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Hey, welcome to my profile, I am busy getting the site done, so I do not have time to write anything intelligent here, but who knows, maybe someday, I will!
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Map stats removed
The round history will be back later today.
Yea, we are having some network issues.
Context with lineup Stats bugged ?
Yea something is off here, I will take a look.
why does hltv log where I click ?
Just a debug print that was left in.
New Team Update
That they are not substitutes.
New Team Update
Yea, until someone hacks your account and instantly deletes it.
New Team Update
Player roles are very hard to keep up to date, so I doubt it.
New Team Update
New Team Update
New Team Update
Coaches will get two views on their profiles, one for their playing career, and one for their coaching.
New Team Update
We are still making a lot of small changes to the various places we show players, coaches and their teams. This is mainly about start getting the data collected, and it will then properly used around ...
New Team Update
Very soon, the feature was just launched, and our admins will start inputting players and coaches - already reflects how this will work. You can also see zonic ...
Programmers come
You shouldn't print main, that is your function, you likely want to print the result of main, so save that into a variable, and print that: result = main(story,1,5) print(result)
Will be fixed soon.
Ranking Question
They were #32 the 8th, #28 now, because other teams lost points due to losing matches, or decay. You cannot directly compare points week for week as they are scaled with the leaders in the various ca...