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NA explain
They probably did this to like 1000 people and these 15 were the morons but it’s still disappointing
Shittiest developed country in CS:GO
I’d say Italy just cause at least UK has something in Smooya, I’ve never seen an Italian player before though
k1ck vs Unique
Starix just played the greatest game of csgo in his life lol
I’d rather sacrifice them than have them play out the whole round like taco
New QBF roster
I completely forgot spaze was on gambit for like 10 minutes
Bo7 grand final idea
Every team has 1 map they don’t touch, why would I want to watch that team play that map for 45 minutes just to lose 16-2 cause they’re terrible on it
Future of Cloud9
Tarik was the only c9 member with major experience and they ended up winning
Future of Cloud9
I’d pick up Cromen leading up to major over Styko and then after look into signing espiranto
BO5 major grand final
Can’t wait for the majors finals to be 3-0 cause astralis, faze, navi and mouz all get of the same side of the bracket while liquid makes it to the finals as well by default
Forgot to put EZ4ENCE in my explanation
-S1mple +Fns
Cloud9 fans come here
Thank you for taking my mind of the inevitable loss of content creator and online piece of Asian shit and skadaddy, I will now resume my depression
Chiefs vs seadoggs
Does seadoggs actually have a 44 year old playing for them
nrg #9
Usually Cloud9 would at least make it passed the NA qualifier before choking at least
The Future of Cloud9
Considering the most exotic that cloud9 has ever been in Canada, I doubt they would venture into a European lineup unless it’s completely a good deal, if a top 15 team released their lineup then I cou...