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13,25eu Valve??
aint buyin it, way too much for so little content rather donate 13,25€ to team trees smh
HenryG caster of the year
deserved, but not surprising seeing how little talented casters we have lately, after henry. Moses easily takes 2nd, Anders been meeh ever since he became a dad and took a break of casting.. Dont even...
VP weird shit
because mouz is even worse?
mouz dont care about winning, they rather get someone who is more popular who can increase the fanbase of mouz
french scene following polish masterscene footsteps how to bring your cs scene to the next level
fnatic is cheating...
sadly this is a teamgame and therefore ''bestplayer'' doesn't mean jackshit looks at s1mple for example.
s1mple never changed
I've worked plenty don't worry, because corrupt systems are trying to hide the truth? and denies things that they have never happend? And try to show us everything is ''good'' on the outside. How do ...
s1mple never changed
you sound like the typical 12 y/o old capitalist who enjoys the corrupt systems, lul
s1mple never changed
who the fuck cares about professionalism, it all matters whats more important, sometimes certain things are more important than ''professionalism''. This time the ref did the right thing, rather than...
nitr0, chrisJ, niko all > karrigan
All i can do is laugh at this point, till they realize something serious has to happen. The moment mouz lost 2-0 vs VP at future sport festival, i knew this team couldn't achieve much. Now the past l...
s1mple never changed
lol what.... you can clearly see this immature kid s0mple raging all the time, but some p1mple fanboy still think he is a good guy and think he ''changed''. smh
nitr0, chrisJ, niko all > karrigan
karrigan is easily one of the most overrated and overhyped igl, yes he can bring some structure to younger players, but thats literally it, if you watch the current mouz games literally 0 T rounds are...
This is why i love flusha easily GOAT in csgo
you sure? doesn't look like it though
RIP Jamppi
good, everyone with a vac ban should NEVER get ever to play on pro stage again no matter if you were 8 y/0 and cheating for fun