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I hope Man U plays decent football and fights but I have a feeling that it will be like the PSG game...
How are your pickems
Day 1 Predictions | Major
Are you high?
Germany need immigrants
I sense a lot of an „afd Wähler“ here. Of course Germany does not need 5 million immigrants from Syria or other countries that have bad education but these people want to live too and not just die in ...
Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
Slaven Belupo (nekad bio ok) Rijeka Osijek Varteks
How is prime mm or faceit rn?
FPS was way lower for me but less hackers
Calm down IMO he seems like a good player but he had 2 games in which he performed well. Wow. Maybe he will keep on performing but you can’t just say the best after 2 games lul
SK excuse?
Cloud9 Faze have a new player to
SS Overrated
Why are all of you mad a „small team“ is doing good. Even if they aren’t on the same level on lan as other teams it is great to have 20 good teams rather then 8
Nah mate. VP are not looking good right now but i do not think ago would beat a top 12 team on stage and VP can upset everyone by winning and sadly by losing
perfect pornstar?
One amazing goal and you guys call him the greatest of all time? Wtf. I know he is one of the best (even tho i don't like him as a player) but you can't say he is the best because of one amazing goal....
What do C9 really need?
FNS has such a high game iq imo But is he going to be good at igling after just a day at C9
SK vs Cloud9
Hope so but hard to believe
What do C9 really need?
Just to clarify it, these are my ideas, opinions I personally think shroud won’t join because he earns way to much money with being a full time streamer and he won’t give that up. I love n0thing an...