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i guess your rank
Any role Flip knife marble fade Aw asiimov Olofmeister Faze
5 worst cs scenes and why
But he played in a Aussie team so it doesn’t really count does it? Plus when did a Norwegian team get to the play offs let a lot win a major
5 worst cs scenes and why
Yeah but it doesn’t mean they are shit if you get two good teams from countries with shit WiFi on the other hand what’s uks excuse ? I see so many uni teams and nothing comes out of them
5 worst cs scenes and why
One decent team, 3 time major champion and fuck every team 6 month in a row and I’m not even a fan
5 worst cs scenes and why
Asia:Tyloo mvp pk South America:mibr intz furia Africa: denial I’ll give you Middle East though
Olof respect GOAT
But they stayed in the same team Olof changed 3 teams and still made 14/14 major playoffs
Religion of peace strikes again
Few.....million xD
BnTeT overrated
They were though sgears said in a interview they spoke in French to have more accurate and better comes
Top 3 cities for visit in ur country?
Wtf it would’ve bin better if you said israel but Jerusalem is still called Jerusalem even in the korran
TSM and Red Reserve
That’s just called a second entry
Winstrike vs Tricked
Only 2 players is still from that line up
Top 3 cities for visit in ur country?
Tel Aviv Jerusalem Dead Sea
Cool Gang come here!
😎😎😎😎😎😎 ez
CS GO lounge
Honest Thoughts on G2
If Kenny’s and lucky and shox pop heads especially Kenny’s then they’ll maybe and I mean maybe make it to legends