ESPC #1 this weekend in Helsinki

February 7th, 2013 15:28

This weekend The Group, ESPC and are hosting the first ESPC Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament together in Helsinki on Saturday.

ESPC has previously hosted many Call of Duty tournaments in Helsinki, with the organizers now moving to CS:GO with their first event at Pelitalo with a prize purse of 1,300€.

The tournament will start with two simultaneous groups consisting of four teams, followed up by a single elimination best-of-three bracket for the top two teams in each group.

While Curse will not be in attendance a total of eight other Finnish teams including FR34KSHOW, with Curse's Timo "reflex" Rintala as a stand-in, as well as Slaava "Twista" Räsänen's new Eternity Gaming squad will compete for the first place prize of 700€.

reflex steps in for FR34KSHOW at ESPC #1

Teams will be allowed to setup at 10:00 on Saturday, followed up by both groups being played with matches starting at 11:00, 12:15 and 13:30.

The semi-finals will kick-off at 16:00 after a lunch break for the teams, followed up by the third place decider and the grand final taking place at 19:00.

Following teams will compete at ESPC #1:

Finland FR34KSHOW Finland Mistral Finland Finland RAIDERS
Finland RCTIC Finland Recursive Finland Paranoia Finland Eternity

On top of the 1,300€ prize purse, which will be shared among the top three teams as follows, hardware prizes will be given out and the MVP will receive a so far unknown prize.

ESPC #1 prize distribution:

1. 700€
2. 400€
3. 200€
4. Hardware

The official stream, which will feature Juha "aNGeldusT" Kurppa as a commentator, will show on our front page under ESPC. will cover the event with hot matches and by hosting GOTV for the matches that aren't streamed. 

Poland tfg 
gl freakshow
2013-02-07 15:30
amazing no curse ?!
2013-02-07 15:33
Finland pulu 
TMVG (finnish team won them 2-1 in maps at qualification) but curse was using name curse(remix) because of different lineup TMVG:jOELZ, shaker, dRiim, allu, ScurK, suNny, Wazakhaq curse(remix):(natu, reflex, naSu, aslak, CISU) and tmvg was dropped out because of lose to: BX3 (tacky, rod, m1kkis, phnien, moen) // 2-0 in maps. last spot for the tournament is going to be between BX3 (tacky, rod, m1kkis, phnien, moen) and: partyastronauts (Cy, firesenz, rain, vENdetta, nov). both teams are from norway.
2013-02-07 17:22
bulu get your facts right :D those matches where quals to winter assembly
2013-02-07 19:33
2013-02-07 20:00
Finland pulu 
yeah im so tired at the moment sorry about that. i cant anymore edit that text or delete it, but i hope nobody misunderstood.
2013-02-07 20:19
Denmark mikyb 
2013-02-07 15:37
gl eternity
2013-02-07 15:38
Line ups?
2013-02-07 15:39
Finland milA 
HyperX FR34KSHOW (gstus, ociriz, KIPSIk, God, reflex) Team Mistral (juhits, HENKSU, MAUKKiS, SAGGERTON, xseveN) Team (toniii, nyby, depsnine, Munakas, marTyLoOw) RAIDERS (fAlsu, MDL, reVicer, KELLI, xartE) RCTIC eSports (Pahis, Rodetskyi, Luukkis, Malibu, String Emil) eSpuma (luse, JOLLEG, MiiKATS, migu, CARLOS) Paranoia eSports (deksu, VILZU, NOOKIE, petsku, Jesu) Eternity Gaming (Twista, KHRN, SAMITSKY, kononen, nashje)
2013-02-07 15:44
2013-02-07 15:42
Finland gstus 
milA - That's absolutely fantastic to say that I'm that great player... But actually our HyperX FR34KSHOW line-up is gstus, ociriz, KIPSIk, God, reflex! :)
2013-02-07 15:43
Finland milA 
2013-02-07 15:45
You counted me twice... Does that mean that you want me to frag twice as much? :o
2013-02-07 15:47
2013-02-07 17:16
HyperX FR34KSHOW (gstus, ociriz, KIPSIk, God, gstus) ;)
2013-02-07 15:44
Bosnia and Herzegovina IFC 
Let's go Eternity!!!
2013-02-07 15:42
United Kingdom m0o 
no more cake for reflex... BAD reflex! No! Drop it!
2013-02-07 15:44
Azerbaijan Talley 
Stream will be in English or Finnish?
2013-02-07 15:47
Probably finnish - but lets hope they will give it a shot on english :-D
2013-02-07 15:52
Azerbaijan Talley 
Actually its reasonable, because there are only Finnish teams. But yes, lets hope :)
2013-02-07 15:55
Hopefully we get to hear good Finnish Rally English! ;)
2013-02-07 15:55
just leaving this here:
2013-02-07 16:18
Finland milA 
in Finnish.
2013-02-07 16:15
Reason for Curse not attending?
2013-02-07 15:52
it always makes me laugh when i watch skijumping @ tv, and the commentator is introducing players from finland, like hari peka nikola or some other hilarious names :)
2013-02-07 15:59
'hari peka nikola' sounds Japanese to me.
2013-02-07 16:02
the top 3 will be: (not in order) HyperX FR34KSHOW Team Mistral Eternity Gaming Pure guessing :)
2013-02-07 16:31
yeah those three r my guess too, RAIDERS could make their way in to the top3 though
2013-02-07 17:12
gl eternity
2013-02-07 20:39
Hopefully NiP wins!
2013-02-08 14:37
Chile Ganb^ 
recursive lineup?
2013-02-08 17:04
2013-02-09 09:05 stream for some of the matches!
2013-02-09 11:26
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