Cursnamic wins RyuLAN 2013

January 21st, 2013 14:15

The mixture of Curse and Team Dynamic  has prevailed by defeating Frost Gaming in the finals 2-1 (9-16 de_inferno_se, 16-2 de_mirage_go, 16-3 de_nuke_se) to win $3,000.

Leading up to the tournament Frost Gaming and MonoManiac eSports, formerly known as SXP WorlWide, were considered the biggest challengers for the favored Cursnamic team.

Cursnamic featured Team Dynamic members Eric "adreN" Hoag and Salvatore "Volcano" Garozzo, as well as former member and current player for Curse, Todd "anger" Williams.

Rounding up the team were Curse's Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham and their newest recruit Stan "stan" Sukachov, who joined the squad two weeks ago along with Cody "ezpk" Shirley.

After the group stage was over, Mohamad "mOE" Assad's Frost took down Trevor "p0s" Randolph's MonoManiac 16-6 on de_nuke_se in the opening round of the upper bracket, while Dynamic easily defeated c2 on the same map.

adreN's Cursnamic pulled through at RyuLAN

Crucial Connexion then delivered the upset of the event as they took down Randolph's MonoManiac on de_inferno_se, sending them home with a disappointing fourth place finish outside of the money.

Cursnamic faced off against Frost on de_inferno_se, and wound up winning in overtime after blowing two match points in regulation. Frost Gaming then handled c2 16-3 on de_nuke_se, advancing to the grand final.

RyuLAN's system allowed the upper bracket winners Cursnamic to pick the first map and side in the grand final, completely eliminating any map advantage usually associated with the double elimination system.

Ironically enough it was Cursnamic's choice de_inferno_se where they got blown away 9-16, only to score two easy wins on de_mirage_go and de_nuke_se, losing just five rounds total in the final two maps.

RyuLAN 2013Best of 3
20th January 2013

RyuLAN 2013 final standings:

1. United States Cursnamic - $3,000
2. United States Frost Gaming - $1,500
3. Canada Crucial Connexion - $500
4. United States MonoManiac eSports

Rest of the results from the event which took place in Terre Haute, Indiana, have been updated on our coverage page for RyuLAN 2013 for those who are interested.

Too lazy to write the full lineups?
2013-01-21 14:18
Cursnamic - adreN, Volcano, anger, stan^, skadoodle
2013-01-21 14:33
Frost - mOE fREAKAZOiD ry9n heatwave classified
2013-01-21 14:42
never included them (as they do not fit on our site) and never will.
2013-01-21 16:15
that's like the info everyone wants to know first \o.
2013-01-21 18:12
I guess their code team doesn't know how to change font sizes. :/
2013-01-21 19:53
2013-01-21 20:34
i dont understand that response..
2013-01-22 03:04
he's biased toward european counter-strike
2013-01-22 13:39
was watching stream Cursnamic fucking robots
2013-01-21 14:36
2013-01-21 14:41
was watching stream was a great thing to watch.. gratulations cursnamic
2013-01-21 14:47
quite expected I'd say :p
2013-01-21 14:59
hmm expected but gj :))))
2013-01-21 15:00
GG! Very impressive LAN, Volcano!
2013-01-21 15:16
any winning moment on youtube?
2013-01-21 15:16
demos plz
2013-01-21 15:16
FG did great
2013-01-21 15:58
was watching stream was great match
2013-01-21 16:03
anyone cand send me a link to a stream that recorded this match?
2013-01-21 16:07
2013-01-21 17:08
better name indeed!
2013-01-22 07:42
2013-01-22 09:44
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