Top players comment on CS:GO update

Just 24 hours after the latest update for CS:GO was announced, went around and asked several top players what they thought about these changes.

On Wednesday evening, Valve officially released a major update for CS:GO which, among other things, tweaked the recoil control and the damage of some of the game's weapons.

The biggest talking point about the update appears to revolve around the Desert Eagle, whose damage has been increased and with which it is now possible to kill an opponent with a single bullet, even if it is not aimed for the head, as the damage to the stomach is now 105.00 health points.

The top teams did not take long to incorporate these changes into their strategies, and in Thursday's games there were some rather unusual tactics being used.

Curious to see what some of your favourite players had to say about this latest update? Check their opinions out below.

Germany Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert (mousesports): "I think the pistols are way too overpowered. You need two body shots with the Desert Eagle on all ranges and the enemy dies, and this is not even hard! The p2000 and the Glock have finally been adjusted, but not perfectly, they are too strong as well. The AK47 and the M4A1 are fine, you can tap easily with them now. It is no longer possible to move and spray that much. It feels a bit weird, but we only need practice. If Valve tweaks the pistols, I would say that this is a successful patch. I have liked the game a lot since the patch."

Denmark Dennis "Rytter" Rytter (fnatic): "It seems like the recoil has been changed, so it feels more like 1.6. And i like it. But there is a major problem: the Desert Eagle is way too overpowered now. It cannot be right that you can hit someone with two bullets and he is done. The Glock is way too overpowered now, too. The movement is still kind of crappy, and I would really love to see the 1.6 movement brought into the game."

Poland Filip "Neo" Kubski (ESC Gaming): "When it comes to the new CS:GO update, I am pretty confused. There are some things that I find better, but some others are just retarded. The Desert Eagle is way too overpowered, just like the MAG-7, or the TEC-9. I like the changes to the Molotov since we had not seen people use them at all. Now maybe we will see some new strategies, especially for the Terrorists since it only costs $500. Hopefully, Valve will keep listening to players and they will make the changes that people are asking for, like for example the silencer in the M4A1, the bomb planting sound and some other things."

Sweden Markus "pronax" Wallsten (Absolute Legends): "I think that the update is good overall, I like the new recoil of the rifles a lot. There are some problems with the new update, however, all pistols except the p2000 are overpowered. Some smgs/heavy weapons still need a lot of tweaking. But the game is getting better after every update, and I hope they consider tweaking the movement in future patches."

Germany Simon "smn" Beck (n!faculty): "I really like the new recoil of the M4 and Ak47, the balance is almost perfect, especially shooting while walking is as difficult as it should be, in my opinion. The P250 is too cheap: I would prefer it to cost $400 or to decrease the damage. The Desert Eagle and the Glock are way too powerful. They really need to decrease the damage of the Desert Eagle to under 50 per hit. The Glock is also too strong because you can kill enemies with one bullet on mid-distance if they do not have a helmet. If they change these three things, the game will be awesome to watch and maybe it will have a bright future."

Portugal Hélder "coachi" Sancho (x6tence): "I liked the old recoil, but I do not feel that much difference since the update. The fact that spraying is easier does not seem to be an improvement. On the other hand, the fact that tapping has improved is quite nice. The changes to the Desert Eagle are the worst thing about this update, it is ridiculously strong and takes away the balance of the game to some extent, it is terrible. In the next updates, I would like to have the silencer on the M4 back and a more powerful pistol for the CTs. I would also like the Defuse kit to be cheaper and to see some improvements to the AWP, which I still think is somewhat random."

Ukraine Arseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko (Natus Vincere): "First of all, as many teams will say, the biggest problem is the Desert Eagle. The first bullet will always go to the center of the crosshair and it will make 80 damage. So two bullets to the body and your enemy is down. The second thing I would like to ask Valve's developers about is the cost of the P250. Before the update, all teams said that this pistol was overpowered and that for $500 you could win a round. Now the price has dropped to $300. Then there is the maps. They need to make more maps like de_mirage_csgo, they need to add _se maps to matchmaking, and I do not know why they added some stupid mode and called it Deathmatch. This mode is one of the oldest ones, and 1.6 and CS:Source players have been playing it for a few years already. So how hard is it to mirror a mode that is already being played in CS:GO servers? It seems like Valve wanted to make something special instead. To sum up: I hope they will fix the pistols; the key is very simple: reduce their power by 25 per cent. And if they want to have strong pistols for ECO rounds, their price cannot be $300, but $800."

Sweden André "berg" Kjellberg (Lemondogs): "I like the new update, I think they are making the game better and better with every update. There are a few problems with this one, though, like with the pistols, especially the Desert Eagle... It deals way too much damage at the moment, you can damage someone for 90+ when you hit them in the stomach and that is just bulls***, it needs to get fixed right away. I am not sure why they would lower the price for the Molotov as T and the P250 so you can buy both a P250, which is overpowered, and a Molotov and just send it into the planted bomb, so that the CTs cannot defuse it. I like some of the things about the update, but some others are not that great. I would like to see them fixing the jumping penalty, it feels kind of awkward when you land, if they could make it more like 1.6 I would like it much more. There is also a bug in which you can see a person's model appear through the wall and that really needs to get fixed, it has been in the game for way too long now. And please, allow people with bad PCs to use fps commands, it is really annoying having to play the game with 80 fps...

Netherlands Eli "spartacus" van Bijnen (LowLandLions): "I think the update is okay. I am glad the rifles got improved, so more people can control them better. I think it is good to attract new players, who would get annoyed and quit otherwise. In the long run, I also think it is better for current players. Speaking for myself, it still feels new, and I am questioning some of my own shooting methods. When something new comes along, we just have to see what works best, why and how. Changing the recoil is a fundamental thing about this game, so I do think they should be doing this sort of stuff that much, but it is less annoying when things become a bit easier. I do not think it is that difficult to adjust to these changes. I would really like the silencer to be implemented soon, the movement improvement, and the aimpunch removed when one is hit with kevlar."

Sweden Alexander "rdl" Redl (Absolute Legends): "Like everyone will be saying, I think the rifles are quite nice now, after the update. But the pistols are overpowered and need a nerf as soon as possible. I would also like the MAG7 to be nerfed as well, along with the P90. A movement change of some sort would also be nice, but overall, I like the update."

The only required change for pistols is the damage , killing someone with 2 deagle hits should not be possible , aswell as oneshooting with a glock. And +1 for neo , give us the silencer Valve , its not just a detail but an important part of cs , when are you going to understand it ? -.-'
2013-01-25 02:09
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what if i hit you with a 9mm pistol to the chest i bet you won't even make it to the ambulance.
2013-01-25 04:08
22 replies
Venezuela cubek
But is different a videogame to reality, the videogames are created for fun, not for die with 1 hit. Also in real life theres not a hp bar.
2013-01-25 04:34
4 replies
Hp after work?
2013-01-25 11:31
ever played a tom clancy game? you die in 1-2 shots
2013-01-25 20:05
2 replies
wtf does that have to do with csgo?
2013-01-26 12:58
1 reply
2013-01-26 14:06
not sure if joking or just stupid
2013-01-25 04:51
Why ? Why you say sh*t like this ? ... Why ?
2013-01-25 05:20
comparing a video game to a real life scenario?? OK!!!
2013-01-25 05:58
1 reply
real life scenario with hp :D
2013-01-25 08:02
if u hit me with a 9mm pistol I will send juan marquez 2 put ur whole country 2 sleep :trollface: :P
2013-01-25 07:33
No, but I'd sure as hell bet you when my friends gather the 7 Dragon Balls and wish me back I'm killing you and your whole family.
2013-01-25 08:23
never go full retard.
2013-01-25 08:25
1 reply
hej zind hilsen rasmus
2013-01-25 15:52
Poland maxiu
if you want die in game for 1hit just go play cod singleplayer or BF
2013-01-25 09:06
the bullet would somehow bounce of my kelvar and hit u in your retarded head
2013-01-25 10:05
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2013-01-25 10:39
2013-01-25 11:05
joke of a day ;))))))
2013-01-25 22:43
Haha. :)
2013-01-28 03:33
but in your opinion its completely realistic to take atleast 3 assault-rifle bullets in your stomach and just not give a shit
2013-01-25 10:38
go play America's Army if you want realism.
2013-01-25 12:56
are you retarded?
2013-01-26 01:25
You forgot the P250, any eco is winable and you would be crazy to not buy it in eco's.
2013-01-25 12:15
2 replies
I think the glock is better than the p250 right now , last game i just one shoted CT's with guns who where garage from T outside :¨P
2013-01-25 13:11
1 reply
:P. The headarmor is just useless. Pistol should be 2 headshots minimum when opponent has headarmor, except for deagle headshot.
2013-01-25 15:35
in 1.6 killing someone with a deagle w/ 2 bullets was only possible if they had no armor and they were up close (2 chest shots).
2013-01-25 14:35
Croatia cembrakis
totally agrwe with you +1 deagle makes too much of damage
2013-01-27 14:55
Croatia cembrakis
Arseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko (Natus Vincere) said it all
2013-01-27 15:03
Has anyone else noticed when you headshot it looks alot more like 1.6? Where the right leg is higher than the left and the head is forced backwards? I just played a DM and noticed this
2013-01-25 02:11
4 replies
1.6 is haunting you.
2013-01-25 02:20
3 replies
I am sure it's changed :X
2013-01-25 02:39
1 reply
you're not wrong it was added in.. november??
2013-01-25 06:21
2013-01-25 03:43
Like most of them I like the update ,I think the general problem are the pistols and I agree are very op. Also p90 and mag7 It should not be if they fix them they NEED to fix the pistols.
2013-01-25 02:18
Interesting, 2 saucers want movements like 1.6...
2013-01-25 02:17
4 replies
hah noticed that too! In your face to all the noobs (both saucers and 1.6) that claim that the movement is good!
2013-01-25 02:27
All source players/fans know that 1.6 movement is amazing they just dont show it, these two are being realistic
2013-01-25 02:29
1 reply
Agreed, 1.6 movement changed the game. In the earlier years, 2006 to 2008 movement wasn't as advanced - e.g players hadn't played kz, jumping maps and hNs. Later after people had found out how to use movement it changed the game to almost a new level, most likely on of the reasons 1.6 lived as long as it did - so any sort of 1.6 resemblance would add really much to the game. Hopefully Valve will listen to the pros as they all have such valid points. Imagine how good of a competitive game we would get if we would assemble 20 CS Pro's to make a game with all their ideas.
2013-01-25 11:16
only call them saucers when they are talking shit and this time they werent! ;)
2013-01-25 15:23
And please, allow people with bad PCs to use fps commands, it is really annoying having to play the game with 80 fps... 80? bitch pls, i play on 50..
2013-01-25 02:19
4 replies
20 here
2013-01-25 07:52
1 reply
Get in to the new century and your problem will be solved.
2013-01-25 12:51
2013-01-25 10:50
2013-01-25 15:51
I ask myself who suggested the deagle change this way...? If all those changes come from "pro player feedback", why do they all complain afterwards? This shows that it hasn't been suggested... Also I noticed that no one really says what exactly you want to change regarding the movement but I hope they go more into detail when talking to Valve devs.
2013-01-25 02:27
17 replies
That's exactly what the community has been saying all along! They DON'T really listen to all of the pros' feedback!
2013-01-25 02:40
4 replies
who said the deagle needs to be stronger?
2013-01-25 11:48
3 replies
no one haha ;)
2013-01-25 13:02
how does my statement imply that someone said the deagle needs to be stronger?
2013-01-25 13:10
1 reply
i don't mean it this way, you took it wrong. you said they listen to both pros' and community's feedback but i can't remember any of the pros expressed something regarding deagle changes which should be made and also neither of the community did. so how have they come to the conclusion the deagle needs to be stronger? if they don't make this change undone it will effect the future gameplay a lot.
2013-01-25 14:00
Maybe the nonsense comments asking for a rocket launcher somehow slipped through...
2013-01-25 02:31
5 replies
2013-01-25 02:35
Wouldnt it be nice? I'm sure some nice gamemodes would spawn out of it. Make it like 10k :D
2013-01-25 03:05
2 replies
I want this :D
2013-01-25 04:16
It would lack the same sense than the comments I am referring to.
2013-01-25 22:42
Unreal Tournament style :D
2013-01-26 00:41
Probably no one suggested it because the deagle was totally fine before and no one complained about it.
2013-01-25 02:35
4 replies
yeah so why did they change it?
2013-01-25 02:44
1 reply
They will nerf it anyway and very soon, I'm sure.
2013-01-25 02:53
Maybe a balance between now and before is great, Glock was useless before, you don't think ?
2013-01-25 05:23
1 reply
I was just talking about the deagle. The recoil of the Glock is way better now they just have to reduce the damage to the CSS/1.6 one! Like 2 headshots needed for kill!
2013-01-25 05:26
2013-01-25 08:43
I guess this gives an answer to all the ESC haters, considering that they were playing against some of the best pistol players ever :)
2013-01-25 02:28
Greece her-1g
even the css players want movement to be like 1.6. and about the dgl-glock-mag7-p90 nerfing i agree 100%. ceh9 talked a little bit about maps. I have to agree with him we all want maps like mirage. I personally want simpler maps like the re-creates of train, inferno and dust2 to the original ones. The maps were introduced at 1999 and they should stay exactly the same. If you want something new create a new map. e.g In football we play at the same pitch 100 years now... to sum up i want to see -aimpunch removal (with vest-helm) -original maps at all leagues -bunny hoping (i dont care about russian walk) -preupdate linux server wallbanging to all servers -nerfing dgl-glock-mag7-p90 and make p250 700$ in the end of the day if this game wants to be a Counter-Strike game it should be a proper one and not a css-1.6-cod hybrid with all weapons overpowered
2013-01-25 02:34
15 replies
and silencers , YOU FORGOT SILENCERS !!!!
2013-01-25 02:37
1 reply
Greece her-1g
i didnt play 1.6 with silencer haha so i dont have a major issue with that. but it would be a cool feature i guess
2013-01-25 02:47
I agree with almost all the suggestions! 700$ would be too much for the p250 which also needs a little nerfing!
2013-01-25 02:41
6 replies
Greece her-1g
true i was exaggerating about the price..i would like your point on the map comment i made...actually i will make a blog about it sometime..i strongly believe that the 4 staple maps(d2, nuke, inf, train)since the beginning of counter-strike as a game should be untouched.. volcano did a nice job on de_nuke and something like that should be made at the other maps
2013-01-25 02:52
5 replies
I totally agree on the maps too. You can't replace old maps just because they're old! There's a reason why no one has ever complained about those 4 maps and why they've been extremely popular throughout the years. They've taken away some of the core values out of those maps and made them an empty shadow of the maps they used to be in earlier versions. I'd like to see a normal 95% replica versions of the standard maps in GO along the new ones and let the community/pros decide which ones are better, exactly what happened with nuke! de_train was usually the most exciting map to watch in 1.6 but everyone's McKayla Maroni about the GO version of it.
2013-01-25 13:18
1 reply
Greece her-1g
some guys recreated those maps but everyone needs to support them!i think its a crime not to use the original maps!!
2013-01-25 13:31
Volcano said that he can't make the trains on csgo like in 1.6, because there is a problem with the SDK or something like that, so it's Valve that needs to put the trains like they were in 1.6. But i don't think they will.
2013-01-25 13:43
2 replies
Greece her-1g
check de_train_te its 1.6 map with csgo twist! and inferno
2013-01-25 14:05
1 reply
Oh, well i guess it works now :D Hopefully Valve sees these maps and updates the original ones.
2013-01-25 18:20
The update also implemented a beta map workshop for csgo so I'm 100% sure some custom maps will be introduced in the future. But I disagree on the maps, I think they are all ok and you just need to get used to them a little bit. Only exception would be de_train... And your last sentence made your comment look completely retarded...Can't you guys just stop mentioning COD in any way related to csgo? It has absolutely nothing to do with it. Regarding your points: 1. true 2. see my comment 3. you can do it already, just not that hard... 4. true 5. p250 back to $500 or maybe $450, nerf deagle and mag7. p90 isn't really relevant for competitive play and the glock is fine I think.
2013-01-25 02:44
5 replies
Greece her-1g
it has the cod feeling to me and the glock with this update is overpowered!before that it was perfect..look personally i got used to the maps after 20hrs of gameplay. But my opinion is this you dont need to change the standard maps!!make new one and add even the liberty statue if you want i dont care..but i have major reflex problem with the current maps..after 11 years of cs i just cant play,im used to a standard way of playing.And as i said we play football at the same pitch 100years and not only football, the same goes for every sport. CS is an electronic sport so why change the standards?
2013-01-25 02:46
3 replies
Look, hardware is something that developed from time to time and is still getting developed very fast while there's basically nothing you can improve in the footbal pitch anymore. (It already improved from just plain dirt ground and wooden goals to what it is now...) So now the new game is capable to use more hardware resources. Copying the 10 year old map design 1:1 and just adding better textures would just look retarded and looks like a bad game and map design. That's why they tweaked some areas and changed the textures to give it a more realistic look while still keeping the basic gameplay elements. If you can't get used to the newer graphics and the new map design while still keeping the old layout, that's your problem I think...^^
2013-01-25 02:52
2 replies
Greece her-1g
ofcourse its my problem! and my opinion ofcourse but inferno and train at csp look nice!! im not a csp fan or a retard 14 yo user "omg fuck go 1.6 for life" "saucer killed him mum with 14 stable fu go" and shit like that. But i personally when i rush inferno B site i dont see the cts and after 500hrs i still dont see them and i dont think that i will ever see them
2013-01-25 02:58
Greece her-1g
also check this out i dont think that this looks retarded imo!
2013-01-25 14:02
The P90 is completely relevant! At it's what, $2350 price point it's better value than the Galil, and nearly on par with the AK for DPS (ROF/Damage) and a much better anti-eco option than either of the 2. And I don't need to mention the shotguns and their $/Kill ratio x.x And the 250 is near as makes no difference as good if not a better pistol than the deagle. Charging less than $700 for it is a crime. Which means the glock/terrorist options need to be more viable and the P2K ESPECIALLY needs to start seeing some love, the 1.6 and even source equivalents are such a joy to use and this thing is just so... garbo, on multiple levels especially in comparison.
2013-01-25 06:29
"I am glad the rifles got improved, so more people can control them better." "The fact that spraying is easier does not seem to be an improvement." Yeah.... lower skill ceiling ftw !
2013-01-25 02:30
9 replies
"Antix <3 CSP" We get it my friend.
2013-01-25 02:31
1 reply
Just quoted what your beloved pros said ....
2013-01-25 02:34
still harder thn csp crouch mouse1 recoil, lol
2013-01-25 06:29
5 replies
sure it is...whatever you say man....whatever you say....
2013-01-25 14:06
4 replies
so csp is not a spray fest? rofl. Try to be more objective man, the only thing that csp does great is movement since its 1.6ish which is the best in the whole CS franchise.. dunno why I even answer to a troll but anyway
2013-01-25 14:10
1 reply
sure it is...whatever you say man....whatever you say....
2013-01-25 14:11
Dude csp is fucking terrible. you can shoot through the whole map on fx infernoive heard. wtf is that
2013-01-25 15:52
1 reply
that shit is a lie!
2013-01-27 11:46
Do you not remember J3di's words on the stream? m4 is basically the same as 1.6 recoil and AK is slightly higher than 1.6. Unless you are saying 1.6 skill ceiling was lower than cs:go before the update?
2013-01-25 15:44
so just about all of them agree that the rifles are better now euro players > dazed
2013-01-25 02:40
"how hard is it to mirror a mode that is already being played in CS:GO servers?" I guess it's pretty hard cause official dm sucks right now
2013-01-25 02:46
Thanks for talking to these guys, it's always interesting to hear their opinion. Tbh I'm surprised more people aren't annoyed at just how easy it is to spray with rifles now.
2013-01-25 02:46
6 replies
cuz they can now pew pew like gtr.
2013-01-25 02:52
4 replies
"pew pew" -Antix
2013-01-25 02:55
3 replies
-Antix <3 CSP*
2013-01-25 03:02
2 replies
thx for fixing. great to have a fanboy that follows every of your steps :) Regards
2013-01-25 03:08
1 reply
2013-01-25 13:46
It's no easier than 1.6. M4 is basically the same, while AK is slightly more difficult.
2013-01-25 17:10
with the movement of 1.6 this game will become very large and some other great atulizações now lack only the valve make it happen
2013-01-25 02:50
1 reply
update now lack only the valve make it happen*
2013-01-25 03:10
nerf deagle, buff movement
2013-01-25 02:51
deagle overpowered lol !
2013-01-25 02:53
2013-01-25 03:46
Nerf deagle. Valve's deathmatch is horrendous lol
2013-01-25 03:47
All fine valve is in right way if they listen! +1 to neo and ceh9 this guys sayed all right. work work and work valve gl.
2013-01-25 03:57 here's a demonstration
2013-01-25 04:04
buff the is7 and nerf the batchat/t57 those are op.
2013-01-25 04:07
"pistols are way too overpowered" I agree.
2013-01-25 04:14
They should make the bulletholes visible at all distances. Otherwise it's almost impossible to handle the recoil since the crosshair hardly move at all
2013-01-25 04:28
3 replies
for this we have the current light from bullets that is similar to a shitty looping laserbeam *xD*
2013-01-25 04:53
2 replies
*sees khrystal posting a comment on* *must reply to him so he acknowledges my existence*
2013-01-25 13:01
1 reply
how cute
2013-01-25 22:40
I can't believe how retarded this guys from Valve are.
2013-01-25 04:58
...Heard valve is considering IEDs and apache helicopters in the next patch! can't wait!
2013-01-25 05:42
1 reply
can i use a red stripe on head like rambo? and use paints so i can go undercover to plant the bomb?
2013-01-25 08:15
Why the fk is that game giving me points to kill CHICKENS in deathmatch!?
2013-01-25 05:56
3 replies
Azerbaijan Talley
They want you to feel motivated to win.
2013-01-25 06:04
2 replies
KFC sponsor, omg , you dont understand nothing/
2013-01-25 08:16
worst..csgo..spokesman ever
2013-01-25 13:02
The deagle is silly, there was nothing wrong with it. The problem is/was the P250 was such a better option not even value wise. The 250 is way way WAY too strong, so they made it cheaper? Right... The P2K needs to be way more viable and the deagle needs to return. As far as everything else is concerned: deathmatch seems fine. Regular servers are still my go to, but it's nice to have in a pinch. The AK really suffers in this patch, not sure why. The ROF seems to be decreased, I've not tested it. Yet it does the same amount of damage and is just as difficult to control. P90's and Shotguns were left untouched which is equally baffling, and judging by some of the comments from the people who gave feedback, it doesn't seem like VALVe really listened. If anything this raises more questions than answers. I've never outright questioned VALVe's decisions before... actually, that dynamic market stuff with source is still the silliest thing but this update seems pretty hopelessly uninformed as well. Thanks for doing this article, it's really great to finally get a peek at some of the inside baseball.
2013-01-25 06:18
shit update...
2013-01-25 06:31
fix recoil & movement and this will be a God game.
2013-01-25 06:45
deagle = awp without zoom and much cheaper xD
2013-01-25 06:46
7H1S upd47e r0xz0rz my b0xz0rs. Needs more shields and dynamic weapon prices!!1 RIGHT VALVE??
2013-01-25 06:56
Valve is making a console that console will have Csgo on it, cod is csgos competitor in order to compete against cod you must appeal to masses and make things look pretty and limit things like movement so it's an easy transaction for new players because of the limited skill gap Because of this this game will never be what we want it to be.
2013-01-25 07:11
it sounds like they made cs:go like csp 2 years ago when the player models were massive n had 1.6 recoil
2013-01-25 07:42
1 reply
2013-01-25 18:36
Why was there no comments from NiP players ?
2013-01-25 08:35
tldr they like it but the deags fucked :D
2013-01-25 08:39
"And please, allow people with bad PCs to use fps commands, it is really annoying having to play the game with 80 fps..." Yeah, something like Q3...
2013-01-25 09:01
This is what I would like happend.. nerf: P90, pistols(in general)(deagle espesially) and the mag7 300$pr/kill regardless off weapon Molotov,incendary grenade to be removed, as its really gay if used in last seconds at bomb, and ct then really cant do anything. Fix two major smoke bugs, one where you can go behind a fence and see through smoke ( on de_train and espesially mirage these can be abused really badly), the other one is the one where you throw a HE past the smoke and then you will be able to see your opponents through it. IMO it isnt a smart trick, its just a lame bug. Bring back the silencer, p2000 and m4a4 should have them. Alot of fixes on maps de_dust2 : remove car at B, lower the dark tunnel so they cant spot cw, and removal of skybox several places. de_inferno: side/appartments are to narrow, make it alot wider, quad/arch and banana is also to narrow. Widen them, and remove the pillars at banana and the car with the plate, rather have some boxes or something. Also remove castle or atleast the fence it is possible to spot someone behind it. Also rotation is to fast for ct between the bombspot so remove the shortcut at spawn.
2013-01-25 09:05
Bad update m4 and AK is okey, burst also, but glock is so strong + deagle is really shit..this looks more like beta version of some fps game..
2013-01-25 09:08
old deagle was fine.
2013-01-25 09:10
thnx ceh9 for mentionning adding se_maps to matchmaking!
2013-01-25 09:16
Silencer & damage reduction. Plus, cosmetically, spays. I would also like silencer to p2000 just like to the usp. I know noone uses silencer with usp in 1.6 but still it would be stylish :)
2013-01-25 09:25
NEO +1 , good comment !
2013-01-25 09:27
It makes more sense now adding silencers for CT default pistol and m4 since Valve lowered the mollie-price to 500 $ for T's. Now Valve dont got any excuses anymore to not implement that into the game becuase of some balance issues they claimed baffled it in the past. I dont care how unrealistic this might sound, but for the competitive sake of CS:GO - nerf Terrorist molotovs postplant to zero damage impact in bombzones so CT's might have a slightest fair chance defusing. It encourages the more skilled players to pull of beautyfully insane clutches. We whant situations like that still to happen. This is Counter-Strike, not Team Fortress, CoD or something like that (no offence to those games thou).
2013-01-25 09:29
2 replies
Why would it make more sense to add silencer on weapons now? What is the reason? I agree with you that silencer should be added, but this is not a real reason imo. Why would you nerf the molotov on bombsites? You can just throw a smoke and defuse it. But i don't like the molotov, and I don't think i ever will.
2013-01-25 10:02
1 reply
No offence BUT Read carefully - one more time and think again.
2013-01-25 10:32
i would like to see M5 with deagles now :D
2013-01-25 09:31
I don't see any problem with the mag7. You need guns like this to keep the game interesting, otherwise you just end up only using 3 different guns. P90 and Deagle definitely need work. The p250 now does the same damage as the p2000, so essentially all they've done is make this a redundant weapon?
2013-01-25 09:36
2 replies
Nah the p250 has better armour penetration, meaning it's good for ecos. It can do a one-shot headshot to a helmetted player at 443 units (Source: ) Also the p250 fires 10% faster than the p2000 ( )
2013-01-25 10:13
But there is too much reward for kill with that gun and it is too cheap.Instead of deco,people are buying mag7 because is too cheap. In the match if you only buy mag7,you can still kill as many oponents as with m4.And if you look at the prize difference beetween these guns ,m4 is twice as expensive as mag7.... Mag7 is good weapon,they should just adjust the prize and reward money for it.
2013-01-25 15:21
United Kingdom ELVIS^G
ceh9 FTW!
2013-01-25 09:55
movement! we need that update. its still pretty easy to kill enemy while running, 50% chance.
2013-01-25 09:55
1. Reduce deagle damage with kevlar by 50% FFS! ( 1 shot kill in chest without kevlar at short distance could be cool and still something new. ) 2. P250 is too cheap! Either make it cost more or reduce kill reward like AWP. ( Dont change the gun itself into something useless plz. ) 3. Glock is too effective on long range! ( glock should make like 80+ dmg head without kevlar on short distance, only instant kills coming by burst firing.) 4. Famas is too strong for its price! (Same than with p250 and distance doesnt seem to affect its firepower neither.) 5. CT Mac7 way better than T shotguns! (Is this by purpose? T shotguns suck compared to mac7.) Some things that came in my mind regarding this new update and CS:GO in its current state. Good update neverless and hopefully you never add silencer its useless shit that only cives CT more advantage.
2013-01-25 10:24
3 replies
famas is too strong for its price, hello newfag
2013-01-25 13:03
glock should oneshot kill if u hit closerange burst to the head (with helmet). it's too powerful right now. not oneshots with deagle without hs imo... too ez vs eco and costs nothing. maybe 2 closerange hits on chest is better so u can't fullpull without hs with one clip. Agree on the rest
2013-01-25 14:58
1 reply
In this game hitting someone in the stomach does more damage than chest.
2013-01-25 18:57
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Agree 100% with neo & ceh9!
2013-01-25 10:35
just fix pistols, get a silencer and make kevlar+helmet stronger vs pistols
2013-01-25 10:38
seems the biggest problem is the deagle :D
2013-01-25 10:39
Agree with beRg! "allow people with bad PCs to use fps commands, it is really annoying having to play the game with 80 fps..."
2013-01-25 11:35
ceh9 told the main things :) Rest is OK
2013-01-25 11:40
1 reply
Iceland yannay
2013-01-25 17:05
Portugal zeniteee
berg: And please, allow people with bad PCs to use fps commands, it is really annoying having to play the game with 80 fps... mate try to play with 40 like me.
2013-01-25 11:47
Spartacus sucks @ Deathmatch. If you're questioning you're own shooting methods it's kinda weird imo.There's just multiple ways of handling the guns. What did suprise me was how easy you could shoot a headshot by making a half circle (upper part)with the crosshair over their heads.
2013-01-25 11:49
Maybe the first time that I agree with coachi. :D
2013-01-25 12:01
Game was launched way too early :D Still to many things that make the game die before it's really started
2013-01-25 12:20
im loving the update, the ak feels solid now and there is still more recoil than in 1.6 or css
2013-01-25 12:33
+1 Rytter
2013-01-25 13:24
I dont think that they should make mag7 weaker.They should higher up the prize for it.Around 2500 or something.
2013-01-25 13:29
1 reply
Yeah, it was 2200 before I have no idea why they lowered its price in the first place.
2013-01-25 14:22
+1 for Rytter
2013-01-25 13:33
deagle was fine bring it back like it was
2013-01-25 13:35
1 reply
good old days
2013-01-25 14:03
how can u say Top Players when im not on it? anyway im giving my two cents "Even with the new recoil, game is still 0% compared to CS 1.6, with this recoil/movement and CS:Source maps game looks shtty as always, Game is fail even if u make new updates every week, cheers Grannqe, [HLTV] crew im forgiving u this time, next time don't update the news without my statment thanks :).
2013-01-25 14:23
ceh9 +1
2013-01-25 14:41
tell me please... how can i hide all the cs:Go news? i wanna see only 1.6 + csp (sry for bad english)
2013-01-25 14:49
2 replies
you will see empty page then no 1.6 nor csp news. dead games are dead
2013-01-25 14:50
1 reply
hahaha +1
2013-01-25 15:37
very well
2013-01-25 14:59
the valve could decrease these models are huge...
2013-01-25 15:31
I wonder how many updates there are still comming before they give up :P
2013-01-25 15:41
1 reply
2013-01-25 16:29
Na'vi player being d**k as usual. What's his problem with deathmatch? It's a fun mode! You want to play it on you server? Fine! don't complain if the devs make it easier and better for everyone! The pros have great insight in the game, but sometimes they have to understand that the game is not only for them. I agree with the rest, especially deagle and glock damage, which has to be nerfed. Overall great update.
2013-01-25 15:46
I don't understand how VALVE can release updates like this without testing them ... This week everyone is running around with eagles, what will it be next week's? csgo is just a vulgar 'exploit the update' game these days.
2013-01-25 16:11
1 reply
We are testers you don't know that?
2013-01-25 17:12
"Then there is the maps. They need to make more maps like de_mirage_csgo, they need to add _se maps to matchmaking". Finally, ty... shitty foggy maps
2013-01-25 16:12
"There is also a bug in which you can see a person's model appear through the wall and that really needs to get fixed," +1
2013-01-25 16:38
Berg pretty much summed it all up
2013-01-25 16:39
cant frag with deagle... recoil too much
2013-01-25 16:41
+1 for Rytter
2013-01-25 16:45
2013-01-25 17:01
why is ceh9 complaining about stuff that has no effect on him at all? if u want to go play the old school dm then just find a server, its not taht hard mirage was a community made map, valve has already said they wont be making any more maps and that its up to the community to make them i agree about the _se thing, but honestly if i want to play them that badly i just look for a pug
2013-01-25 17:23
2 reasons for deagle buff. 1. The gun makers wanted desert eagle to be powerful , so they can sell at a higher price. 2. Valve want to make eco rounds much more balanced.
2013-01-25 17:24
#187 in real a famas is way better than a ak47 ... u can headshot 6 soldier with cask in a row with 1 bullet.. it s very precise too. and go trouhgt 1,5 meter of concrete wall. using reality for power of guns is not needed..
2013-01-25 18:29
Deagle is fucknig shit!!!
2013-01-25 18:32
I really would like to know, it is me or someone else has noticed that the new AK recoil is like "RANDOM SHIT" some times you are aiming at head, not walking or straffing, and bullets goes anywhere except where you are aiming ??
2013-01-25 18:39
The most essential update for me would be stopping that glitch where you see someone before they step out for an instant. That is so game-breaking I can't believe people don't consider it a priority. They have made the p250 a lot less accurate, frankly why didn't they just keep the accuracy and lower the damage... I hate aiming at peoples heads and the gun missing. The p90 is a joke and should be nerfed to fuck, I doubt you'll find many skilled players that disagree with this sentiment. No gun should reward bad movement and positioning, but the p90 rewards wasda and spraying single people down at all ranges. Deagle is a joke now, it doesn't even seem like they tested it at all, just blinded implemented J3DI's cvars without even looking into them (fairly sure that wasn't J3DIs intention). Also will people shut up saying "even saurces wan't 1.6 movement" if any of you had a brain you'd realise that source players enjoy and respect 1.6 a lot. Grow the fuck up.
2013-01-25 19:06
2013-01-25 19:54
I agree, deagle is to much powerful... :(
2013-01-25 22:51
I must disagree with ceh9, I think the pistols are fine aside from the deagle. Now that the rifles have received a buff in terms of tighter spray patterns, the pistols should be stronger to balance it out.
2013-01-25 23:39
" J3di | 9 hours ago [2013-01-25 13:02:37] Reply Despite what some have said about ignoring feedback, I have to say that feedback was incorporated very well. My guess, the feedback given was inadequately detailed. Lot's of changes were made throughout the beta - for example pistol damage... feedback was given that it was too high and it was subsequently lowered but it appears by not enough to appease some players. The Deagle in particular is likely to be tweaked again, during the beta it had higher recoil/inaccuracy than it does now. It appears in the last round of feedback many pros said they wanted to reduce this and forgot to mention to lower damage output at the same time as the recoil was reduced. " Source: The same J3di from the patch notes: - Weapon balance and recoil were adjusted with pro community input ( Thanks to J3Di, NiP, VeryGames, ESC, 4NOT, mTw, and FM TOXiC )
2013-01-25 23:57
"Weapon balance and recoil were adjusted with pro community input ( Thanks to J3Di, NiP, VeryGames, ESC, 4NOT, mTw, and FM TOXiC)" WAIT WHAT, so I should believe that somebody from these teams would say 'YO VALVE YO LETS MAKE DEAGLE MOARRRRRR DEADLY YO' Second thing is why such big changes after a long time, I'm sure everybody were already accustomed to the game. Personally, I didn't enjoy this patch, hope they will fix these pistols and shit soon, sry, sry for insulties
2013-01-26 01:26
1 reply
+1 , I fucking hate the new recoil , made the game so random + eaier for noobs , it ruined everything I am not gonna play it until a new update .
2013-01-26 17:45
Alright after playing like 7 scrims tonight these are my observations. - Deagle is waaaay too powerful, try playing a game on a close range map like de_nuke, we never had either team on a full save. just if you didn't have enough for ak/m4 you went deagle and often complete deco's would destroy a full buy. - Train feels a little off, it's just so weird in a way. A lot of little tweeks are needed for the map that I loved the most on 1.6 - Just reward the same for every kill regardsless of gun, this thing with the shotguns makes no sense, sure the shotguns should be able to kill with one shot on close range, but why reward so highly for them ? It was fine having it +300 for all weapons - Inferno is almost ruined... it's is so narrow and crowded with crappy things it's drives you crazy, either remove all that shit, or widen the shit out of areas. e.g you cannot by any means exit appartments without dying or being severely injured if there's an enemy guarding it, no way in exiting fast. - You have to make silent jumping back in, seriously, you can't sneak at all. You either have to jump or walk on to a nade, and seeing as the sounds echos thru EVERYTHING, doing somethings slowly 1vX for example just isn't worth it, better to just run and hope for you to land your shots and not rely on game sense. - MUTE THE BOMB PLANT NOISE FFS CS:GO is growing a lot on me, and I really believe we can have a good game - mind you never as great as 1.6 was, but a competitive game which is as fun to watch pro's as it is to play yourself. Please Valve, stop trying to even out the playfield making it a game where people are mostly on the same level and it's often very random what happens. CS has always been a skill oriented game which playing the most is rewarded. KEEP IT THAT WAY !
2013-01-26 04:42
1 reply
valve won't change maps if in the tournaments they use ladder maps, they already said it, tournaments have to take the first step to change maps
2013-01-26 05:22
REALLY FUCK YOU VALVE! 109 dmg with deagle?! NO HEADSHOT!!! really? you need 3 ak47 hits , 4 m4a4 shot to kill, and the opponent kill you with a FUCKING SINGLE shot? 321 dmg dgl headshot? NEW AWP HERE?
2013-01-26 08:17
hamburgers damaged their brains..... :(
2013-01-26 09:34
Revert this update, the game is fucking awful now.
2013-01-26 15:39
1 reply
2013-01-26 17:47
This game doesn't even matter, with this kind of movement. (srs)
2013-01-27 10:05
In real life, Deage is a very powerful weapon, you can hit one person in a mid range and the bullet will go through the wall behind the person and could hit someone on the other side.., But the fact is that, the deagle ruined the game in a war/mix because it's too much powerful. It should have the dmg like in 1.6. That's all.
2013-01-27 17:54
Holy shit this game is fucking awful, im a saucer and i can honestly say that i enjoy 1.6 more atm. So broken. Why you had to fix something that wasn't broken ?
2013-01-27 19:42
Where is a Guardian? :D
2013-01-28 08:23
movement to come? :)
2013-02-11 16:34
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