ESEA expands to France, UK

February 3rd, 2013 11:39

ESEA has added new datacenters in Roubaix, France and London, United Kingdom, and now host gather and practice servers in both.

ESports Entertainment Association has been growing steadily in Europe ever since its return to Europe in August with the initial launch based in Stockholm, Sweden and Frankfurt, Germany.

With over 70 teams competing in the Open Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division and an additional twelve in the global Invite division, many of Europe's top gamers are already in the system.

You have a chance to play against or with NiP's GeT_RiGhT on ESEA

ESEA has gained popularity among professional players as well, with the likes of Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund and Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom frequently spotted on the gather servers.

More servers have been added for all locations with the number of Premium users increasing. ESEA next plans to expand with datacenters in Spain to cater to the Southern European market.

here are some 1 week premium codes for those who wish to try out esea! 21CF900E59C284B13A9F8C04A857F920 7A0692674EDE52BF5CC91071BC9B8161 08FCFC23D2F729AC203C90EE9A6223C8 DAB4DCBAF444B590F9B6BF4A1DF4B8B1 827268B213E1DD0316F1EDB1DA58C676 if you like the service, do me a favor and sign up through with me as your referral!
2013-02-03 11:39
Latvia EXTEN 
looks like everyone tried to get last codes instead of first one :DDD ty lurppis :)
2013-02-03 11:43
just like always! :D
2013-02-03 13:44
Guest Pass Code: 883411493ED4929EF6C1E0C588CF2E23 here another one :) If u make an esea account u will get a free guest code btw...
2013-02-03 20:23
i played with get_right yesterdat but he left after 5 rounds to pracc with team:P
2013-02-03 11:40
idiot this was fake. TT
2013-02-03 11:41
on esea cant change nickname in game... u have nick what u use on website and pro players playing there :)
2013-02-03 11:51
there are ~30 people who registered with -NiP-GeT_RiGhT-BenQ , GeT_RiGhT- etc. If you don't see the green flag then it's a fake.
2013-02-03 14:22
United States mah9 
definitely not that many people with actual premium paid. there are a few but its easy to tell if its really him or not.
2013-02-05 00:02
China Specster 
what about you stop insulting?
2013-02-03 15:04
Denmark mainz 
Why play with gtr when u can play with Fement! Sign my mousepad now! :]
2013-02-03 11:49
+1 Can i have ur config please
2013-02-03 13:00
i meant, he joined the same esea pug:P btw well discuss the prize about that autograph on friends :D:D
2013-02-03 17:03
As far as I know NiP dosent pracc as a team on weekends? xDD
2013-02-03 11:51
all nip pracc on esea server pugs is not fake :3
2013-02-03 16:32
nice ! community growing everyday :D
2013-02-03 11:41
Tunisia edgg 
no north africa? no?
2013-02-03 11:44
deja ping 40 3andy f london sv w hani mechi ntasti fel france sv :p
2013-02-03 12:43
Tunisia edgg 
sa7a lommek, kenni m3alim ne5e4 100 ping w sa3at 170, cnx w debit (w fin tsken)?
2013-02-03 13:08
hang zung 200 nikka w 120 tsok xaxa )))
2013-02-03 17:30
Tunisia edgg 
its more like f1g13l2 :D
2013-02-04 16:56
ping kolou 50~40 just el play sweden 70~60 :)
2013-02-03 12:45
Poland kRAMERO 
africa is 50years behind europe
2013-02-03 13:56
Tunisia edgg 
id say thats true for africa in general, but the northern part (along with south africa) is like 10-5 years behind
2013-02-03 14:24
There better be 1.6 servers with people playing...
2013-02-03 11:46
Poland tfg 
ffs, 2bad my paypal doesnt work and i cant buy esea premium >_<
2013-02-03 11:56
Try google wallet.
2013-02-03 12:54
Poland tfg 
no visa card :D...
2013-02-03 13:00
i have mc and it's working.
2013-02-03 13:03
MasterCard for the win!
2013-02-03 16:08
Poland tfg 
no mastercard, NO CARD :D:D;D only atm card :<
2013-02-03 16:33
you can send money from atm to google wallet
2013-02-04 07:03
Poland tfg 
how? :D
2013-02-04 14:13
United Kingdom Alth 
"You have a chance to play against or with NiP's GeT_RiGhT on ESEA" Lol'd, wonder how many kids just creamed in their knickers.
2013-02-03 11:57
2013-02-03 12:28
next news = esea bankrupt and gtfo kids
2013-02-03 12:28
Germany Dok1 
aha, would be fun hehehe hahaha... not.
2013-02-03 16:16
i played with scream and uzzziii
2013-02-03 12:42
Tunisia edgg 
2013-02-03 13:09
:o u are amazing!
2013-02-03 13:56
fancy1 | 
Korea dafNaY 
me too , we lost like 16/9 starting T on nuke , wasnt that bad ;D
2013-02-03 14:37
1.6 news?
2013-02-03 13:05
what's the problem with that?
2013-02-03 15:11
need one key :(( #sad
2013-02-03 13:08
all retards all playing there
2013-02-03 13:42
"Game: Counter-Strike 1.6"??
2013-02-03 14:07
2013-02-03 15:11
lol? you failed,I was just asking, I prefer 1.6 10000x times than CS:GO
2013-02-03 15:31
Sh... ok... Sorry for the reply then :D I thought that you were gonna say: "Why expand ESEA for a dead game in Europe" or some like this.
2013-02-03 16:23
United Kingdom Alth 
but why expand ESEA for a dead game in Europe?
2013-02-03 16:25
2013-02-03 16:38
The memes you post are actually so bad. :)
2013-02-03 17:17
finally i will play with low ping :D
2013-02-03 15:09
how do u have VIP? Payed I think haha?
2013-02-03 15:13
omg a whole 6 dollars.....
2013-02-04 07:48
niiice :D
2013-02-03 15:10
sad that it hasn't reach Portugal yet :(
2013-02-03 15:14
Germany Dok1 
When it comes to spain it should be alright?
2013-02-03 16:16
Actually idk.
2013-02-03 16:24
our connections to spain svs are bad
2013-02-05 05:37
2013-02-03 15:17
The more teams that sign up for League the bigger the overall payout. Right now the bulk of the payout is being paid by NA Open division, which is also being used for the prize pots in the Euro divisions. The NA scene is trying really hard to unite with the Euro scene, lets build this community into something huge.
2013-02-03 15:18
Germany Dok1 
Almost 300 teams in NA open, that's crazy :D
2013-02-03 16:17
Nice, now make the premium < 1euro for a month and you will get 1000 more people joining. Nobody who is in their right mind will pay the same price as they payed for the game, every month to play the game they already own.
2013-02-03 16:31
about 15,000 or so do in North America ;-).. and we love it!
2013-02-03 16:43
Mainly because there is very little else apart from esea , that's not the case in Europe.
2013-02-03 18:15
YOU love it.
2013-02-04 03:42
what is the exact price for esea in europe? its $6.95 in USA which is like 5.09 euros
2013-02-03 17:11
it's the same price in EU, just converter to local currency, about £4 here.
2013-02-04 13:26
Does World of Warcraft, League of Legends or Dota blow your mind? You're paying for an additional, high quality service. You're not paying for the same thing that comes with the game.
2013-02-04 13:27
5 euros a month for a good product isn't anything unless you are 12 years old.
2013-02-04 14:01
Do you have a CSGO team? If so, do you pay for your own server? How about mumble? These things come with ESEA. If you actually do a cost analysis, you end up saving money playing ESEA instead of paying for your own server/mumble.
2013-02-04 16:07
Nope, don't have any of those.
2013-02-04 16:30
Asia server plzzzzxzzzz
2013-02-03 17:47
2013-02-03 18:04
Belarus ALBiNh0 
esea premium plz
2013-02-03 18:39
0DBC25F9EE64FC037DA338E76B17C1B3 8E3712BAC13C55DEFF1CB143D6253826 3FDECC0CAA4C04598F731897129368F6 84BEE749215BAD1328160D33C58D21C2 874EB7818B405D32B54330298795B09E
2013-02-03 21:24
somene have 1 month code ? if someone have plz give one on LS
2013-02-03 21:37
how about asia :( i want to try too :( maybe i need buy a vpn to play in esea
2013-02-04 02:25
without asian servers you would be on 400 ping?
2013-02-05 00:45
hahahahaa, american server 160-180 ping i think it is posiible to play in csgo with 160 ping, but 1.6 not .
2013-02-05 03:13
2013-02-04 03:08
i got it! thanks!
2013-02-04 04:10
Saucers having a ball there
2013-02-04 07:51
EU has four 1.6 servers and one source server?
2013-02-04 13:25
I wish ESEA had something opened for CS1.6 at least in Baltic + Nordic countries
2013-02-04 11:01
there are 1.6 London and Paris servers.
2013-02-04 13:26
Nice info but i was expecting some league or cup:)
2013-02-04 22:01
they made a league with $3k prize pool for 1.6, two teams signed up compared to over 70 for GO.
2013-02-05 00:45
1 code for me pls PM me?
2013-02-04 12:57
1 week code: F88387B637E5B124E9C8581275F3792A
2013-02-04 15:17
World sibz 
we want cs 1.6 on esea
2013-02-04 15:49
it's already there.
2013-02-05 00:45
This upcoming global ESEA lan will be really huge for the scene. I think it'll be the first time a European CS team competed on American soil since the CPL right? Damn it's been a while.
2013-02-04 16:05
Other ohai 
there was arbalet dallas that had a lot of euro teams. also what was the one, in nyc i think, where mousesports played with nixon as a sub
2013-02-04 20:24
2013-02-05 00:17
whoops, yep, thanks
2013-02-05 05:34
eh...i guess im unlucky....none of the codes are valid now :((...of anyone has it, please PM me :)
2013-02-04 20:43
Zeus | 
Russia cann0n 
lurppis come to North America servers )
2013-02-05 07:24
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