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February 7th, 2013 17:02

A great action from Richard "shox" Papillon in the lower bracket final against He kills four in the second pistol round of the match with the Glock.

Papillon was rushing A through the apartments, he jumped down to hide in the bombsite A and was waiting for his enemies to come. After he killed the first player, he was left in one versus three situation and managed to take it into his hands by eliminating all of his enemies and providing some unbelievable shots on them. Check out this amazing action below.

Highlight info

Player: France Richard "shox" Papillon
Match: France Imaginary vs France
Final result: 16:9
Map: de_inferno_se
Event: EPSILAN 10
Stage: Lower Bracket Final
Weapons: Glock
Action situation: 1st round of the 2nd half / 1vs3 after the 1st kill

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2013-02-07 17:06
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
2013-02-07 17:06
ok i really needed that slowmo to see what happened there.. n1 shox
2013-02-07 17:07
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
ye slowmode was really needed :D
2013-02-07 17:07
Finland FRGVN 
sick last 2 shots!
2013-02-07 17:07
World Kobs 
nice one shox, he made lot of amazing action at this lan..i think he is best player from france right now
2013-02-07 17:10
Imo he has been the best player from France for a long time now. In CSS he was an absolute beast, when he was in VG for example I dont think they lost any games at all, he has always been the only player, at least for me, where both really calm and intelligent player plus ridiculous aim and reflexes are combined. His clutch play is uniquely good only rivaled by the likes of GTR and Xizt and he is the one I'd always count to make the big frags when needed. When he wasn't playing for VG in CSS, he could always just make a team with seemingly any decent bunch of players and still become so good that they are considered to be a threat in every match they play. I know he and VG, especially Ex6TenZ have had bad relations for some time but regardless it is a huge waste to see him playing for any other than the very best team in France. He should definitely be picked up by VG, this isn't even because VG lost last night against Shox is just too good to play for any other team but the best available.
2013-02-07 17:39
That won't happen.
2013-02-07 18:10
shoxie would be a better pick for vg than scream..but its ok
2013-02-07 19:01
World Kobs 
imaginary have good potential if they train hard ,when j3r will be back to his 1,6 level and with some training they can beat vg imo if sixer could join them.. mshz is good but he has never been on sixer lvl . shox and sixer in same team.. french all star
2013-02-07 19:50
cool story saucer from source
2013-02-09 00:58
VG shox ?!
2013-02-07 17:26
never. Ex6TenZ and shox are not really friends...
2013-02-07 17:38
-ex6 -nbk +shox +krl
2013-02-07 18:17
so? Ex5TenZ is pretty noob in CS:GO its less tactical then source (you can simply turn away from a flashbang to not get flashed.. not like in source where it flashes u no matter what) so his strategies are not as effective..
2013-02-07 18:24
ye his strats arent effective because you can turn from flashes..not about rotations or being outaimed
2013-02-08 06:34
lol source strats were shit..
2013-02-08 15:53
exshitstensz was never good in source either
2013-02-09 07:55
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Obv x would be the first pick to be dropped for shox, so no problem there
2013-02-07 18:52
In matter of skill shox>ex6 , so he would be a good replacement i think . Ex6 is a good igl , but carn was too in fnatic and xizt replaced him very well . But yeah , i know that those VG guys are good friends in real life so it wouldn't be easy to make that move .
2013-02-07 21:39
France Skw4ll 
If shox isn't VG anymore, this is because Ex6TenZ have an outsize ego...
2013-02-08 05:47
xizt was a good igl when cs 1.6 was dying..and when no1 was anti strating no1 :P,he was IGL beacuse he just simply made some basic calls because he was the guy that spent more time with carn and therefore the guy that had some more knowledge of how to do that
2013-02-08 06:35
He is the IGL of NiP now too . And he is much better than Ex6 (skill) so even with "normal" tactics they own and own . PS: nothing against Ex6 or VG , I want them to beat NiP , I'm just bored of this "supremacy" :)
2013-02-08 12:11
isn't fiffy the IGL? he was at least. have they changed it?
2013-02-08 16:10
As I know Xizt is the IGL , not sure .
2013-02-08 18:44
Xizt is.
2013-02-08 20:11
Not bad!
2013-02-07 17:27
Belgium nGLL 
not bad at all
2013-02-07 17:34
dat last hs :D nice
2013-02-07 17:37
Glock these days is really hard to master
2013-02-07 17:38
bs, it's the easiest gun of all.
2013-02-07 18:19
Pakistan hayZ 
2013-02-07 20:24
Czech Republic KB24 
2013-02-07 20:26
u still have to aim at their heads
2013-02-08 06:36
for one shot.
2013-02-08 09:59
-ex6tenz + KRL -smithzz + shox
2013-02-07 17:38
That would be extremely sick move imo. Its a shame that it wont happen because both Krl & shox have some grief between the VG management and them and Ex6TenZ has been the captain of VERYGAMEs for so long that no one else as solid position in the organization as him.
2013-02-07 17:41
Well then they could just leave VG and join a org like SK?... VG isn't a "top" org so to say they could do better..
2013-02-07 18:25
Finding a stable team isnt easy these days, i think they should stay where they know its safe and they wont get screwed. We all know of SKs alleged shady business practices in the past.
2013-02-07 18:57
I dont know about that, I'd say that VG is definitely a top org. They have salaries (pretty good ones as well from what ive heard) and they get full sponsored to all the events they wish to attend. They also have a great manager and the organizational structure seems pretty legit.
2013-02-07 19:33
VG is definitely a top org.
2013-02-07 20:17
VG not a top org? lol
2013-02-08 20:12
2013-02-07 18:51
shox kennyS ScreaM NBK Ex6TenZ/KRL
2013-02-07 17:41
keep ex6tenz, and you have the best line up in France
2013-02-07 18:07
France Skw4ll 
Ex6TenZ ScreaM RpK SmithZz shox Best team ever.
2013-02-08 05:48
krL is good in CS:GO? didnt see he play yet
2013-02-07 17:55
He has just started playing with his team, but i don´t thing he is top notch yet. That´s what i´ve been told atleast.
2013-02-07 23:37
DAMN! this is outstanding
2013-02-07 18:05
United Kingdom Oxna 
neo style
2013-02-07 18:05
CS:GO skill is improving and movies are getting better and more spectacular
2013-02-07 18:07
OP glock
2013-02-07 18:22
we need a clip of MaT's 1on5 pistol in mirage against imG :D
2013-02-07 18:25
2013-02-07 18:52
There is such a lack of energy in everyone of your clips kab :(
2013-02-07 19:03
Nice, you need to make a video about MaT 1v5 kab.
2013-02-07 19:26
lol, n1
2013-02-07 19:28
World Kobs 
check the epsilan 10 movie ,lot of actions
2013-02-07 19:55
2013-02-07 20:12
World Kobs 
on youtube epsilan 10 best moment
2013-02-07 20:16
2013-02-07 20:22
shoxie ScreaM RpK KennyS NBK
2013-02-07 20:12
Spain Greece Italy Portugal Ireland You always need a guy from somewhere else. Plz oh leaders show us the way!
2013-02-07 20:49
IMO EX6tenz replaces NBK, because they also need a tactical leader:) but the other for it is just insane and AMAZING PURE SKILL ScreaM>GTR=RpK>f0rest=Shoxie>FRIBERG/FIFFLAREN (JUST MY OPINION)
2013-02-08 09:30
2013-02-07 20:55
Sweden ntn 
Rocky Balboas new opponent Tommy Lee!
2013-02-08 10:02
If Ex6tenz were as good as shox... VG > NiP
2013-02-08 10:18
This is so sick dude!
2013-02-08 16:47
dafaq !! sick, n1 shox
2013-02-08 16:51
Ex6 strats do not work on NiP because they rely too much on flashes/smokes and not enough on their individual skill. If only VG would cut Ex6 and pick up Shox, let Smithz call on his own or somehow get RpK to come back and take over for Smithz, they would be able to beat NiP.
2013-02-08 17:36
World Kobs 
france many new talents in term of raw skill.. i would not be surprised if in few months they have 4 or 5 competitive teams, then by swaping players they should be able to make one great team
2013-02-09 00:51
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