oskar joins ex-nEophyte

February 5th, 2013 21:38

Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný has confirmed to HLTV.org that he has linked up with the former nEophyte CS:GO team, currently known as HLA`Vi.

The Czech player had been without a team after quitting myDGB.net at the end of December after his teammates complained about the amount of time he devoted to playing Dota 2.

Šťastný is now back in action with the former nEophyte squad, who lost the MCR 2012 trophy to the team now known as 3DMAX after a keenly-contested final.

The former 1.6 ace, who will replace Josef "pep1k" Božek, stressed that he is fully committed to this new challenge and stated his belief that HLA`Vi have the potential to beat 3DMAX.

"This seemed to me like the best option if I wanted to achieve something, and I believe that if we practice hard, we can be better than our rivals from Slovakia,"  Šťastnýtold HLTV.org.

"The reason I left 3DMAX was that it didn't feel right for me. We agreed on something in Prague at AMD Sapphire but the promise was broken, so I decided to leave them."

HLA`Vi are currently on the lookout for an organisation to represent, and interested parties can contact the team at d.klotzmann@gmail.com. The team's lineup is the following:

Czech Republic Michal "Bordel" Weiss
Czech Republic Matouš "pussyhead" Urban
Czech Republic Dominik "KLOCEK" Klotzmann
Czech Republic Lukáš "Luka5" Zeman
Czech Republic Tomáš "oskar" Šťastný

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2013-02-05 21:39
"pussyhead" =DDDD
2013-02-05 21:40
Brazil th3W 
2013-02-05 21:41
That last AWP kill was just awesome.
2013-02-05 21:43
pussyhead xD
2013-02-05 21:44
Slovakia xarc 
2013-02-05 21:45
2013-02-05 21:59
Matouš "pussyhead" Urban ahahahaha bro.. epic XD
2013-02-05 21:45
Didn't he say he doesn't want to play without salary.
2013-02-05 21:46
He never had salary so I doubt that.
2013-02-05 22:14
I mean why he left mydgb. Like to invest so much time but not getting a salary.
2013-02-05 22:28
Many European teams don't have a salary, who knows.
2013-02-05 22:51
Germany yuki 
Wasn't he kicked out due to too much of playing dota2?
2013-02-06 15:18
Denmark mikyb 
He was, yes.
2013-02-06 18:16
gg myDGB
2013-02-05 21:46
Czech Republic gcko 
gl guys
2013-02-05 21:47
clan jumper
2013-02-05 21:47
wut a nicknames, lulzzzzzz Na`Vi > HLA`Vi !
2013-02-05 21:49
Slovakia ten chester 
2013-02-06 09:05
hahah nick rlz !
2013-02-05 21:52
hla´vi :D
2013-02-05 21:52
HLA`Vi :D :D gl but still i didnt see then do much damage
2013-02-05 21:52
good luck oskar :)
2013-02-05 21:54
Those nicknames lol.. Good luck oskar
2013-02-05 21:55
meeeh oskar wtf go play ur dota 2
2013-02-05 22:00
2013-02-05 22:06
"I believe that if we practice hard"... I really want to see your hard practice..It means now u will play 1 maybe 2 hours/day?
2013-02-05 22:08
STILL BETTER than old myDGB.net
2013-02-05 22:19
still better old myDGB than any spanish team ^_^
2013-02-06 10:09
so? I dont support any Spanish team. I know how low is our level. ^_^ owned.
2013-02-06 11:03
owned ? not much mate
2013-02-06 14:38
Im too bored to see oskar changing team each month...
2013-02-05 22:08
HLA`Vi pussyhead FAN.
2013-02-05 22:14
GL guys, I hope I don't meet you in first rounds anymore...
2013-02-05 22:16
Slovakia ABzV 
They are curently playing a cup on ESL, now they are in semis and they will face FU.sk tommorrow at 18:00 cet esl.eu/czsk/csgo/5on5/pre_a_series/ranki..
2013-02-05 22:32
Slovakia ten chester 
dota2 ?
2013-02-06 09:08
90% of comments about their names
2013-02-05 22:42
really ? :D
2013-02-05 22:49
"We agreed on something in Prague at AMD Sapphire but the promise was broken, so I decided to leave them." -oskar Wonder what it means o_O
2013-02-05 22:56
2013-02-06 11:44
I think I'll cheer for them just for the nicknames.
2013-02-05 23:21
I would expect this news from Striker O.o
2013-02-05 23:55
It should've been initially but MIRAA had no clue so here we are :)
2013-02-06 04:16
Slovakia radeoNko 
3Dmax destroy this mix 4sho
2013-02-06 02:11
fu.sk are going to destroy them tomorrow... this team is like 4 mid-high skilled saucers + oskar.
2013-02-06 05:02
2013-02-06 09:36
:/, ye i know :D
2013-02-07 13:09
lol gl
2013-02-06 09:34
Good luck.
2013-02-06 09:34
2013-02-06 10:39
2013-02-06 12:12
Funny we used Hla´Vi as our clantag in LAN events and Online leagues in Czech Republic. I have no idea what the scene is like in Czech Republic since I stopped following it more than a year ago; but from what I can say it has never been much of an eSports scene. Anyways, GL.
2013-02-06 13:54
yes, something like that.
2013-02-06 14:41
gl pussyhead :D
2013-02-06 14:07
2013-02-06 14:17
guardin is best...
2013-02-06 14:58
gl Bordel & oskar
2013-02-06 16:12
swaping teams like a whore..
2013-02-06 17:28
Slovakia xarc 
2013-02-06 18:13
where is wantyyy? O_O
2013-02-06 18:14
Finland pulu 
well atleast now they can win myDGB.net because of oskar joining.
2013-02-08 16:12
lol pussyhead, what a name..
2013-02-09 02:48
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