NiP win fnatic FragOut league

NiP has added another win to their ever growing resume by defeating 2-0 (16-12 de_train_se, 16-6 de_inferno_se) to win fnatic FragOut league.

After two weeks of continuous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive action in fnatic's new league, Ninjas in Pyjamas have once again been crowned champions, followed up by and VeryGames on the podium. surprised many on Wednesday as they took down VeryGames 2-0 in the first semi school. The second game didn't prove to be as surprising, with NiP taking Anexis to school for a quick 2-0 win.

NiP rack up yet another win 

Third place decider saw Anexis get demolished by VeryGames' terrorist side of de_nuke_se, where they scored fourteen rounds. Overall the Danes managed just thirteen rounds in two maps, falling short 0-2.

NiP started the grand final by trailing 5-10 after the terrorist side of de_train_se, but quickly picked their game up by tying the match at twelve before running away for a 16-12 win.

Second map de_inferno_se was a much more one-sided affair as the Swedes scored nine rounds on the offensive side of the map, and then quickly put together seven rounds as counter-terrorists to win 16-6.

10th February 2013
 NiP K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' JohanssonFifflaren 37 - 22 +15 - 1.30
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Fribergfriberg 42 - 33 +9 - 1.23
Sweden Richard 'Xizt' LandströmXizt 39 - 28 +11 - 1.22
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindbergf0rest 40 - 28 +12 - 1.18
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' AlesundGeT_RiGhT 38 - 29 +9 - 1.15 K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' KarasiowANGE1 43 - 42 +1 - 1.17
Russia Mihail 'Dosia' StolyarovDosia 32 - 39 -7 - 0.89
Kazakhstan Dauren 'AdreN' KystaubayevAdreN 25 - 38 -13 - 0.66
Russia Sergey 'Fox' StolyarovFox 23 - 39 -16 - 0.61
Russia Emil 'kUcheR' AkhundovkUcheR 17 - 39 -22 - 0.51

fnatic FragOut league final standings:

1. Sweden NiP - $1,500
2. Russia - $750
3. France VeryGames - $500
4. Denmark Anexis

This rounds up our coverage of fnatic FragOut league here on For full stats of the event, click here. We will be announcing the winners of our Dreamteam competition shortly.

early enough :D
2013-02-11 06:44
Expected VP to defeat NiP on train. Anyways, GJ.
2013-02-11 06:47
why's that? I never personally noticed VP strong on train but then again I'm a nub. :L
2013-02-11 18:49
2013-02-11 06:50
superb play by ANGEL1
2013-02-11 06:52
ANGE1's Mag7 was on fire! Nice to see Fifflaren at the top of the stats. As much as stats don't matter in CS games, the forum goers seem to think it does :)
2013-02-11 06:58
Fifflaren on top :) good for him :) gj VP you prove yourself
2013-02-11 07:03
expected Nip gj VP soso VG
2013-02-11 07:05
Dunno why fifflaren never gets any credit, hes probably one of if not the best ct player on their team
2013-02-11 07:11
Korea ws0 
f0rest is the best CT player in the whole CS community.
2013-02-11 07:31
Just remember its not always about frags.
2013-02-11 10:13
well. most of the time f0rest makes lets say 25 frags and fifflaren makes 5-10 yesterday was exception how can 5 frags be better then 25?
2013-02-11 10:49
This is why you will never be any good at any form of gaming, you just look at stats and say "omg forest killed 25 people therefore hes the best". Im not disputing the fact that forest is a better or worse player than fifflaren, i simply said that fifflaren was one of the better ct players on the team. He usually Solo holds a spot on the map and its the flashes he throws and smoke and nades that gets forest some of his frags, so whilst he may not be putting up the same numbers at forest, his contribution to thier CT success is just as equal as forests.
2013-02-11 11:24
thats just not true... stats matter, especially if they come from important entry frags on T side that we often see from f0rest
2013-02-11 12:50
It is true, stats mean fuck all. Team-leaders and support players consistently put up less frags than the teams mad fraggers, GeT_RiGhT is basically the teams bait player who back-stabs and catches a lot of frags. Many players fit this role, no one is doubting get_rights aim is incredible, but it doesn't make him anymore important than the player hes baiting to get those frags. You need to be provided an environment where you trust your teammates enough to only focus on your one job, this team has that solidarity and confidence in each other, thats all that matters.
2013-02-11 13:06
i never said that fifflaren isnt doing an important job for his team, and yes get_right gets most of his frags while cleaning up after forest and the rest of his team, but hes also sick in 1vsX situations so im sure thats the reason why he has that role .Im sure if any team could choose to have a player from NiP on their own team, most would still choose f0rest or gtr, they just make more of an impact than the rest
2013-02-11 13:25
Sigh i wish if people could actually open their brains and see CS as an actual team game with certain roles, even people in India don't understand the concept of roles and the importance of roles. Well said!
2013-02-11 15:11
Germany Dok1 
5-10 frags? Show me a match like that pls...
2013-02-11 15:37
2013-02-14 04:04
just because he is the top scorer in one match,that doesnt make him any better than his teammates but fiff > other teams
2013-02-11 07:44
Why dont you take a look at the CT stas of NiP before you open your mouth :)
2013-02-11 10:13
you were born yesterday???
2013-02-11 12:57
because we remember face ... fifflaren does not defend half as good as face.
2013-02-11 07:49
he plays the exact same role face did and he does it just as good as he did.
2013-02-11 10:13
Simply not
2013-02-11 17:10
Face wasnt an AWPer? 0_0 If you mean support role in general id say friberg would be more comparable and in CSGO friberg is probably the best at it.
2013-02-11 23:39
Where is the dreamteam update ?????????
2013-02-11 07:11
haha gj guys
2013-02-11 07:59
I'm astonished congrats nip.
2013-02-11 08:04
f0rest head shooting like a boss :D
2013-02-11 08:07
cyx | 
Russia Juse 
kucher low
2013-02-11 08:08
two saucers leading the rating in nip? wtf am i seeing?
2013-02-11 08:13
it's on one match, and yes, css players can be skilled, remember that some of the css players come from 1.6 aswell.
2013-02-11 11:07
hehe, i was just kidding, its good to see fifflaren in good shape. It just made things more harder for other teams now. Fifflaren must be boosted a lot by his performance in this match so nip still looking strong and their winning run could last even longer now.
2013-02-11 21:00
What a surprise.
2013-02-11 08:27
cs: go, the reality is, there is only one team, boring game ... back cs 1.6 obs: google tradutor, sorry.
2013-02-11 08:33
kucher had some bad games :( fifflaren had some good aggressive awp rounds.. hopefully we see more of this
2013-02-11 08:37
NiP win (put the next tournament name here)
2013-02-11 09:37
print "Nip win" $tournmentName ;
2013-02-11 09:41
it wasn't f0rest's day :( congratulation NiP wp fiff
2013-02-11 09:40
2013-02-11 09:43
Fuck this.. I hadn't watched the match yet and I was gonna watch today without knowing the result. Why am I so dumb that I came to knowin' i'd see it :D
2013-02-11 09:48
I believe there is a way to hide spoilers but i forget how.
2013-02-11 23:40
well done NiP and fifflaren :) also ANGE1 !
2013-02-11 10:22
ANGE1 has been mixing with Xizt and Friberg recently, he's been pretty awesome in those.
2013-02-11 12:09
The larger problem lies in with this current inferno map. Its extra easy for a team with NiP's (still) superior individual skill calibre to just storm and random rush as CT especially at inferno_se. Most rounds It looks like a freaking public game. T's just got ripped apart back the ze stoneage. You dont see this as equally often on mirage for example wich is built more like with 1.6/CS:S measures. NiP have oftenly struggled more at mirage bcuz its not just a matter of those multiple steamrolling orgies and mega lockdowns in ultra narrow passages. someone else here also would like to see this instead ?..
2013-02-11 10:26
KARAS KRASAV4IK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2013-02-11 10:41
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
"with NiP taking Anexis to school for a quick 2-0 win." Should be Virtus Pro.
2013-02-11 10:47
thats the semis they mentioned not the finals, verygames vp being the first semi school and 2nd being nip vs anexis
2013-02-11 11:43
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Ah nvm then me being st00pid :(
2013-02-11 11:44
NO DT update?????
2013-02-11 11:12
Fifflaren surprise! :D
2013-02-11 11:14
ANGE1 is still a beast.
2013-02-11 11:42
+1 kill/death BEAST
2013-02-11 15:18
VP line up has the most insane aim i ve ever seen in csgo. Tho they seem to be too offensive. Which works against 95% of the teams. Obv NIP are on another level atm, imo because of the way Xizt reacts very fast to the opponents tacts.
2013-02-11 12:30
Nah it's because they have insane CT side in all maps. Can't remember seing them taking more than 3 rounds. It's easiest when you win your CT side 15-0, 14-1, 13-2 or 12-3...
2013-02-11 12:43
Can't wait to see how VP play on LAN though, with normal pings for the five of them
2013-02-11 13:37
Spain b1sS 
Patrik 'f0rest' Lindberg 75%HS LOOOOOOOL
2013-02-11 13:03
World breezy0 
2013-02-11 13:18
Brazil th3W 
2013-02-11 13:35
it is not surprise
2013-02-11 13:44
i think this would be perfect time for nip to drop fiff amirite
2013-02-11 13:51
nah fifflaren did great, i was like wtf when he made his reflex shot with awp on train (A bombsite)
2013-02-11 13:53
Portugal mfxd 
Robin 'Fifflaren' Johansson 37-22 +15 21.61 .30 Adam 'friberg' Friberg 42-33 +9 66.71 .23 Saucers carrying the final GG jk :D
2013-02-11 13:55
f0rest HS% 75,0 OMG AMAZING
2013-02-11 14:08
2013-02-11 14:10
No surprise, and the game was bad and boring
2013-02-11 14:25
75%hsp that's gross.
2013-02-11 14:46
thats insane
2013-02-11 22:20
2013-02-11 14:47
fox 8% hs lol strong
2013-02-11 14:52
awpers' hs% is always low, look at fifflaren's
2013-02-11 15:04
2013-02-11 17:13
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
lol NiP players so equal and consistent...
2013-02-11 15:07
Bulgaria SHISHETu 
2easy4NiP , cuz they'r unstoppable!
2013-02-11 15:27
super easy
2013-02-11 15:34
75% hs :S
2013-02-11 16:30
Lmao right? Friberg 2 strong
2013-02-11 18:55
f0rest who?
2013-02-11 20:39
counter strikre professional tournament scene has never been so boring....yes some matches are exciting bul overall there is not much to follow like the rivalries there used to be in cs
2013-02-11 16:57
gj guys :D
2013-02-11 17:05
opop fifflaren ;D
2013-02-11 17:59
now vp is 2nd best in world right :D
2013-02-11 18:02
the awkward moment when GTR and f0rest are the bottom 2 players stat-wise!
2013-02-11 18:22
woooooooooow, surprise
2013-02-11 18:40
2013-02-11 18:54
Fifflaren coming up big when NiP really needed it on train. well done
2013-02-11 18:54
fiflarien MVP! great comeback from NiP ontrain.. i thought VP would take it! GG
2013-02-11 18:55
2013-02-11 19:16
Fifflaren leading the way.... gj dude. I'd be looking at the people who said to replace them and say this: hahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! NiP are too strong at the moment, however the next two LAN tournaments should be interesting enough.
2013-02-11 20:29
NiP win .. how unexpectedly o.O !!
2013-02-11 20:56
ton | 
Brazil FavelaJz 
It's getting boring watching championship CS:GO, NIP wins all championships...come back 1.6 mothafuckas, GO SUCKS
2013-02-11 21:02
hi guys dosia and fox brothers ?
2013-02-11 21:28
suprised, you can never know who will win on this game..
2013-02-12 00:43
2013-02-12 03:08
NiP, go to retiring your career, you killing of the game edit: so boring to watch how NiP won again, you are will be first ever :D
2013-02-12 03:07
waiting for NA`VI!
2013-02-12 07:43
what a suprise -_- n1
2013-02-12 21:59
2013-02-13 00:57
I'm surprised.
2013-02-13 01:14
2013-02-13 08:06
2013-02-13 14:00
f0rest is fat.
2013-02-13 17:07
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