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try to smear tooth-paste on your dick and fap
1/10 tried this but didnt work :// what paste did u use??
s1mple stats faceit lmao
wow that's all??? i was expecting him to teamkill and troll but saying a couple of swear words in russian... it's normal to curse a little when you're frustrated in urself or others. and it shows he c...
Life isn't worth it
aww maan you were supposed to say "annie who" and i wouldve replied: "annie thing you can do i can do better" :((( first u ruin my bets against netherlands and now this. life isnt worth it
Life isn't worth it
how much?
Imagine how awkward if ence win major
you really think finland is the one who gets money from eu xDD and funny to hear ukranian trash talking about losing territory to russia. did you know that in ww2 finland was one of the few countries ...
26k watching s1mple
Well what about Finland? Top countries in educations for years and one of the most complex language. Also basically one guy solo handedly made up the finnish language. So that example of South Korea d...
Who'll win Na'Vi or Liquid?
me neither navi did choke and blew the lead they had. also back then liquid won the second map 16-14 todays 2nd map hasnt ended yet xd i guess you havent been even watching the games so really no poin...
Who'll win Na'Vi or Liquid?
dude what? 16-14 isnt convincing and liquid already won the first damn map so it cant be 2-0 to navi get your stuff together. also liquid made some mistakes as well without liquids mistakes the map co...
Who'll win Na'Vi or Liquid?
meh i wanted to see simple vs zywoo final and no matter how close the match is a bo3 series doesnt go in favor for the weaker side. both teams obviously made mistakes and the fact that navis mistake w...
Who'll win Na'Vi or Liquid?
Or it could be 2-0 to Liquid :D
Who'll win Na'Vi or Liquid?
Liquid propably... Idk why NaVi decided to go d2 I was expecting nuke or if not nuke then inf
Gaming PC
the difference of 3000mhz and 3200mhz is so little you wouldnt even notice
Ence fans
If you actually keep track of politics you would know that because Finland isn't in Nato we're not a threat to Russia. When/if the war between USA and Russia starts it's the Nato countries close to Ru...