marcines 
go esc ;))
2013-01-20 23:07
gz esc
2013-01-20 23:18
wheres the demo of the final and where s the demo of VP vs toxic??? :O
2013-01-20 23:20
gj guys ! :D
2013-01-20 23:30
I´m looking forward for Copenhagen games, especially how will mydgb deal with more matches and more opponents.. we can´t say they are overrated now, they did pretty good job against TOP3 team, unfortunately they did some mistakes, which costed them better result... if they avoid loosing situation like 4v1, they can play tied matches with TOP teams. gg to both teams, we could see really good match and that´s fine :)
2013-01-20 23:52
PASHA is top, Bajceps make a different
2013-01-20 23:56
when pasha showed his biceps, DGB's PCs crashed xD just joking xD
2013-01-21 11:09
SpawN | 
Slovakia mBust3r 
well said, totally agree
2013-01-21 00:16
:) +1
2013-01-21 11:08
Poland kRAMERO 
dgb do domu !
2013-01-20 23:54
Poland El Vis 
any stream recorded?
2013-01-20 23:55
gg both teams!
2013-01-20 23:57
gotta love how people always hype former source teams based on their past achievements and how in the end they fail to impress
2013-01-21 00:18
you mean like esc and navi?
2013-01-21 00:46
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
enlighten me how are ESC failing to impress? They started playing when everyone else on the scene had put a lot of effort into GO already! Now they're undoubtedly the 3rd best team and they might be able to beat VG in the next event! Na`Vi never liked the game, never put a lot of hours into it! And that's a FACT!
2013-01-21 20:39
esc/navi were both hyped up. the day before esc's first match all you saw on the forums was "ez for esc, sourcers bad" then when they lost it came down to they didnt practice enough. i ask, why was everyone hyping them with no proof other than their "past achievements". which is what mark said
2013-01-21 20:41
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
90% of those people commenting that cannot speak their own mother tongue, not to mention English! And did you read the comments when php joined? Almost all saucers claimed that it was a good change php was great in source bla bla, while not mentioning the fact that mydgb just lost their best player for someone who hasn't played in over 2 years!
2013-01-21 20:47
ESC did win the tournament and improved quite a lot, and the fact that they've been able to switch to GO after playing 1.6 for more than 10 years is respectable enough. Na'Vi still have to prove themselves, doesn't mean that they suck.
2013-01-21 21:05
1. myDGB isn't a former source team, they didn't play source with that lineup. 2. Basically only GuardiaN & PhP played together in a very good lineup at Reason Gaming, which was more than 3 years ago I think. 3. PhP has been inactive for almost 2 years and already plays tournaments like this within his first 100 hours of csgo. I think he did pretty well. 4. ESC already plays together for many years and also already have quite a lot of experience in csgo, compared to other teams... And what do you mean by "always hype former source teams based on their past achievements" ? VeryGames has been #2 in CSGO since the beginning, a source player which got hyped is ScreaM and he really has proven himself. Also, mousesports did a pretty good job against NiP and would easily be in the top5 if they'd active. gotta love how people like you always write bullshit to provoke a discussion...
2013-01-21 00:48
Sneix also played with them in Reason gaming for a long period.
2013-01-21 02:08
Stop making sense =D
2013-01-21 06:42
Oh no don't worry I really don't want to start a discussion with you... 1. Most of the credit myDGB have, they owe it to some of their players' achievements, so I count them as sourcers. 2. Don't really care / Off-topic 3. see #3 4. So what? In #96 I was referring to people (mostly Slovakia) who promised that myDGB was already a top3 team and that they were about to crush everydoby, The fact is that they're still behind ESC. To answer your question: Ever since GO was released we've witnessed waves of sourcers (I have no problem with them tbh, as long as they can refrain from trolling) who swore former 1.6 players would be mind-blown by former source teams. Before the first tournaments, about half of the people commenting thought VG would be top1 "easily", closely followed by teams like mousesports, and most of the players who were supposed to become superstars disappointed me. ScreaM's case is different, he was said to be good but nobody here mentioned him as the "star" he's apparently become.
2013-01-21 21:04
2013-01-21 00:48
pasha biceps
2013-01-21 01:27
pasza biceps
2013-01-21 17:08
Was a great match, funny how those kids r jumping on the 1.6 vs source skill gap while i see a team of stable 5 with more hours/experience in GO beating another team with less. That said, it was painful to see myDGB lost Train. 10-5 swapping over 1. Won pistol round to make it 11-5, and somehow lost a ridiculous eco round with a poorly executed mid push while they could easily do a slow 2-1-2 2. Lost a freaking 1 vs 4 against Pasza >.< 3. Lost another 1 vs 2 against Pasza, again, with 2 riflers/bomb planted, inside vs an Awper. Aimwise: Esc does have and edge over my DGB but not so much Teamplay: myDGB is still really rusty, gotta communicate and play better teamplay. IF they'd play those lost rounds a little bit more passively and win 1 of those, the morale + finance would be in their favor. Lastly, WATCH the back !! The amount of time they commit to a bombsite and get fucked from behind is unacceptable !! - ESC: their progress is really scary, interesting competition coming tourneys - myDGB great potential, but needs a lot more hours to feel comfortable with teamplay and also individual performances.
2013-01-21 02:12
Agreed on myDGB. As for ESC I'm sure about progress from the time of SLTV finals... we'll see if they play VG or NiP.
2013-01-21 07:53
Europe 27 
+1 totally agree
2013-01-21 11:04
ScreaM will destroy pasha when they finally meet.
2013-01-21 02:27
They met at SLTV iirc?
2013-01-21 06:46
I see you are in the loop.
2013-01-21 09:25
like the last time?
2013-01-21 15:46
Like I said before... no oskar, no win
2013-01-21 02:28
Guardian is the only one player who doing great in all 3 : 1.6,source,go , good for him :))
2013-01-21 02:58
Denmark AndersR 
He's also, I believe, the only player who played all three games, and tbh I never saw Guardian doing anything in 1.6, heck I never even saw a team from slovakia do anything in 1.6
2013-01-21 14:09
He was a good sniper in 1.6 , the last match i saw him playing was Slovakia vs Finalnd on mirage , and he was a beast , something like 25-12
2013-01-21 14:26
Rattlesnk too
2013-01-21 21:09
Didnt come to the title...
2013-01-21 03:21
MyDGB played well. eSC just brought their A-game gg GO ESC!
2013-01-21 03:55
I don't know about PhP, but i'm not surprised when i take a look at the stats, since all other players except GuardiaN performs bad on esea. edit: atleast sneix and uno.
2013-01-21 04:23
oskar :D
2013-01-21 06:35
myDGB is a great team. but they need to work on their communication and yes,they need more experience to can compete against giants like NIP ESC VG. Good Luck.
2013-01-21 08:39
myDGB is not such a great team, maybe when oskar was playing 4 them, they were much better, but now.....and esc is a very good team that i hope can beat vg/nip, but it is still very hard atm to beat such teams when you are losing 9/11 rounds with a team like offense for DGB fans
2013-01-21 08:42
they loose yesterday against ESC, because they do some big mistakes. loosing 2eco on 2maps, and loosing some very important clutches in their favour.
2013-01-21 08:48
They won 4 out of 4 pistol rounds and still lost 2-0
2013-01-21 11:57
thats exactly what I wanted to say, myDGB won 2 knife rounds and 4 pistol rounds so.. ESC was just better
2013-01-21 13:40
wow . kuben has best rating
2013-01-21 08:42
anybody know when ESC will face VG on lan?
2013-01-21 08:49
Possibly at Vienna lan, Esea lan or cph games.
2013-01-21 09:39
Do you know when it will happen (date) of those lans?
2013-01-21 18:07
Something i´ve noticed is that the hs-ratio often is alot higher in professional cs:go matches than 1.6, anyone else whi thinks the same?
2013-01-21 08:53
Going for the headshot pays off more often because shooting in csgo is more challenging than in 1.6 (i guess)
2013-01-21 09:43
Going for the headshot pays off more often because shooting in csgo is more RANDOM than in 1.6 (i guess) fixd it 4 you as 1.6 requires way more skill in movement than in csgo
2013-01-21 09:55
It being different doesn't mean it's random.
2013-01-21 10:01
+ fucking 1.
2013-01-21 10:41
it being random means its random
2013-01-21 10:49
nope its random css,csp = diffrent cs:go = random
2013-01-21 12:12
If it was random, the hs percentage would be lower idiot
2013-01-21 12:17
shooting on hand or leg then getting headshot, jumping and getting headshot thats the randomness in CS:GO, but since it a dead game who cares?A
2013-01-21 15:57
try to master random recoil its challenging
2013-01-22 16:52
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
y u no make any sense?
2013-01-21 20:42
kuuben well played
2013-01-21 09:18
Dissapointed :( php :'/
2013-01-21 10:40
Honestly people... You may look at the scores and say "Hmm easy for ESC" but those of us who actually SAW the maps, it wasn't easy. The rounds were extremely close always down to 1v1 or 2v1 in every favor. + PhP has just recently joined the team, I don't even think he have hit the 150hrs yet, and if he have, it's mainly DM which don't you much of an idea about the new peaks etc. All in all, myDGB did well, they just need to play a bit more.
2013-01-21 11:49
2013-01-21 12:14
Slovakia radeoNko 
2013-01-21 12:37
thats normal lol, or do you think that one of them is acing them down 1v5 every round
2013-01-21 17:12
What the fuck are you talking about? Crawl back to your hole. A round can be close (1v2, 1v1 etc) or the round can be a execution (all enemies shot, whilst you have 4/5 members of your team left). It was close in the meaning, that it was always down to individual players, as in 1v1's or 1v2's, with a bomb planted.
2013-01-21 17:38
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
winning clutch rounds is what differentiates great teams from good teams!
2013-01-21 20:43
Poland camarpl 
not very interesting, i know it's just a side tourney but not enough good teams anyway
2013-01-21 11:59
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
Really liked this final - just recently started playing CS:GO and watching it. ESC are looking really good, sort of like the old ESC of 1.6, get more form and I don't see any reason they wouldn't challenge VG/NiP. I think that the first part of 2013 will still be NiP and VG battling in finals, but I do believe we will see them loose maps vs other then each other, and the game getting more teams that can challenge. Hopefully in the later part of 2013 we will have top6 teams that can all beat each other and each tournament will be a big battle where you will have a hard time to predict a winner even though you can always call out a couple of the best performers. NiP have by far the biggest edge on playing the game on a high level for the longest, once teams start finding there groove that they had from 1.6 and CS:S - this will start to get interesting !
2013-01-21 12:14
well played by both, myDGB played a good match, in some moments it was extremely close game, I was a bit afraid when myDGB were leading 11-5 after winning pistol round, but ESC in the other hand looks very promising
2013-01-21 12:18
I <3 ESC's comebacks! :)
2013-01-21 12:45
NEO > all saucers
2013-01-21 12:55
Poland kiero 
myDEB played really well they have a lots to improve but also great potential TAZ after match against Max said: We still chasing NIP but others including VG need us more than we chase them. And I belive him. I look forward with hope for both team.
2013-01-21 13:17
Congrats to both sides :)
2013-01-21 14:04
Nice to see, when ESC again play very well, and win to tournament:)
2013-01-21 14:27
Good job :)
2013-01-21 16:22
esc nice:) but mydgb play good.)
2013-01-21 17:07
hmm i dont know what is going now but kuben is sick since 3 matches. Always he was the worst player in ESC, but know he can stand next to pasha neo and taz.
2013-01-21 19:51
ESC preparing to the final: Nice music, anyone knows who sings it?? 4:22 - :) kuben hehe - me and esc.
2013-01-21 21:44
2013-01-22 00:13
we need highlight from pasha 1v2 with headshot in jump on awp
2013-01-22 01:20
2013-03-16 20:54
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