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FaZe karrigan
Just because glaive can frag very well while being a great in game leader doesn’t necessarily mean that other igls can or should frag that well . A lot of glaive fragging ability comes from smart pos...
FaZe karrigan
Karrigan is still ingame leader and calls on ct side of all maps . Niko calls on t side of mirage and some other maps. Karrigan is very important for their map pool and veto . I know many people will...
NIPs draws Top 5 on major in arow
After today’s matches Either Faze or Mousesports are out 0-3 meaning a top 6 team will confirmed be playing the Katowice eu minor This Swiss system should be better seeded We had possibly the fin...
Lol 🔥👌
Saw Xyp9x in the mall yesterday
yes im very ugly
144hz ordered
144 Hz will fucking blow your there is no sky in csgo in 144 Hz , its just an image of BAD fallen laughing everytime u are at B inferno with a Deag , the voice of semmler moaning about happy will ech...
stereotypes for every country in hltv?
INDIA - all are desperate virgins with broken English
Messi more like Guardian One of the greatest of all time Part of a great club but hasn’t won many trophies
i r8 your game style
KQLY entry only rush B p90/scar 20 glawk
My TOP10 2018 so far
where is magisk wtf ?????????????? he has been playing so well
'Shox's project' will fail
you must be out of your mind >smithzz >good with rifles pick one he is a decent support player at best but what he brings to the table is that he is a great team player and if this team stays tog...
Top 5 rn 1 guardian MVP at item Sydney 2 device 3 Kennys Online form rn 4 s1mple ( I rank him low cos he is not primary awp otherwise he is top1 5 Oskar Draken is probably up there as there ...
Renegades vs FaZe
amazing game to watch gg renegades wp faze still in the tournament
-suNny+ScreaM ?????????????????????????????????????????