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Project Major vs Uzbekistan
Stream for this shit show please
C9 needs to play more online qualifiers
They honestly should get invited to more events just because of the brand, only really G2, Liquid, Fnatic and Faze have brands that can really compare
Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses
Well Gambit, SK and LDLC all don’t have teams so what’s your point
Probably cause he hasn’t won a major despite playing in the playoffs of nearly every major and getting 3 2nd places
NA hope @ worlds
I’d honestly pick liquid and cloud9 to make it through
Has a top 20 team ever been 16-0 by a team with 2 standins?
CS:GO viewership
It was the quarter finals no one cares, cs needs to become more predictable with the best teams so people can see the best in the finals
CS:GO viewership
That’s what happens when these shit teams with no fans make it into the finals, needs the name brands liquid, g2, fnatic, cloud9, faze to make it back
Friendship ended with C9
I’m used to it by now with Sneaky’s headass, go c9
C9 fuckin baiters
They had a tweet saying their roster will mix very well in the future too
What is C9 doing?
They did get clapped too
What is C9 doing?
He literally meant LoL cause they agreed to let one of their Junglers play in place of Sneaky who’s bot lane, it was the night before it happened
Rush for sure needs to go and it’d probably be good if they got rid of Vice as well. Golden is a solid igl but I think you need to pick up daps since he’s local and has shown that he can be pretty eve...
Cs summit 4 commentators
It’s a little annoying that a $150,000 tournament is so laid, I liked their formats better originally where they were disciplined enough to go back to the game a lot but now it does seem like they jus...
Kio will stay until the next major cause c9 will pay him big bucks to stick around in NA until then but afterward he’s probably gone