EPS Poland V Finals information

February 7th, 2013 20:53

The ESL Pro Series Poland Season V is ready to kick off the LAN finals taking place in the ESL studio in Tychy. 8,800 PLN (roughly $2,850) will be up for grabs on Sunday, February 17th for the three best teams among ESC Gaming, MaxFloPlay,  DELTA and SYS-Gaming.

The online group stage saw eight teams battling out for the top4 placing. MaxFloPlay seemed to have little trouble to deal with their contenders except for the four time EPS champions. 

ESC Gaming's results were not as confident as they lost 16-6 to DELTA, which led to a three-way tie between the two and MaxFloPlay following a 6-0-1 score each. Due to round difference, MaxFloPlay took first, ESC second and DELTA third place in the standings.

SYS-Gaming secured themselves the last spot in the LAN finals with three wins, one tie and three losses to teams mentioned above.

Following teams are participating in the EPS Poland V Finals:

Poland MaxFloPlay prv, peet, ngo, Adamsk1, Hyper
Poland ESC Gaming
Neo, kuben, TaZ, Loord, pasha
Poland DELTA dOK, Divinity, drive, ths, sonamed
Poland SYS-GAMING USZLUSiON, adbul, galbaroo, mhl, sylvo

While the online group stage was already finished in early December, no further information on the exact date of the LAN finals was released up until yesterday. The whole tournament will be played in a best of three single elimination format following this schedule:

Sunday, February 17th:

11:00 Poland MaxFloPlay vs Poland SYS-Gaming
13:30 Poland ESC vs Poland DELTA
16:00 3rd place decider
18:30 Grand Final

11:00 MaxFloPlaY vs SYS-Gaming
13:30 ESC vs DELTA
16:00 3rd place decider
18:30 The Grand Final

These prizes will be up for grabs for the top three contenders:

1. 5,000 PLN (~$1,620)
2. 2,500 PLN (~$810)
3. 1,300 PLN (~$420)

You will be able to follow the event right here at HLTV.org in our hot matches and streams section, where Polish ESL TV will show up as it is going to cover the ESL Pro Series Poland Season V Finals.

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Sweden Lidda 
easy money for esc
2013-02-07 20:54
esc all the waYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-02-07 20:55
United States criimson 
2013-02-07 20:55
like in 1.6 other teams in poland dont have chance :D
2013-02-07 20:57
yeah poland seems so bad in this question. in every other countries there are some good NEW teams, but not in poland. but wait for this tournament, maybe we will see new talents.
2013-02-07 21:20
China Specster 
In Poland there are new good teams, the problem is that ESC is just too much for them, ESC is always on top world class, so teams has really low chances to get there
2013-02-07 21:50
Poland Marcines 
esc is just too strong..
2013-02-07 23:15
Poland tfg 
I will tell you one thing, polish cs scene is like one big family. From league admins to players, its fucking corrupted, or how to call it? If you are against them, you dont have a chance to play in good/famous team, you can be better than forest, but they will succesfully fuck you up :) HERE NEW TEAMS HAVE NO CHANCE TO PLAY IN EPS/EAS, etc, if admins will notice that you are good, they will ban you, they will find reason to ban you forever, and your messages to europe section will be redirected by polish admins, so no chance to contact some main admin :D Im generaly speaking about esl now, but esl = eps, eas, and without esl you cant really train oh, and still, if you will play good, and they wont be able to stop you even with banning esl, except ddos attacks :D really, im not kiddin or trolling at all
2013-02-08 08:57
I have to agree with you. SYS is like top10 team in our country but they are still playing on the finals. Nice joke =DDD
2013-02-08 13:58
Does it mean that the other 4 teams under SYS are lower than top10? Who should be in the Polish EPS instead of them? :)
2013-02-08 15:55
ALSEN maybe, they put a good fight with ex-myDGB guys
2013-02-08 16:43
my team for example
2013-02-08 16:43
Weren't there qualifiers for the EPS? Only ESC was invited right? The rest had to get there somehow
2013-02-08 17:18
yes but unfortunately ive played on my old pc :) you can see me on the next season
2013-02-08 18:04
yeah, especially when one of your teammates is banned at esl =) you said that you didnt qualified for eps, because of your old pc, but u werent the only player in your team. you are just jealous because you still playin eas btw. give me list of top10 in poland and prove it by official matches links then i will believe you
2013-02-08 18:30
still playing eas? who are you? ive played last season hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=10160 and my teammate was wrongly accused so who care
2013-02-08 20:48
are we talking about cs 1.6 or cs:go? :O EVERYONE WHOS GOT BANNED WAS WRONGLY ACCUSED, and everyone whos went to jail is innocent
2013-02-08 22:33
there is a diffrence between? maybe you should watch his demo firstly then flaming
2013-02-08 23:02
im not esl admin so i dont must watching demos btw. im still waiting for your top10 teams in poland list and proves for that
2013-02-08 23:46
maybe not top10 but 6-8 :)
2013-02-08 23:49
so give me list of top 6-8 and proves that
2013-02-09 00:35
first write your realnick
2013-02-09 00:51
If you have any actual evidence about real cases, please have the people affected open a support ticket at esl.eu/eu/complaints
2013-02-08 14:53
Poland have always been shit at source :D
2013-02-07 21:58
no one talking about source -.-
2013-02-07 22:00
Should b easy for esc but they have not been stronk since new update
2013-02-07 21:00
Go go biceps
2013-02-07 21:01
Poland maxiu 
dOk, BEn ? wtf ;o ?
2013-02-07 21:02
i didnt remember when i saw delta in game last time -,-
2013-02-07 21:44
My birthda date :D Yeah it's the most important on 17/2
2013-02-07 23:11
do insider and destru play go?
2013-02-08 02:23
no insider playing promod and mix in cs 1.6 i know becouse i played with him 2 days ago
2013-02-08 03:44
Poland maxiu 
wow fap fap ?
2013-02-08 08:12
kid ?
2013-02-08 12:24
Poland maxiu 
haha nope ?
2013-02-08 12:46
insider plays CS: GO also, however not on competitive level
2013-02-08 06:58
Poland sz0u 
Yes, Destru playing for US, but this team is not completed yet.
2013-02-08 09:25
2013-02-08 10:22
ezzy esc
2013-02-08 13:03
2013-02-08 16:40
yyyy, who is Egypt?
2013-02-09 12:24
2013-02-09 15:45
MaxFlo Easy
2013-02-08 20:39
2013-02-08 20:56
ESC blindfolded.
2013-02-13 14:02
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