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Messi more like Guardian One of the greatest of all time Part of a great club but hasn’t won many trophies
i r8 your game style
KQLY entry only rush B p90/scar 20 glawk
My TOP10 2018 so far
where is magisk wtf ?????????????? he has been playing so well
'Shox's project' will fail
you must be out of your mind >smithzz >good with rifles pick one he is a decent support player at best but what he brings to the table is that he is a great team player and if this team stays tog...
Top 5 rn 1 guardian MVP at item Sydney 2 device 3 Kennys Online form rn 4 s1mple ( I rank him low cos he is not primary awp otherwise he is top1 5 Oskar Draken is probably up there as there ...
Renegades vs FaZe
amazing game to watch gg renegades wp faze still in the tournament
-suNny+ScreaM ?????????????????????????????????????????
Top 20 players 2018
GaurdiaN is real MVP even the analysts said so
Sadokist apology?
+1 lel
top 10 aimers
+1 kek
EU vs USA war
putin can't take over Ukraine cos he scared of s1mple's falling awp
faze era faze era faze era faze era faze era faze era faze era faze era faze era faze era kys
SLTV rigged
well c9 lost 2-0
''Coldzera GOAT'' ?
every f'ing hour another fuccer starts this same thread and almost everytime a brazilian would say that anyone who disagrees is a noob, they act like they jerk off to cold. i dont have a problem with...
Respect S1mple
gaurdian needs to win a mojor. has been in 3 major finals but his team f'ed him every time in boston he was the best player from faze especially in the last map.