fm.TOXiC add smF, socN

fm.TOXiC has added Danes Danni "smF" Dyg and Søren "socN" Falke to fill the void left by the departures of George "Zed" Bear and Brandon "weber" Weber last night.

We announced that two members who were already a part of fm.TOXiC's campaign to ESWC 2012, which saw them defeat arch rivals mousesports UK in their qualifier, had left the team.

fm.TOXiC managed to win Insomnia 47 in the UK as well as finish a respectable third at NorthCon in mid-December, with a win over Danish CPLAY in the third place decider.

smF from Copenhagen Wolves

smF joins fm.TOXiC along with fellow Dane socN 

The British team is already experienced with a Scandinavian on the team, as Swedish André "BARBARR" Möller has been a mainstay on the roster since attending ESWC as a stand-in.

This time the replacements come from Denmark in the form of former Copenhagen Wolves and CPLAY member Danni "smF" Dyg and Søren "socN" Falke, who represented the 3DMAX organization.


Sweden André "BARBARR" Möller
United Kingdom Neil "nEiLZiNHo" Finlay
Denmark Søren "socN" Falke
Denmark Danni "smF" Dyg
Ireland Phil "Whindanski" Nicholas

fm.TOXiC are currently competing in ESEA Invite Season 13 and plan on attending both Insomnia 48 and Copenhagen Games in the coming months.

2013-01-31 20:26
pff :D
2013-01-31 20:28
wow terrible team
2013-01-31 20:28
1 reply
Not so...
2013-01-31 20:29
United Kingdom tomtmh
wtf :S
2013-01-31 20:28
I thought socN retired? anyway, gl & hf :D
2013-01-31 20:28
4 replies
Who are this two guys.
2013-01-31 20:30
1 reply
dannish source players, socN's last team were 3DMax (.dk of course), can't remember last team of smF (Wolves or something), dannish guys swaping teams too often
2013-01-31 22:05
he's too young for retirement
2013-01-31 22:00
1 reply
still he said he's quit...but apparantly:
2013-01-31 22:40
gl guys
2013-01-31 20:28
Better than before of course..
2013-01-31 20:29
1 reply
weber is actually was quite decent, not gonna say the same 'about zed, he was mediocre
2013-01-31 22:06
2013-01-31 20:28
2013-01-31 20:29
wierd lu, probably a bit stronger
2013-01-31 20:29
Russia Lk-
lolol looks good :D nice to see you again, Soren :D
2013-01-31 20:29
good addition imo , gl
2013-01-31 20:29
RE1EASE join fm.toxic@ESEA 4 days ago
2013-01-31 20:33
1 reply
To merc for them since they didnt have 5.
2013-01-31 20:37
So now they will become a danish flag?
2013-01-31 20:33
4 replies
2 replies
lol :D
2013-01-31 20:52
2013-01-31 21:13
Probably gonna be the European one, like Torqued (ex-mTw) uses ;)
2013-01-31 20:57
Babbe og socn on the same team xDDDD
2013-01-31 20:36
SmF is sick
2013-01-31 20:37
pls remove neil he is so bad OMG
2013-01-31 20:44
- neilzinho
2013-01-31 20:53
inb4 socN wanting to change his name to falkizh :D:D
2013-01-31 20:54
smF + Whindanski good combo
2013-01-31 21:08
nice :D
2013-01-31 21:11
gl smf
2013-01-31 21:12
will still be shit with neil
2013-01-31 21:15
OMG, gl guys! burn Danni =D!
2013-01-31 21:50
smf should team up with sfm to make casters live harder
2013-01-31 22:08
1 reply
Dude, playing gather with him is funny as hell! :D
2013-01-31 22:20
Great smf has really impressed me in some of his past matches best of luck to fmtoxic.
2013-01-31 22:08
This team just got alot better!
2013-01-31 22:12
nice! they will be MUCH better now, zed bad weber over rated
2013-01-31 23:46
gl now got more potential tbh to improve overtime.
2013-02-01 01:03
Pfft, really didn't expect this. imo I don't think they're going to be as successful as their prev. lineup. we'll see :D
2013-02-01 10:04
good luck
2013-02-05 16:34
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