ESL vows to clear money backlog

February 12th, 2013 22:51

The Electronic Sports League has issued a statement to reiterate that all outstanding prizes will be paid in the upcoming weeks.

For several years, players and teams from across the esports spectrum have complained about the slowness of the ESL's payment process, as sometimes they have to wait years to receive their winnings.

The Counter-Strike 1.6 and CS:Source communities were no exception, and this situation led to Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko recently admitting that the ESL owed his team approximately $90,000 and VeryGames boycotting the last season of the Major Series.

The ESL has now decided to tackle this situation, and all outstanding prizes should be paid by the end of the month. Below you can find a statement from the organisation:

"Over the last 12 years the ESL has paid out over $12,000,000 in prize money. Historically, there have been issues with some prize money being paid late. We have worked hard to eradicate these issues over the last 18 months and are now working on the final, remaining backlog of overdue prizes. We can announce today that this process will be completed by the end of February and there will be no overdue prize money at that point.
"If you or your team have not been paid prize money by then, please use our ticketing system available here:

"We apologise for any inconvenience you may have gone through during this period.

"We are taking this topic extremely seriously and to address any further concerns our CEO Ralf Reichert will conduct a Reddit AMA about this topic early next week."
Better late than never
2013-02-12 22:53
but better never late
2013-02-13 14:32
B1ad3 | 
Russia @sL4Mtv 
2013-02-12 22:54
Russia qrad 
2013-02-12 22:59
B1ad3 | 
Russia @sL4Mtv 
Too much))))
2013-02-12 23:05
wonder where this new wealthiness comes from.
2013-02-12 22:56
Sweden BIRK 
Drugs, ofc
2013-02-12 22:58
Germany VxO4 
He means the ESL. Pretty sure they got a knew sponsor.
2013-02-12 23:48
columbian drug lords
2013-02-13 01:06
knee sponsor?
2013-02-13 05:02
do you know the sponsor?
2013-02-13 09:43
columbian drug lords
2013-02-13 12:18
2013-02-13 19:30
Scared of ESEA.
2013-02-12 23:51
2013-02-13 01:15
wow 90k
2013-02-12 22:58
What were they waiting for?
2013-02-12 22:59
a reason to pay out with esea moving into eu theyre afraid they'll lose their monopoly
2013-02-13 01:07
2013-02-13 09:37
i think they already lost it
2013-02-13 11:56
ESEA DON FUX AROUND lpkane will own you all as well, its only a matter of time before is just a section in
2013-02-13 14:42
he won the internet, if you're in the loop you'll understand
2013-02-13 14:42
every year same shit.
2013-02-12 23:06
I just hope there won't be a major delay for future transactions, or else we'll be back to square one come 2015. Good on them though, hope they keep on this route.
2013-02-12 23:07
my team is still owed a little 700€...
2013-02-12 23:38
did you open a ticket at ?
2013-02-13 18:13
Go4LoL winners were also complaining today on reddit about ESL not paying the prizes for a couple of months already. ESL has some strong status overall, lets just hope everything runs well and they don't lose it eventually.
2013-02-12 23:41
couple of months of delay is actually very normal everywhere
2013-02-13 11:50
Whether it's normal or not, players were complaining and that doesn't help ESL at all
2013-02-13 23:26
Liars. Big ones.
2013-02-12 23:42
Denmark crZy 
gg dotpixels & esl!
2013-02-12 23:43
Historically LoL has paid big money to get into ESL events. So maybe they renewed their agreement. However, i'd doubt LoL would need to pay anymore since it's the front runner now in Moba audiences.
2013-02-12 23:45
Germany VxO4 
only in moba? not in all genres?
2013-02-12 23:48
At the time, yes i think it was just LoL. It was something like ESL wanted a different game, but LoL paid lots of money to be in it. Not really sure it was a few years ago, and my memory is getting worse. But things have changed, it's now probably the most popular at ESL.
2013-02-13 01:27
Yeah youre right. Heroes of Newerth had secured that spot in ESL but LoL paid an insane amount of money to get in instead of HoN. Fuck Riot Games.
2013-02-13 08:12
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Fuck Riot games because they support their game lol? If CSGO was getting replaced by COD do you think Valve would pay?
2013-02-13 10:35
Finland joona 
i think this haves something to do with Riot/ESL partnering up since Riot has shitloads of cash and they want to make eSports real deal.
2013-02-12 23:46
At least they didn't run away unlike some organizations in the past.
2013-02-13 00:08
shaker | 
Finland shaker- 
gimme my money
2013-02-13 00:32
finally :)
2013-02-13 00:45
They always say that
2013-02-13 01:36
my team still gets 45,000 $
2013-02-13 04:33
China Specster 
2013-02-13 10:45
not so obvious, it has been over 2.5 years now. it's a welcome surprise, I had already given up
2013-02-13 10:46
dat fakeacc
2013-02-13 14:56
This topic actually caused a moderate uproar on r/leagueoflegends yesterday and suddenly ESL releases an announcement about money being paid.
2013-02-13 05:05
a lot of overreacting there. Or they just can't read and think "esl never paid".
2013-02-13 07:05
their earlier announcement about this same thing was months ago its not like this came in "suddenly". just what they said will happen.
2013-02-13 11:53
oxoxo esl what a suprise :O
2013-02-13 07:15
Finland natu 
pics or didnt happen. :D:D
2013-02-13 08:30
2013-02-13 12:43
I don't think so.
2013-02-13 09:14
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Good news!
2013-02-13 10:36
Would be nice to read an article with some information directly from the teams after the end of february.
2013-02-13 12:06
Lately paid-out is crimism and dangerous for all teams, all teams can be splitted in this time. Money must be paid directly but ESL is corrupts! Other organizes much better for example the Assembly from Finland or Solid Pirates, they paid after 1 week or give it direcly in hand by low prices.
2013-02-13 12:46
Pretty sure UK EPS are still waiting... Was only 2010... That 3-6month waiting period sure does feel a long time.
2013-02-13 13:58
Most of EPS UK 4 was paid out last week, with the slow-to-reply people being paid today!
2013-02-13 18:15
2013-02-13 14:21
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