EIZO QPAD eSports fever announced

February 12th, 2013 12:59

EIZO have in co-operation with QPAD and Allplay.pl announced EIZO QPAD eSports Fever, a new Polish online league which will have its first LAN finals in Warsaw, Poland on March 9-10.

The tournament will begin with 32 participants divided into eight groups of four teams, with two per group advancing to the second group stage, also held online.

pasha & co will attempt to keep the throne against their domestic competition

Second group stage will not give teams a second chance as the winner of each of the four groups consisting of four teams each will advance to the finals, also sponsored by XNote and mophie.

With a participant list including the likes of ESC Gaming, Drunken Globus, ALSEN and MaxFloPlay, all the best Polish teams are expected to be fighting for the prizes listed below.

EIZO QPAD eSports Fever prizes:

1. 5x EIZO Foris FS2333
2. 5x QPAD MK-85
3. 5x QPAD QH-90

Additionally, various sponsors have added smaller prizes to be given for the top three finishers. EIZO QPAD eSports Fever finals will take place in Warsaw on March 9-10.

amazing prizes o0 gl Neo&co
2013-02-12 13:06
Just hardware? Come on, those guys already have cool displays, keyboards etc.
2013-02-12 13:13
Poland joeb 
Sum up total value of this hardware :) for me it's decent
2013-02-12 13:48
1st : 1500€ 2nd : 750€ 3rd : 500€ 2750€, that's quite nice for a 1 country only league. :D
2013-02-12 14:07
fosho descent prize
2013-02-12 14:31
Still pro players already have nice hardware, it's useless. Especially considering LAN finals. Top 4 will need to travel to have a chance to fight for this shit. Ridiculous.
2013-02-12 15:23
To this shit? They'll obviously sell this = 1500 euro for them.
2013-02-12 15:50
Poland Marcines 
omg, they sell this..
2013-02-12 16:19
csgo alive omg huge prizes
2013-02-12 13:14
Portugal muni 
Online Competition
2013-02-12 15:18
Actually not fully online, read once more.
2013-02-12 15:25
Portugal muni 
and? still an online tournament so cant have so many huges prizes
2013-02-12 16:11
Come on. Top four will need to spend their money on travel to LAN finals.
2013-02-12 16:17
Portugal muni 
team Sponsors Pay O.o :p
2013-02-12 17:37
Poland seeez 
lol'd prizes
2013-02-12 13:15
2013-02-12 13:18
Online.. Could be tough for ESC.
2013-02-12 13:28
EIZO Foris FS2333 = 1300 zl x 5 its 6500 zl so for Poles its rly. rly much so stfu...
2013-02-12 13:54
32 teams , 8 groups with 4 teams and that 2 teams best in group ( 16 ) should be on LAN ... France can do big LAN Epsilan but Poland only for 4 teams ...
2013-02-12 14:09
2013-02-12 17:01
wow dem prizes
2013-02-12 14:01
for polish people this are nice prizes not everyone gets 5000euro/month for basic job just like you in Netherlands/Western Europe
2013-02-12 14:04
He can dream about 5000 euro/month :)
2013-02-12 14:10
I'm younger than you but still much more mature, u fucking unemployed 24 years old guy with brain of 9 years old kid
2013-02-12 16:00
Hahah 5k/month is really decent even in NL :P Average income was ~€35.000 a year for people with jobs :)
2013-02-12 14:19
prizes are better than prizes in this fnatic (fragout?) league, so stop trolling kid.
2013-02-12 14:12
2013-02-12 17:02
EIZO QPAD eSports fever - 4,400 $ Fnatic fragout league - 2,750 $
2013-02-12 17:05
and what ? fnatic fragout prizes was ridiculous, and eizo qpad prizes will be ridiculous too... oh wait... for CSGO thoses prizes is more than what the game deserves, so its ok !
2013-02-12 17:09
That monitor is around 350€, not bad prizes at all.
2013-02-12 14:04
You gotta remember that eizo is a top notch manufacturer, unlike Acer for example. Those prizes arent bad at all for an online tournament.
2013-02-12 14:16
Poland k4f 
It's not LOL, so prizes are not bad :D
2013-02-12 14:20
1.6 prizes were bigger even than LoL's
2013-02-12 14:23
looool. I'm sure 1.6 had $5mill dished out in one year.......
2013-02-12 14:34
whine more sauce
2013-02-12 15:19
hes not whining, its a fact.
2013-02-12 17:09
Wasn't whining. Merely stating that LoL has had much much bigger prize pots than 1.6 ever had in it's time. Something which has just proved your statement completely wrong.
2013-02-12 17:17
oh yeah, its csgo, worse than lol
2013-02-12 17:14
lurppis edit the prices lie this: 1. 5x EIZO Foris FS2333 (~1500€) 2. 5x QPAD MK-85 (~750€) 3. 5x QPAD QH-90 (~500€) because ppl becoming mad, the are still not bad prices for a country online-LAN tourney.. and change Drunken Globus for DELTA, they are still there ;)
2013-02-12 14:20
5x EIZO Foris FS2333 (~1500€) LOOOOOL its cost in Poland 1300zl so it is ~330 euro NOT 1500
2013-02-12 15:44
330 x 5 = ... u will not be math teacher for sure
2013-02-12 15:45
Iceland bist 
2013-02-12 15:47
he said 5x eizo but hahahha
2013-02-12 16:33
I didnt saw tha 5x at beginning :)
2013-02-12 17:11
because u're dumb
2013-02-12 17:27
Iceland bist 
matma sie klania lamusie
2013-02-21 15:50
and 5x330.... ???
2013-02-12 17:03
alot of teams and poor prize :)
2013-02-12 14:31
Great news for the Polish scene. Seems like it's where it's all at, at the moment :D
2013-02-12 14:35
gz ESC MFP Alsen
2013-02-12 14:49
If you announce this you could also announce that the germans have the 4PL league with 3500€ now too.
2013-02-12 14:52
Well years ago ppl were going on LAN just to win it, and get much Respect. Also prizes were similar to those posted by lurp. What more can i say, ppl in Poland AS YOU ALL KNOW aren as rich as others in Europe/US, so for uknown team its really great to win ANYTHING and become more popular. However its not 2006 anymore . +1 for all play and others for hosting it :) Good to see that someone's taking care of esports in Poland. They're doing their best.
2013-02-12 15:17
2006? It was in cs 1.5 :)
2013-02-12 15:46
LOL, u failed once again
2013-02-12 15:47
przeczytaj ze zrozumieniem post Lesio a potem moja odpowiedz do tego. Wiem kiedy był 1.5 bo sam w niego gralem, takze kto wali faila ? ogarnij
2013-02-12 16:24
pewnie sobie nie poradzisz z tym czytaniem a wiec ci wytlumacze. Kolega Lesio S. pisal ze kiedys w polsce ludzie jezdzili na lana po to zeby zdobyc szacunek nie po kase z nich. I napisal ze juz tych czasow nie ma "2006 rok". A ja napisalem " 2006? To bylo w cs 1.5" ( czyli w czasach csa 1.5 A NIE ZE CS 1.5 byl w 2006 roku ) Tam was w gimnazjum nie ucza czytania ze zrozumieniem?
2013-02-12 16:30
1.6 was released in 2003. 1.5 was long gone by 2006.
2013-02-12 16:00
I know that -_- I played in 1.5 also :) he wrote some years ago in Poland ppl playing at LAN to get much respect not for money. He wrote it was in 2006 I write it was in 1.5 times not "1.5 was in 2006" :)
2013-02-12 16:25
you're an idiot as hell, 1.5 has been forgotten in 2006, you absolutely don't have idea what was going on these times
2013-02-12 17:19
W tym momencie jesCze bardziej mnie uswiadomiles ze w gimnazjum nie ucza czytania ze zrozumieniem. Za moich czasow bylo inaczej. Kurwa mac debilu wiem ze w tym roku csa 1.5 nie bylo chodzi mi ze on jest w bledzie ze te czasy byly w 2006 tylko w czasach csa 1.5. Ogarnij
2013-02-12 23:33
jestes idiota, tyle ci powiem and learn some english asshole :D
2013-02-13 00:36
Hhaha powiedz mi to w twarz. Jestes niedorozwojem ktory do swojego bledu nie potrafi sie przyznac. Ja do swonego sie przyznalem co nie widzialem tej 5x . Ale gimbusy juz takie sa co zrobic. Btw pierdolisz o angielskim, naucz sie francuskiego i niemieckiego ;-) chociaz w stopniu komunikatywnym
2013-02-13 10:06
This prizes are bigger than in Fnatic FragOut, so why are you all so mad?
2013-02-12 15:52
2013-02-12 16:27
waiting for kuben selling prizes
2013-02-12 16:29
actually prizes are: 1. 5x monitor EIZO FORIS FS2333, 5x battery mophie juice pack boost Red. 7500 polish zl ~ 2500$ total 2. 5x a QPAD MK-85, 5x battery mophie juice pack boost Red 3995 pl zl ~ 1300$ total for second place 3. 5x headset QPAD QH-90 Black3305 1995 pl zl ~ 600$ mophie juice pack boost Red in our country about 80-100 $ for one mophie.com/mophie-Juice-Pack-Powerstatio..
2013-02-12 16:35
Don't forget that will be eight editions of the "EIZO QPAD eSport FEVER". That means 8x : 1. 5x monitor EIZO FORIS FS2333, 5x battery mophie juice pack boost Red. 7500 polish zl ~ 2500$ total 2. 5x a QPAD MK-85, 5x battery mophie juice pack boost Red 3995 pl zl ~ 1300$ total for second place 3. 5x headset QPAD QH-90 Black3305 1995 pl zl ~ 600$ Now the total amount is much better.
2013-02-12 17:00
why is eizo btw so unknown? they only have 3k likes on fb
2013-02-12 21:02
expensive i guess, i certainly couldnt afford one..
2013-02-13 00:50
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