Eq return in CS:GO

Earthquake have announced their return to activity with the creation of a CS:GO division.

In the last few weeks, we have seen a number of top teams in the Balkan region switch to CS:GO, and Romania has been no exception, as neXtplease! and I Got Game have both decided to try their luck in the new game.

Eq have now decided to jump on board and create a new project, spearheaded by Sedan "SeDaN" Ibrahim, who became a fans' favourite during his time playing 1.6.

SeDaN has his first CS:GO challenge

Cristian "manN1" Francu, who was last seen playing for The Elder Gods at DreamHack Bucharest, former es duo Valentin "hakk" Sparleanu and Marian "MARAN" Contu, and ex-neXtplease! member Abu Munshar "MAIAD" Mayad make up the rest of the team.

"At the moment, our only concern is to start practicing since we have only played the game individually, but we are hoping to start this week," Sparleanu told next-please.ro.

"I hope everybody will commit 100 per cent and that we can qualify for the Romanian Esport Championship season 3 Finals; for the moment, this is our only goal.

"We do not consider taking part in any international events at the moment because we are still looking for a sponsor and we will have to draw a line and see what we have accomplished after the first Romanian event.

"We like the game and to have new challenges, and we want to prove that Eq are still one of the best teams in Romania like those before us did."

Eq have the following roster:

Romania Sedan "SeDaN" Ibrahim
Romania Cristian "manN1" Francu
Romania Valentin "hakk" Sparleanu
Romania Marian "MARAN" Contu
Romania Abu Munshar "MAIAD" Mayad

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bye nip
2013-01-27 17:10
2 replies
Croatia cembrakis
are you serious??
2013-01-28 16:09
hahaha :D :D
2013-01-29 00:37
Hf guys
2013-01-27 17:10
2013-01-27 17:11
funny clip haha
2013-01-27 17:11
hf (:
2013-01-27 17:12
2013-01-27 17:13
this the big and exciting news? :):))
2013-01-27 17:16
2 replies
1 reply
if you couldnt see that as a joke, you must literally be the most flacid person alive
2013-01-28 19:21
pabeL | 
Dominican Republic pabeL
2013-01-27 17:18
2013-01-27 17:21
1 reply
Germany grimmtz
2013-01-27 18:00
2013-01-27 17:21
2 months or 3?
2013-01-27 17:26
2013-01-27 17:28
"...and we want to prove that Eq are still one of the best teams..". Maybe IS instead of are. GL to them, hope they will stick to this line-up as much as possible.
2013-01-27 17:35
9 replies
8 replies
how come not? anyway, who cares?
2013-01-27 17:45
bit.ly/Y9nJLP Eq is singular
2013-01-27 17:52
3 replies
Sorry to say, but no. There's a difference between American English and British English as far as collective nouns are concerned. grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/collective..
2013-01-27 17:58
2 replies
Thank you for the article :)
2013-01-27 18:26
1 reply
No problem! Using singular verbs seems more natural because I'm used to watching American films and TV shows, but I stick to the British rule!
2013-01-27 18:27
"...and we want to prove that, Eq still are one of the best teams..". Maybe IS instead of are.
2013-01-27 18:20
2 replies
Is this ok ?
2013-01-27 18:21
2013-01-27 18:05
2013-01-27 18:06
1 reply
2013-01-27 18:29
2013-01-27 18:14
2013-01-27 18:26
2013-01-27 19:23
thought it was EG...fuck
2013-01-27 20:22
3 replies
Same. -eHK.
2013-01-27 20:28
2 replies
Me too. -Mercuro.
2013-01-28 20:42
1 reply
i didn't. -htym.
2013-01-29 11:41
gl SeDaN & manN1 :P
2013-01-28 00:33
2013-01-28 00:38
:D gl boys
2013-01-28 01:48
2013-01-28 08:09
GL Sedane
2013-01-28 22:13
2013-01-29 00:47
Age of SeDaN?
2013-01-29 23:10
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