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karrigan for who?
Your sentence makes it seem like you are only saying it because thooorin says so and you just took it as fact. You make it seem like you require his validation before posting an opinion. I don’t kno...
Why Fortnite is better.
Why is this even an arguement , THEY ARE GAMES IN DIFFERENT FUCKIN GENRES , YOU DUMBWIT. FORTNITE is Battle Royale. CS is team based tactical shooter And also I’m very sick of the fucking developmen...
FaZe karrigan
Just because glaive can frag very well while being a great in game leader doesn’t necessarily mean that other igls can or should frag that well . A lot of glaive fragging ability comes from smart pos...
FaZe karrigan
Karrigan is still ingame leader and calls on ct side of all maps . Niko calls on t side of mirage and some other maps. Karrigan is very important for their map pool and veto . I know many people will...
NIPs draws Top 5 on major in arow
After today’s matches Either Faze or Mousesports are out 0-3 meaning a top 6 team will confirmed be playing the Katowice eu minor This Swiss system should be better seeded We had possibly the fin...
Lol 🔥👌
Saw Xyp9x in the mall yesterday
yes im very ugly
144hz ordered
144 Hz will fucking blow your there is no sky in csgo in 144 Hz , its just an image of BAD fallen laughing everytime u are at B inferno with a Deag , the voice of semmler moaning about happy will ech...
stereotypes for every country in hltv?
INDIA - all are desperate virgins with broken English
Messi more like Guardian One of the greatest of all time Part of a great club but hasn’t won many trophies
i r8 your game style
KQLY entry only rush B p90/scar 20 glawk
My TOP10 2018 so far
where is magisk wtf ?????????????? he has been playing so well
'Shox's project' will fail
you must be out of your mind >smithzz >good with rifles pick one he is a decent support player at best but what he brings to the table is that he is a great team player and if this team stays tog...
Top 5 rn 1 guardian MVP at item Sydney 2 device 3 Kennys Online form rn 4 s1mple ( I rank him low cos he is not primary awp otherwise he is top1 5 Oskar Draken is probably up there as there ...