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Karrigan=Good IGL
karrigan is a great IGL but his individual performance is very hit and miss, when he gets on a roll mouz will curb stomp their opponents
2-0 in a bo1 is impressive mouz lost on purpose so they had more time to prep for finals its called; tactical mastermind, giving your opponent false hope.
potter worst analyst
G2 will win DH Tours
easy win vs ex-3dmax literally tier 10000000000 team any silver elite team would rekT them, and ghost aint much better with their coach as standin LOL. You seriously got your hopes up after g2 beati...
11-4 12-13
1 bo1 wow so great team W0W - mouz lost on purpose against valiance so they would have a break after the semi finals, it's time you guys uses your brain for once.
Valve will be released
give me anime pls
imo, you will be surprised how epic and good one piece is once you started and get into it. there is a reason one piece is the undisputed #1 in japan both the manga and anime are crazy.
give me anime pls
give me anime pls
Ultimate for sure, hellsing is pretty old, ultimate is the newer version and better edit no you don't ve to watch hellsing , its like naruto vs naruto shippuuden or full metal alchemist vs full metal...
give me anime pls
one piece far better than other big shounens like; fairy tail, naruto, black clover and mha
Username and flag checks out
Need new CPU
he has money to buy a pc, why would he need to get a job if he already has money for it? You only need a job if you need money, if you already have money you don't need a job unless you enjoy being a...
Top 5 awps of all times
hen1 and cerq lol,,,, you crazy? any GE awper is better than those 2 scrubs
Nip solution
best roster move 2k19
overrated player, expected from a thorin fanboy who rates oskar as one of the best players 0/8