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Who will end astralis nuke streak?
They have been the only team that than almost bring it to overtime with them. If faze found themselves like they did at iem sydney they would be able to take down Astrails.
Intel graphic card users
It wont even open for me. I had to reinstall and i have not played it since.
Who will end astralis nuke streak?
I know that they are a broken team and all but I think FaZe will break it. They have been one of the most solid teams that have been able to compete with Astrails. For example, the faceit major. Faze ...
+1 this is so true lmao
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
ezaf faze. navi almost lost to order lul
USA worst state?
From a guy in RI I can tell you that there isn't really a lot crime. Providence has some crime but it isn't really huge crimes for headlines. All of the other states are up north and no one really wan...
Your country's worst decision?
I wasn't trying to justify it. I was just saying why they imprisoned them.
Your country's worst decision?
Well yeah but they didn't die though. They were there because America was scared of them giving info to the Japanese.
Your country's worst decision?
How are we to blame for German concentration camps? plus i chose trump for the meme. Lmao take a joke.
Your country's worst decision?
Electing Trump.
Worst Country Name?
I'm not a fake flagger. When your favorite player is NIKO you kinda eventually know where he is from.
Worst Country Name?
Bosnia and Herzegovina To long of a word. USA is easier to say.
your role in matchmaking?
Your birthday
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